Chapter 348 The Grand Battle Erupts

Chapter 348 – The Grand Battle Erupts

Endless sonorous metallic clanging echoed inside the massive sword formation as countless light swords shot up, piercing holes in the sky.

Wretched screams could be heard in all directions. Any demon in range would be vaporized at the mere touch of these light swords. In an instant, the Demon army lost several thousands of soldiers.

Hundreds of thousands of miles away from Hero City, another colossal city stood amidst the heavens and earth. The city walls were bloody as if built on flesh and blood, burying countless struggling and howling souls.

The city inside was filled with demon clans of all kinds, ranging from low-level ones such as the Demon Ant, Demon Tiger, Demon Wolf, and Demon Tree clan… as well as higher ones such as the Demon Ape and Demon Eagle clan, who were born in humanoid forms.

At first glance, there were at least millions of demons walking around in the whole city.

Above this city, five illusory figures hovered in the air, watching the battle in Hero City from afar.

“The Elemental Sword Diagram.” Seeing the Elemental Sword Diagram appear, the five pairs of eyes lit up at the same time.

“It seems that the Demon Spirit race didn’t complete the task. Wu Junxiao is dead while this new Elementalist is still green. We must kill him and take the diagram and skill book,” said one of the figures.

“Give an order. Deploy all forces in Demon City to seize Hero City as well as the Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book all costs.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

On all four sides of Demon City, a total of eight gates rumbled open, and teams of demons either flew, ran, or leaped out towards Hero City.

“Let these low-ranked demons be our cannon fodder. As long as those two pieces of equipment can be captured, it’s worth it to even consume the accumulation of demons in the entire Heavens Scar.”

“Pay attention, the human army may dispatch support at any time. We must be prepared.”

“Unfortunately, our souls can’t leave the Death Altar, otherwise all this trouble wouldn’t be necessary at all.”

“Well, a lot of people have died in these two days. The accumulated energy should be enough for one of us to leave the altar for a short time. Who wants to go?”

“I'll go…”

The voice gradually grew feeble as the five figures faded away.

Also hundreds of thousands of miles away from Hero City in another direction, another city stood opposite of Demon City with Hero City as the middle.

This city was about the same size as the current four main cities, with thick walls and was much more well-equipped than even Black Tortoise City. There were also millions of human troops inside.

“Elemental Sword Diagram! It must be the inheritor of the Elementalist.” A quivering, wrinkled old man with a long beard hanging to his chest, a crutch in his hand and a stooped waist, looking as though a gust of wind could blow him away, stood at the entrance of a main hall and looked in the direction of Hero City.

“The inheritor of the Elementalist? I wonder what level of cultivation they have reached. Will they be able to stop the Demons’ advance and claim Hero City?” A middle-aged man in plain clothing came beside the old man and looked into the distance as well. It was as if the distance of hundreds of thousands of miles couldn’t hinder their sight.

“Cough, it’s very hard.” The old man coughed and used his left fist to thump his back.

After some silence, the middle-aged man couldn’t help but ask, “Great Sage, shouldn’t we send help?”

“Since there has been no movement in Demon City, we can’t send troops.” The old man shook his head.

“Then, they have only themselves to rely on for now. I hope they can persist.” The middle-aged man looked downhearted. He obviously didn’t have much hope for the players.

“Report!” A soldier came running. “All demons in Demon City have been deployed and are currently marching towards Hero City.”

“What did you say?” The middle-aged man stared at the messenger. “All demons in Demon City? Are you sure it's all the demons?”

“Reporting to Marshal, all of them. With the exception of some with weak fighting ability, all of the demons are heading to Hero City,” the messenger affirmed.

“Quick, sound the drums and summon all generals to the Marshal Hall.” Both the elder and the middle-aged man were hyped.

“Greetings, Great Sage and Marshal.” Over a thousand NPC generals soon gathered in the Marshal Hall.

“Demon City has deployed their army on a large scale to assault Hero City, so Wise Sage and I have decided to send our troops as well. We’ll use Hero City as bait to lure the demons. The following generals, heed your orders…”

Fatty knew not what happened in the two other cities, he only knew that the scope of the Elemental Sword Diagram was getting smaller and smaller, and the energy accumulated with difficulty was pouring out faster than water with every passing second. Fatty’s heart was practically bleeding.

“This is a loss, a loss. This kind of business should have been avoided.” Fatty gnashed his teeth and then shouted out, “Uncle, you got any more magic stones?”

“I really ran out.” Bai Xiaosheng was even more anxious than Fatty. There were still two hours before the end of this siege, he really couldn’t think of any way to stick it through.

The Elemental Sword Formation again narrowed down a little more. By now, its scope had been reduced by half compared to the beginning, and barely covered the main part of the City Lord Mansion. The five swords split from the Elemental Sword to support the formation were also showing signs of instability.

“The Elemental Sword Diagram is indeed a good thing.” Among those protected in a corner of the formation, Wild Dancing Wind didn’t bother to hide the intense greed in her eyes.

“I didn't think that fatty had such a good thing, it must be at least Celestial-tier? If it can drop…” a player whispered. The players around exchanged glances with insidious smiles.

“These bastards, their own lives are at risk and they still have the mind to covet others’ equipment.” TheFugitive snorted.

“Exclusive equipment is undroppable. Their schemes will all be for naught.” HeadofGod’s face was full of disdain.

The advance of the demons outside suddenly increased in both power and speed. The pressure became a little too much for Fatty to endure and the Elemental Sword Formation shrank by a little.

“Fatty, this isn’t going to work.” Bai Xiaosheng looked dispirited.

“Uncle, I know, but you have to think of something. I’m at my wit’s end,” Fatty complained bitterly.

“Didn't you invite two experts? Where are they?” Bai Xiaosheng put his hope on Reck and Lucas.

“I don't know where those two old fogeys went.” Fatty was nursing a belly of anger. The two old men he brought actually left him here without a care for his life and ran away by themselves. They were simply trying to harm him!

“Achoo! That Fatty must be cursing me.” In a secluded space, Reck sneezed and wiped his nose.

“You abandoned him there to bait the demons, it would be strange if he doesn't curse you. Even I want to curse you, too,” Lucas gloated over his old friend’s dilemma.

“As if it wasn’t you who came up with this idea.” Reck angrily glared at Lucas. “Are you sure the demons will go all out to rob it?”

“Of course. Who doesn't want to get their hands on the Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book? They used to be Legendary artifacts. If it weren’t for the fact that I find that Fatty quite decent, I would already have robbed him. As long as the demons know these two pieces of equipment are here, they will certainly go all out for them and their stronghold will be empty. Then, we only need to…”

Lucas didn’t finish his speech, but the despicable smile on his usually serious face betrayed his inner thoughts.

“Aiii, proximity to cinnabar makes you red, to pitch makes you black. After living in Sky City for only a few days, you already learned all the bad stuff from that damn Fatty.” Reck shook his head.

“Humph, this is also for his own good. Sky City would take forever to be built on his own power.” Lucas grunted.

Boom! At the ground below their secluded space, a white light suddenly shot out, bringing with it a large number of demons before quickly disappearing. Apparently, it was one of the points in the demons’ teleportation route.

“Well, each group consists of 100,000, there have been over ten groups and still more to come. The Demons must have deployed all their forces inside Heavens Scar and that certainly doesn’t leave many in their stronghold. Come on, let’s see where they are coming from.”

The artifact Space Sonic rotated a few circles on Lucas’ palm until the Spatial Arrow pointed in one direction.

“Let’s go.” Lucas tore space and brought Reck to a place.

“Omg, look! What is that?” Inside the Elemental Sword Formation, a player suddenly pointed to the distance with a horrified expression.

“Oh dear, demons, so many demons! Everyone run fast, there is no hope!” And then it was like a nest had been blown up as the players grew frantic. The sight of countless demons rushing over from the distance was like Mount Tai coming down, like a boulder crushing an egg. It was impossible for the remaining meager number of players in the small City Lord Manor to hold out much longer.

“Kill and rob!” Wild Dancing Wind immediately ordered.

“Damn, who attacked me?” Fatty was doing his best to run the Elemental Sword Formation when he felt a chill down his spine. He hurriedly turned his body, and a dagger flashing deep green grazed past his ribs.

“It’s you lot? Die!” Bai Xiaosheng was furious. The more critical the situation was, the more it required everyone to unite as one. He never expected the players would turn against each other at this moment.

“There's no hope, everyone. Hurry and rob! It’s a Celestial-tier Diagram, something worth going back to level zero for!” the shout from an unknown person stirred up all of the players.

“Wild Dancing Wind!” Fatty quickly threw a red pill and an antidote into his mouth to stop the bleeding, then turned around and stared at the direction of Wild Dancing Wind.

“Money Grubber, I bet you didn’t expect this day when you robbed my Evil God’s Treasure Codex, did you? Hand over the codex and this sword diagram, and I will spare your life. Otherwise, just wait to be slain to level zero!” Wild Dancing Wind laughed wantonly.

“Tower of Heroes – Invincible Hero!” Bai Xiaosheng suddenly roared. The Tower of Heroes shot out a white light, which then fell like a soft curtain and enveloped the City Lord Manor. Like punching water, the attacks of the demons only caused a few ripples upon hitting the soft light screen. Fatty immediately could feel the pressure on him decrease.

“That’s an additional skill of the tower, can ignore all attacks but only lasts for ten minutes. Be quick,” Bai Xiaosheng quickly whispered to Fatty.

“I didn’t think you were still hiding this trick up your sleeves.” Fatty laughed and leaped out. “Wild Dancing Wind, prepare for your death!”

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