Chapter 347 Crisis

Chapter 347 – Crisis

After the demon general changed into its original starfish form, the body squirted out a colorful bubble after another. Each bubble clearly reflected a part of the situation in the Demonstar Castle.

Pop. One of the bubbles suddenly burst, forming a picture in the air: A despicable-looking, human Fatty was lurking beside a pillar.

"Which area is this?" Bikari asked, overjoyed.

His answer was a slight gust of wind. A blade swiftly poked out from the side. Had it not been for Bikari's quick reaction, it could have wiped out over half of his HP.

"There you are.” Bikari wasn’t afraid and instead even rejoiced. With a roar, he pounced towards Fatty.

After the unsuccessful strike, Fatty quickly pulled back. Bikari alone was enough to match him. There were still two Demon Generals here, this was no place to remain for any length of time.

With Earthwalk, Fatty vanished. Fierce Bull, who was also leaping at Fatty, only grasped air. He looked at Demonstar. Demonstar spat out more than a dozen colorful bubbles, one of them reflected Fatty’s figure.

"Give chase!" Fierce Bull and Bikari rushed out of the grand hall. Demonstar didn’t follow, but bubbles from time to time floated out from his body, keeping track of all happenings within the Demonstar Castle.

Popping out from the ground, Fatty immediately went into Stealth. He knew it was impossible to hide around with Demonstar's skill searching for his trail and decided to leave this old castle as soon as possible.

As soon as Fatty took a step, Fierce Bull stampeded over. The bull’s power was far too much higher than Fatty, he only needed a glance to find the Stealthing human.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Fatty Earthwalked five times in a row directly out of Demonstar castle and found himself in a flatland. The ground was black, and the trees also presented as a strange gray.

"Since you’ve come, might as well stay!" Fierce Bull was hot on his heels. Fatty’s brows wrinkled, the bull fellow was so strong that it was impossible to beat him or lose him. This spelled trouble.

As Fatty ran like the wind, three figures suddenly appeared and split in three directions. Fierce Bull coldly smiled. He stretched out his hand, sending out two long-range attacks that wiped out the two illusions, then leisurely followed the real Fatty.

Behind Fierce Bull was Bikari. Although his speed wasn’t as fast as the bull, it was still faster than that of Fatty and he was gradually catching up. Demonstar had changed back into his human form to give chase. The Elemental Sword Diagram and Elemental Skill Book were all superb equipment. The three demons all strived to acquire them to be offerings for their boss and thereby render a great contribution.

"Kid, leave the Elemental Diagram and Skill Book, and I’ll spare your life!" Bikari shrieked.

"Doesn’t matter. Even if you kill me, you still can't get them," Fatty turned around and said.

"You look down on us too much," Bikari sneered.

Fatty was secretly shocked. There’s a way to make undroppable exclusive equipment drop?

Fatty chose a random direction to run, but Fierce Bull soon caught up. With a roar, the bull punched with murderous intent.

Bam! Fatty spat out a mouthful of blood. Like a cut kite, his body was blown into the distance. Just now, if he hadn't dodged so fast that he was only grazed a little, it wouldn't have been a matter of spitting blood, but insta-death instead.

"Don't kill him, let me!" cried Bikari who took out a round ring of sorts.

In order to acquire the two pieces of equipment, Bikari was well prepared. This ring-like object, named Expropriation, could release a blood-light screen that when enveloping a target, would increase the drop rate of all equipment, whether normal or non-dropping, by 10% when the target died.

"Get in, little brat!” Bikari threw Expropriation into the sky, and a layer of bloody light shrouded Fatty.

Demonstar had also caught up. Seeing there was an advantage to take, he shot out a tentacle to kill Fatty.

"F*ck, you really think Lord Fatty is easy to bully?!" Fatty raged. He suddenly threw out something.

It was a diagram of a small magical array that would be activated once tossed out, a life-saving object specially made for Fatty by Space Saint Magus Lucas. The array could instantly break through space and direct transmit him to Sky City and was impossible to stop unless the opponent possessed a spatial imprisonment skill or tool.

Boom! A white light shot straight into the sky. A hexagonal magical array quickly formed at Fatty’s feet, and then in a flash of light, Fatty disappeared right before the eyes of the three demons.

"Damn it! My Expropriation!" Bikari’s heart throbbed painfully.


A white light flashed in Sky City and Fatty appeared on the Holy Spirit Island. A ding rang out as a ring object fell at his feet.

"This thing got brought back too." Fatty picked it up in delight.

Expropriation: Increase the drop rate of the enveloped victim’s equipment by 10%, ignore all binding of undroppable equipment.

"There’s actually such a good thing?!" Fatty was elated. In the future, when he found anyone unpleasing to the eye, he would just use this to strip them bare.

"Huh? You used the teleportation array to escape? Just what kind of monster did you encounter?" Reck who was just passing the area asked curiously.

"Several demons." Fatty then briefed Reck about what had happened.

"Hero City? That’s one of our most famous main cities. So it’s actually in Heavens Scar and even been occupied by the Demon race for several thousand years." Reck was shocked after hearing about the situation.

"I have a big guy here, do me a favor and handle it." Fatty opened the Elemental Sword Diagram and released the suppressed Demon dragon.

“Raawrghh!” The instant it came out, the dragon pounced at Fatty with a roar.

"A little dragon?" Reck looked at the dragon in surprise. With a flick of his fingers, a mass of white powder spread out. The dragon only felt a tremble running through its body before it uncontrollably crashed on the ground a meter from Fatty.

"What drug is this?" Fatty greedily looked at Reck's fingers.

"No need to look, you can't use it even if I give you." Reck dismissively waved his hand.

Fatty naturally didn’t give up from just those words, but Reck kept brushing him off and simply refused to give him any.

"Hero City, ahh, we can't just stand and watch, we have to at least pry out some benefits from it," Reck changed the topic.

Sure enough, Fatty’s focus was instantly moved. He commented, "We’re too far away. When we arrive, the imperial army will already have arrived as well."

"Not necessarily. Don't forget who we have in our city." Reck offered a mysterious smile.

Indeed, Lucas couldn’t sit still when he heard about Hero City. After thinking twice, he took out the artifact Space Sonic to open a passage.

"Master Karl, this is for you. Just use this as a substitute first." Fatty threw the limp dragon to Karl who only lacked a Dragon Skeleton and Dragon Tendon to repair the God Destroyer Crossbow. Hopefully, this Demon dragon would be enough for the job.

Lucas then operated the Space Sonic and a tall passage appeared in front of them. Fatty, Reck, and Lucas went in one after another. When they exited, they were already inside Heavens Scar.

In here, one could teleport to Hero City with just a Recall Scroll. When the trio appeared in Hero City, they found that the whole city had been breached and only the City Lord Manor still barely held up.

"Uncle, Uncle, what's the matter? How did the battlefield reach here already?" Fatty asked Bai Xiaosheng through the communicator.

"What else? I’m about to fail this mission," Bai Xiaosheng replied bitterly.

No one had expected that the Demon race would be so strong and numerous that once an official large-scale attack was launched, the players had to move back repeatedly until they had to rely on the magic formation in the City Lord Manor as their last stand.

"This is the Tower of Heroes? Spectacular!" Reck and Lucas didn’t hide their admiration as they looked at the towering tower in the center of the City Lord Manor.

"Don't just praise it, you two think about what to do first," Fatty anxiously said.

There were still more than two hours to go before the 10-hour period, which meant they had to stick it out for over two hours, or else all of their previous efforts would go down the drain.

The guild masters and higher-ups were all worried. Their losses were no less than that of Bai Xiaosheng. If the players failed to seize Hero City, this battle would be a great blow to their guilds’ foundations.

"No hurry, no hurry." Lucas looked up at the sky. "You go and help out, we'll walk around first."

Fatty hesitated but didn’t say anything and quickly rushed to the City Lord Manor. Lucas must have his own reasons to say that, so Fatty figured he needn’t have to ask further.

"What did you come back for? Just adding one more death." The blood-soakedBai Xiaosheng looked extremely bitter.

"Uncle, if nothing else, you’re still a man of achievements. Why are you acting so insecure?" said Fatty.

"Confidence comes from real strength. Look around you, there are less than 10,000 of us in the City Lord Manor while there are at least 40,000 Demon troops out there. A lot of our dead and respawned brothers can’t even squeeze their way in here, how are we gonna defend at this rate?" Bai Xiaosheng sighed. "And the Demon army still has a few experts who haven’t even made their moves yet. Once they do, we won’t even last ten minutes. The system is simply cheating people by giving out this mission. I shall file a complaint about Qi Xingwen after this."

Qi Xingwen, CEO of Star Fantasia. It seemed Bai Xiaosheng had put all the blame and resentment on the guy.

"Don't be so down yet, I brought over an Alchemy Grandmaster and a Saint Magus. They’ll certainly help us through this," Fatty comforted Bai Xiaosheng.

" An Alchemy Grandmaster? A Saint Magus?" Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes instantly shone, but he then suspiciously eyed Fatty. "Don't you lie to me."

"What’s the point lying to you? For money?" Fatty shot him a glare. "How many magic stones do you have left?"

"What do you want them for?" While speaking, Bai Xiaosheng took out roughly a hundred magic stones. It was unexpected to see he still had so many on him after using over a hundred on the Thunderstorm Magic Formation.

"What else? Sacrificing some for the team again, of course." Fatty took the magic stones and fed them to the Elemental Skill Book, then released the Elemental Sword Diagram.

Magic stones were the purest source of energy, which could be considered elemental energy to be absorbed.

"Uncle, when it's all over, you have to compensate me. Don't forget,” reminded Fatty before he operated the diagram.

Boom! A sword formation that covered the entire City Lord Manor of a several-hundred-meter radius appeared out of thin air, the overwhelming sword intent inside it shot straight into the sky.

The instant this formation emerged, sharp sword auras and bone-chilling metal glints slashed thousands of Demon troops in its territory into meat paste.

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