Chapter 346 Demonstar Ancient Castle

Chapter 346 – Demonstar Ancient Castle

This skill, called Spatial Convert, wasn’t a racial skill but something passed on to Bikari by a Demon King in the Demon realm. Spatial Convert had the same function as the Space Mage's space teleportation, but more convenient to use.

Both needed depicting a magic formation to work, but teleportation especially required a Space Mage to be the one drawing it, while Spatial Convert was available to anyone who learned this skill. Moreover, building a teleportation formation demanded many rare materials – just a small teleportation formation capable of transporting a few people already cost expensive materials, while Spatial Convert only needed the user to draw the formation and then input energy to activate.

Claimed to be born assassins, the Demon Spirit race possessed an unparalleled talent for stealth and ambush. After learning Spatial Convert, Bikari became more elusive. When assassinating someone, he often only needed to draw a formation to directly reach the target.

Of course, this formation had shortcomings, which was the limited distance, unlike teleportation formations that could transmit the users as far as they wanted as long as they were willing to pay the cost.

Fatty only saw a flash before his eyes, and when his vision was clear again, he found himself in a strange area where he was surrounded by hungry Demon troops.


“I see a human.”

“Kill him! Eat his flesh and drink his blood!”

The demons clamored as they all raised their weapons and charged towards Fatty.

Fatty was scared out of his wits. He hurriedly disappeared using the Elemental Movement Art and then reappeared in a nearby castle.

This castle wasn’t any smaller than the Demonsun Castle. One could tell from a glance that it was the garrison post of some Demon General. Popping out from the ground, Fatty carefully went into Stealth and slowly walked along the passage of the castle.

On the way, rows of demons in bright armor were seen everywhere walking around and patrolling. In various places, innumerable demons were either training or resting.

Carefully hiding, Fatty entered the grand hall of the castle.

“My Lord, we’ve successfully breached Hero City. We expect to win the city in half an hour,” a Demon scout knelt on one knee as he reported to the demon sitting at the highest position in the hall.

“See, I said the humans were vulnerable and just sending two corps would get us the city. You should believe it now?” This demon tilted his head to one side. There, Demonic Abyss Bull Fierce Bull sat dejectedly in his seat.

“We don’t know that yet. The battlefield changes every second and incidents can happen at any time. While our army has entered Hero City, whether they can claim it is still uncertain. The human army won’t sit idly by,” Fierce Bull said stiffly.

In a miserable manner, Fierce Bull had been forced to flee and abandon Hero City because of the cooperation of Zhang Feihu and the Weapon of the Barbaric God. While escaping, the bull had scared himself with the thought of being heavily punished by the higher-ups, so he had decided not to return to the Demon’s stronghold in Heavens Scar but instead look for help elsewhere.

Eagle Rise of the Demon Eagle clan had been the first he bumped into. Since they had quite a good relationship and the Demon Eagle clan was good at surprise raids, Fierce Bull got Eagle Rise to lead the Demon Eagle army to attack the city, delaying the players from repairing the city while he went to look for more help. Fierce Bull could never expect that Eagle Rise would end up being trapped by the Thunderstorm Magic Formation, poisoned by Fatty, and forced to self-detonate by Zhang Feihu.

“So what if the Human army wants to help? They are much farther from Hero City than we are. When they arrive, we will long have claimed the city. Maybe thinking a little less positive, even if we can’t seize it now, we can still send more reinforcements at any time. Otherwise, why would the Human army just watch us occupy Hero City for thousands of years yet do nothing? You don’t need to worry about it. Instead, think about how you’ll face the punishment for losing the city,” said the demon sitting at the main seat of the table with disdain.

Fierce Bull wanted to say something, but he only sighed and kept silent.

“Report! General Eagle Rise of the Demon Eagle clan was trapped by the Human army and died of self-detonation. He has returned to the embrace of the great God of Darkness,” another Demon scout came in to report.

“What?! Eagle Rise is dead?! How is that possible?!” Fierce Bull sprang up in shock, his face full of disbelief. “There’s no way! No matter how strong Zhang Feihu used to be, he was sealed in the Tower of Heroes for thousands of years, no way he can be a match for Eagle Rise. Not to mention, even if Eagle Rise loses, he should still be able to escape with his flying speed. Could it be that the humans sent experts to support?”

“According to the description of the survivors of the Demon Eagle clan, General Eagle Rise was trapped by a large magic formation and poisoned. That’s why he could no longer match Zhang Feihu and was forced to self-detonate.”

“Bastard!” The other demon abruptly stood up in outrage. “Fierce Bull, look what’ve you done! You killed General Eagle Rise!”

“How am I to blame? I only asked Eagle Rise to harass the humans and delay some time. Who knew he would be so useless to die to a bunch of puny humans?” Fierce Bull retorted. He was terrified inside. Losing Hero City and pushing Eagle Rise to his death, any of these charges would call for heavy punishment, so even if Fierce Bull was here to ask for a favor, he still tried to explain himself first.

“Well, no one thought the humans were so cunning to trap General Eagle Rise in a magic formation to prevent him from escaping. He bravely sacrificed his life for our Demon race.” To Fierce Bull's surprise, the other demon didn’t dwell on it. He only waved off the scout and sat back in his seat, hanging his head in thought.

“Bikari of the Demon Spirit greets General Demon Fierce Bull and General Demon Demonstar” Just then, Bikari unhurriedly entered.

“Bikari? What are you doing here? You should be in the fortress. Hmm? And you sneak into my Demonstar Castle without advanced notification?“ Neither of the two Demon Generals here seemed to like Bikari very much. Fierce Bull snorted and turned his head away, while the Demon General Demonstar practically shouted his inquiry.

“I chased a human here but can't find any trace of the man. I ask the two generals to order soldiers to assist this little me to kill the man,“ said Bikari respectfully. He was used to being spurned by other demons.

“You chased a human to my Demonstar Castle? Bikari, you sure you’re not joking?“ Demonstar asked with much displeasure.

“My strength is limited and I couldn’t have him handled within a short time. I was afraid he’d escape, so I used Spatial Convert that Demon King Cloudwalker taught me and transmitted him here. But since this is your territory, I ask you to help this little me.” Bikari was neither servile nor overbearing.

“And why would I help you? You transmitted the enemy to my place. I’m already generous enough not to make a fuss about this, and yet you still want me to help you deal with him? Humph, aren't you Demon Spirit race born assassins that’s best at assassinations? Just go assassinate him. Guards, come, see off our guest.” With a wave of his hand, the Demonstar ordered Bikari to be driven away.

“Lord Demonstar, it’s a direct order from Demon King Cloudwalker to deal with that human. It’s best that you don’t refuse,” Bikari leisurely said.

“The order was given by His Royal Highness Demoncloud himself?” Demonstar and Fierce Bull exchanged glances with solemn expressions.

“Tell me who the human is first. Why would His Royal Highness Demoncloud order him to be handled?” Demonstar asked.

“He is the inheritor of the Elementalist. You must understand?” Bikari looked at the two demon generals with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“The inheritor of the Elementalist? Damn it! How can we deal with an Elementalist?! You, you, Bikari you bastard! You should be condemned to the Nine-Purgatory Abyss!! You actually sent an Elementalist to my castle?! I’ll kill you!!“ Demonstar jumped up like his tail was on fire. Fierce Bull also stood up in horror and inched close to Demonstar, looking left and right, fearing that the heir of the Elementalist would suddenly pop out from nowhere to kill him.

“Demon Generals, please calm down. Although the human is the successor of the Elementalist, he apparently just inherited the legacy recently and his strength is still so low that even I can suppress him, not to mention you two generals. Otherwise, I could not have sent him here and would have been killed from the very start.“

Upon Bikari's words, the two Demon Generals flushed beet red. As survivors from the grand war thousands of years ago, they were extremely sensitive to the name of Elementalist Wu Junxiao. It was natural they’d overreact in fear when hearing about an inheritor.

“In that case, seal off the castle. All soldiers, go out and search for the human. We must catch him!” Demonstar immediately ordered.

“So the Elementalist had such a great reputation several thousand years ago.” Fatty was surprised. Just the name alone already scared the two Demon Generals witless.

The Demonstar Ancient Castle went on temporary lockdown and all the demons inside went on a large-scale search for Fatty. After what happened just now, Demonstar and Fierce Bull were embarrassed by their reaction and refused to say much, while Bikari was too lazy to make conversation, so the whole hall simply lapsed into silence.

The three silent demons could never have imagined that the person they were looking for was right around them.

“Reporting, the castle has been thoroughly searched but no trace of the human was found.” Soon, a Demon soldier came to report.

“Bikari, are you sure you transmitted him here?” Demonstar seriously asked Bikari.

“Of course, don’t you believe in the skill passed down from Lord Demon King Cloudwalker? I’m sure I sent him here. Just now, some soldiers also said they saw a human being.” Bikari was absolutely confident.

“Maybe he escaped?” Fierce Bull hesitantly said.

“If you suddenly enter a human fortress, would you probe or directly flee?” asked Bikari.

“This needs more investigation then,” When Fierce Bull said this, all three of them understood that Fatty must still be hiding somewhere in the Demonstar Castle.

“Humph, hiding in my castle? Wishful thinking!” Demonstar waved his hand and a dozen tentacles of varied color shot out from his body. He also turned into a soft mass that looked like a huge starfish.

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