Chapter 345 The Demon Spirit Clan

Chapter 345 – The Demon Spirit Clan

Without his dragon, the knight’s strength wasn’t much higher than Fatty, rather, he was no longer Fatty's opponent inside the Elemental Sword Diagram. After just a few rounds, the knight died to Fatty’s chaotic swordplay with a desperate cry, leaving a pile of equipment.

The knight wasn’t strong and had nothing good on him aside from a dragon spear and dragon scale shield with decent stats, which could be considered superb gear for knights.

Killing a dragon-riding knight in exchange for plentiful experience and several pieces of equipment, Fatty also paid a high price. The elemental energy was once again consumed and still be right now to suppress the dragon, which made the reserve look pitifully meager compared to the original amount. Fatty decided to be very stingy from now on and would only use the elemental energy as a last resort.

Stowing the Elemental Sword Diagram, Fatty reappeared in the area and was immediately startled. The surroundings were filled with Demon creatures and soldiers glaring viciously at him. There was no sign of any other players.

“A human, kill!”

Upon seeing Fatty emerge, the well-prepared Demon troops attacked all at once. All kinds of skills rained down in chaos, burying Fatty under their colorful appearances.

“Dead?” After a wave of attacks, there was no sign of Fatty where he had stood. The demons with low intelligence stretched their necks to look around and exclaimed in joy, “Dead, dead, we killed the heir of the Elementalist!”

“Pefh.” Spitting out a mouthful of soil, Fatty climbed out from the ground. Had he not been quick to escape with the Elemental Movement Art just now, he would probably have died without any remains and reported to the Death Altar.

“He isn’t dead yet. Kill him, take away his Elemental Skill Book and Elemental Sword Diagram.“ In the sky, a black figure casually ordered.

“Yes.” A shadow melted into the wind and disappeared without a trace.

Five illusory shadows hovered high in the air. Each of them possessed a profound, overwhelming presence that seemed even more terrifying than Eagle Rise when he had detonated, which meant they were at least Celestial-tier.

“Soon, there’ll be enough sacrificial human souls, and we can break free from the fetters of the Death Altar and come here for delicious human flesh. Oh, how long has it been? Ever since our somatic death that sent our souls to the altar, we haven’t got to enjoy the taste of blood.”

The five shadows looked at each other with eerily coarse chuckles. Then, they melted and dispersed into a chilling wind.

“It's only been a few hours and they've already hit the city?” Climbing to the top of a building, Fatty saw the demons had swarmed into almost one-third of the city, currently fighting with the players on the streets.

At present, it wasn’t only the players fighting but NPC troops had also entered the city to assist. Since the system had handed out this mission, there had to be a chance of winning. By now, a small number of NPCs had come to help defend the city, but the main force was still the players.

All of the dozens of siege equipment Bai Xiaosheng had bought from Fatty were completely damaged and scattered on the ground. The players formed layers of meat shields to block attacks from the Demon troops.

It wasn’t that there were no players thinking of running, only that the whole city was currently entirely surrounded by demons. They only stood a chance to win if they remained to defend the city to the very end. But if they wanted to sneak away, the Demon army would be the first to say no.

Having taken just two steps, Fatty suddenly bent, then violently stomped down, smashing a big hole in the structure at his foot and fell through it.

Whoosh! A wind blew past Fatty's head as a sharp glint cut off a few strands of his hair.

“Tsk, good skills, human.” A short Demonic creature with dark wrinkled skin and appearance like the dead jumped down into the hole Fatty made. The creature’s eyes glowed smooth green, the corners of its mouth dripping with saliva.

Fatty got up without a word and tossed Appraisal, gaining the demon’s information.

Bikari: a member of the Demon Spirit clan; fond of fresh blood; a born assassin that excels at assassinations.

“Born assassin? Excels at assassinations?” Looking at Bikari, Fatty smiled.

A breeze blew by in the building. Fatty and Bikari whooshed into Stealth at the same time, then appeared at the same time, each brandishing their weapon at the other for a hard strike.

One moment the building was quiet, the next there was a series of weapons clashing. True to its title of a born assassin of the Demon Spirit race, whether it was Bikari’s ambush skills or fighting senses, they were all first-class among the experts Fatty knew of. Had it not been for Fatty's well-trained combat ability in reality, he would have fallen to this little fellow’s hands.

Clank! Sparks flew in all directions. The two fighters retreated after one strike, Stealthed, and then appeared to attack again.

“Human, you aren’t too shabby.” After another attack, Bikari licked the corners of its mouth and revealed a cruel smile.

“On the other hand, you’re lacking.” Fatty wagged his finger.

“You dare look down on me?!!” Bikari was furious. A demon also had its dignity. Being denied of its skills in its own field of expertise was undoubtedly a great provocation. “Human, I won't give you an easy death.”

Bikari’s body flashed. On the spot, five exact Bikaris appeared with the same vicious grin on their faces, approaching Fatty step by step.

Fatty threw them a glance and also shook his body. Three Fattys appeared on the spot.

“Hmm?” Bikari paused for a moment, then sneered, “Only two illusions. You’re only embarrassing yourself.”

Whoosh! The three Fattys ran in separate directions. Bikari hesitated a little before dividing four of them into groups of two to chase after two Fattys while the remaining one chased after one Fatty.

This kind of illusion had no attack power, what Fatty and Bikari were competing here was rogue skills. At the end of the illusion duration, two Fattys and four Bikaris dissipated, leaving only two of them roaming wild inside the building.

“Human, whatever skills you have left, use them and see how I teach you a lesson!” Bikari shouted. While running, two illusions swished out from Bikari’s body and flanked Fatty from the left and right.

“Huh?” After exchanging a few blows, Fatty felt something was off. All three Bikaris were able to deal damage to him.

“Demon Spirit Triolife,” cried Bikari. The three bodies suddenly changed into three black lights and spun up and down around Fatty.

“Elemental Guard.” Fatty used the skill and was surprised to find that the elemental barrier didn’t work against the black lights.

Poof! A black light pierced through Fatty's left shoulder, drawing out a line of black blood. Instantly, a numb feeling gradually spread from the wound.

Poison! Fatty hurriedly tossed a Detoxification Pill into his mouth, but it was unable to detain the spread of poison. Slowly, half of his face began to turn black.

“You think we, born assassins of Demon Spirit, can’t handle a puny human like you?” Bikari's voice rang out with a hint of pride and smugness from a black light.

“Still too early for you to be happy yet.” Fatty took out a dark green pill and gulped it down. Soon, the blackness retreated from his face. The blood oozing from his left shoulder gradually turned from black back to red.

This pill, a victorious outcome of Fatty’s persistent pestering from Reck, could detoxify most poisons. Although the Demon Spirit race’s natural toxicity was strong, it wasn’t enough to match a pill refined by an Alchemy Grandmaster himself.

“I can see you don’t lack for good stuff.” Bikari snorted and continued flying chaotically around Fatty.

Fatty naturally wouldn’t stay still to be attacked. Once detoxified, he vanished.

“Where do you think you can run?” The three black lights suddenly exploded into a cloud of smoke that slowly spread. When it permeated the whole building, Fatty was forced to reveal himself in a corner.

“You just had to, huh?” Fatty sighed. He waved his hand and the Elemental Skill Book flew out, flipping to a page.

Water Bullet, the most common water magic available for all mages at level 20.

Dozens of water bullets scattered around Fatty. With a point of his finger, they exploded in unison.

Boom boom boom! Water mist rose up and a painful scream came out. A stream of black smoke gradually solidified in front of Fatty, revealing Bikari's bloody body.

“You! How can you release magic?” Bikari was very puzzled.

“Don’t you know I’m an Elementalist? You think the Elementalist only knows to chop around with swords?” Fatty looked at Bikari like it was an idiot.

Bikari was furious. When Fatty had used rogue skills to confront it, the demon subconsciously wanted to use its own racial skills to snuff Fatty and show him who the real boss was. As a result, it got too excited and forgot that an Elementalist’s main ability was magic.

“Humph! I just didn’t pay attention. You won't be so lucky next time!” Bikari shouted. Its body began to speedily flicker around Fatty.

Fatty cast several spells without hitting Bikari. During this, the demon neared his body once and almost injured him again.

The advantage of the Elemental Skill Book was that any spells recorded in it could be cast instantaneously as long as the book holder’s mana could keep up. Fatty’s meager mana of a few hundred obviously could not, but he couldn’t bear to utilize the Elemental Mystery Realm’s energy. Therefore, the two were stuck here at loggerheads.

“This can’t do! How can I, a general of the Demon Spirit race, an expert of the 7th class enhancement, fail to handle a puny human being?” Bikari eyes swirled around in thoughts. Suddenly, a black flame spread out from its body and surrounded Fatty.

“You’re using fire against me? Don't you know that the Elemental Guard is specialized against elemental magic?“ Fatty sneered, simply waiting for Bikari to attack.

“O Mighty God who slumbers in eternal darkness, please hear the call of your most devout follower and sprinkle a little of your strength to help me deal with the enemy.” As the flame spread all around Fatty, Bikari chanted aloud and pointed a finger at the flame.


The black flame shot up into the air, igniting the entire building. With this flame as the foundation, a miniature magic formation quietly formed and, before Fatty could react, broke through layers of space and transmitted him to another place.

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