Chapter 341 Take Down the City First!

Chapter 341 – Take Down the City First!

“I’ll go!” Not waiting for Eagle Rise to say anything, a young Demon general galloped around the team towards RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear.

Seeing this general volunteer himself for the duel, Eagle Rise opened his mouth, wanting to stop him, but he seemed to suddenly think of something and closed his mouth, only quietly watching this general go to the middle of the field.

“Human soldier, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear.” Despite being kicked out by Fatty all unprepared, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear didn’t shirk away from the fight, which wasn’t surprising for a known bellicose like him. Summoning his white horse and gripping the Sky Ripper Spear, he saluted the opponent.

“Demon soldier, Eagle Airstrike.” The young Demon general also gave a salute.

After the courtesy, they both spurred their mounts back a dozen meters as preparation for the duel.

RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear was white-clad with a white horse and a silver spear, while Eagle Airstrike was black-clad with a black panther and a black spear. One black and one white, they made a complete contrast. The former cautiously circled around the latter and vice versa. Both sides were extremely careful.

It was completely quiet outside their small battlefield as all of the players stared intently at RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear with the hope that he would win this fight. While the outcome of this duel had little influence on the big picture, the first duel would still somewhat affect morale.

RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear was very clear in his heart that Fatty pushed him out to delay time, so he wasn’t in a hurry. Spurring his steed, he tried to drag out this duel while looking for the opponent’s weak points. Meanwhile, Eagle Airstrike was much more honest, he was set on capturing RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear and thereby intimidate the humans.

After circling around for over ten minutes, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear still wanted to keep dragging it on, but Eagle Airstrike had already run out of patience. He tightened his legs around the black panther and the mount abruptly leaped out, baring its fangs and claws at the white horse. At the same time, Eagle Airstrike shook his black spear, which made a whistling sound as it turned into a mass of spear images plentiful enough to envelop RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s upper half body.

“Awesome!” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear loudly exclaimed and turned his spear. The spear tail lowered while the head suddenly bounced up. In a blink, eight bowl-sized flowers appeared and welcomed Eagle Airstrike’s attack.

Clank clank clank…

Sparks flew everywhere as the two fighters exchanged rapid blows for who-knows-how-many times during just a blink of an eye. During the exchange, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear took a spear to his shoulder while Eagle Airstrike gained a bloody hole in his thigh. Neither got the upper hand.

The fight below them wasn’t any less fierce than that of their owners. In the initial clash, the black panther grabbed the white horse’s front legs and tore off two large chunks of horse meat. When they passed by each other, however, the horse violently stomped its hind legs at the panther’s stomach, causing it to stumble and nearly throw off Eagle Airstrike.

After a round, both the riders and mounts were seriously injured. RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear circled even more carefully around Eagle Airstrike, while the latter also became more cautious and no longer impatient like before.

“Not bad, not bad. Going half an hour already.” Bai Xiaosheng smacked his thigh in mirth. “Who’s next? A dozen more and we’ll be through with this ten hours thing.”

The surrounding players rolled their eyes at this. If it was as simple as he said, there would be no point for so many players to be here in the first place.

Also realizing that this idea was a little odd, Bai Xiaosheng chuckled awkwardly and directed his focus on arranging the defense. Now with Hero City as the return point, the players who respawned after death could easily teleport here with a Recall Scroll, and the number of players in the city had reached a hundred thousand.

Metallic clanks were sonorous as the duel between RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear and Eagle Airstrike reached the most intense part. Power-wise, a general near level 70 like Eagle Airstrike could easily devastate RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear with a grand skill, but the guy seemed to have a few screws loose and decided to compete only using techniques.

Who was RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear? Half of his current reputation came from the Sky Ripper Spear and the other half was from his PK skills. Eagle Airstrike might have plenty of experience on the battlefield, but he held no advantage over the other when it came to martial arts. After some time, both suffered from serious wounds, with RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear disadvantaged. After all, he was only a little over level 50; his attack, defense, HP, and dexterity were all lower than Eagle Airstrike, and he only lasted until now with the support of his strong PK consciousness. As bad as it seemed, he still had an advantage, that was being able to replenish his health.


The two moved back a few steps before charging at each other again. RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear no longer cared about delaying time right now, his only thought was to fight the opponent to his heart’s content.

His white robe was dyed red and his body barely remained straight. But Eagle Airstrike wasn’t much better off, it just wasn’t obvious because his level was relatively high.

“Master level.” This was the evaluation of the players for RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear.

Spurring his horse to retreat several steps, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear once again charged. Eagle Airstrike was ready to welcome him with his spear raised, but this time, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear had no intention to risk his life.

“Righteous Blood Cleanses the Silver Spear!” shouted the man. Blood-red spear illusions appeared in the air, each then transformed into a blood-red pear blossom that landed on Eagle Airstrike’s body.

“Damn it!” Eagle Airstrike paled in shock. Without a second thought, he let out a loud cry. With that, the figure on the black panther suddenly vanished, and a huge Demon Eagle with glossy black feathers appeared in the air.

Cling clang… Red pear blossoms and the eagle’s feathers collided in a series of metallic sounds. Apparently, this was a special skill of Eagle Airstrike, because it let him stand firm against one of RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s ultimate skills.

Seeing his move disabled, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear immediately turned to flee. He wasn’t an idiot. It wasn’t worth throwing his life after having delayed time to the limit.

“Stay for me!” Eagle Airstrike roared in rage. Breaking through the red pear blossoms attack, he opened his talons and grabbed RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s head.

The opponent’s speed was so fast that it left no time for the players to come to his rescue. RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear tilted his body a little. His right shoulder was caught by the talons which then crushed half of his body into meat paste.

Whoosh! Any player here wouldn’t stand a chance against such an attack, and neither would RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear. A white light soared. With no surprise, he was insta-killed.

Fatty suddenly took out the Soul Sealing Cross and threw it at the white light.

Chilling winds howled as a black fog containing countless ghost images enveloped the white light, forcefully grabbing on RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s soul who was heading for the Death Altar.

“My bro, don’t resist and stay here. After this battle is done, I’ll take you to respawn outside. If you resurrect at the Death Altar, who knows what unexpected incident might happen,” Fatty told RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear whose soul was pinned to the cross.

RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear didn’t struggle. He nodded and simply let the ghosts detain him.

“I… f*ck!” Seeing Fatty snatching the soul just like that, the players felt chills running down their spines. That kind of tool did great in this situation, at least saving the target from turning into dark attribute. If used on an enemy, however… No one dared to think any further.

“Fatty, let him into the Tower of Heroes. He can temporarily fight in soul form and earn experience as normal, and it won’t have any negative effect,” Bai Xiaosheng told Fatty.

“The Tower of Heroes has that kind of ability?” Fatty was stunned. Without hesitation, he sent RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear into the tower.

A white light flashed and RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear respawned in the Tower of Heroes. He looked no different from when alive, only that he was unable to leave Hero City, just like Zhang Feihu.

“It looks fine, I’m only temporarily sealed by the tower. When Guild Master Bai releases me, I can respawn as normal.” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear checked his status and nodded.

“You could have used it much sooner,” Fatty complained.

“How can good things like this be used as you wish?” Bai Xiaosheng offered him a pained smile. “The Tower of Heroes only has nine stories, each can only seal in one soul.”

“Are you saying that in your future one-on-one duels, you can summon nine more to gang beat your opponent?” Fatty immediately caught on the main point.

Bai Xiaosheng honestly nodded. Fatty was speechless.

After clawing RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear to death, Eagle Airstrike returned to his team for a round of harsh criticism from Eagle Rise with a flushed face from embarrassment. After Eagle Rise finished the scolding, he swung his arm, about to order an attack on the city.

“Wait a moment!” Fatty hastily shouted.

“What? Haven’t you delayed enough time? Still want to drag out some more?” Eagle Rise put down his arm and laughed coldly.

“Of course not.” The thick-faced Fatty naturally didn’t care about Eagle Rise’s little ridicule. “Doesn’t your Demon Eagle race pride yourselves on speed? I have a brother who’s also great at speed. Wanna try?”

Bai Xiaosheng and others looked around in confusion. They had never heard of such a player.

“No need,” Eagle Rise flatly rejected. “After we take down Hero City, you can play however you want. Now you only have two options – surrender, or perish.”

“What benefits do we get for surrendering?” Hearing ‘options,’ Fatty’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Surrender and hand over Hero City, we’ll spare your lives,” Eagle Rise said.

“Not good enough, not tempting at all.” Fatty shook his head. The rest of the players facepalmed.

“We’ll let you receive the glory of the God of Darkness as well as his rewards.”

“Not substantial enough, sounds like an empty promise.” Fatty shook his head.

“We’ll appoint you as general of the Demon army, you’ll get endless wealth and beautiful women.”

“Now that’s what we’re talking about.” Fatty instantly perked up. “What rank? How much money? How many beauties?”

“At least First Rank General, a million gold coins and ten beauties per person, how’s that?” Human, ahh. Eagle Rise sighed in his heart but didn’t stop tempting the guy.

“So much?!” Fatty was overjoyed. “If so, how can we not accept? But before that, I still have a little request.”

“What request? Just name it.” Eagle Rise couldn’t be happier to seize Hero City without having to fight. He already decided that whatever Fatty’s request was, he’d agree to it first, then just handle this little human after he took over the city. As for promise, we are the Demon race, alright? What promise?

“As long as you can fulfill this request, we will offer Hero City on a silver platter,” Fatty said.

Behind Fatty, the players began to clamor, but Bai Xiaosheng waved his hand to stop them.

“Quickly, say it. What’s your request?” Eagle Rise couldn’t wait.

“You’ll have to take down the city first!” Fatty laughed merrily.

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