Chapter 337 Zhang Feihu

Chapter 337 – Zhang Feihu

When Bai Xiaosheng’s group was left with less than 3000 players, he finally arrived at the gate of the City Lord Manor.

Compared to the path up until now, the City Lord Manor was much more difficult. Looking at the rows upon rows of Demon soldiers, it would be impossible to charge in unless they paid a certain price.

From another direction, faint shouts of the other guilds fighting could be heard. They were also making an effort and risking lives to kill their way to the City Lord Manor.

“Too bad I used the human soldiers on those bunch, otherwise, we could have reached the manor long ago with them paving the way.” Bai Xiaosheng sighed.

When the guilds attacked the city wall, Bai Xiaosheng made the NPC soldiers and mages he could summon help the guilds persist. Otherwise, those NPCs and their formation attacks would have made their advance much easier.

“Uncle, stop hiding the good stuff. Hurry and use them now or it’ll all come to naught,” Fatty urged.

“What more good stuff can I have? Tens of millions of gold coins have already been thrown out!” Bai Xiaosheng angrily rolled his eyes.

Yet, despite what he said, the man still took out a scroll.

“Another one?” Everyone else started to feel dizzy. Just as expected of the guild master of the All-Knowing Sect. That’s some wealth.

Bam! A sky-blotting hand loomed over them, its shadow shrouded over half the City Lord Manor and the players in it. This was from Demon General Fierce Bull.

“Weapon of the Barbaric God!” shouted Bai Xiaosheng as he tossed out the scroll.

Like a sudden thunderclap on a clear day, a furious roar exploded in the sky above Hero City. A massive mace over a kilometer long, enough to stretch across the entire city, appeared out of nowhere with a massive furry hand grabbing its handle.

The mace raised a little before it swung down gently without kicking up any wind, but the expression of the huge bull head grew ugly at this seemingly weak attack.

“Weapon of the Barbaric God!” exclaimed the bull head as it quickly shrank in size and flew back into the City Lord Manor. Right after that, a booming moo resounded and a complete, black, and gigantic Demonic bull appeared above the manor where the bull head once was.

“Mooooo!” This bull – the true form of the Demonic Abyss Bull – roared nonstop. It’s front hoof as big as a house took one step forth in the air, and a space ripple spread out. The faces of the players below instantly changed.

Hooo… Like a tornado of blades, the space ripple sliced everything, whether human or demon, into ribbons wherever it swept by.

“Elemental Sword Diagram, rise!” Fatty hastily deployed the diagram in the midst of the crisis. The diagram expanded on the spot and took all of the players around into it, shielding them from the ripple.

Clang clang… A string of metallic sounds accompanied the flickering of the sword light as cracks began to appear on the swords in the diagram. Had it not been for the Elemental Mystery Realm supplying energy, the diagram might have been destroyed by the space ripple.

“So strong, it’s a Celestial boss after all. But the Elementalist is even stronger. This thing must be at least Celestial, isn’t it?” Seeing the Elemental Sword Diagram persist, Bai Xiaosheng looked at it with envy.

“To think that damn Fatty has something so good! I must find a way to trick it from him,” standing amidst a bunch of people, Punishment muttered.

“Big Brother Endless, what did you say?” Punishment Matchless looked over.

“Nothing, just watching the show,” Punishment Endless hurriedly glossed it over.

Under Wu Junxiao’s control, the Elemental Sword Diagram could be used as a flying tool, but that wouldn’t work in Fatty’s hands, the reason being no other than his inadequate power. He was simply unable to bring the full abilities of the diagram into play and could only stick to defending one spot. Fortunately, the ripple passed quickly, and the instant it did, Fatty quickly pocketed the diagram.

In the sky, the massive mace finally collided with the Demonic Abyss Bull’s two horns. However, no one could be bothered to watch as this was the best moment to charge into the City Lord Manor.

“Kill!” With a battle cry, the players at the front disregarded their lives and rushed forth. At this moment, there was no plan. Everyone just threw out the quickest and most powerful skills in their possession, and many players were killed after killing several Demon soldiers.

Despite having a lot of soldiers around, the City Lord Manor itself had no defensive power at all, all thanks to Fierce Bull’s overconfidence. The bull thought that no one would be able to trespass with a Celestial boss like itself keeping watch on the manor.

The players’ eyes were red and their minds were no longer sane from all the slaughtering. They disregarded their own losses for the glory and benefits of claiming a main city; it had clouded their eyes. When the front ones fell, the ones behind would instantly step forth to open up the way for Bai Xiaosheng, escorting him towards the City Lord Manor.

“Guild Master, hurry! They’re coming too!” The spies planted by the All-Knowing Sect in the other guilds urgently reported. Made up of various guild’s members, the other party was much stronger than Bai Xiaosheng’s group. Although they weren’t united at heart and blocked by numerous Demon soldiers, they eventually reached the City Lord Manor as well.

In the City Lord Manor, the Demon soldiers seemed endless as they popped out one after another to stop the players’ advance. Both sides launched powerful skills without restraint and dragged each other to mutual destruction. It was under this kind of tragic circumstance that Bai Xiaosheng finally arrived at the main hall.

“Hahaha, Bai Xiaosheng, you’re too late!”

A loud laugh echoed as a herd of players appeared from another side. Looking at their bodies that were covered in black blood and their weapons still dripping with blood as well, it was obvious these players had done their fair share of slaughtering.

“Bai Xiaosheng, you think you’ll get what you want after making us your scapegoats to hold back the Demon soldiers guarding the wall for you? You’re so naïve.” A guild master playfully smiled. “Now that we’ve beaten you and become the first to enter this manor, the entire Hero City is ours!”

“Hero City is yours?” Bai Xiaosheng sneered. “What do you have to control it?”

“Humph! How can’t we control this city with so many of our brothers on our side? A main city, ahh. Bai Xiaosheng, are you regretting having invited us here now? Speaking of which, we still need to thank you for helping us hold off this boss.” Another guild master gloated with a triumphant smile.

Apparently, these guild masters had agreed on sharing control of Hero City after seizing it, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to cooperate all the way here.

“Illiterates are scary.” Fatty shook his head with a sigh.

“You fatty over there, what the hell do you mean?” Seeing Bai Xiaosheng calm and collected as ever and not looking one bit angry, the other side felt that something was off.

“I’m saying that all of you’re stupid,” Fatty mercilessly spat out.

“Humph! We won’t waste time with your nonsense. Bai Xiaosheng, either you take your people and leave, or we’ll clear you out ourselves. Make your choice.” The other party knew this wasn’t time for quarreling. With over 3000 players versus the few hundreds of Bai Xiaosheng’s group, they felt they were qualified to say this.

“You guys really think I didn’t consider this before I called you over?” Bai Xiaosheng looked at them as if looking at a bunch of idiots. With a flip of the hand, the small and intricate Tower of Heroes appeared on his palm. “Tower of Heroes, the tomb of heroes, return to your place!”

As his words fell, the 10-centimeter tall, exquisite-looking Tower of Heroes immediately enlarged to an over 30-meter-long, nine-story black tower.

“This is?!” The other party was startled.

Rumble… The huge tower swayed a little in the air, then as if having determined its place it flew and slowly landed on a spot with a crash so loud it overshadowed even the sound of fighting between the Weapon of the Barbaric God and Fierce Bull.

“That’s… the Tower of Heroes?!” Looking in the direction of the crash, Fierce Bull immediately yelped. “How could this be? How the hell did it fall into your hands?!”

Fierce Bull charged to attack Bai Xiaosheng, but a moment of distraction was enough for the massive mace to hit its back. A series of crackling resounded as an unknown number of bones were broken.

After the Tower of Heroes settled down, black light burst out and some kind of faint sound emitted from each of the nine stories of the tower. It seemed to be the sound of slaughter in one moment and someone sighing in the next, faint as a wisp that gently drilled into everyone’s ears.

Bai Xiaosheng strode to the Tower of Heroes and rapped on the door. Instantly, the door to the first floor rumbled open. A burly, middle-aged general with a grief-laden appearance slowly walked out.

This general looked at Bai Xiaosheng, wanting to say something, but his attention was immediately attracted by the roar of Fierce Bull.

“So it’s one of the eight great Demon Generals under the Nine-Purgatory Zombie King, Fierce Bull.” The general gave a cold chuckle. He extended his hand, on which a green light flashed, and a big weapon similar to the Green Dragon Crescent Blade appeared in his grip. With a mad battle cry, the general stomped his feet and leaped into the sky, hacking down his blade at Fierce Bull.

A smooth green crescent light swept out. Sharp and terrifyingly cold, the light sliced a long wound on Fierce Bull’s stomach, nearly chopping the bull in half amidst spraying a large amount of black blood.

“AHH! It’s the Flying Tiger Execution Blade! You’re Flying Tiger Commander Zhang Feihu1!” Fierce Bull shrieked in pain. Ignoring the Weapon of the Barbaric God, it turned around and spat out a black flame at Zhang Feihu.

When fighting the massive mace, Fierce Bull only used its two horns. However, in the face of Zhang Feihu, it instantly started with a skill. This showed how much the bull dreaded this newcomer.

“Zhang Feihu, since you’ve been dead for so many years, I’ll make sure you stay dead today.”

The eerie pitch-black flame wasn’t hot, it was chilly. Looking at the incoming flame with solemn eyes, Zhang Feihu spun his blade like a windmill, volleying out 36 strikes in a row. The 36 blade lights had to merge together to block this black flame.

“Zhang Feihu, you weren’t my match when you were alive. You think you can fight me now?” Seeing Zhang Feihu stop its skill, Fierce Bull wasn’t upset and instead even relaxed a little.

“General Zhang, we have the Weapon of the Barbaric God to restrain Fierce Bull, so let’s ignore it for now. First, clear out the Demon race in the city. We still have a defense battle to fight after this.”

“Yes, Your Lordship,” Zhang Feihu respectfully assented, his eyes gleaming.

1. Feihu means Flying Tiger.

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