Chapter 336 Nearing the City Lord Manor

Chapter 336 – Nearing the City Lord Manor

The main road running through Hero City was no more than 30 meters wide, and Chaotic Confinement covered one-third of this. In the radius of ten meters of chaotic elements, not only was magic banned, but all movement was also slowed.

Puff! Blood splattered all over as the players of the All-Knowing Sect easily bypassed the opponents’ armor and sent weapons into their bodies.

“Violent Ox King, go!” Fatty pointed his finger.

Even though it was now a mount, the power of the level 80 high-rank Yao former boss hadn’t decreased one bit. Upon Fatty’s order, the ox let out a battle cry and floated up with four hooves on fire, flying to the very front of the team.

“Mooo!” With an ear-splitting moo, the ground in front ruptured, lava spurted out and instantly screwed over many Demon soldiers.

Seeing its skill was a success, the Violent Ox King wiggled proudly. Then, its body enlarged to over a hundred meters tall before two long, thick fiery flames blew out from its nostrils. With a slightly lowered head that bared a pair of sharp horns, the ox charged forward with sheer brute force.

BOOOM! The Demon soldiers were flung left and right wherever the Violent Ox King rushed past. Ordinary Demon soldiers had no use in slowing down the mount at all. They were either kicked rolling or trampled to paste.

“Go go! To the City Lord Manor!” Bai Xiaosheng shouted.

“Guild Master, they’re coming in! Their target is also the City Lord Manor,” a voice was transmitted into Bai Xiaosheng ears and at the same time clearly heard by the surrounding players. After paying a heavy price, the nearly 200 guilds had finally broken into the city.

“Don’t worry about them. Let’s speed up!” Despite saying this, Bai Xiaosheng still revealed a hint of anxiety as he urged his people to hasten.

At the moment, they were less than a hundred meters away from the City Lord Manor, but each step was harder than the last. More and stronger Demon soldiers appeared. Right up ahead, they could see the space completely filled with Demon soldiers. There were players dying every second.

The Violent Ox King was forced to a stop after rushing over twenty meters as a group of Demon mages turned it into a huge stone statue. The hundred-meter tall statue actually looked quite spectacular with its ox head raised high to the sky.

Crackle! A lightning bolt struck the stone statue with a loud crash. The Violent Ox King burst into pieces, returning to Fatty’s pet bar.

“Damnable human.” From the City Lord Manor, black smoke rose into the sky and condensed into a huge black head. This deep-dark head only had a single horn a dozen meters long that occasionally crackled with electric sparks.

“Demon General Fierce Bull, one of the eight great Demon Generals under the Nine-Purgatory Zombie King. His true form is a Demonic Abyss Bull, lightning attribute, around Celestial tier. I only know this much,” Bai Xiaosheng quickly said what he knew about the owner of the black head.

“Is this some kind of joke? This Demon General can annihilate us with just a wave of its hand. It’s just unwinnable.” Hearing this, the face of the players, including those of the All-Knowing Sect, instantly changed.

“Don’t worry, as long as I can enter the City Lord Manor, I can borrow the power of the Tower of Heroes to suppress him,” Bai Xiaosheng hurriedly boosted morale. Then he added, “Of course, we still need to clear out the surrounding monsters so that the system will approve of us capturing the City Lord Manor.”

“It seems the most important thing right now is to get to the City Lord Manor.” Fatty took a deep breath and exchanged glances with the players around.

“Let’s get on with it!”

The killing grew extremely intense. The All-Knowing Sect players were surrounded in the middle of the road amid countless Demon soldiers as attacks hurtled over from all directions. White lights kept soaring into the sky. By now, the number of players had decreased by 30%.

“Haah! Garrison!” as DukeGarrison shouted, the stele in his hand quickly enlarged into a huge black mountain. The top of the black mountain looked ancient and mournful, marred with axe marks, while the front was as smooth as a mirror with a large silver word written in calligraphy: Garrison.

BOOM! The Garrison Stele fell straight down from the air. The ground trembled violently as the houses on both sides of the street were blown away by invisible hurricanes, and the Demon soldiers in the area of several dozen meters were swept away.

“Pfff!” After launching this skill, a pale DukeGarrison spat out a mouthful of blood. In the eyes of the other players, his health and mana plunged like crazy until they were only a sliver left.

Whoosh. The Garrison Stele shrank and flew back to his hand. Several white lights rained down and fully healed him. Staggering back a few steps, DukeGarrison shook his head with a pained smile as he checked his stats – all of them had decreased by half.

With DukeGarrison wiping out the Demon soldiers in the front, the players were able to quickly advance over a dozen meters before the Demon soldiers crowded them again.

“Righteous Blood Cleanses the Silver Spear!” Next was RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear. In a white outfit, on a white horse and dancing silver spear, pear blossoms bloomed in the air in a bright scenery laced with murderous intent.

Compared to the previous times he had used this skill, this time, it was undoubtedly much more beautiful, the reason being his increase in level which resulted in the skill upgrade.

The fall of every pear blossom was accompanied by the wretched scream of at least seven to eight Demon soldiers nearby. The Demon soldiers weren’t strong, most of them in the 40s, so they naturally were unable to stand the experts’ top attacks.

As RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s skill passed, the surrounding area was cleaned out again and the players quickly advanced several meters, but that was it. The Demon army wouldn’t sit idle being attacked without retaliation. Per a Demon leader’s order, the soldiers arranged into formations and in a few breaths, they once again tightly surrounded the players.

At this moment, a vague clamoring of “Kill!!” and such echoed from the distance. Apparently, other player groups were also fighting their way to the City Lord Manor.

“Guild Master Bai, didn’t you say the Tower of Heroes could mobilize the human soldiers to help?” Seeing their numbers quickly decreasing, HeadofGod and the others started to grow anxious.

“It’s no use. If I could directly summon them, I wouldn’t have to go through this much trouble. It’ll only work when I seize the city,” Bai Xiaosheng bitterly said.

“F*ck! Like we have any need for them after we seize the city!” a player had already lost his patience and was cursing.

“There’s no other way, let’s just fight to our last effort.”

Bai Xiaosheng poured in every last bit of his power to push forward over ten meters until the group was unable to move an inch. By this time, their number had decreased by more than half.

Looking at the City Lord Manor only several dozen meters away, Bai Xiaosheng felt truly impatient. He tossed out several scrolls at once.

Advanced Summon Scroll – Heaven Generals, Advanced Summon Scroll – Guardians of Gods, Advanced Earth Skill Scroll – Descending Meteors, Advanced Fire Skill Scroll – Surging Fire Ocean.

Watching four Advanced Scrolls being thrown in a slew, and two were summon scrolls at that, the players gaped in shock. Fatty couldn’t help but praise, “As expected of the guild master of the All-Knowing Sect. How very generous.”

“Not like I have any other choice. Let’s hope they’re worth it.” Bai Xiaosheng sighed. “For the sake of Hero City, I prepared these scrolls since I was less than level 20 right up until before this trip. I originally planned them for the defensive battle. Now I have to use them in advance.”

The Heaven Generals scroll summoned a team of one hundred golden-armored Heaven Generals. They were also big and strong and had a domineering aura, however, unlike the Godly Puppet Guards, they didn’t have that OP feature – immune to all attacks. Moreover, the Demon race was, unfortunately, their perfect bane of existence, so despite their high defense, the one hundred Heaven Generals only persisted for over ten minutes before they were torn to bits.

After the Heaven Generals were the Guardians of Gods, also in a team of one hundred. Their appearance was very angel-like, each with a pair of pure white wings and a big two-handed sword.

After flying out from a white circle one by one, the two-handed swords in the Guardians of Gods’ hands suddenly burst with dazzling light that insta-cut any Demon soldiers in the surrounding area of over ten meters in half.

While the Guardians of Gods wreaked havoc among the Demon soldiers at the front, the two magic scrolls took effect on the left and right side: Meteors shot down from the sky at a terrifying speed and smashed the ground; an ocean of flame birthed fiery fire lotuses that spun and reaped the lives of enemies in their wake.

In just a short period of time, a large area around Bai Xiaosheng’s group was wiped clear, taking them one step closer to the City Lord Manor.

“Go, go!” Bai Xiaosheng gnashed his teeth. Each of those scrolls he had just used was worth several tens of millions of gold coins in the market, which equated to roughly 200 million RMB. Actually, it was closer to say they were priceless as no one would sell them.

“Wasting so much of my stuff, I want the entire Hero City as compensation!” Bai Xiaosheng vowed as he raced behind the Guardians of Gods towards the manor.

Living up to the word ‘Gods’ in their titles, the Guardians of Gods were far stronger than the Heavenly Generals, especially the dizzying huge number of buffs on their bodies. Unless an extremely powerful existence came out of their lair to deal with these Guardians of Gods, no one could stop their offensive strike in a short time.

“Guardians of Gods, God, God, hahahaha!” The huge black head hovering above the City Lord Manor emitted a crazy guffaw. “Some lowly guardians actually dare to run wild in front of me?!”

Crackle! From the sky, a lightning bolt as thick as a bucket struck a Guardian of Gods. Instantly, this heavily buffed, super tanky guardian dissipated into dust without any chance to put up a fight.

“So strong?!” The players were dumbstruck but quickly understood. Back then, Undead Marshall Lei Ting, who was also a Celestial boss, could sweep aside a group of powerful opponents all by himself.

Colossal lightning bolts struck down, one after another, each insta-killing a target. In just a few minutes, the one hundred Guardians of Gods all turned to ashes that dispersed in the air.

However, the players also managed to approach the City Lord Manor, currently rushing right towards the gate.

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