Chapter 331 Forces from all Places

Chapter 331 – Forces from all Places

The Elemental Sword Diagram quickly flew out and expanded until it covered the entire herd of Undercrows.

“All, in!”

With a swing of Fatty’s hand, both the crows above and the players below were sucked into the diagram that emanated overwhelming sword intent as it floated towering in the air.

The Elemental Sword also flew out and split into five light swords, stationed in the five directions of the diagram. Metallic hums rang ceaselessly by everyone’s ears when various small sword formations appeared out of thin air and separated the Undercrows.

“Good stuff!”

From the moment of the Elemental Sword Diagram’s emergence, the players had been gawking with mouths agape. It took them a while to regain their wits.

Everyone here had seen their fair share of bizarre tools, but this was their first encounter with something that formed an entire array to trap the opponents inside.

“Is it just me or this is really similar to the Zhuxian Sword Formation in Investiture of the Gods?” someone whispered.

“Dude, if it’s really the Zhuxian Sword Formation, it can destroy the entire Heavens Scar in a flash.”

The diagram confused the vision of the Undercrows so that they could only chaotically fly around inside, croaking nonstop without being able to direct their attacks.

“Hurry up, they can’t hold much longer!” the priests urged.

The health of the players infected by Life Devourer was rapidly dropping, barely holding onto their lives thanks to the priests taking turns to heal them, but this couldn’t last forever. If those crows didn’t get handled soon, these players wouldn’t be able to escape their fate.

Fatty waved his hand to split up the players into teams, each team facing a group of Undercrows in one small formation. Using several tens of small formations, he distributed it so that the players would outnumber the crows.


Without further ado, everyone brandished their weapons and launched all sorts of skills.

“Look what that is!”

Bullied Monster Big stared at the distance. There, a towering sword formation stood and countless light swords flew straight into the sky. When some random monsters passing by accidentally grazed those light swords, they were sliced into a rain of gore. On the ground below, there was a layer of blood and meat.

“Treasure! It’s definitely a treasure, maybe a Celestial item even!” Bullied Monster LittleFox’s eyes lit up in excitement. She tried to rush over in the direction of the Elemental Sword Diagram.

“Wait wait! It might be dangerous.” Bullied Monster Big hastily grabbed her back. “Let’s first scout out the situation.”

“The treasure will be long gone until then!” Bullied Monster LittleFox glared sternly. Bullied Monster Big instantly shut up and obediently followed behind her.

“Woah, Brother Endless, what’s that thing?” From another direction, Punishment Matchless accidentally caught a sword light flying up into the sky and couldn’t close her mouth in shock.

“What dominant sword intent. Could it be a treasure was unearthed?” Punishment Endless decided to lead Punishment Matchless and Punishment Excuseless in that direction.

At the same time, a group of players who had just entered Heavens Scar also saw the skyrocketing sword aura. With excited hearts, they quickly finished whatever they were doing and rushed towards that direction as well.

“Oyah, it seems everyone has gathered here,” said a bald player as he looked around at the over 300 players surrounding the Elemental Sword Diagram.

“We actually have so many people in a very hard-to-find place like this, what a delight.” Punishment Endless snorted, sitting motionlessly on a rock.

“Heh, a brother of my guild spent over half a month to find this place. Wasn’t easy at all, ahh,” the baldy smugly bragged.

“Peh, if it hadn’t been for us, how could you useless bunch find this place?” Bullied Monster LittleFox coldly snorted, her pretty face frosty.

“Humph! You two vagabonds dare oppose our Solar Deity Palace? If you’re smart enough, hand over the Sunset Excalibur at once, or I’ll kill you lot to level 0!” threats flew out from the baldy’s mouth as he looked coldly at the two players.

“Sir Borderless, why making such a fuss? It’s only a sword.” Punishment Endless leisurely cut in.

“Punishment Endless, you think you can poke your nose in our Solar Deity Palace’s business? For the sake of our past relationship, just f*ck off or I’ll give you a free trip to the city myself!” snapped the baldy, whose ID was Sir Borderless. As the leader of the group of over 300 players, he indeed had the qualification to speak so to the three from Punishment Heaven Gate and the Bullied Monster duo.

Over 300 vs. 5 was like killing the chicken with a knife meant for a buffalo. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had to consider the Punishment Heaven Gate behind Punishment Endless, Sir Borderless would be too lazy to even say those words.

“Oh? Past relationship? Our Punishment Heaven Gate has no ‘past relationship’ with your Solar Deity Palace. If you want to send us back to the city, just come,” said Punishment Endless with a nonchalant smile.

“A bunch of clowns. Anyone has the guts to duel with me, Punishment Excuseless?” Punishment Excuseless stepped forward, digging he axe as big as a wheel in his hand into the ground, causing a rumble.

“Punishment Excuseless, don’t be too arrogant. I’ll personally see how ‘formidable’ your Punishment Heaven Gate is.” A warrior player behind Sir Borderless stepped out. Also armed with an axe, he strode towards Punishment Excuseless.

The battle inside the diagram lasted for half an hour, ending with the annihilation of the Undercrows, including the big boss.

Over one thousand low-rank Yao monsters yielded a considerable amount of experience, especially since they had partied up. As the one who made the biggest contribution by trapping the Undercrows, Fatty earned nearly half of the total experience points which caused him to leap him from level 53 to level 55.

Moreover, as a reward, the equipment dropped by the boss was given to him.

The equipment was an eerie black crystal orb the size of a fist with some kind of black object inside as if an eye was looking out through the glass sphere. The instant Fatty received the orb, he was startled by this eerie feeling.

Undercrow Eye
Violet item
Function: Unleash a devouring life, each second devouring the target’s health by three times the damage taken by the owner while also replenishing 30% of the owner’s lost health. In combat, can only lock on one target and cannot switch targets until the current target dies.
Casting time: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Characteristic: 100% chance of dropping when the owner dies.

Violet items like this Undercrow Eye were generally unidentified when they dropped. Although the others knew it was valuable, they didn’t take it to heart. Players capable of entering this place were the type that'd have several Violet items on them, some even owned several Violet gear sets.

When Fatty appraised the Undercrow Eye, his heart trembled, and then he silently stowed it in his inventory. This thing was like a small-scale BUG. In a one-on-one duel, unless he was insta-killed, Fatty couldn’t imagine himself fearing anyone with the Undercrow Eye in his hands.

If a knight equipped this, they’d be no different than a steel wall that could hold off a normal boss on their own. However, the Undercrow Eye was still limited by two conditions: the fixed target and the 100% chance of dropping upon the owner’s death.

“Whew! Thank you, Fatty bro.” The players who had been hit by Life Devourer still felt a lingering fear from their near-death experience.

Fatty nodded, indicating that it was no big deal, and retrieved the Elemental Sword Diagram under the envious gazes of the others. Powerful as it was, this kind of tool also cost quite a price to use. In just the short time of half an hour, the diagram had sapped away one-third of the elemental energy Fatty had collected so far.

If Fatty was in the Elemental Mystery Realm, he would have seen some changes in the scenery. The plants showed some yellow, the small animals were no longer chipper, and the river was intermittent. All were the result of energy shortage.

Whoosh! When the diagram disappeared and over 200 players suddenly appeared on the spot, the surrounding 300 odd were startled.

Especially frightened were the two dueling players who nearly hit themselves with their own axes.

“Retreat!” Several voices resounded at the same time. The Punishment trio and Bullied Monster duo retreated to one side, the players of the Solar Deity Palace retreated to another, forming a triangle with Bai Xiaosheng’s group.

“What now, Uncle? Didn’t you say very few can find this place?” Fatty lowered his voice to ask Bai Xiaosheng.

“Well, yeah, few can find it, and they have friends. But this many? Seriously, that motherf*cker.” Bai Xiaosheng gnashed his teeth. Even he couldn’t help but curse in such a situation.

“Wow, can’t believe we get to meet so many experts here, what an honor!”

The surrounding players were shocked to recognize that the other party was composed of 80% of the most prominent players in the CN region, wondering what kind of big thing was going on.

“Let’s go,” Bai Xiaosheng coldly said to his group after scanning the others. The more people coming here, the more uneasy he felt. He knew that the mission could only be carried out by him, but who could say for sure if the system wouldn’t apply the ‘there’s an exception for everything’ rule? If something like that really happened, Bai Xiaosheng didn’t think he could take the setback, especially at his age at his age.

Bai Xiaosheng led his group away. No one noticed that Wild Dancing Wind amidst the crowd opened the communicator and said something into it.

Sir Borderless’ eyes flickered. After whispering something to his underlings, he walked away in another direction.

“Big Bro, where are we going?” From the excitement written all over his face, Punishment Excuseless who was forced to stop in the middle of the duel obviously didn’t have enough of it.

“Catch up.” Punishment Endless sluggishly stood up. “I think I saw an old acquaintance just now.”

“Wifey, let’s go.” Bullied Monster Big pulled Bullied Monster LittleFox by the hand.

“Go? Go what? We’re gonna follow them!” Bullied Monster LittleFox kicked Bullied Monster Big. “Since there are so many experts, there must be some great stuff. We may get a piece of the pie if we follow them.”

“But their group has so many experts…”

“What’s with the nonsense? Can’t you see those three from Punishment Heaven Gate are following them too?”

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