Chapter 330 Life Devourer

Chapter 330 – Life Devourer

“Damn this place! Either there’s no monster, or the monsters are too monstrous! They’re a pain in the ass!” Smashing a Spiritbone Python into pieces with his axe, Punishment Excuseless wiped the sweat on his forehead.

“Being a pain to fight is exactly why they drop many good things.” Behind Punishment Excuseless, a white-clad, Punishment Endless armed with a long sword, appreciated a dark-green bow in his hand.

“Big Brother Endless, what’s the deal with this place? I’m feeling creeped out for some reason.” Standing on a Ghost Bat, Punishment Matchless looked left and right, her neck instinctively shrank as she did so.

“This place is called Heavens Scar, a mystery realm. You know what a mystery realm stands for, both danger and benefit.” Punishment Endless stored the bow, as his gaze drifted towards the distant horizon. “And if my judgment doesn’t fail me, it’s an ancient battlefield, the kind of place frequented by monsters so powerful that they can kill all of us Punishment Heaven Gate members with a slap.”

“Woah! That powerful?!” Punishment Matchless stuck out her tongue.

Punishment Endless unhurriedly analyzed for this companions, “Of course. And since there are so many powerful monsters like that, this place must hold an extremely precious treasure, such as…”

“Such as Celestial items?” a hyped Punishment Excuseless cut in.

“Celestial items your butt! Hurry and fight off the monsters, don’t let others claim our treasure!” Hands-on-hips, Punishment Matchless pulled a long face and scolded the guy.

“Huff, huff…” Bullied Monster Big gasped for breath as his butt dropped on the ground. “Ahhh, I’m dead!”

“You fool, getting so worn out after just a few monsters.” Bullied Monster LittleFox kicked him. Bullied Monster Big didn’t react, but the kicker actually frowned from the pain in her foot.

“This… this stupid place has too many powerful monsters. We can’t win against them all. Let’s not fight anymore and return?” Bullied Monster Big looked at Bullied Monster LittleFox with pitiful-looking puppy eyes.

“Humph! Return? Did you forget we’re being hunted? Damn that Wild Dancing Wind, sending people to kill me just because I refused to sell her stuff. Stand up! We won’t return until I get a Divine artifact!” Contrary to her small figure, Bullied Monster LittleFox had a violent temper.

“Ahh?! Divine artifact! Why don’t you just kill me?!” Bullied Monster Big hugged his head and rolled on the ground, refusing to get up no matter what.

“Get up and work!” Bullied Monster LittleFox kept kicking him on the butt. “Hurry, hurry, we’re not the only ones in this place. If we can’t get ahead of others to claim the good stuff, this trip will be in vain!”

Low-rank Yao monster
Level: 66

Notes: Born from the breath of the dead; feeds on dead bodies; extremely aggressive.

Looking at the sky-blotting black mass of Undercrows, the faces of the two hundred players sank. If they really started a fight with those one thousand over aerial low-rank Yaos, at least half of them would die.

“Defenders ready! Others, attack!”

Since Bai Xiaosheng had been the one gathering this group, he could only take charge.

Instantly, those specialized in defense took out their defensive equipment and stepped forth to shield the front of the group, ready to take on the Undercrows’ attacks.

The Undercrow’s attack method was quite peculiar – their cries. When those strangely unpleasant croaking cries were heard, they would feel upset and anxious for no reason, and then their max health would drop slowly but steadily.

In short, the Undercrows’ cries could reduce one’s HP limit.

“F*ck!” TheFugitive blurted out a cuss with an ashen face. His max health had been cut by half.

“Quick, some priest help him dispel the effect. This attack is called Cry of the Undercrow and the extent of its effect is random. If you’re unlucky enough, your max HP will drop by 50%, which is the highest limit.”

Bai Xiaosheng had obviously done some research on all sorts of monsters. He instantly recognized these crows’ sonic attack.

A white light landed on TheFugitive and dispelled the negative effect. However, right after he recovered, the others cried one after another.

“Quick, priest!”

The less than ten priests rushed about in a flurry to dispel the negative effects for the players, but the Undercrows didn’t stop here. As they cried out, countless black feathers also shot down at extremely quick speed, covering an area a hundred meters wide.

Seeing that the players of low HP classes like archers and rogues plagued with the negative effect would be sure to die in that feather attack, Fatty made his move.

“Holy Light Illumines All.” Fatty simply utilized the Holy Horn.

Holy Light Illumines All was an AoE that could dispel most dark status. A milky-white light descended from the sky and landed accurately on the players in need, lifting the max-health-down curse off them.

At the same time, the priests mass released AoE healing skills, barely pulling everyone through the rain of feathers without a casualty. After the feathers rained down, many players were left with less than 100 health.


The near-death experience fanned fires of fury in their hearts. A warrior swung his long blade and his massive blade light sliced across the air. Instantly, a dozen Undercrows were struck, splattering black blood.

“Piercing Arrows!” The Rainrevelers sharpshooter pulled the string of her bow, and with a graceful posture, she shot an arrow into the sky.

Streaks of light rocketed off the bow and turned into light vortexes as they flew towards the Undercrow herd. All of the monsters in its path screeched and flapped their wings hysterically as a series of red numbers rose from their heads.

This attack alone wiped out half the health of nearly a hundred Undercrows.

“That’s one powerful attack!” Fatty exclaimed.

At the current stage of the game, who wouldn’t have a few long-range attacks up their sleeves? After a round of long-range attacks were tossed out, at least a hundred Undercrows fell and then were beaten into corpses.

Caww caww… The Undercrows in the sky suddenly chorused in unison. Thick gray miasma gushed out from their bodies, expanding as it drifted downward.

“Damn it! This reduces all stats!” the first player to be touched by the gray miasma shouted with an ugly expression.

Holy Light Illumines All. Fatty didn’t budge and simply recast the skill. A milky light instantly entangled the gray miasma before the two sides began a struggle.

“These Undercrows aren’t so scary, are they? Look how panicky they are.” Standing among the rogues around Fatty, LeftHandofGod pouted.

“That’s because we have Holy Light Illumines All. How about you try and go fight them without?” HeadofGod shot him a glare. Knowing it was a bad slip of the tongue, LeftHandofGod clamped his mouth.

Holy Light Illumines All could be said to be the bane of the Undercrows. After their two debuffs were rendered useless, the crows were gradually suppressed and their number started to decrease.


A booming screech resounded as an Undercrow ten times the mass of a normal Undercrow slowly emerged. The huge skull on its neck and the two flickering green flames in its eye sockets looked particularly creepy.

The instant this crow appeared, the normal ones scattered around it.

“Uncle, please don’t tell me these crows also have some kinda racial skill that can form a magic formation or things like that,” Fatty yelped to Bai Xiaosheng.

“While I hate to disappoint you, that’s highly the case judging from what we’re seeing…” Bai Xiaosheng was bitter. After pausing a little, he explained, “Since all of these monsters are survivors from the last war, it’s nothing strange if they formed an army and developed their own group formation.”

At that moment, the remaining 600 odd Undercrows spread out in a circle that covered an area of nearly 200 meters. From the green-flame eyes of some, green beams shot out at the players. Unlike the debuff miasma earlier, these green beams drilled straight into the bodies of the victims they touched.

“My health!!” A knight screamed in panic. His health bar was plummeting at a terrifying rate.

Whoosh whoosh… Several cleansing lights fell upon this player. However, they all failed to stop his health from dropping.

Holy Light Illumines All. Fatty tried it once again, but surprisingly it was useless this time.

“This isn’t dark magic, but life magic!” Bai Xiaosheng sucked in a cold breath as he suddenly remembered something. “This magic is called Life Devourer, it seems like undead magic but actually belongs to the Life attribute. It can absorb the target’s life force until they die. Holy magic doesn’t work against it, we have to kill the casters to stop it.”

By now, over a dozen players had been infused with the green light. As their health bars took a nosedive, the situation soon got out of hand for the limited number of priests present.

The players launched offensive AoE skills, wanting to kill off those monsters that released the green lights. However, there were far too many Undercrows to tell which were the ones who attacked them.

“Ughh, to think that I’d die at the doorstep. Ahhh…” A player gawked as his health fast approaching rock bottom, bracing himself for a die-and-respawn.

The players present were all professional experts, but no one could single out the several crows that shot the green lights from over 600 of them. Killing them all was a choice too time-consuming that no one could afford.

“Elemental Sword Diagram, rise!” Amidst the crisis, Fatty could only resort to this killer move.

The Elemental Sword Diagram flew out and hovered in the air while continuously expanding. In just a few breaths, it enveloped all of the Undercrows above.

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