Chapter 33 Would you like to be my first disciple?

Chapter 33 – Would you like to be my first disciple?

“Master, master, take me as well. I don’t know how to do anything else, but I am very well versed in laundry, cooking, cleaning, bed warming, massage and escorting,” a female player that was the size of Fatty shouted.

Escorting a skeleton? You can take that? Fatty thought totally not naughtily.

“Sure, go and commit suicide back to Level 0 too,” Fatty waved his hand and said casually.

“Heh? Really? Uwahhhh, I finally found someone. Master, you are so muscular. What should I give you for our first meeting? I’m a knight as well, so I don’t need to commit suicide, right?”

“No,” Fatty replied in a coarse and mature voice. “Becoming my disciple will have your class changed to the hidden class of Death Knight. You have to commit suicide back to Level 0. Hurry up, the spots are limited.”

“Alright. Master, wait a moment. I’ll wash myself clean, then come back.”

With that, the female player charged courageously towards a Skeletal Knight. However, her huge body directly knocked down the Skeletal Knight, so the player and monster began their combat.

“Master, master, take me too. I’m a knight as well, so I can learn the skills really quickly.

“Master, master, I can take care of the miscellaneous stuff.”


All of a sudden, the entire third floor turned into a mess. The players stopped caring about killing the boss ands getting the drops. Instead, they all shouted for Fatty to take them as their disciple.

Fatty chuckled using a special skeletal chuckle, then gave the same reply to all of them. Sure.

As large groups of players charged towards the Skeletal Knights without any hesitation, all of a sudden there wasn’t even enough monsters. A situation of two players fighting over a monster to commit suicide happened as well.

“Hurry up. Come to Black Tortoise City's Mass Grave’s third floor. The Undead Marshal, a god tier boss, is accepting disciples. It’s first come first serve to get a hidden class!”

A kind-hearted player directly posted the scene of Fatty taking disciples onto the official forums. All of a sudden, countless players replied, and raced over to just bear witness to Fatty. There were even some players from Azure Dragon City, White Tiger City and even Vermillion Bird City that gritted their teeth and paid the expensive teleportation fees just to take a glimpse at the “god tier boss monster”.

When Liu Lan and the other guild masters led their subordinates back to Mass Graves, they found that the map was already in chaos. There were people excitedly charging towards the monsters to commit suicide everywhere.

“What’s going on?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord pulled a player over and asked.

“Check out the forums yourself,” the player pushed away Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s hand impatiently. “I need to commit suicide, stop wasting my time.”

Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was completely shocked, while all the guild members turned silent. Since when did people commit suicide in a hurry?

“Boss, check out the forums!” one of the player shouted.

The guild masters opened up the forums and saw a red title stickied at the top.

“A God Tier Boss Appeared in Black Tortoise City's Mass Graves !”

Today, a strange monster called the Undead Marshal suddenly appeared in Black Tortoise City's Mass Graves. The reason that it is strange is not only because it is able to freely travel through the different levels, it is actually able to chat with players. According to the witnesses, they had originally wanted to kill the monster, but then, the Undead Marshal’s words made them put down their weapons.

“Do you want the hidden class of Death Knight? Do you want to be unparalleled and invincible in this world? Do you want to get a harem and conquer countless beauties? Do you want to conquer the planet and unit the world? If you do, then go and commit suicide back to Level 0. I will take you as my disciple and teach you all of the skills of the Undead Kingdom so that you can conquer the planet and unite the world!

“The Undead Marshal’s words all interested the players without surprise. After finding out that there was a limited number of spots available for the hidden class and that the god tier boss might disappear anytime soon, countless players started moving. All of them walked towards death courageously and used their fearless spirit to show their utmost respect towards the Undead Marshal.

Liberty and skills.

These two I must have.

For my skills I’ll sacrifice

My life.

For a hidden class

I’ll sacrifice

My skills.

“All of these players are truly respectable and courageous to commit suicide all the way back to Level 0 for their future development. I wish all players the best of luck

“P.S.: We have a rogue player who just got his class enhancement at the scene. He has a special item that can be used with Rogue’s Eye to see the information of any monster or player that is no higher than ten levels above him. However, this boss monster merely displayed a series of question makes. The only field that could be seen was its Death Knight class. This means that the boss monster should be above Level 20. However, we are unsure whether it is truly a god tier boss.”

By Bai Xiaosheng of All-Knowing Sect[1]

“God tier boss? Hidden class?” All of the players from the various guilds were confused.

“Boss, should we commit suicide back to level 0 and change our class to the hidden class?” one of East Gate BlowingWInd’s subordinate asked.

“Are you an idiot?” East Gate BlowingWind didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Ignoring whether this is true or not, what do you think a hidden class is? A hidden class is basically a class with limited access to it. If too many people has it, then it’ll be same as all the other classes. Then, the six base classes will just become the seven base classes.”

“Indeed,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent. “There are no overpowered classes, only overpowered players. As long as a player is strong enough, their class doesn’t matter at all. Take a look at Money Grubber, all of you were killed by the Phantom Messenger, but he’s completely fine and instead managed to get a City Construction Token. This shows that it’s all down to the player and not the class.”

When Fierce Dragon TheTalent mentioned the City Construction Token, everyone remembered what they came over for, and quickly tried to force their way down to the lower levels.

“Oh my god, this is too terrifying. So many players are just fighting over the chance to commit suicide,” Darksnow opened her mouth wide in shock when she saw the hasty players committing suicide.

“Big Sis Lan, get Xu Quan to ask about the City Construction Token. Let’s go and take a look at that god tier boss,” Darksnow pulled on Liu Lan’s hand and ran forward, forcing Liu Lan to chase behind her with a wry smile.

Shit, this is too over the top! This is too much! As Fatty watched himself get more and more “disciples”, his face underneath the helmet turned stark white. I will have no chance to live in these players find out I’m behind this.

Huh? Why did they come back? Oh yeah, it’s for the City Construction Token. Fatty pondered for a split second when he saw the various guild masters.

Fatty immediately lifted his lance and activated charge with Cloud Dragon Sailing as the target.

“Be careful!” Cloud Dragon Sailing was shocked. He didn’t expect to get attacked right after entering. So, he didn’t have time to dodge, and was impaled on Fatty’s lance.

Fortunately some of the Fierce Dragon Gang’s priests still remember that Cloud Dragon Sailing was the one who was paying for their teleportation fees, so they quickly cast a few healing spells, forcefully preventing Cloud Dragon Sailing from dying. This once again showed just how trained the Fierce Dragon gang’s players were.

“You… Not bad,” Fatty retracted his lance before Cloud Dragon Sailing could order an attack and said in his deep and hoarse voice. “It wasn’t easy for you to sustain one of my strikes and not die at your level. Although the attack was less than ten thousandth of my strength, I still find you rather impressive. Would you like to be my First Disciple?”

“First Disciple?” Cloud Dragon Sailing crawled up from the ground in confusion.

“Yes. First Disciple,” Fatty waved his lance. “I, Salip the Undead Marshal, rules over the entire Undead Kingdom. Billions of undead are my civilians. The ground trembles and the sky submits wherever I point my spear. I am the master of the world. Uniting the world itself is no mere dream if I wished for it. However…” Fatty looked down towards Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“But what?” Darksnow asked.

“But I’m tired,” Fatty let out a long sigh. “I have lived for countless years and fought in countless wars. The gods no longer dare to descend because of me. I have already expelled the demons back to the nine layers of hell. My strength is unparalleled in this world. No one dares to challenge my authority. However, what is the point of all this? In the end, all of this is meaningless. I don’t even have a successor. I’m tired. I’m too tired. It is time for me to rest,” Fatty sighed, then turned his horse around and begun to walk to the fourth floor.

“I really am tired,” Fatty continued to sigh. As the skeletal horse walked forward, the players in front of him all made way, so he quickly reached the entrance to the fourth floor.

“Consider it,” Fatty stopped and turned to Cloud Dragon Sailing. “As my First Disciple, all of the undead are yours to command in the future. You will become the master over the sky, the earth and the beings themselves. Consider it properly. When you have, come and find me on the seventh floor.” With that, Fatty turned to take his leave.

“Hey, wait up. What do you think about me?” Darksnow asked.

“You? A woman? I hate woman. There are no women to my liking in the Undead Kingdom, that is utterly terrible. However, if you are willing to give everything up and become a skeleton, then I can take you as my disciple.”

“Huh? Then never mind,” Darksnow put on a troubled face, then looked at her slightly voluptuous body and finally gave it up after a brief consideration.

“Ahh, I’m tired…” Fatty dragged his voice on and stepped into the fourth floor.

Darksnow frowned and waved her fist at where Fatty left from.

“What? The god tier boss left?”

“What? It left? My god, we’re too late.”

“Did you guys hear it? We can go and see him on the seventh floor.”

“Yeah. We have to work together and fight until the entrance of the seventh floor.” 

“Brother Cloud Dragon, you can consider being the Undead Marshal’s First Disciple. If you succeed, then you can rule over billions of undead and become the only master of this world. Think about how amazing that is,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord smiled.

Cloud Dragon Sailing glared at Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord. Then his face turned stark white when he felt the envious gazes, before his face turned red again due to thinking of something.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent shook his head and begun to walk towards the fourth floor. He didn’t believe in such fortune. He found the strength through proper farming and training more reliable.

Fatty ran back to the fourth floor and hit in a corner. After a minute, mist rose up from his body. He felt a sense of weakness, which signaled the end of Death Transformation’s effects. At the same time, he noticed that the box of Deceased Soul - Knight Commander underneath the skill disappear. So the skill consumes the soul sparks. I guess I have to kill more undead sin the future.

Fatty watched as his health bar rocket down, then finally stop at 1%. Fatty let out a long sigh. I didn’t expect Death Transformation to be able to do this. So I actually have an extra life. That rogue noble Salka was nice, I should visit him in the future.

Fatty drank down several red potions and healed back up to full health, then activated Stealth and inched towards the third floor. It’s too dangerous here, and not suitable for farming. I’ll go somewhere else.

When Fierce Dragon TheTalent and co. entered the fourth floor, they looked around, but did not see Fatty anywhere. However, they did not dare to face off against the Phantom Messenger once again, so they did not enter the fifth floor. So, they could only return to the surface.

“Maybe Money Grubber stealthed out. Let’s wait outside.”

Meanwhile, Fatty carefully avoided the crazed players and finally returned to the surface.

When he reached there, he found the scene to be amazing. Although there were still a few skeletons here and there, it was far better than the sinister underground.

“Ahh, I’ve finally come out alive!” Fatty opened his arms wide and embraced the warm sunlight. Then he found a random place and logged off.

  1. Bai Xiaosheng (百晓生) is a fictional character famous for a list he made which ranked weapons based on their strength. In this case, All-Knowing Sect (百晓门) is named after him.

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