Chapter 329 Two Blueprints

Chapter 329 – Two Blueprints

With the pleasant sound of system notification, the Lightning Beast boss died under Fatty’s sword.

No one could blame it for being weak. After all, it was a definite result with the Violent Ox King, who was one tier higher.

Bam. A pile of items gushed out at Fatty’s feet.

On top of the pile was a blue paper sheet with sparkling spots of light.

Thunderstorm Magic Formation Drawing
Advanced Lightning Magic
The more magic stones used to arrange this magic formation, the greater the power, the wider the coverage, and the longer the duration.

The racial skill of the Lightning Beast! Fatty was overjoyed at this pleasant surprise. If this were to be arranged somewhere in Sky City, that area would definitely become a deadly zone that’d be much more useful than some powerful defensive items.

This kind of good stuff naturally should be hidden from others. Fatty casually swept it into this inventory, then continued to scan the item pile. The Lightning Beast boss was quite a rich fellow. Aside from the formation drawing, there was also a Violet weapon called the Thunder Sword with high attack and additional paralysis effect, and moreover the additional skill Thunder Explosion.

Without the boss to maintain it, the thunderstorm formation gradually weakened. In the end, the Lightning Beasts simply let go of their control and madly charged towards Fatty.

Numerous lightning bolts came at Fatty from all directions. These Lightning Beast hated Fatty to death, they ignored the players outside to target him and only him.

When the thunderstorm dispersed, the protective light barrier automatically vanished with it. The impatient players immediately rushed in while shouting.

Nimbly dodging the insane Lightning Beasts and their attacks, Fatty headed towards the cubs – the real treasure here, as one would be worth over 100,000 gold coins.

Cubs were easy to tame into pets or mounts, and the Lightning Beast was a much better monster than the pets and mounts of the majority of players here. Therefore, many gunned straight for the cubs as soon as the barrier disappeared.

No one could outmatch Fatty in speed though. When they caught a cub, they had to tame it. Meanwhile, Fatty opened the Elemental Mystery Realm and simply threw the cubs in there. The other players only saw a hazy flash of colorful brilliance each time the number of cubs decreased by one.

After some functions of the Elemental Mystery Realm had been restored, it allowed living things to enter, an example being that trip in the Sun Dynasty when Fatty hid the others inside. While there were certain limitations, this was currently the best way to capture the cubs.

Moreover, Fatty didn’t plan to tame them. If he took them to Reck for the old man to raise, an army of Lightning Beasts might emerge in Sky City in the future.

There were only fifty to sixty cubs in total and Fatty alone claimed over thirty. Ignoring the dissatisfaction from some other players, Fatty continued his business after all the cubs were divided. First was his promise to the sharpshooter girl; he efficiently restrained a Lightning Beast for her and earned 10,000 gold coins.

The fight ended quickly. More than two hours later, the Lightning Beast pack was annihilated, everyone gained plentiful experience points and items.

“Fatty, you want this?” TheFugitive appeared and gave Fatty a blueprint.

Thunderoar Cannon Blueprint: Once learned, can build the Thunderoar Cannon, the simplified version of the Thunder God Cannon. Violet Item, attack 1,200 – 1,500, defense 1,500, attack range 2,000 meters. The power of this cannon is increased several times when used in a City Siege. Each shot costs 1000 mana.
Material required: high-grade ores, Thundershock Wood, Thunder Spirit.

Fatty’s eyes brightened. While its attack was lower than the Plenilune Ballistae, its range was double the latter. And not to forget this ‘once learned, can build,’ which meant that one could directly build this cannon after they learned it without needing the blueprint anymore.

If the number of Thunderoar Cannons reached a certain amount, they'd make an excellent tool for city sieges and defense.

“What’s a Thunder Spirit?” Fatty asked. He knew what high-grade ores and Thundershock Wood were, but this Thunder Spirit had him totally clueless.

“It’s this.” TheFugitive tossed Harvest at a nearby Lightning Beast corpse. An illusory blue Lightning Beast-shaped soul flew out from the corpse and landed on his palm. He handed it to Fatty.

Thunder Spirit: The soul form of a lightning monster.

Most of the corpses had been harvested by now. An especially welcome product was the lightning inner cores that added paralysis effect when embedded into a weapon, some players were already offering to purchase them on the spot. On the contrary, the Thunder Spirits didn’t get much attention due to its simple description without mentioning a particular use. Moreover, this kind of soul material only appeared in the very last harvest.

“Buying Thunder Spirits! A lightning inner core for 10 Thunder Spirits or 1000 gold coins each!”

Not long after Fatty shouted out those words, he collected nearly all of the Thunder Spirits there was to be purchased. Some kept theirs instead of selling, doubting it was a good thing, but Fatty didn’t care. As long as Sky City successfully cultivated the cubs, he'd be able to get as many Thunder Spirits as he wanted.

The Thunderoar Cannon was useless to a pretty much lone wolf like Fugitive, but it was just the thing Fatty needed. Since it was obviously unrealistic to have Crystal Magic Cannons all over the place to defend Sky City, it was better to have as many of this defensive instrument as possible. Of course, Fatty didn’t take it for free. He gave TheFugitive something of equal value.

Having barely officially entered Heavens Scar yet already reaped a good harvest, there was a rising expectation for this trip and everyone urged Bai Xiaosheng to hurry and lead the way. The man only smiled before continuing to search for the entrance to Heavens Scar.

They bumped into several more waves of monsters, but unlike the Lightning Beast pack, they were all small-scale and quickly cleared up. Finally, Bai Xiaosheng found the entrance, hidden in a white cloud.

This white cloud was drifting about the mountains under the influence of the winds. Had it not been for a player who chased after a monster here and discovered something bizarre about this cloud, it would have been nearly impossible to find it.

“This is actually it!” Everyone was full of curiosity about Heavens Scar.

It was a spatial rift over ten meters long and wide enough for two people walking side by side. Tiny but dense spatial cracks appeared and disappeared around it. The coverage wasn’t wide, but the complexity wasn’t any less than that of the rift leading to Sky City.

“Attention, everyone. After we enter, it’ll definitely get much more dangerous than out here. Please get your defenses well prepared.” Bai Xiaosheng warned before heading towards the spatial rift.

Spatial rifts could also be a means of attack, especially space mages. In most cases, it was difficult to defend against spatial rift strangulation.

“Master HeavenBless, if you please.” Bai Xiaosheng turned to a mage player.

This player nodded without a word and approached the rift. In a sudden flash of light, a strange-looking magic staff appeared in his hand.

“This Master HeavenBless is a guildless player, a hidden class Spatial Mage. Last time when Rainrevelers established their base, it was him who built the Teleportation Portal outside so that their players could quickly teleport back after dying,” HeadofGod introduced when he saw that Fatty was curious about this player.

A vast, misty white light emanated from the staff in Master HeavenBless’ hand and rapidly spread around. Wherever it passed, that space was instantaneously stabilized and the tiny cracks disappeared.

“Let’s go,” Bai Xiaosheng urged and rushed into the rift.

“This is Heavens Scar?” Stepping out on the other side, Fatty looked around.

A desolate stretch was all they saw. The sky was gray and the earth was brown. The plants and trees were all withered. Piles of bones were scattered around, and there was this nauseating smell that made people’s stomachs churn. Except for the sounds made by the players, the space was completely silent as though void of all living things.

“Don’t underestimate this place, it used to be the major battlefield of the grand war between humans and demons. Many experts died here,” reminded Bai Xiaosheng with a solemn face. “What you’re seeing now is the result of that grand war, but not all the monsters were eradicated from this place. And those that survived are the more powerful of the bunch. Please don’t get separated from the group, or I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“No need for more words, Guild Master Bai, just lead the way. We’ll first finish your mission and then everyone can do whatever we wish,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said.

“Very well, then follow me, everyone.” Bai Xiaosheng didn’t delay. After checking the map, he led the group in a direction.

The further the players traveled, the more serious their expressions became. So far, this place could become the byword for barren as there was nothing except for dead plants and the like. However, it was exactly because of this fact that made it quite eerie.

The fact that the place was barren was an anomaly, which meant trouble. Even Sky City continued to birth all sorts of monsters after the God of Light had massacred everything there, needless to mention a place like this.

Pa! An ear-piercing noise fast approached. The players who hadn’t heard anything for a long time jumped in surprise.

A pure black monster covered in gray fog flew past overhead. Its body was that of a black crow but the head was a human skull.

The skull was also as black as ink, the only difference was the two green flames in its eye sockets. Just one glance from this monster ran a chill down the spine of whoever it looked at.

“Careful, it’s an Undercrow.” Bai Xiaosheng’s face changed greatly. A bolt whizzed out from his crossbow.

Bam! The bolt struck down two feathers. Bai Xiaosheng’s expression was extremely ugly as he watched the two feathers fluttered to the ground.

“Like the Lightning Beasts, the Undercrows are gregarious and attack anything that trespasses their territory. Although they are both low-rank Yao monsters, these things are a much greater threat than the Lightning Beasts. Brace yourselves, everyone, a herd is arriving at any moment.”

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