Chapter 326 Heavens Scar

Chapter 326 – Heavens Scar

The Hundred Poison Pill required a hundred kinds of venom, but Fatty had only collected the gallbladders of Pentaflower Snakes. In order to save time, he could only put out a buying notice at the auction house to purchase snake gallbladders at 10 gold coins each.

Snake monsters were found in many areas, and basically every snake would yield a gallbladder as long as one had Harvest in their skill bar. In less than half a day, Fatty had gathered several thousand snake gallbladders, which managed to satisfy the materials for 800 Hundred Poison Pills.

Fatty instantly took down the buying notice, which displeased some players who were still wasting time farming snake gallbladders. Ignoring them, Fatty immediately returned to Sky City and borrowed Reck’s alchemy room.

Aside from common snakes like the Pentaflower Snake and the Greenscale Snake, the types of gallbladders also included rarer ones like the Biplane Snake and the Onehorn Giant Snake.

Following the steps, Fatty tossed the gallbladders into the cauldron, then added some complementary herbs. After refining for an entire day and wasting a portion of materials, he produced 600 Hundred Poison Pills.

The Hundred Poison Pill was the size of a thumb and sparkling with a tempting golden color. Not only so, it even emitted a strange, delicious fragrance. Even Fatty nearly fell to his desire to swallow one.

Reck checked a little and offered Fatty a nod of satisfaction. While this couldn’t be compared to the best version of the pill, its effect was decent enough. Reck estimated that even mid-rank Yao bosses would feel uncomfortable for half a day after eating one of these.

Afterward, Fatty prepared some other herbal materials, either farmed or purchased, to get Reck to make some very rare pills for him.

Seven days passed in a blink. While Fatty was in the middle of grinding, Bai Xiaosheng informed him to meet at the entrance of the Imperial Capital bank.

When Fatty arrived at the bank entrance, many people had already gathered there. Not only the twelve of God Familia, but he also spotted Purple Bell, Fierce Dragon Thetalent, DukeGarrison, even his not-so-friendly opponent Golden Scale TheMighty, and Invincible East, as well as many others whose names he had never heard of.

“You came as well.” HeadofGod greeted Fatty upon seeing him come over. Purple Bell already called out ‘Big Brother’ from afar. Golden Scale TheMighty and his underlings rolled their eyes in irritation, while Invincible East shot Fatty a vicious glare, but quickly lowered his head as if thinking of something.

Stroking Purple Bell’s head, Fatty smiled cutely. “Lil’ Bell is here too. Why aren’t you out playing with your friends?”

“It’s nothing interesting. Not like I have any friends anyway,” replied Purple Bell sweetly as she fixed her hair that Fatty messed up.

Clip clop… A series of horse galloping sounds echoed in the distance. A white-clad knight with a silver spear in hand was fast approaching on a white horse.

“It’s RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear.” Fatty and the others walked over to welcome him. Ever since the chaotic trip in the Sun Dynasty, they had formed a kind of friendship that made them look very close.

“Hah, and I was saying Silver Spear would definitely come.” HeadofGod laughed heartily, deliberately stressing the two words ‘Silver Spear’ which made it sound like ‘Kinky Spear.’(1

RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear helplessly shook his head. As much of a fool for competing in martial arts as he was, the guy was somewhat introverted and not very good at verbal sparring. He always applied ‘silence is golden’ every time he was teased by HeadofGod.

HeadofGod quickly lost interest with RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s silence. The group then put their heads together and discussed the current matter.

“Uncle Bai Xiaosheng isn’t here yet? Why did he gather so many people?” Fatty asked.

The rest shook their heads. No one knew what Bai Xiaosheng was up to. However, given how he had planned for this a long time to rally nearly two hundred top expert players of all classes, he was definitely up to something big.

“That’s Bai Xiaosheng for you. No other person has such charisma,” HeadofGod praised.

At the moment, over a hundred players had gathered and there were still more coming. If the list of people here were to be made public, it would shake the entire CN region. The reason was simple: these people were either leaders of a force or very famous individuals. None of them was a nobody, and they all had a couple things in common: high level, superb equipment, excellent PK skills.

In a nutshell, gathering here was a group of the top players in the game.

“There are this many strong players, and none is willing to obey others. Some are even enemies. What can they work out even if they’re all-powerful?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent voiced his worry.

“No need to worry. If Uncle Bai Xiaosheng assembled them, he definitely has a way to handle them. Look, there he is.”

Bai Xiaosheng was hurrying over on a deer-type mount, which Fatty recognized to be a Five-colored Deer. This monster was capable of magic of all five elements and extremely rare. He was curious how Bai Xiaosheng got one to be his mount.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my sincerest apologies for being late. I was delayed by sudden visitors to my house. My apologies again.” Bai Xiaosheng dismounted and cupped his fists towards the group of players.

“You’re too polite, Master of the All-Knowing Sect. Now that everyone is here, please tell us what we’re about to be doing,” said HeadofGod.

Age-wise, only HeadofGod could be on equal terms as Bai Xiaosheng. The rest were of the junior generations.

“Please forgive me, I can’t say anything about it right now, otherwise there will be uncalled-for incidents. When we arrive at the destination, I promise I’ll tell you guys everything in detail,” Bai Xiaosheng said apologetically.

Since the man didn’t want to say, everyone didn’t push it. After some casual chatting, they urged him to lead the way so as to quickly get to the mission.

A huge group of players headed out of the city, startling everyone who saw them along the way. These people nearly made up the top hierarchy of the CN region. What did they gather for?

The news passed from one to ten, ten to a hundred. Very soon, the majority of the CN region players got wind of this. But, no one knew what this group was up to. Some even tried to buy intel from the All-Knowing Sect, and only after they were rejected with a ‘no comment’ did they give up on prying.

“Our destination is a long way from here. It’ll take us more than half a month on the road.” Bai Xiaosheng informed the group as he led at the front.

“That far?” Everyone was shocked except for the indifferent Fatty. To him who had traveled for over a month to find Sky City, this kind of several-day distance was nothing.

“I can tell you this much, that place is called the Heavens Scar. Currently, no one knows of it yet or even if they do, they can’t find the exact way in unless they accidentally crash into it. The lowest-ranked monsters there are all Yao-tier. There might be even Celestial or even Divine beasts. A grand war once happened in that place and countless NPC experts fell there. If very lucky, we can pick up some Celestial, Divine items or something. Of course, the possibility of this is so low it’s negligible.”

Bai Xiaosheng smiled at this point.

“The land where experts fell?” Everyone was stirred by this. Not to say Divine artifacts, even a damaged Celestial item alone would be worth the trip.

“I also heard about that place by chance and never entered it, so I don’t know about the credibility of this information, but one thing for certain, it’s going to be very dangerous. I hope everyone will unite as one when we get there and won’t let your past minor conflicts affect our cooperation,” Bai Xiaosheng solemnly said.

“Definitely. Since we’ve all agreed to come with you, of course we’ll follow your lead,” Purple Bell sweetly agreed.

Bai Xiaosheng offered her a smile. “Little girl, you’re becoming more and more of a talker now. Find some time to visit this uncle’s house, your aunt really misses you.”

“Uncle, can you tell us where it is approximately, and if there’s any supply point nearby? If not, we need to check if we bring enough and if there’s any need to arrange people to supply us,” Fatty suggested.

“That place is outside the reign of the Central Dynasty and belongs to the ungoverned zone, but not too far from the border. There’s a town only a thousand miles away called Iron Chain Town. We can replenish our supplies there,” Bai Xiaosheng explained in detail.

“Iron Chain Town?” Fatty had a strange look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Xiaosheng looked at him incredulously.

“Uncle, if I say I can get there in just 10 minutes, will you believe me?” Fatty asked.

“Whether the others believe or not, I do.” Bai Xiaosheng gazed at Fatty. “If you really have a way, hurry and spill it. Or do you want us to run for half a month?”

Fatty then led the group to the military Teleportation Portal and paid a fee to transport everyone over. While the others didn’t say anything, they were inwardly shocked to know Fatty had such high connections.

“Ahah! I heard someone was daring enough to use the military portal to my place. So it’s you, little Fatty.”

The leader of the army stationed at Iron Chain Town, Luo Kun, walked up to them with a hearty laugh. This NPC had always treated Fatty with due courtesy and enthusiasm every time they met.

“Haha, I have some business around here, so I dropped by to see you, brother,” Fatty responded with an unequivocal answer and took out a piece of equipment from his inventory.

This was from the package that the Black Dragon King gave him, chainmail made from Deep-sea Cold Iron, unusable for the current players but just perfect for a high-ranked NPC like Luo Kun. Instead of exchanging it with Lin Xi, Fatty especially reserved this chainmail just in case he needed to ‘bribe’ or fortify his relationship with an NPC.

“Geeez, you shouldn’t have…” Despite having said that, Luo Kun reached out and snatched the chainmail from Fatty’s hands.

Cold Ennead Xuanming Armor, made entirely of Deep-sea Cold Iron, top-grade Violet very close to Celestial, level requirement 80, class requirement warrior/knight. It seemed almost tailored for Luo Kun.

As though afraid Fatty would change his mind, Luo Kun took off his armor in front of everyone and put on the Cold Ennead Xuanming Armor. Wearing a steaming cold chainmail and holding his long blade, Luo Kun looked quite awe-inspiring.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Luo Kun grew more satisfied the more he looked at his new armor.

“Bro, we have something to do this time around. If we fail, we might need your help,” shouldering the eyes of admiration from the other players, Fatty said to Luo Kun.

“Sure, no big deal, just go ahead with your stuff.” Luo Kun waved his hand, giving his agreement without hesitation.

1. Silver: 银yín. Kinky: 淫yín.

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