Chapter 324 Lesser Forbidden Spell Sky Falls and Earth Rends

Chapter 324 – Lesser Forbidden Spell – Sky Falls and Earth Rends

The undead army had around 30,000 soldiers. When the heavy cavalry of 2000 was taken down, their commander Chalete didn’t even bat an eyelash.

At the same time, the front wall had completely collapsed, giving enough room for even normal cavalry to pass freely. About 5000 undead cavalry riding skeletal mounts roamed unimpeded and dealt considerable damage to Rainrevelers.

“Bully, big fat bully!” Fatty really had no other words. Have you ever seen any base siege like this? What monster would pull out a complete army to fight it out with you so professionally?!

The higher-ups of Rainrevelers stood around Qi Luoyu with ashen faces, watching the intense battle between their comrades and the monsters. By this point, all proper structure and tempo had been thrown aside. Mages and healers barely formed teams while warriors, knights, and archers simply pounced at every undead cavalry team that approached.

Players were dying every passing second, but they kept running back after respawning in Vermilion Bird City. Someone noticed a female player killed right after she arrived, yet she jumped into the battlefield again just ten minutes later.

Qi Luoyu’s expression was painful as she tried to hold back tears, while the onlookers were dead silent. They had seen more than a dozen base sieges, but not a single one had been this desperate and bitter.

“The girls’ spirit embarrasses us men,” someone whispered.

Some people proposed to assassinate the leader, but the proposal was rejected right after it was brought up. Chalete was surrounded by roughly 500 guards and was right in the center of the undead army. Virtually no rogue could sneak through to assassinate him.

While the undead cavalry massacred wildly inside the base, the undead warriors also pushed closer with straight erect spears gleaming coldly in the sunlight that flustered the eyes.

The undead army consisted of 2000 heavy cavalry, 5000 light cavalry, 13,000 infantrymen as well as the archers who had yet to make a move, rogues, and the ones with strongest attacks – mages.

“Big Sis, is now…” Qian Xiaoqian wanted to say something, but Qi Luoyun waved her hand to stop her.

“It’s not time yet.”

The remaining players had gathered around the administration main hall, laying down their lives to resist the monsters. The killing was fierce and tragic, but at least the players somehow lasted and prevented the army from advancing any further.

The undead warriors approached the base. It was now that Chalete ordered the remaining troops to move forward.

“Come on, come here, come quickly,” Qi Luoyu quietly prayed.

However, Chalete stopped after a short distance, as if the small base just 100 meters ahead wasn’t worthy of him personally making a move.

“Bro, can you lure the rest of the monsters here?” Qian Xiaoqian secretly said to Fatty, who had been sticking to her side to protect her.

“Hmm? All of them? Can you guys hold?” Fatty was startled.

“We have an AoE magic, but it can only take effect within the base. As long as they all come in here, we’re certain we can annihilate them,” Qian Xiaoqian explained.

“Okay then, you wait here.”

Fatty carefully checked the situation. The enemy was only a hundred meters or so away, Some of the mages had even entered the base to help open the way for the heavy cavalry earlier. If he wanted to lure them all in, he had to give them a good reason to do it.

And there was no better reason than provoking and humiliating their leader.

Fatty crept towards the undead army in Stealth. He had to be several times more careful than usual amidst the undead rogues scattered around.

If he used the Violent Ox King to ambush from the air, Fatty reckoned he’d be cooked by all sorts of magic attacks from the undead mages the instant he appeared. If Earthwalking to sneak attack, Fatty didn’t think it’d be enough to evoke Chalete’s ire.

Rainrevelers had also sent people to test. None of them was able to even near the area around Chalete.

The undead army was too powerful; only a portion of their troops was enough to turn the base into a mess.

Chalete was a boss over level 70 with intelligence not inferior to that of players. It was far too difficult for Fatty to grab him, even one-on-one.

Fatty glanced back to see the several thousand cavalry still wreaking havoc in the base. The players were gathered around the administration hall, still struggling to resist.

Taking a deep breath, Fatty activated the elemental guard. A five-colored light barrier shone brightly, attracting the attention of many players.

“Who’s that?”

“What’s he doing?”

In this kind of battle, the number of defensive players was tacitly kept within a certain range, because no one knew how the system would adjust the intensity and power of the monsters if more players were added rashly. This was why ASliverofSmoke and the other guild masters didn’t dare to send a large number of players to help.

Encased in the elemental barrier, Fatty Earthwalked right next to Chalete’s mount, looking up to perfectly catch the latter’s eyes.

Boom! As expected, the second Fatty appeared, the surrounding undead soldiers immediately turned to him and cast a slew of attacks.

“In!” A diagram suddenly flew and spun above Fatty’s head, enlarging until it covered both him and Chalete inside.

“Raaarghhh!” Chalete roared in shock and rage. He slapped his mount, spurring it to attack the diagram with ferocity.

“Go!” Temporarily containing Chalete in the Elemental Sword Diagram, Fatty didn’t dare to dawdle a second longer. In a flash, he disappeared with Earthwalk and reappeared inside the base.

The Elemental Sword Diagram could be fixed when used as a formation or be carried along, just like how Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness kidnapped the God-tier Undying Soul last time. However, the strength of both sides needed to be taken into account. If the imprisoned was more powerful than the controller of the diagram, not only would it not move, but it also would be damaged by the opponent. Therefore, it was generally safer to be fixed at a place.

“Chop chop!” Fatty rushed to the higher-ups and shook the diagram, flinging out the now-dizzy Chalete.

“This, the boss?! Attack!” Helper ASliverofSmoke and XuanYuanSword were actually the fastest to react. Two sword lights shot towards Chalete.

Bang! Bang! Chalete was also quick to control his mount to retreat several steps, remaining unharmed.

At this moment, the rest of the defensive players had regained their wits. Qian Xiaoqian waved her arm and a lightning bolt struck Chalete, briefly paralyzing him. The others quickly surrounded him, and then all sorts of skills were madly thrown.

“Raarghhh!” A booming roar burst out from Chalete, followed by black light that shot out and quickly formed a pitch-black layer of armor on his body. This black armor wasn’t at all offensive, but its defense was perverse. All attacks were negated.

“Forbidden magic, forbidden magic again!” Qi Luoyu gritted her teeth for the umpteenth time. Mages were practically useless when this forbidden magic was brought into play.

“It’s fine, it’s lucky this isn’t forbidden space magic, otherwise this battle is as good as lost,” Qian Xiaoqian consoled Qi Luoyu.

This forbidden magic was only a buff to grant a target immunity from certain levels of magic attacks. On the other hand, forbidden space magic could form a complete space capable of including a moving army, which alone could allow just several thousands of cavalry to destroy this base.

“Look! The enemy army is moving!”

After their boss was ‘bossnapped’, the undead army was plunged into confusion. Several undead generals with higher intelligence quickly took charge of the army and stormed forward, urgent to flatten the base and rescue their leader.

“Let them in! Everyone, withdraw to guard the administration hall, don’t leave the area of 100 meters around!” Seeing the opponent marching as a whole, Qi Luoyu was put at ease and revealed a smile.

All of the remaining players moved towards the administration hall. There was actually only around a thousand left. Despite the respawn players constantly returning, it was like a drop in the bucket, especially when there were still cavalry and other undead soldiers slaughtering inside the base.

As the players continued to fall, the human defense around the hall gradually shrank. Some attacks started to land on the hall, slowly sapping away its durability.

“More, a little more…” Qi Luoyu muttered, her face abnormally red from excitement and anxiety.

At last, the undead army entered the base, and their commander Chalete was finally able to avenge the humiliation of being captured with the aid of his underlings. With a swing of his spear, the grand army headed towards the last standing building.

Arrows soared across the sky and rained onto the administration hall and the players around it. The undead mage troops were even stronger, casting purely undead magic, sending countless bone spears, swords and even skeletal beasts at the hall. Fatty could hear the creaking noises. If no measures were to be taken, he estimated the hall would completely crumble in a matter of minutes.

“Where’s your AoE magic?” Fatty couldn’t help but ask Qian Xiaoqian.

“Wait for it.” Qian Xiaoqian was also nervous in the face of such a risky situation.

“Finally got ‘em all.” Standing on the administration hall, Qi Luoyu heaved a sigh of relief and took out an object from her inventory.

It was an earth-yellow scroll with complex magical patterns from which a powerful fluctuating aura could be felt. While the scroll had yet to show off its power, the undead army could already felt an imminent threat.

Chalete pointed his spear. Instantly, countless attacks whizzed towards Qi Luoyu. With a faint smile, Qi Luoyu tore the scroll and threw it out.

“Lesser Forbidden Spell – Sky Falls and Earth Rends.”

Behind her, over a dozen mages also ignored the incoming attacks and chanted in unison.

Whoosh! A dirt-yellow light flew out from the torn scroll and enveloped all of the players. Upon touching this light, the attacks from the undead army seemed like hitting a wall with ‘bang’ sounds before being dispersed.

Rumble…! The earth quaked and violently winds kicked up. The air tightened and churned like water waves, while long cracks over ten meters wide ruptured out from the land. Many undead soldiers were caught off guard and fell right into the cracks.

In the sky, numerous flame-tailed meteors came crashing down. Meanwhile, long stone spikes popped up from the ground and impaled the undead soldiers.

All of a sudden, the space darkened, void of all light. The onlookers outside were horrified to see that a yellow fog had completely shrouded the base. They could no longer see what was happening inside.

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