Chapter 322 An Easy Defense Battle

Chapter 322 – An Easy Defense Battle

The siblings quickly finished their New Year’s Eve meal. Ignoring the dirty dishes out of sheer laziness, they logged into the game.

Fatty couldn’t care less about the annual New Year’s Gala, while Qian Xiaoqian would watch with relish every year. However, she could only miss out on it this year as her guild was establishing their base tonight.

“Why chose tonight of all nights?” Fatty had teleported from Sky City to Black Tortoise City, then from Black Tortoise City to Vermilion Bird City before contacting Qian Xiaoqian for the location of their future base.

“Big Sis Luoyu said everyone will go visit their relatives and friends after New Year’s Day and won’t have time for the game, so we just picked the earliest day during this time to get it over with.”

RainRevelers chose a place surrounded by mountains about a thousand miles west of Vermilion Bird City to be their base. The monsters there ranged from level 60 to 70, making it a perfect training spot for the current stage of the game.

Qian Xiaoqian led Fatty to the headquarters before she went to do her own work while Fatty wandered about the place himself. Many members of Rainrevelers were familiar with him, some even pointed at him and exclaimed in delight. In addition, there were players of other guilds like Myriad Swords and Sword Manor who got all intimate with Fatty when they saw him, calling him ‘bro’ while treating him even better than their own brothers. Even XuanYuanSword and ASliverofSmoke came by to say hello.

There were also confused people that asked about Fatty’s identity. Upon knowing he was the older brother of Rainrevelers’ vice master Pink Beauty, a wave of people instantly swarmed over to get acquainted with him.

“Fatty, you’ve come too.” TheFugitive popped out from nowhere with a girl next to him.

Fatty recognized this female player – ClearMoonShade, the girl who talked to him when he first came to Vermilion Bird City and introduced herself as the Minister of Intelligence of the Rainrevelers. Back then, she had eyed TheFugitive with a bewitched expression all the way throughout their chat. Fatty didn’t expect the two of them to actually hook up.

“What happened after I left last time?” Fatty leaned over and asked in a small voice.

“What else? That girl Wild Dancing Wind was furious, like seriously furious. She grabbed us and kept asking who the bastard that stole the Evil God’s Treasure Codex was. I told her it was obviously a monster. And she threw me a look of contempt, even asked if something was wrong with my head, fudge!” said TheFugitive, looking depressed.

“And then?” Fatty asked.

“Then she insisted that we had to know who it was, threatening to kill us all if we didn’t tell her. Tch, she thinks God Familia can be threatened by anyone? Head instantly turned against her. He said ‘don’t think you’re something just because you inherited a superb equipment set and the Evil God’s legacy. If we twelve work together, we can definitely kill you to level 0.’ That girl shut up right away. Then we just teleported back to the city.”

TheFugitive didn’t even hide the schadenfreude on his face. He held it against the girl for claiming such a beautiful ID while acting so unrefined.

“But keep your wits about you. Your pets are too well-known. She’ll quickly find out after some investigation,” TheFugitive reminded Fatty.

“Whatever, not like I’m scared of her.” Fatty grinned nonchalantly.

Time always seemed to fly in the game. Soon, the clock hands pointed to 12.

The members of Rainrevelers stood on the wall alongside ten thousand or so volunteers from several other guilds.

Really, the ladies did get preferential treatment everywhere. With only a word from the female players of Rainrevelers, even without any benefits, their boyfriends, lovers, husbands would practically skip over to offer free labor.

The earth trembled and thunderous roars filled the sky as the first wave of monsters quickly approached.

The first wave was a herd of level 40-something Scorching Salamanders nearly ten meters long, with thick skin, powerful physical attacks, and quick movement speed. However, they obviously weren’t meant for sieges. While the salamanders were still some distance from the trap area, the players’ fierce long-ranged attacks had already drowned, suppressed, and eventually eliminated them all before even a single trap was damaged.

Cheers erupted on the wall. If the first wave was so easily handled, perhaps the upcoming battles wouldn’t be as hard as they had feared.

However, the expressions of the guild masters who came to help out remained unchanged.

“The base sieges always follow this same plot. There aren’t many at first, then the more powerful the players defending the base, the stronger the siege monsters. In short, the system won’t let the players establish a base so easily,” ASliverofSmoke commented.

The second wave came after a brief rest.

This time, it was level 50 and above fire monsters like firesnakes and fire foxes mixed with a few monsters of other attributes.

The trap zone was about 100 meters long and wide enough to separate off the base. None of the second wave monsters could break through the trap zone and all died there.

After the second wave, the third wave quickly arrived. This was a group of mage-type monsters of three attributes: Fireblast Puppets, Icecold Puppets, and Earthgrand Puppets.

These long-range puppets threw flames, icicles, and rocks respectively. More than half of the traps were destroyed for nothing in return, and Rainrevelers didn’t expect the traps to be of much use either. When the monsters were about to cross the trap zone so that the base would be within their attack range, the gate opened and a team of female cavalry emerged. With a thunderous momentum, they confidently welcomed the monsters head-on.

Five hours later, six waves had passed. Rainrevelers wiped out the monsters but had begun to suffer great casualties.

After a brief rest, the 7th wave finally appeared. This time was aerial monsters accompanied by some ground supporters.

A large number of Fire Emperor Griffins let out shrill cries while spitting out sky-blotting flames. In their cooperation, the Red Beetles and Tigerheads on the ground also launched fierce attacks on the base.

The Fire Emperor Griffins were level 55 monsters with so-so attack and damage, but their advantage was that they could fly. The Red Beetles were reptile monsters above level 60 with thick red carapaces on their backs and six legs that allowed them to crawl very quickly, moreover their carapaces were highly defensive against both magic and physical attacks. The Tigerheads were monsters with a tiger head, human body, and a long tiger tail. They were armed with various weapons and possessed powerful physical attacks.

The combination of these three monsters posed a great threat to the base. After a fierce battle ending with the monsters finally annihilated, the number of defensive personnel also decreased by more than half and the base walls also suffered some damage.

But this kind of loss was nothing, considering how Rainrevelers sought out a player of the hidden class Space Mage to set up a small Teleportation Portal in the vicinity. Via this portal, their players could directly teleport here from Vermilion Bird City.

As to why in the vicinity? Word on the streets was that this Space Mage player wasn’t strong enough to build a Teleportation Portal right inside the base yet.

While the portal only allowed several people at a time and the fee was nothing low, it was negligible compared to the benefits that would ensue once they successfully established a base.

The 8th and 9th wave wreaked havoc on the base and the majority of players there died at least once, but they immediately teleported back. Not only was the battle unaffected, but the players’ morale and momentum also surged remarkably.

During this, many onlookers joined the battle to offer a helping hand. Getting to know the beauties of Rainrevelers was one reason, and another was to gain levels and equipment from the monsters. Other than in a base siege, it was impossible to come across such dense distributions of monsters in ordinary times.

After the 9th wave was defeated, the players rested and fixed up the base for half an hour before the 10th wave unhurriedly arrived.

It was a pure army of undead creatures, the leader of which was a level 75 boss Tomb King Skeleton Chatelet.

“Now this is a real siege force.” Everyone on-scene gasped. The faces of RainbowWatcher and the guild masters grew ugly.

In the front row were heavy siege weapons, escorted by both light and heavy cavalry. Behind them were soldiers armed with shields and blades standing in a phalanx formation, protecting mages and archers in the center. Priests hung far behind while thieves freely moved around the army.

Unlike their leader Chalete, the undead soldiers weren’t high-leveled, ranging from 50 to 60, which wasn’t much higher than the current players. However, such a well-trained, authentic legion could easily resist the attacks from scattered players ten times its numbers.

With the point of a finger from Chalete, the undead army sounded the drums.

The hurried, passionate drumming pushed this battle to its climax.

The undead army started attacking. First, they stopped outside the players’ attack range. Then, they operated all sorts of siege equipment like catapults and ballistae, slowly pushing these things to advance while firing.

By now, two-thirds of the wall had collapsed, rendering the wall itself pretty much useless. All of this had been done to clear space for the cavalry to roam without any hindrance.

The wave had only begun, yet the player side had already suffered heavy losses. Sky-blotting attacks descended and smashed the few remaining towers in the base into rubble. After that, huge stones, bolts, and flames fell upon the players, causing great casualties.

“Destroy the siege equipment at all costs!” ASliverofSmoke shouted to Qi Luoyu, who nodded in response. Instantly, a nearby high-ranking player of Rainrevelers put on heavy armors, jumped on her horse, and brought a team of cavalry to rush out from a collapsed part of the wall.

If they didn’t destroy these siege tools, their base would be smashed to nothingness before the undead army even needed to do anything else.

“Anything, when at an adequate quantity, can reach a terrible power,” sighed Fatty who stood next to Qian Xiaoqian.

The ballistae of the undead army weren’t as powerful as his Plenilune Ballista, but there was only one of the latter, which amounted to nearly nothing in this kind of battle.

Seeing the Rainrevelers cavalry deploy, the onlookers broke out into discussion.

“Here is their cavalry again. You think they can destroy those siege equipment?”

“Who knows? But if they don’t do their best, those things can surely smash them all to death.”

“Let’s wait and see. Ahh, the previous waves were so nice and easy, who knew the last one would be so difficult.”

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