Chapter 320 The Evil God’s Treasure Codex

Chapter 320 – The Evil God’s Treasure Codex

Brand: The upgraded version of Replica
Advanced skill
Can record Advanced elemental spells at the success rate of 0.5%. Via this skill, the user can record in the Elemental Skill Book elemental spells that they have seen, with the spell effect at 80% of the original. When a spell is recorded, it can be used up to three times without using any mana. After three times, the spell will disappear and will have to be recorded once again if the user wants to use it. The more powerful a spell is, the more mana required to record it.
Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Intermediate Elemental Movement Arts: The upgraded version of Basic Elemental Movement Arts
An additional skill unique to the Elemental Skill Book
Can be used up to 10 times per day, each time at a maximum distance of 3 kilometers

These two skills were the most obvious benefits after the Elemental Skill Book’s restoration: the upgrade of Replica to Brand and the increase in teleportation distance of the Elemental Movement Arts.

As for the other benefits there might be, Fatty had yet to check.

Currently, the Elemental Skill Book was blooming with a vibrant five-colored light as it continued to absorb the Divine power hidden in the Evil God’s statue.

Rumble… The statue shook a little. As though realizing that the fellow who was absorbing the Divine energy wasn’t the rightful successor, the miasma around the statue began to change and a gray light pillar shot out from the book in the left hand.


The book that was obviously made of stone flipped a page.

Fatty suddenly felt silence descend around him. No wind, no sound, not even a slight change in the surrounding space; it was as if right now he was the only person left between the heavens and earth.

“This is bad, I finally triggered the statue’s attack mechanism.” Fatty quickly understood.

Like a mosquito stuck in a piece of amber, he struggled with all his might to no avail, gawking as the gray pillar fell from the sky towards him with murderous intent.

Along with the incoming gray pillar, an immense pressure also imposed itself upon him. Despite his inability to move, Fatty still felt like his back and knees were being forced to bend.

“A dead Evil God dares make me bow?!” Fatty roared with a ferocious face as he struggled even harder.

Puff! As the gray light pillar fell, the one to bear the brunt was the Elemental Skill Book hovering above Fatty’s head.

The skill book slightly sank downwards from the force before suddenly bursting with a bright light, and the five elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth started to move erratically. From the book, five mini swords over two inches long shot out to welcome the gray pillar.

Kah… crackle… The pillar crumbled as the five swords ground it into strands of gray smoke that were finally sucked into the Elemental Skill Book.

If Fatty was in the Elemental Mystery Realm right now, he would see the dry river, scorched land, withered plants, and broken mountain ridge starting to burst with vitality.

The river began to murmur with flowing water; the land smoothened with clumps of green sprouting from the soil as well as the withered trees; the mountain ridge began to repair itself to its original state.

In the beginning, the Elemental Mystery Realm was destroyed when the book was damaged. Now that the book was repaired and there was enough energy, the realm had started recovering.

“Above?” The face of Wild Dancing Wind who was climbing the stairs abruptly changed. Not only her, even the players below the altar could feel the changes happening above.

“What’s Fatty doing?” HeadofGod and the others started to get a bit anxious. According to their agreement, they couldn’t interfere with the affairs in this place. It would not even be unreasonable if Wild Dancing Wind decided to chase them out of here.

“Come up, everyone!” An order from Wild Dancing Wind echoed. Her subordinates instantly summoned their mounts and raced up the stairs.

“What do we do, Big Bro?” LeftHandofGod urgently asked.

“We’ll go as well.” HeadofGod couldn’t think of any good ideas either. Their only choice was to first check out the situation.

Up the altar and at the feet of the statue, Fatty watched his health plummet under the increasingly unbearable pressure. In the end, he couldn’t help but let out a scream before his health reached rock bottom and he died.

Death Transformation.

Fatty activated this skill the instant he died. Black fog rose up and shortly after, a skeletal ape appeared.

After inputting a random name, Fatty took out the Elemental Skill Book and continued to absorb Divine power from the statue. After all, Divine power was something the more you had the better, losing a level for it was more than acceptable.

Wild Dancing Wind’s mount was a blue Snow Luan, a monster specialized in speed. While it was a bit slower than the Lightning Bird, the Snow Luan was a combination of both speed and dexterity.

The Snow Luan gracefully flapped its wings. A cyan tornado formed between the two wings, carrying the bird towards the top of the altar.

The Evil God’s statue became clearer and clearer in her view, but Wild Dancing Wind was in no mood to appreciate its majesty. At this moment, all of her attention was on the bizarre monster at the foot of the statue.

A book suspended above the monster’s head clung to the statue while a steady stream of energy disappeared into the book.

At the same time that Wild Dancing Wind spotted Fatty, he also noticed her. A glint flashed through his eyes and Fatty issued two orders.

The Violent Ox King let out a roar and flew straight up into the air.

Whew! A fire pillar flared at Wild Dancing Wind. At the same time, Inky unsteadily floated up and flung out an Electric Bolt.

Wild Dancing Wind controlled the Snow Luan and narrowly dodged the two-sided attacks. Without hesitation, she summoned her two pets, a Hexawing Centipede and a Shadow Wind Leopard, both wind monsters.

Wild Dancing Wind moved to deal with the Violent Ox King, the Hexawing Centipede tangled with Inky, while the Shadow Wind Leopard landed and soundlessly raced towards Fatty.

Only scanning the leopard briefly from the corners of his eyes, Fatty summoned Wheat, who appeared with a yawn. When the leopard was about to reach them, the rodent abruptly enlarged and rammed the leopard, sending it flying.

Unaffected by the happening around, Fatty fixed his eyes on the book in the statue’s left hand.

Apparently, the two things in the statue’s hands were the weapons once used by the Evil God. First ignoring the staff, he wondered if devouring the book would let the skills on it be transferred to the Elemental Skill Book, like what had happened with the Water God’s Mystery Codex.

Fatty looked around a little before setting his eyes on a spot. Placing the Elemental Skill Book on his head, he waved his four claws and started to climb the statue.

“Get down here!” Wild Dancing Wind roared in fury while throwing out a slew of skills at the Violent Ox King. Unfortunately, the gap between their power was far too wide. She would have fallen to the ox’s attacks had it not been for her newly acquired Evil Costume.

“Guild Master!” Her subordinates finally arrived.

“Quick, stop that monster!”

Everyone looked to where she was pointing to see a skeletal monster nimbly climbing up the Evil God’s statue.

Flying mounts immediately flew towards Fatty and flying pets were commanded to launch attacks at him. The players without both of the above started to climb up the statue to chase after Fatty.

Fatty had the Zephyr Wings, but flying with those wings was far less flexible than just climbing, especially when the statue was capable of attacking.

The book in the statue’s left hand flipped another page and Fatty’s eyelids jumped. Without a second thought, he pocketed the Elemental Skill Book and leaped up, not giving the statue any chance to pin down his location.


The second Fatty leaped away, a light landed where he had been. If this light had been a little earlier, it would have successfully pierced him.

Without the Elemental Skill Book sucking its Divine power, the Evil God’s statue no longer attacked. Fatty smoothly climbed to its left shoulder, which was the closest point to the book.

“Quick! Stop him! Stop him now!” Wild Dancing Wind paled as she suddenly understood Fatty’s intention.

Fatty mentally transmitted an order to the Violent Ox King to distract Wild Dancing Wind so that she could not interrupt him. Then, he jumped onto the statue’s left arm and extended his hand towards the stone book.

Duang! A light screen appeared, firmly protecting the book inside.

Whoosh. The Elemental Sword Diagram flew out and rotated above Fatty’s head. At the same time, the Elemental Sword also emerged and split into five swords that landed inside the diagram.

“One Sword Breaks the Firmament!” Fatty didn’t hesitate to use one of the diagram’s most powerful skills.

A lightning bolt seemed to rip the void, instantly lit up the gloomy space. Following it was a massive sword that descended from the heavens, which gradually shrank in the process of falling until it finally reached the size of a normal sword, and stabbed towards the light screen protecting the book.

“NOOO!!!” A wretched scream resounded. At this moment, Wild Dancing Wind could only pray that the light screen was strong enough to withstand the attack and delay enough time for her subordinates.

However, the dead Evil God seemed to have died for real, because he didn’t fulfill her prayer. While the statue shook violently as Divine power gushed out to block the path of the sword, the effort was made in vain.

The utmostly compact sword pierced out a fist-sized hole in the light screen and kept going. Fatty followed right after it, reached out his claw and grabbed the book.

“Bastard! Let go of the Evil God’s Treasure Codex!!” In her panic, Wild Dancing Wind ignored the attacks from the Violent Ox King and summoned her Snow Luan, flying it up the statue.

Boom! A fire pillar blasted her on the back, ramming her straight onto the statue.

Bzzzzz… The statue suddenly vibrated. Divine power poured out like mad and enter Wild Dancing Wind’s body.

“So this is called the Evil God’s Treasure Codex.” Fatty called the Violent Ox King over, then he jumped down from the statue and landed accurately on the mount before ordering it to quickly leave this place.

“Whoever you are, I shall kill you to level 0!” roared Wild Dancing Wind helplessly as she could only watch while Fatty stole the codex and ran away with it.

“Then you still have to find me first,” Fatty mumbled. Greedily eyeing the magic staff in the statue’s right hand, he spurred the Violent Ox King to vanish from sight.

Boom! The statue ruptured all over. An ash-black staff fell into Wild Dancing Wind’s hand.

Dressed in the Evil Costume and holding the staff of the Evil God, the aura around Wild Dancing Wind suddenly turned uncanny.

“Investigate! You must find out who that person is.”

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