Chapter 32 City Construction Token

Chapter 32 – City Construction Token

The Knight Commander had a bronze armor over its skeleton, and wore a sturdy helmet that covered its head. Meanwhile, it also held a slightly rusted spear in its hand and the skeletal horse breathing out hot air made him look even more majestic.

Fatty looked around in joy after transforming into the Knight Commander.

Perhaps due to the transformation using up a lot of energy, Fatty was only Level 20 after transformation even though the Knight Commander was originally Level 20 something.

Now, he had completely transformed into knight player. Not only did he not lose any experience, his health bar was full once more. More important, the Skeletal Assassins seemed to have treated him as one of their own, so didn’t attack him.

Fatty invested all of his free stat points into Endurance and Strength, then picked up the weapon TheFugitive dropped because of his red name after killing the two Cloud Dragon Gang rogues on the fourth floor.

Then, Fatty walked leisurely around the fifth floor for a while before returning to the fourth floor. Although normal Skeletal Assassins couldn’t see what was different about him, he wasn’t sure if the Phantom Messenger would be the same. Being careful was important, and if he dies again, he really would lose experience.

Fatty arrived on the fourth floor with a blood red name of “Undead Marshal” floating above his head. No players have come down to the fourth floor again, and the Skeletal Knights and Skeletal Archers just started to respawn. Fatty intentionally paced around in front of a few Skeletal Knights, but they didn’t react at all. I guess these low level mobs really can’t tell.

“Go, kill it,” Fatty ordered a Skeletal Knight and commanded it to kill the Skeletal Archer beside it. However, the Skeletal Knight merely ignored Fatty.

Fatty chuckle. Man, if it really obeyed my order, then this skill would be insane.

“Brother Grubber, where are you?” TheFugitive sent a voice chat request over.

Oh, that poor kid has dropped a level and is out of the leaderboards now.

“Oh, I’m in the fourth floor of Mass Graves. What about you? At the respawn point?” Fatty asked.

“You are on the fourth floor? Why didn’t you die and come back?” TheFugitive was dumbstruck.

“I was going to be killed, but the Phantom Messenger suddenly realized that I have great physical constitution to practice martial arts. Since he had to rely on me to defend the world and save all life, not only did he not kill me, he begged me to become his disciple so that he can teach me great techniques,” Fatty bullshitted, completely confusing TheFugitive.

“There’s something that amazing? You kidding me? My constitution isn’t bad either. How about you have a chat with the Phantom Messenger and take me as his disciple as well?” said TheFugitive.

“Sure, but pay me 100 gold coins of PR fee first,” Fatty replied.

“Tsk,” TheFugitive was speechless. “Oh, did you get anything good in the end?”

“I didn’t take a look yet. What did you get? Oh yeah, I picked up your dagger, remember to pay me for it later,” said Fatty.

“Hehe, what’s a dagger. I got a scythe,” TheFugitive said proudly.

“Scythe? F*ck, don’t tell me it’s the one the Phantom Messenger was using,” Fatty exclaimed.

“Of course it’s not that one, but it’s probably related. Let me show you the details,” with that TheFugitive sent the stat page over.

The scythe itself was rather strange and seemed to glow with a dark light. The only difference was that it was about a size smaller than the Phantom Messenger’s one.

Lethal Bone Scythe

Gold Dagger


“TheFugitive, Lethal Bone Scythe, sounds fitting for you.[1] Why didn’t you appraise it yet?” Fatty trembled in excitement, so much so that even his skeletal horse was trembling. A gold weapon. Man, even silver items are rare right now, and bronze weapons aren’t even common yet. That gold weapon is definitely going to be priceless!

“Well, cuz I can’t f*cking go out,” TheFugitive said helplessly.

“Huh? You can’t get out? What do you mean?” Fatty was confused.

“The guys from the four guilds are surrounding the respawn point. They blocked me in the moment I appeared. Now, even the Fierce Dragon Gang’s here. I would have been slain back to Level 0 already if it wasn’t because you can’t attack people inside the respawn point. I’m trading insults with them right now,” TheFugitive said in a troubled manner.

“Haha, that’s karma,” Fatty finally felt a bit better about the situation.

“Don’t mind me. What did you get?” TheFugitive asked.

“I didn’t take a look yet,” Fatty opened his inventory and took out what he stole. It was something like a token.

Both of them were actually insanely lucky since they were both able to steal something with the 1%-5% success rate of the skill.

“What is it?” TheFugitive seemed to care about it a lot.

“Ugh, it’s a token. I don’t know what it’s for,” Fatty answered honestly.

TheFugitive remained silent and didn’t say anything.

“What is it?’ asked Fatty.

“Is there the 帮 character on it?[2]” TheFugitive gritted his teeth.

“No,” Fatty checked it out, then answered with certainty.

“That’s good. That’s good,”TheFugitive let out a long sigh. Then, he seemed to trade a few insults with someone else, then began to chat with Fatty again. “I was wondering. The players aren’t even Level 20 yet, how could the Guild Establishment Tokens drop now. Get it appraised later and see what the token is for.”

“I didn’t finish yet. The 帮 character isn't on it, but there is a 城 character on it[3],” Fatty continued.

“City Construction Token? How’s that possible!?” TheFugitive shouted out in disbelief.

Then, Fatty heard the commotion on TheFugitive’s end.

“City Construction Token!? TheFugitive, who has a City Construction Token!?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s expression immediately changed when he heard TheFugitive’s exclamation. “TheFugitive, if you sell me the City Construction Token, then our grudge is waived, and the Fierce Dragon Gang will treat you as our VIP from now on. How about that?”

“TheFugitive, sell it to the Cloud Dragon Gang. You can name your price,” Cloud Dragon Sailing also called out.

All of the guild masters understood the meaning behind the City Construction Token. None of them wanted to fall behind each other, so they all named an astronomical price.

“Sorry, I want to sell it to you guys as well, but sadly it doesn’t belong to me, TheFugitive shrugged. Then turned back to Fatty. “Get ready, all the guild masters should be messaging you to buy the City Construction Token. Brother Grubber, you’re rich now.”

“What’s the City Construction Token for?” Fatty quickly asked.

“A City Construction Token does exactly like its name suggests, it’s to establish a city. After a guild is established officially, if they want to build their own base, the City Construction Token will be crucial. What’s more, since this is the first one ever, there is a special meaning to it. F*ck, why are you so lucky? Now my Lethal Bone Scythe completely pales when compared to your City Construction Token. Damn that Phantom Messenger, I knew he’s a bad bitch. He actually has a City Construction Token on him. Does he actually want to rebel against his boss and start his own faction?”

Fatty ignored TheFugitive’s mutterings then saw that his communicator rang furiously. Meanwhile, he also received many friend requests. There was no doubt that these guild masters all managed to guess who had the City Construction Token, and wanted to get it before the others could even try.

“I’m turning off the communicator. Talk to you later,” Fatty said to TheFugitive, then turned off the ability to receive messages from unknowns.

“He turned the communicator off,” Darksnow said to Liu Lan.

“Indeed,” Purple Bell nodded.

East Gate BlowingWind shrugged and didn’t care. Out of everyone there, he was the only one who had Fatty on his friend list, so they could communicate directly.

“You guys, go over and wait at the entrance of Mass Graves. You make sure you see Money Grubber, and when you do, immediately tell me. I’ll be right there,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent ordered. Then, two people immediately left the group and sprinted towards outside the city.

Seeing that, every single guild sent someone to wait at the Mass Graves. Some of the guild masters even organized their items a bit, then went over as well, completely disregarding TheFugitive.

“F*ck, is there a need to get so worked up? It’s just a City Construction Token. Wait till I get a dozen of them from drops, I’ll make sure to let others buy one get one free.” TheFugitive felt rather disappointed when he lost the attention of everyone else. He could only try to comfort himself, then walked over to get the Lethal Bone Scythe appraised.

“MUAH. A City Construction Token,” Fatty kissed the token. From what TheFugitive said, this token was worth a lot. Otherwise, those guild masters wouldn’t have contacted me so urgently. But scarcity sells. Since they all want it, then it really will tarnish my name if I sell it too cheaply.

As Fatty rode the skeletal horse forward, he thought to himself on how to get an advantage over the various guilds. Soon, he walked through the entrance to the fourth floor and returned to the third. There were already quite a few players on the third floor. All of them scattered all over the level to farm. When they saw Fatty, they were first slightly shocked, then immediately revealed joyous looks.

“It’s a boss, a boss monster is finally here!”

What the heck are you so excited about?

“Doing everything I can to get in here was truly worth it. Ahh, I finally see what a boss monster looks like.

So pitiful.

“Wow, Undead Marshal. Isn’t that supposed to be a very high leveled boss monster? Why is it on the third floor? Shouldn’t it be on the seventh?”

Here’s a more logical one.

“Who knows, maybe he’s here for inspection?”

You’ve read way too many novels.

Fatty swept his gaze over the excited crowd and tried to walk towards the entrance to the third floor, but several people block his way.

“My friends, it is a fortune for us to discover this boss together. Let’s not fight over it. Let us kill the boss and get the drops!” A player who felt like he had the potential to become a leader shouted.

“Kill the boss, get the drops!” the other people cheered loudly.

There were a few dozen groups of players on the third floor, which totaled to around two to three hundred people. As they all shouted together, Fatty felt like his ear was just ringing.

“Hey you. What’s your name?” Fatty suddenly urged his horse forward and said to the self-imposed leader in a coarse voice.

“What? The boss monster is asking me what my name is?” Both him and the other players were stunned. Boss monsters know how to chat with players?

Oh yeah, didn’t the official website say that there are some advanced bosses with intelligence pretty much equal to humans?

“Guys, be careful. This is a legendary advanced boss. It’s very intelligent!” shouted the self-imrposed leader.

Advanced boss? Fatty smiled wryly. There is an advanced boss. I was killed by it.

“Young man, I can see that you have a wide forehead and round chin. Your constitution is superb and have an agile form. You definitely have a talent for martial arts. The peace and safety of the future world is counting on you. Are you willing to become my disciple? I shall teach you all the skills of the Undead Kingdom and let you conquer the planet and unite the world.”

“The advanced boss is taking me as his disciple?” the self-imposed leader and the other players were all shocked.

“A hidden mission!” the self-imposed leader shouted, then kneeled onto the floor. “Yes, I am. I am willing!”

“That’s good. I shall take you as my disciple. However, I am a knight and you are a warrior. There are some skills you will be unable to learn,” Fatty sighed.

“Ahh? Then what should I do?” the self-imposed leader looked urgently at his “master”, the Undead Marshal.

“The only way is for you to commit suicide until you’re Level 0. Then, I’ll give you some Purification Essence for you to change your class,” Fatty said in a mysterious manner.

“Alright,” the self-imposed leader hesitated for a moment, then suddenly stood up. He stripped off all his clothes and equipment, then charged towards a nearby Skeletal Knight.

The Skeletal Knight’s rusted lance pierced through the player’s body, causing him to turn into a ray of white light and fly off.

  1. TheFugitive is 亡命天涯 in Chinese, while Lethal Bone Scythe is 亡命骨镰. They share the same first two characters.
  2. 帮会 means guild. 帮 itself can be translated as either gang or guild.
  3. 城 means city.

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