Chapter 319 Restoration Complete

Chapter 319 – Restoration Complete

The higher the steps, the more Divine power they contained and the faster the Elemental Skill Book absorbed. Due to the increasing momentum, the book even started taking the initiative to suck in the energy.

When Fatty reached the 1003rd step, the Elemental Skill Book violently trembled as a sky-blotting tree that seemed to reach infinite heights finally solidified.

This tree was entirely green as if sculpted from the finest green jade. Its roots wrapped around the skill book and its trunk directly pierced into the void.

The solidification of this giant tree represented the complete restoration of another element – Wood. After this phenomenal scene dissipated, the tree rapidly shrank into a little sapling just over 2 inches tall that swayed where it was rooted on the Elemental Skill Book.

Now that two of the elements were restored, the absorption speed increased by a great deal. The energy contained within the next step was devoured in seconds.

Crack. Amidst the sounds of rolling waves and tree leaves fluttering, a tiny fire spark emerged and crackled.

The enormous amount of the Evil God’s Divine power had begun to replenish the book’s fire energy.

“What else can it mean? It was just to muddle the waters.” The new Evil God seemed in high spirits smiling meaningfully while looking at the bunch of God Familia.

“Muddle the waters?” HeadofGod raised a brow.

“How do I say this… While I couldn’t be more determined to claim the Evil God’s legacy and made many arrangements for it, I knew it was not a wise thing to offend so many guilds for this reason. Like the Fierce Tiger Gang and the Sun Moon Cult, and especially the Rakkhasa Troop, there are countless ties supporting them in the background. I naturally want to keep them from targeting me for the time being. As for including Eagle Fortress? It was just an act of convenience.”

“You’re not worried that we’ll blab to others?” said HeadofGod.

“Will you?” That person smiled.

After some silence, HeadofGod laughed out loud.

In fact, Wild Dancing Wind was inwardly scolding herself for being careless. She had only let slip a few words when leading her group out from the Teleportation Portal, who knew God Familia had hidden nearby and heard everything?

“If there’s nothing else, you’re welcomed to stay and witness how I’ll inherit the legacy. Oh, by the way, this humble girl is called Wild Dancing Wind.”

Only then did the members of God Familia realize it was a female player. Scanning her flat and rough figure, manly face, and neutral voice, TheFugitive secretly pouted.

“Geez, Wild Dancing Wind, such a beautiful name has been sullied,” muttered LeftHandofGod with a sigh.

His voice wasn’t loud, but just perfectly audible for Wild Dancing Wind. Her smiling face froze a little while her subordinates angrily glared at LeftHandofGod.

“Shut up!” HeadofGod shouted. LeftHandofGod immediately clamped his mouth.

“Gentlemen, please come along.” Wild Dancing Wind blandly said and led the group through the kneeling Brave Warriors towards the altar.

As more Divine energy was absorbed, the originally tiny spark gradually grew into a flame as big as a bunny, then into that as bright as a torch.

Water birthed Wood, Wood birthed Fire. With the support of abundant water and wood energy as well as the supply of Divine power, the book’s fire energy increased at an incredible speed, quickly heading towards satisfying the amount needed.

Currently, the book would suck dry the energy within a step the instant Fatty set a foot on it. As it was no longer necessary to stop after each step, Fatty continuously climbed to absorb the endless Divine power and repaired his book.

“The Evil Costume is only Violet still. In order to restore it to Divine, I require the Divine power contained in the altar.”

Wild Dancing Wind explained as they went, not hiding anything even with God Familia in her presence. By now, she already had complete control of this space after gaining the Evil God’s acknowledgment. In addition, there was also the Ice Rose group outside supporting, so Wild Dancing Wind wasn’t afraid of unexpected events.

“Divine outfit huh… The game then will be yours to run unhindered.” HeadofGod sincerely thought so. Good gear was hard to get in this game. Not to mention Divine, he barely heard of the existence of Celestial gear. As long as Wild Dancing Wind restored her Evil Costume to Divine-tier, no one would be a match for her in a duel.

“Haha, then I’ll take your blessing at face value.”

Arriving at the base of the altar and looking up at the 3000 steps, Wild Dancing Wind smiled. She had her subordinates wait on the spot, then leaped onto the first step.

“Hmm?” Pausing on the step, Wild Dancing Wind was slightly startled. The step was quiet and nothing happened.

“Strange. Didn’t he say I can absorb the power as long as I step on it?” Wild Dancing Wind was confused but didn’t think much about it. She climbed onto the second step.

There was still no surge of the Divine power Wild Dancing Wind had expected. She furrowed her brows and climbed the third, then the fourth step.

Everything was quiet as though the steps were but a dead object. However, Wild Dancing Wind knew the important thing wasn’t competing for the Evil Costume, but receiving the Evil God’s Divine power from the altar. Only then she could be considered having officially inherited the legacy and restore the costume to Divine-tier. Otherwise, a set of Violet equipment, no matter how rare, wouldn’t be worth her while to scheme with so many plots.

“What’s happening? It was clearly stated that I can absorb the power as long as I climb the altar, but why don’t I feel the existence of this Divine power at all? What went wrong?”

Not in her wildest imagination could Wild Dancing Wing expect there was a person capable of absorbing Divine power without the Evil Costume. She stood at the fifth step unmoved, pondering what had gone wrong that prevented her from receiving the Evil God’s power.

Whoosh! A red halo slowly rose. At the 2048th step, the Elemental Skill Book had absorbed the energy it needed to restore the portion of fire energy.

Over the deep blue waves and swaying tree, a red sun hung high in the sky. This was the three-phenomenal manifestation of ample Water, Wood, and Fire elements.

Once again, the Elemental Skill Book took a leap in its absorption speed. Fatty was on a roll as he climbed up.

While the Divine power increased with each step, it was unable to sate the Elemental Skill Book’s appetite anymore. Only at the 2700th step did a huge mountain slowly solidify into shape, signaling that the Earth element energy was fully replenished.

Looking up at the remaining steps, Fatty could hardly move. Even in the game, climbing over two thousand stairs could tire a person to death, alright?

“Wait, damn it! I’m such an idiot!” Fatty smacked his forehead and quickly summoned the Violent Ox King, then slowly rode it up the stairs. The Divine power flowed through the mount into Fatty’s body before being absorbed by the Elemental Skill Book.

“Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?” Lower down the altar, near the base of the steps, Wild Dancing Wind was about to go crazy.

Her subordinates exchanged glances, at a loss of how they should answer. God Familia appeared very stressed about this as well but were actually laughing in their hearts. Looks like that Fatty is up to mischief again.

“Do you guys know?” Wild Dancing Wind looked suspiciously at the members of God Familia.

Whoosh. God Familia responded with a collective shake of their heads. Wild Dancing Wind stared intently at them for a while before giving up.

After climbing over a hundred steps without feeling any Divine power, Wild Dancing Wind started to feel anxious. She had offended so many guilds for a Violet equipment set. No matter how she looked at this, it wasn’t worth it at all.

“There must be something wrong here. You guys go search around!” Wild Dancing Wind truly wanted to cough up blood in anger.

The players wordlessly spread out to search every corner of the altar. However, in front of the massive altar, they were like tiny ants at the foot of an elephant. How could a hundred ants thoroughly search an elephant?

The guys of God Familia stood aside holding their arms and watched the show. From time to time they even inserted comments while Wild Dancing Wind’s face slowly became livid and her teeth gritted so hard they emitted a ‘kah kah’ noise.

“Maybe someone’s already climbed it?” a player guessed.

Looking up at the seemingly endless stairs, Wild Dancing Wind hesitated. This altar was nothing one could climb just because they wanted to. The Divine power in it would make the climber explode, assuming there was any in the first place.

“You guys wait here, I’ll go up to look.” Wild Dancing Wind took in a deep breath to calm her anger and started climbing. She was much smarter than Fatty and summoned her mount right away.

Her heart grew colder the higher she went. There was no activity from the Evil Costume, a proof that there was no Divine power in the altar.

Fatty leisurely rode the Violent Ox King up the stairs. Four of the five elements of the Elemental Book had been completely restored. Now there was only Metal left and everything would be golden.

However, Fatty sighed when he looked at the remaining steps. Looks like I still have to extort some other god in the future.

He had finally arrived at the top of the altar. The final 300 steps had been unable to meet the demand for restoring the book’s metal energy.

Currently, the Elemental Skill Book had returned to a calm state, only the brilliant manifestation of the four restored elements hinted at the changes it had gone through.

At the top of the altar was the giant statue of the Evil God. Of the altar that seemed to be carved directly from an entire mountain, the lower half was the set of 3000 stairs, while the upper half was this statue.

Looking at the statue from up close didn’t allow it to be seen any clearer due to the shroud of gray miasma. Fatty suddenly thought of something; he smacked the Elemental Skill Book on the statue.

Hoooo… A gale kicked up as the gray miasma gushed into the book to be converted to metal energy.

Clank! With a clear metallic hum, a two-inch golden sword appeared above the Elemental Skill Book. At this point, the book was completely restored, and the skills recorded inside also changed accordingly.

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