Chapter 318 The New Evil God

Chapter 318 – The New Evil God

“Rosethorn, what do you mean by this?”

At the entrance to the underground dungeon of the Evil God Temple, two parties were having a confrontation.

One party consisted of emergency troops assembled by Invincible East and Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill after they died back to the city, while the other was a group of several hundred players led by the Ice Rose Alliance.

Invincible East wanted to enter the dungeon again but the Ice Rose Alliance was tightly blocking the entrance. The two parties had been in a deadlock for a while.

“Nothing. Since you were already eliminated, you’re not qualified to enter again.” Rosethorn didn’t speak. A player next to her replied in her stead.

Fatty would have recognized this player right under whose nose he stole the Woodwalk book from – River Scholar, the guild master of River Alliance of Azure Dragon City.

Judging from the badges on their chests, the party led by the Ice Rose Alliance wasn’t composed of members from just one guild, but four or so guilds. It was curious how they had decided to group up.

“Cut the crap! If they’re not making way, we’ll fight our way in!” Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill shrieked and immediately attacked. He was extremely anxious at the thought that everything inside had already been robbed clean and there was not even a bit of soup left for them.

“Invincible East, Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill, Blood Rakkhasa have all died once. There’s only FlyingEagle left. Moreover, no one from God Familia has returned, they’re probably somewhere around.”

“While they promised not to interfere in the affairs here, we can’t relax vigilance just in case they’d sneak attack us.”

“I didn’t think it could attract so many guilds here. Just perfect, we can’t wipe them all out.”

“We should hurry. Invincible East and the others have arrived. They are already fighting with the Ice Rose team.”

Walking out from the Teleportation Portal, the newcomers thoroughly analyzed the situation. Unbeknownst to them, God Familia in Stealth not far away from the portal heard their conversation clearly.

“So they are our hirer. It seems it’s not just revenge they want. What are they plotting?” HeadofGod had some doubts. However, it had nothing to do with God Familia no matter what those people were planning, so he didn’t take it to heart.

At the moment, the battle royale in the field was in its most heated with occasional flashes of white light. In just half an hour, the amount of players that died to their kind was far more than that who died to the Brave Warriors.

“Kill! Kill ‘em all!!”

“The Evil God’s armor is mine! Don’t even dream about it!”

“Quick! Grab that wrist band!”

For the equipment, all eyes were blood red in madness. As long as someone not from the same guild entered their sight, they’d instantly threw skills over. Raising their staves, the priests had turned their backs on healing and instead were releasing offensive skills.

While some players spotted the newcomers, they only secretly put up their guard as none had the heart to care more when they were already entangled in this mess.

The new group walked to the edge of the battle and leisurely lined up into a formation. Then, they aimed their weapons right at the players fighting in the chaos.

“Ready, attack,” The leader indifferently ordered. Over a hundred attacks flagrantly fell and killed dozens of people.

“What are you doing?!”

The abrupt event terrified all of the guild players, who quickly retreated into their small groups. As Eagle Fortress was closest to the edge, FlyingEagle stepped out to question the assaulters.

“Idiot,” HeadofGod quietly scolded.

Sure enough, a fireball shot out and struck FlyingEagle. With a scream, he burned into ashes before turning into a white light and flying back to the city.

The Evil God’s wrist band that used to be on his wrist fell with a clank, drawing the attention of all players.

However, no one dared to move at this moment. The new group had just made it clear they wanted to kill everyone and claimed the whole Evil Costume set to themselves. That was naturally not welcomed.

“Kill! Let’s take good care of these bastard first and then we can split the Evil equipment.”

The crowd boiled emotionally. There were still around a hundred players of the original guilds. While this number was only half as many as the new group, they won in momentum after having fought madly for quite a while.

Various skills lit up the gloomy space as the two sides attacked with all their might. Rare skills that were hardly seen on a normal day or never heard of before – Space Chains, Ice Wheel Dance, Death Stare… – appeared one after another. This was an eye-opener for God Familia who enjoyed the show with nonstop exclamations.

While the situation on the battlefield grew more intense with time, it was absolute silence where Fatty stood.

He had just reached the 100th step and the Elemental Skill Book had absorbed the majority of Divine power of the first 100 steps. At this moment, the book was glowing blue with a hint of emerald light that gradually expanded.

The pure blue glow represented water energy, which was obvious from the sound of ocean waves emitted from it. This was happening because the book had devoured much more water energy than others thanks to the Water God’s Mysterious Codex. And in the short time that Fatty had taken to reach the 100th step, the Elemental Skill Book had absorbed a certain amount of Divine force, providing enough energy for water to birth wood, which gradually revealed in the form of emerald glow.

In the end, complex returned to simple. In the realm of God, all divine powers were essentially the same. Whether it was light or dark, or elements like earth, water, fire, wind, lightning… they could interconvert once they reached Divine-tier. This was why Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness could devour the Light God illusion’s attack and even recorded it in the Elemental Skill Book.

Now that the Evil God’s power was infused into the entire altar, those who ascended it would be under the direct impact of this Divine force. Players equipped with the Evil God’s equipment could absorb the energy, not only to restore the equipment but also to inherit the legacy of the Evil God. Those without the equipment would inevitably implode if they stopped long enough unless they were already experts of the God realm.

Watching a green sprout grow within the deep blue light until it became half a human tall, Fatty sincerely felt very lucky. The Elemental Skill Book was restored to this state only because it absorbed so much Divine energy. If it had been element energy, the game would have been shut down before he could find enough to restore the book.

When the surging force in his body gradually diminished, it meant the Divine power in this step was nearly completely absorbed by the book. Fatty suppressed the urge to face the sky and laugh out loud as he saw the sapling grow a bit taller. He quickly climbed another step.

The amount of Divine energy had increased a little with each step up the Evil God’s altar. From the 100th to the 101st, however, it took a sudden leap. If the force had been a small, unhurried stream before, it was now a churning river.

Fatty’s body instantly swelled by a third, causing his equipment to nearly tear apart. As more and more Divine energy was sucked into the Elemental Skill Book, the swaying green sapling on it grew at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Big Bro, do you know who they are?” asked LeftHandofGod who almost jumped in shock at the scene that played out before him. A hundred players were not easy to handle even if a group had double the number. Yet, the newly arrived team had annihilated them all at the cost of merely twenty-odd players. And these twenty-odd players only died from the other party’s desperate last effort.

“There are surely many hidden tigers and crouching dragons in our region,” HeadofGod commented with a serious expression. In his heart, he labeled the new group ‘to be wary of.’

“Boss.” The team members picked up the Evil equipment and presented them to the leader, who was visibly overjoyed upon looking at them.

“Hahahaha, Evil Costume, rise!” Heeding that player’s call, the Evil Helmet, Evil Armor, Evil Cloak… flew up amidst billowing gray fog. In the air, a huge full-body suit slowly took shape as the pieces of equipment assembled themselves.

Aside from the blood-red cloak, the full helmet, breastplate, wrist bands, leg guards, and boots were colored bronze and engraved with strange, flashing magical runes that served as a foil to the costume’s boundless majesty.

Clang clang… The Evil Costume clamored as it spun about in mid-air, as if looking for something.

“Evil Costume, what are you hesitating for? Come to me!” The leader held out his right hand, and on his palm was a transparent hexagonal crystal with fine mist circulating within.

Whoosh! From the hexagonal crystal, a beam shot out towards the helmet. Instantly, the Evil Costume vibrated loudly and from it, a brilliant light shot into the sky. Under the costume, an illusory human figure flickered.

“You… Do you wish to inherit the legacy of the Evil God and wield this evil power?”

A majestic, booming voice, laced with forbidding, echoed throughout the area.

“I do!” The player responded thunderously.

“Are you willing to inherit the will of the Evil God and establish an evil nation?”

“I am!”

“Are you willing to inherit the great name of the Evil God, the belief of which you shall spread?”

“I am!”

“I, Stiles, in the name of the Evil God, grant you the power of God. Go, successor of the Evil God, pick up your weapons and spread the glory of the Evil God.”

The hexagonal crystal suddenly flew out from the player’s hand and landed atop the helmet. The helmet rapidly shrank before slowly falling on the player’s head.

“Hahahaha! From now on, I am the new Evil God!”

The blood-red cloak danced in the air. As the Evil gear automatically set themselves on the player’s body as if immaterial, a ghastly, evil, and dark miasma swept outwards.

“Greetings, Lord Evil God!” The other players actually knelt and paid homage to the player.

“Hahaha, rise, you all!” The front of the Evil Helmet on the player’s head slid up to reveal their face. “ God Familia friends, it’s time you come out.”

Clap, clap. HeadofGod applauded as he and his team came out of Stealth.

“Impressive. It seems there's a greater intention in you paying us to assassinate the four guild masters.”

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