Chapter 317 The Force of the Evil God

Chapter 317 – The Force of the Evil God

The atmosphere amongst the guilds, who were already wary of each other, grew even more sensitive at this abrupt event.

The wrist guard went to FlyingEagle, while the cloak became the possession of a small guild.

There was no information or stats to be seen on them. After the projections faded, the two pieces of equipment had shaken off their originally bizarre black appearance and landed in the hands of the two guild masters.

The wrist guard clasped FlyingEagle’s left wrist, right after which a radiant halo enveloped his whole body. The cloak attached itself to the small guild’s guild master’s back. Drifting blood fluttered without wind, looking indescribably spooky.

“If I can gather the entire set…” All eyes glowed red with malicious intent as they looked at the two lucky guild masters.

“Wrong choice, we definitely made the wrong choice,” HeadofGod lamented nonstop. The Evil God’s equipment set was absolutely worth more than the killing fee.

“There is still more equipment. Everyone should hurry!” FlyingEagle suddenly shouted and led this team to continue fighting.

There was mayhem as all the groups rushed towards the Brave Warriors in a mess. They had reached a tacit consensus to leave the equipment that already had owners for later and first get the ownerless ones.

With the additional strength of the Evil God’s equipment, FlyingEagle went on a roll. He only needed to claw out with his left arm to smash the gray protective screen of a Brave Warrior, which greatly lowered the threat as it made the enemy much easier to kill.

On another side, the guild master of the small guild was also standing out. A flutter of the cloak poured out a sea of blood that negated the attacks from one of the Brave Warriors and reduced the damage taken at least by half.

On seeing this, the eyes of the other players became bloodshot. They disregarded their lives to throw attacks at the Brave Warriors, resulting in a herd of Brave Warriors chasing after their butts.

Once there were more people, the number of Brave Warriors seemed lacking, not to mention that the majority of them wouldn’t initiate attacks. After many killings between the players and the warriors, the Evil God’s leg guards, armor, helmet, and others dropped one by one. Only one of the boots and one of the wrist bands were still missing.

“Whoever wants to sell their equipment, I’ll offer a very high price for it!” someone shouted.

Every Brave Warrior who initiated attacks would drop an odd, unstorable object without information. When the objects belonging to the same equipment met, they’d merge with each other until they formed a completed piece of equipment.

All of the guilds present were alert and on guard against each other, but at the same time, they kept an eye open for a chance to attack the others. The situation grew quite bizarre.

“Guys, please give this one some face. I’ll buy them at a high price.” A guild master who Fatty didn’t recognize stood up and said.

“Humph! Even the worst one of the Evil God’s equipment should be Celestial-tier. Can you afford it? Who the hell would be willing to sell at 10 million gold coins?”

“10 million gold coins?! Stop embarrassing yourself if you don’t have the money, alright? 15 million gold coins apiece! Whoever wants to sell can come to me, cash on delivery!”

“20 million gold coins each!”

“21 million gold coins!”

The guild masters began to name their prices in a hubbub, hoping to buy the items from the others.

A Celestial item, even a low-rank one, would be worth at least millions of gold coins. Not to mention that these items were once worn by the Evil God; they were certainly Divine-tier. Spending tens or even hundreds of millions of gold coins to buy them would surely be worth it.

“25 million gold coins for this cloak. Who wants it?” It was the guild master of the small guild who got the cloak in the beginning.


Several voices rang out at once. The small guild’s guild master glanced around before leading his subordinates to one of the speakers.

The chosen one didn’t have many survivors in their team, but they were quite lucky to acquire one of the equipments, the Evil God’s helmet.

“Brother, money on delivery.” The small guild’s guild master took off the cloak, handing it over to the chosen one.

“Very good, very straightforward! What’s your account number, I’ll… Motherf_cker, you despicable b_stard!”

Just as the buyer touched the cloak, the ‘seller’ flipped his hand and a cold light shot straight at his throat. The buyer rapidly retreated, but he had been too close to the small guild’s guild master to dodge in time.

Pfff! The dagger pierced his throat and viciously moved sideways, slicing it in half.

The buyer pointed his finger at the attacker, his mouth slightly opened as if wanting to say something, but before he could do it he fell with a thud and turned into a white light that soared away.

Clank clang! The Evil God’s helmet fell on the ground and rolled several times.

It all happened too fast. While everyone was still thinking of the prices to buy the equipment, someone was brazen enough to already kill and rob, and he even succeeded.

The dumbstruck onlookers were jolted awake by the sound of the helmet hitting the floor. They quickly looked at each other before unleashing attacks in unison at the small guild’s guild master, who was bending over to pick up the helmet.

“I f*ck…” The small guild’s guild master could only blurt out those two words before the sky-blotting attacks bombarding him into white light. The Evil God’s cloak fluttered down, landing on the helmet.

“Kill! Kill them and get the drops!”

A shout from somewhere broke the weird atmosphere in the field. If the Evil God’s equipment was actually 100% droppable, who would be foolish to spend money on them? Now it all came down to everyone's own ability.

And then there was only chaotic fighting. The teams without the Evil God’s equipment cruelly attacked those with one, whereas the ones with those gear carefully guarded against attacks while still setting their eyes on the other gear. The whole scene was a complete mess.

The Evil God’s equipment, which was supposedly at least Celestial-tier, was considered by the players to be so outstanding that nothing could top it at this stage of the game. Even the high-rank Celestial Shield of Pride that had reached the bidding price of 40 million gold coins couldn’t compare to the Evil Costume set.

At the moment, even the guild master of Jiangnan Drizzle had thrown God Familia to the back of his head. So what if God Familia is here? They are nothing but drizzle in front of (at least) Celestial equipment.

While it was a free-for-all tussle, everyone tacitly stayed very far away from the Brave Warriors. Otherwise, a few Brave Warriors joining the fray could easily screw an entire group over, especially in this situation.

“Let’s go check it out?” Fatty pointed at the massive altar.

“You go. We promised we wouldn’t compete for the things in here.” HeadofGod shook his head.

Fatty quietly Stealthed his way over. Since the active Brave Warriors had been cleared out by the guilds, he smoothly arrived at the foot of the altar.

In front of the colossal altar, a player looked like an ant looking up at an elephant. After some hesitation, Fatty climbed the first step.

Boom! Fatty felt the step under his feet shake a little. He was stopped right on the first stair.

A piercing chill surged in from his feet and froze Fatty. His heart lurching in terror, Fatty tried all means he could think of but was unable to escape the restraint.

The longer Fatty froze there, the crazier the chill rushed into his body. It felt like a heavy substance was filling him up, veins and muscles, threatening to cause him to burst.

“Right, this should be the force of the Evil God reserved for those with the Evil God’s equipment. People without Evil God equipment would be blown up.” Fatty immediately understood the mechanism behind the altar.

Watching helplessly as his body inflated little by little with bursts of swelling pain from every part of his body, Fatty knew that if he didn’t find a way to break free, he’d be blown to smithereens in a few minutes.

“The force of the Evil God… the Evil God. That’s right! This is Divine energy!” A light bulb went off in his head. With a thought from its master, the Elemental Skill Book flew out.

Hooo… Fatty felt a fresh breeze sweeping past him the moment the book flipped open and absorbed the freezing force in his body.

He also felt the restraints relax a little, but before he had time to make a move, more freezing force entered from his feet, spreading even fiercer than before and so was the degree of pain he suffered.

Fatty couldn’t help a groan that came out from his mouth alongside a streak of blood. Fortunately, he barely managed to take out a red pill and swallowed it.

All around, the guilds were desperately fighting with their lives on the line over the equipment. Who could have known that the most important thing was all here? After the Evil God was supposedly killed by the mysterious Golden Dragon, the badly damaged Evil God’s equipment broke into pieces that transformed into a bunch of Brave Warriors, while his dispersed energy gathered in the altar.

Therefore, every active Brave Warrior had a gray defensive barrier which was the Divine force of the Evil God. This also explained why the equipment shone brilliantly when they confronted the Brave Warriors but looked dull in the hands of the players – because the latter had no Divine power. So, those gears could only be considered superior Violet items.

To inherit the Evil God’s legacy, one must possess at least a piece of the Evil God’s equipment, then step onto the altar and receive the Evil God’s Divine force. And only when one assembled the full set and absorbed the entirety of the force within this altar would the legacy be truly inherited.

None of the players present, or even the ones who died and were sent back like Invincible East, knew of this. They only thought that killing everyone else to gather the full Evil Costume set would enable them to obtain the legacy.

This technically wasn’t wrong, however, no one could have expected there existed a perverse Elemental Skill Book that could absorb Divine power to restore itself.

Even the Evil God neglected this variable, or to be exact, he never imagined something like this could happen. No one else did, except for the first Legendary-tier Elementalist who forged the Elemental Skill Book.

As Fatty endured a body full of pain to absorb the Evil God’s energy and the guild people disregarded their lives to attack each other for the equipment, none aside from God Familia noticed the Teleportation Portal in the corner quietly flashed, channeling out a group of about 200 players.

“A battle royale? Can’t say I’m surprised.” Stepping out of the portal, the leader of the group scoffed.

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