Chapter 316 Evil Costume Set

Chapter 316 – Evil Costume Set

FlyingEagle apparently realized this as well. He organized several more rounds of attacks until, in a collective bombardment, the gray screen crumbled and the Brave Warrior’s health dropped by a chunk.

“On my order, attack all together, now!” The result brought back confidence in FlyingEagle. He immediately had everyone attack together.

It got much easier when one had experience. Less than twenty minutes later, the Brave Warrior was killed by the Eagle Fortress group and dropped an item.

It was a weird piece of equipment, glossy-black and irregular in shape, which seemed to be one in a pair of wrist guards. Moreover, FlyingEagle couldn’t put it in his inventory.

“It’s undoubtedly something good, maybe a key object to inheriting the Evil God’s legacy even,” BlackEagle craned his head over and commented.

FlyingEagle nodded. Tightly clutching the object, he shouted an order to continue attacking.

By now, each of the other four teams had also killed a Brave Warrior and gained an unstorable item. Predictably, the guild masters all held their items firmly like a precious treasure.

The Brave Warriors here were a bit strange. When a Brave Warrior fought with the player, the rest acted like they didn’t care at all, not a single one stepped out to help. When the players successfully killed a Brave Warrior, the others still knelt there and prayed devoutly.

“Great, this means we can get to the altar after spending some time to kill them all.” BlackEagle laughed out loud and rushed to attack another Brave Warrior nearest to them.

Instantly, this Brave Warrior grabbed his weapon and stood up, charging at BlackEagle with an angry face.

At the same time, another Brave Warrior not far away also stood up and slashed with his weapon.

Overwhelming evil miasma accompanied by ghostly, blood-curdling screams descended upon BlackEagle. He shuddered in fright, wanting to dodge, but suddenly realized that the surroundings had gone completely quietly still. His teammates were frozen in various postures: drawing their bows, chanting spells, casting skills… Everything was like a paused scene in a movie.

A special skill unique to the Brave Warriors of the Evil God – Quiescence.


The gleaming blade sliced through BlackEagle, cutting him in half.

“BlackEagle!!” The furious FlyingEagle roared as he dashed over and hacked his sword at the Brave Warrior, right after which he quickly moved back. He didn’t know what the opponent’s skill was, but he could tell something was off when seeing BlackEagle suddenly become motionless.

“Great skill!” Fatty’s eyes shone brightly. It was a pity that this skill didn’t belong to the category of elements, otherwise, he would have tried Replica on it.

“There was a flash of black light before the skill took effect. After the target was hit, all actions were stopped. The gap is not more than one second and is also the only chance to dodge the skill.” HeadofGod’s eyes gleamed. He actually saw through the skill in the mere seconds it was cast.

The inexplicable loss of a capable subordinate greatly irritated FlyingEagle. He grew even more cautious for fear of dying a vain death like BlackEagle.

The team was flustered facing two Brave Warriors together. When they block one, they’d be hit by the other’s attack. After paying three more lives, Eagle Fortress finally slew the two Brave Warriors.

“Everyone be careful, and do not randomly attack.” FlyingEagle spent some time to stabilize his mind before he ordered his members to attack the nearest Brave Warrior to pull him over.

“Did you guys see anything?” HeadofGod asked.

“If there’s a problem, that’d be the Brave Warriors who take the initiative to attack would drop one of those strange items, while the ones who are pulled out don’t drop anything,” TheFugitive said after some pondering.

“Maybe this has something to do with the legacy?”

“Not necessarily. Nothing is certain until the end.”

FlyingEagle was unspeakably bitter right now. On the occasions when only one Brave Warrior came out, they could easily take care of it. However, there were times when two or three came together and beat them into a sorry state, resulting in the loss of team members.

In the beginning, there had been only over twenty players of the Eagle Fortress guild entering this altar space. Now that they were dying one at a time like this, FlyingEagle could feel his heart bleeding.

None of the guilds here were weak, and none had less than ten thousand members. However, only a few hundred could reach 10,000 Reputation points and were qualified to teleport to the Imperial Capital. When setting out, FlyingEagle had roughly 200 people with him, but the majority died after entering the temple, especially in that long passage.

Compared to the Eagle Fortress, the other guilds weren’t much better off. One team accidentally provoked five Brave Warriors at once, amongst which there was even an evil sacrificer. With this sacrificer’s aid, the other four Brave Warriors spent less than half an hour to completely wipe out over thirty players of that team.

At the sight of this, the others’ hearts turned cold.

This is no legacy, this is clearly a bait to lure people to their death!

“It’s indeed clearer from a bystander’s point of view. While the Brave Warriors are many, the majority won’t initiate attacks, and only the minor portion who attack players that approach them will drop those strange items.”

Watching the other groups fight from the side, Fatty and his friends quickly came to this conclusion.

“Which means, as long as we don’t deliberately provoke them, we might have a good chance to reach the altar?” HeadofGod confirmed.

“Highly, yeah.”

“Alright. When the time comes, we’ll take care of the others and clear out a way for Fatty,” HeadofGod immediately decided.

“Geez, can’t those guys hurry up? It’s New Year’s Eve…” Fatty’s bored group watched the other guilds and the Brave Warriors fight.

“I know, right? My wife is already fuming. After I log out, who knows how she’ll PK me. Ahhh, who can buff and heal this poor me then?” HeadofGod whined plaintively.

“Hahaha, luckily for us single men.” The rest gloated over the guy’s misfortune.


Time quietly passed as they chattered. Meanwhile, the Eagle Fortress and the other guilds had no choice but to retreat for a discussion after losing more than half of their players.

The guild master of Jiangnan Drizzle had also arrived with the survivors in the middle passage. After observing the other groups in battle, he raised his doubts, “From what I’ve seen from your fights, I think there are certain monsters that won’t fight.”

The other guilds who had only been concerned about pulling monsters didn’t think of this until now. Therefore, those words startled them.

“You go try,” FlyingEagle told a subordinate.

This player carefully walked to a kneeling Brave Warrior nearby. The latter didn’t react. Up until when the player stood right next to him, this Brave Warrior was still kneeling there without any movement.

“Awesome!” Everyone was overjoyed as this information could save them a lot of trouble.

The four original guilds plus Jiangnan Drizzle and the survivors split up into six teams standing in six different spots and started to attack the monsters. Everyone wanted to be the first to step onto the altar, thinking that the first one was the most likely to inherit the legacy.

The guild master of Jiangnan Drizzle, Jiangnan WindMemory, didn’t fight seriously. He snuck glances left and right as if looking for something.

“Guild Master, what are you looking for?” A pretty female player behind him was amused by his stealthy manner.

“Shhh.” Jiangnan WindMemory quickly shushed her and said via the party chat, “Did you guys see God Familia anywhere?”

“God Familia?” The members of Jiangnan Drizzle were stunned before it quickly changed into awkward looks. Right in front of their band of three guilds, God Familia had brazenly killed two of the three guild masters and vanished. They were sure God Familia wouldn’t leave just like that and would certainly come here to compete for the legacy.

“Mhm. We don’t see God Familia, and from the others’ attitude, they don’t seem to have seen God Familia coming here either. How strange.” Jiangnan WindMemory stroked his chin. The more he thought about it, the more it felt off.

A beep informed HeadofGod of an incoming message. He checked it and immediately smiled.

The message from Jiangnan WindMemory: ‘Bro, Boss, where are you? Don’t scare us ‘kay?’

“Tell him we're also setting our eyes on the Evil God’s legacy,” Fatty said casually.

I thought so. Those guys are hiding in the dark waiting to reap the harvest from the others, thought Jiangnan WindMemory upon reading the response. However, he wouldn’t be so nice to warn the other guilds. He only commanded his team to keep fighting the warriors in order to get as many of the mysterious items as possible.

As the clock ticked on, the players had killed quite a considerable amount of Brave Warriors. They would send people in to fish out those that actively stood up. While this method of luring was slow, it won in safety. But, the bets within Fatty’s group also became meaningless due to this.

During this time, two more guilds teleported in. Those who had died such as the Fierce Tiger Gang and the Sun Moon Cult were fast on their way back here too. When they arrived, it’d be another fierce scramble.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent And Wind God’s World were grumpy. Originally, their groups had been the earliest to enter the passage but fell behind due to taking many detours. They didn’t know were quite lucky to arrive at the altar space later though, otherwise, even more of their members would have died.

These two groups rushed in with a blazing will to fight. As a consequence, they provoked a bunch of Brave Warriors who chased them around like mad dogs chasing after pitiful bunnies, which had Fatty and friends rolling on the ground laughing. After going haywire for half an hour, they finally killed the Brave Warriors at the cost of ten players.

All of a sudden, the space suddenly shook with a rumble. In the direction of the Eagle Fortress guild, a gray light shot into the sky. In this faint gray light, a huge arm could be seen with an ancient-looking, bronze wrist guard engraved with strange patterns and sparkling mysteriously.

“The Evil God’s wrist guard?” Fatty voiced his thought.

At this moment, a hum sounded in another direction. A blood-red cloak hovered in the air. The red glow on the cloak dripped like a real substance, as if the cloak itself was bleeding.

“The Evil God’s cloak.”

Everyone instantly understood what this represented.

The Evil God’s equipment! The players were all boiling with excitement.

At the same time, all of the guild masters present directed burning gazes at the other guilds.

There was only one set of the Evil Costume, and only the winner was qualified for it.

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