Chapter 315 Evil God’s Altar

Chapter 315 – Evil God’s Altar

In a place seemingly floating in space, outside the mainland where the surroundings were nothing but darkness, there was an altar hundreds of meters high.

This colossal altar looked as if it was carved from a whole mountain, with stone steps and roads. The lower half of the altar had a set of stairs, amounting to 300 steps in total. The upper half was a towering, mighty-looking statue of a human.

The statue held a magic staff in the left hand, a book of sorts in the right and wore a black robe as well as a black skull crown. The face was indistinct as gray mist drifted about the statue from head to toe, giving off an eerie feeling.

Surrounding the altar were countless kneeling or prostrating soldiers. Judging from their weapons next to their feet, those soldiers were of various classes. Right now, they all had their palms put together before their chests while devoutly bowing to the altar.

The towering statue was indeed the statue of the Evil God – the one who charmed countless believers but suddenly snapped and ran to the Imperial Capital to preach his religion, only to be squashed dead by the Golden Dragon.

As for the devout soldiers around the altar, they were called Brave Warriors of the Evil God and were his most loyal followers who once battled to expand his territory. After their god was killed, they united their strength to seal off the Evil God’s altar, waiting for the arrival of an heir.

Compared to these Brave Warriors in terms of power, the mural soldiers in the passages were like little babies.

A white light suddenly flashed inside this gloomy space, revealing ten-something figures.

“Well dang. And I was wondering why Invincible East chose the middle path, so this is why,” TheFugitive muttered as the group stepped out from the Teleportation Portal.

They chose to walk down the left passage since the soldiers there had been pretty much cleared out by Fatty. However, they walked around unimpeded without seeing the altar Invincible East spoke of anywhere. Only after they returned to the middle passage did they find a Teleportation Portal.

“So cold!” Fatty shivered the instant he stepped out from the portal. The members of God Familia instinctively hugged themselves tight as the cold penetrated their bodies. Everyone felt chilled to the bone.

Whoosh! The moment the Teleportation Portal shone, the Evil God’s warriors turned around in unison, their gloomy eyes following Fatty’s group.

“So many soldiers?!” TheFugitive exclaimed.

“Nope, they are Brave Warriors,” Fatty corrected after he received the information from Appraisal. His face was a little strange.

This place was not like the passage where he could use Water Flood on the Gold Mountain. With this many warriors, one spit of saliva from each was enough to drown the thirteen of them.

“I say, as thieves, aren’t we being a little too arrogant doing this?” whispered HeadofGod as the thirteen of them walked towards the altar in Stealth.

The closer they moved to the altar, the more piercing the chill until it became bone-freezing. Their bodies grew rigid and hard to move.

Whoosh! One Brave Warrior kneeling in the outermost circle abruptly stood up, turned around, and stared intently at them before starting to stride over.

“Ugh, we’ve been discovered.” Disregarding his Stealth mode, Fatty instantly jumped aside. The rest were also quick to escape to either side.

Bang! As he charged forward, the warrior swung his long blade and sent out a gray light blade exuding thick evil miasma that evoked uncomfortable feelings from just one glance. The light blade struck at the spot where the players had just jumped from, creating a deep impact over ten meters long.

“Formidable!” Everyone sucked in a cold breath. They unleashed all sorts of skills while moving backwards. Since the strength of that warrior was still unknown, it was best not being entangled by him.

“What now?”

The group was at a loss. It was easy if there had been only one warrior like this; they could either fight or run and hide. However, it was impossible to advance when there were so many warriors gathering here unless they decided to run away.

It was common knowledge that in a situation like this, the weaker one was, the further they stood from the center. If a warrior at the outermost line was already this powerful, the generals inside were absolutely existences capable of blowing them to death with a breath.

“Heh, a god’s legacy sure isn’t easy to get.”

“You guys wait here, lemme try ‘walking’ in.”

A yellow light flashed as Fatty used Earthwalk. Then, a dull thud rang was heard as Fatty sprang up from the ground cradling his head.

“Damn it! It’s sealed below.”

There weren’t many things that could limit the Elemental Movement Arts. The simplest method of them was to use Divine power to seal the space. From the looks of it, the Evil God’s Divine power had infiltrated every part of this altar, making it impossible to use Earthwalk or anything of the sort.

Fatty summoned Wheat. After Wheat failed with its Earthwalk as well, Fatty finally gave up on that idea.

“Maybe we should try flying over them?” someone suggested. Aerial mounts were no longer uncommon at this stage of the game. Every team would have some stored just in case.

However, God Familia didn’t test with their mounts.

LeftWingofGod and RightWingofGod spread their wings, which were golden in color and looked much more beautiful than the Zephyr Wings that Liu Lan gave Fatty.

The golden wings gently flapped, slowly carrying the two over. They flew for half the distance without attracting attention from any of the Brave Warriors. Seeing this, everyone was delighted.

“I wonder if there’s anything good on that altar. In a bit… Not good!” HeadofGod’s smile vanished from his face when a small ‘bzzz’ sounded from the army of Brave Warriors, followed by several cold glints that shot at the two flying players.

Whoosh! LeftWingofGod and RightWingofGod folded their wings and let themselves fall straight down to dodge the attacks. Then, they opened their wings and desperately flew back.

Bzzzzz… Everyone could hear it clearly this time. It was the sound of bowstrings vibrating. An unknown number of archers had drawn their bows and fired, and arrows as dense as a herd of locusts whizzed towards them.

“Gone is my life!” exclaimed LeftWingofGod as he closed his eyes waiting for death upon seeing the unavoidable rain of arrows.


Flames suddenly appeared and turned into a wall that shielded them. The scorching fire burned all the arrows that touched it into ashes, even the arrowheads melted into molten metal. It was the work of the Violent Ox King that Fatty summoned in that crisis.

“Hell! What kind of pet is this? So powerful!” Having safely landed, LeftWingofGod and RightWingofGod stared at the imposing ox king in the air with admiration.

“An army personally led by the Evil God is not something we can fight against. But anyone who wants the legacy needs to step on that altar first. Seems like we’re missing something here.” Ignoring the two dorks, Fatty turned to discuss with HeadofGod.

“Let’s wait here. Invincible East definitely won’t give up, especially if he knows that no one has gotten the legacy yet,” HeadofGod asserted.


Right at that moment, the Teleportation Portal shone again. A group of over a hundred people appeared.

“The altar! Look, it’s the altar!” The leader of that group was elated.

The group was those who chose the door on the right. They had reached all the way to the end of the right passage relying on their numbers, but could not find a way to continue. In the end, they had turned back and entered the middle door. Luckily for them, the majority of soldiers had been cleared out, allowing them to arrive at this place quickly.

The group was quite complicated being composed of five guilds, including the last target of God Familia – FlyingEagle of the Eagle Fortress.

They had cooperated while back in the passage, but now that they were here, the five guilds immediately separated. Each was on guard against the others lest they be tricked.

“Ladies and gentlemen, at this point, whether we can inherit the legacy or not will depend on our own abilities.” FlyingEagle only dropped a sentence before his group quickly pulled a distance away from the rest.

The other four guild masters glanced at each other and also spread out, each finding their own direction.

“Brothers, kill this one and 1.2 million gold coins is as good as ours!” Hiding in Stealth, HeadofGod grinned and said to Fatty, “We promised our hirer to only kill and stay out of the competition, so we have no fate with the Evil God’s legacy. Let’s see if you’re up for it.”

The group crept towards the Eagle Fortress team. Currently, the twenty-odd players of Eagle Fortress were lining up in formation, preparing to launch an attack on the Brave Warriors.

“Let’s bet a superb Violet item. I say they can only kill 10 warriors.” Fatty put up ten fingers.

“I say 8.” TheFugitive put up eight.

“6,” HeadofGod joined in.

The rest exchanged glances and quietly smiled, then put up their fingers in unison.

“We say 5.”

Soon, the battle began. Per FlyingEagle’s commands, their Knights stood at the front, their Warriors guarded the two sides, the Archers and Mages attacked from the middle, and the priests healed from the rear while the formation advanced.

Dang! Hearing them approach, a Brave Warrior stood up and welcomed them with a chop of his blade.

Hooo…. Like a surging river, the blade swept over with rolling evil aura and took away two-thirds of a knight’s health. On top of that, that attack nearly ruined the formation of the Eagle Fortress.

“Healing, healing!” FlyingEagle paled in fright. He thought he had some experience after fighting the mural soldiers in the passage, but he didn’t expect the Brave Warriors to be so much stronger.

Several holy lights descended and fully healed the injured knight.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh. The mages and archers behind launched their attacks. When arrows and magic hit the Brave Warrior, some kind of gray ripple undulated briefly, but the Brave Warrior didn’t lose a single drop of blood.

“How can this be?!” Not only the players of EagleFortress, but even Fatty’s group also gawked in shock.

Taking a collective attack of a dozen players without losing a sliver of health, just what rank is this Brave Warrior?!

FlyingEagle refused to believe this. He ordered his people to keep attacking, but the result was the same. Not only so, but his team also provoked several more chops from the opponent and nearly lost a knight.

“The problem is that light screen.” HeadofGod looked serious. “When the Brave Warrior is attacked, the gray light screen is triggered and blocks the attack.”

“There should be a limit to this light screen, we just don’t know what it is yet,” Fatty commented. “Maybe number limit, or maybe max defense limit. This will need some testing.”

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