Chapter 314 Sneak Attack

Chapter 314 – Sneak Attack

Being charged with numerous murders for no reason, in addition to listening to a victim loudly cursing him right by his ears, Fatty felt quite uncomfortable.

However, when thinking about having wiped out so many of that guy’s people while only receiving one or two curses in return, Fatty felt happy again.

The wall separating the two passages was over a meter thick, yet was broken open easily by water. This showed just how much water Fatty had unleashed, and there would have been even more, had he not already pocketed the Elemental Skill Book.

However, this came with a price, and a huge one at that. More than half of the water energy gained from devouring the Water God’s Mystery Codex was spent. Fatty’s heart ached so much he trembled.

This spell worked wonders, however, its consumption was truly too much for the poor.

When the water in both passages finally calmed and leveled, the middle passage was also left half-filled. The lucky survivors had to flail with all their might to get their heads above water to breathe.


Invincible East really didn’t know what else to say at this moment. Several dozens of his subordinates were suddenly killed while the enemy was nowhere to be seen; there was no place to vent out his bellyful of fury.

“Money Grubber? I think I’ve heard of this name before…” Blood Rakkhasa creased her brow trying to recall.

“In the First Under Heaven Tournament, it was him who persisted till the end and ground the Golden Scale Guild to death, helping God Familia claim the number 1 spot,” Invincible East coldly said.

“Cough… th-this Fatty. What the hell is he doing?” Right next to the stone door where they hid the instant they had entered, the members of God Familia smiled wryly. If it hadn’t been for the fortunate fact that they were quite far away from that gap, they would have been beaten out of Stealth.

In this situation, though, it was undoubtedly much more difficult to approach their targets and assassinate them.

“Well, well! You guys are here as well? Where ya at?” Receiving HeadofGod’s answer, Fatty quickly found them.

“Oh boy, isn’t this a really black name…” God Familia all clicked their tongues upon seeing Fatty’s name.

“What did you guys come here for?” Fatty asked as he came over.

“To kill people, of course.” HeadofGod caressed his dagger. “Invincible East, Blood Rakkhasa, Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill, and FlyingEagle. 4 people, 1.2 million gold coins. Are you interested?”

“Of course I am.” Fatty laughed merrily. “I’ve already killed Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill. Gimme the money.”

Suppressing the fury in his heart, Invincible East continued leading his group in fighting the monsters. Without Fatty’s control, all the water would be reset after half an hour and wouldn’t delay anyone for much longer.

In actual fact, all three passages led straight to the altar at the heart of the dungeon; it was just that the middle one should be a little safer.

The Sun Moon Cult, the Rakkhasa Troop, and an unpopular guild called Jiangnan Drizzle now had a total of fewer than one hundred players left.

The general who stopped them was a powerful fellow at least of the 7th class enhancement, and his mount was a Horned Thunder Rhino with the strength of a mid-rank Yao. What’s more, he was leading a bunch of soldiers to tightly block the passageway.

The Horned Thunder Rhino was flashing all over with crackling electric sparks. Any player who neared it would be automatically attacked by lightning. Now that the electricity was coupled with water, it rendered the surrounding players miserably stunned.

Apparently, this general was a cultivator of both magic and martial arts. While skillfully wielding a blade in his hand that kept players away, he occasionally cast long-ranged magic to counter long-range players.

Every strike from the general dealt so much damage that even a knight had to temporarily retreat to be healed. Moreover, the unexpected incident just now had drowned the majority of priests. Providing everyone with buffs and heals had become an additional problem compounded onto the many existing ones.

Half an hour later, all the water was finally reset. Now that their feet were firmly planted on the ground again, Invincible East and his group relaxed a little. However, their hearts were unable to settle upon the thought of a hidden Fatty somewhere in the shadows.

The conflict between Invincible East and Fatty stemmed from the previous event when the former wanted to rob the latter’s auction house. While Invincible East didn’t succeed, enmity had been sown. Later on, Fatty killed him twice. Their hatred then naturally deepened beyond reconciliation.

Just speaking for himself only, if he ever saw Fatty doing a mission, he’d definitely try all ways to thwart the guy. A thief knew a thief as a wolf knew a wolf. Invincible East, therefore, was heavily guarded against Fatty who was lurking around.

“When do we make our move?”

“Wait a little more. They’re very alert since they’re still on guard against you. We must wait for them to lower their vigilance first.”

“If that’s the case, seems like I need to show my face.”

Fatty and the members of God Familia discussed in whispers as they stayed still in Stealth next to the stone door.

Having worked out a plan, the group crept over, still in Stealth. Upon approaching the opponent’s, they quickly spread out, each having his own target.

Invincible East, who was busy fighting monsters, suddenly felt a chill down his spine. Without a thought, he instantly hacked his sword backward.

Clank! A sound of metallic collision rang out and Fatty’s tattered figure appeared in the air.

“Money Grubber, so it’s really you!” Invincible East snapped angrily. He then quickly scanned the surroundings, after which his heart relaxed a little.

“So this brother is Money Grubber?” Blood Rakkhasa’s charming eyes swept Fatty up and down. A pretty smile suddenly bloomed on her lips. “You killed so many of my people. I demand an explanation.”

Each group sent out more than twenty players to surround Fatty. Everyone was only waiting for an order from their leaders to chop Fatty to bits and avenge their guild members.

“Why must it come to this? It’s not like I did it on purpose.” Fatty shrugged, seemingly very helpless.

“Not on purpose, you say?” The guild master of Jiangnan Drizzle was an elegant and scholarly-looking player. As he played with his sword, cold gleams flashed, reflecting the flickering lights of the torches.

“What’s the point talking nonsense with him?! Just kill him!” DoWhateverIWish fumed. Just now, he was washed away by the current into a monster party and was nearly chopped into dumpling stuffing. It had cost him a very precious rare scroll to escape with his life.

“Heheheh, not playing with you guys anymore.” Fatty suddenly let out a creepy laugh. A bull monster then appeared in front of everyone.

“Mooo!” A ring of fire swept out from the Violent Ox King and sent the players around flying meters away.


With momentum like that of the sky falling and the earth quaking, the Violent Ox King charged towards Invincible East heralding a scorching heat. The latter’s face abruptly changed.

The might of a high-rank Yao was on full display. The ten-something players in its path were knocked off, some were sent all the way into the monster herd.

“Pounce!!” Invincible East quickly summoned his Earth Dragon mount and had it shield in front of him.

Bang! The ox’s two horns pierced deep into the Earth Dragon’s stomach, followed by a violent fling of the ox’s head which flung the Earth Dragon up high with a pitiful whine, smashing down on a bunch of mural soldiers.

“Watch out, it’s a high-rank Yao beast!” Blood Rakkhasa’s face twisted as she immediately led her team members to move backward.

She thought that Fatty only dealt with Invincible East because of their existed enmity, but she didn’t know someone was also waiting for her right behind.

Pff! A sharp blade penetrated her leather armor without effort and fully pierced through her chest.

“Who?” Blood Rakkhasa let out a painful scream, but immediately and skillfully cast Kill Break, a skill of the 5th class enhancement rogue.

After the successful strike, TheFugitive turned his body and sidestepped to dodge Blood Rakkhasa’s counterattack. And just as Blood Rakkhasa released Kill Break, HeadofGod joined the fight.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Lights danced as a slew of skills landed all at once, not giving Blood Rakkhasa any time to react.

“Why?” With difficulty, Blood Rakkhasa turned to look at HeadofGod in confusion.

“Don’t blame us. Someone paid for your life,” HeadofGod whispered beside her ear.

Thud! Blood Rakkhasa fell on the ground as a corpse, becoming a white light that soared off.

“God Familia.” As Invincible East watched clearly how TheFugitive and HeadofGod finished off Blood Rakkhasa in a few moves, his heart turned cold. “HeadofGod, my Sun Moon Cult has no enmity nor hatred with you God Familia…”

“Sorry, it’s just pure business on our part, it doesn’t matter whether you’re our enemy or not.” BigPillarofGod emerged behind Invincible East with a grin.

Pfff… Blood sprayed beautifully as BigPillarofGod slashed a long incision on the back of Invincible East.

“God Familia, I’ll never be done with you guys!” Invincible East coldly shouted.

“Say that after you respawn.” LeftHandofGod chuckled. Each hand holding a dagger, he stabbed them into Invincible East’s ribs.

“Ahhh! I shall have you buried with me!!” A scroll appeared in the hand of Invincible East, who prepared to tear it.

Fwish! A cold gleam flashed and Invincible East’s right hand fell on the ground. RightWingofGod’s figure flickered nearby and disappeared in the chaos.

Looking at his cut hand, Invincible East looked completely defeated, knowing that he couldn’t escape being assassinated by God Familia today. He coldly asked, “Who put the price on me?”

“Client privacy, no comment.” BigPillarofGod leaped over and finished off Invincible East with a slash. Flicking his dagger to remove the blood, he smiled at Fatty. “If there’s anything we want to say, it’s never too late to say it after you kill him. Can’t let your opponent have a chance at a reversal. The taste of having the tables turned on you is not very pleasant.”

Fatty nodded; he couldn’t agree more.

After killing Blood Rakkhasa and Invincible East, God Familia wasn’t interested in the other players. After all, there were many of them, but the main reason was that no one was paying for their lives.

“Let’s go. There’s only FlyingEagle left.”

With a command from HeadofGod, the thirteen rogues vanished at the same time. The remaining players of the three groups looked at each other with terror in their hearts, no one actually dared to even talk about giving chase for revenge.

“Whew… Lucky me. It seems that I’m quite a decent human, no one has ever paid to take my life.” The guild master of Jiangnan Drizzle exclaimed with lingering fear.

“Are you guys interested in taking a look?” Fatty asked HeadofGod as the rogues entered the left passage through the cracks.

“Of course we are, it’s the legacy of the Evil God.” TheFugitive’s eyes shone dreamily. They had eavesdropped quite a lot about the Evil God Temple when following the three groups.

“Oh? Another God’s legacy?” Fatty was stunned. One god just popped out after another, this situation didn’t feel right.

“Okay then, let’s go check out that altar they talked about.” Fatty took the lead and headed towards the end of the passage.

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