Chapter 313 The Curious Case of Unintentional PK

Chapter 313 – The Curious Case of Unintentional PK

In any other situation, Water Flood on the Gold Mountain would only work as a support skill since it didn’t deal much damage despite its large flow. However, the skill was blessed with a natural advantage in confined passages like this one. Endless surging water washed all soldiers who came out from the murals, in addition to three groups of people, towards their doom.

“Go!” Fatty controlled his mount to float down and ordered it to attack at will.

The Violent Ox King had much higher attacks than Fatty. In normal times, he didn’t use it so he could get more experience, but he couldn’t care that much right now.

The sacrificers hovering above the water instantly shrieked when the Violent Ox King rammed into them. A high-rank Yao boss was still a high-rank Yao boss, after all, several sprints and it easily took care of those mage-type monsters.

The water swept through the entire passageway, activating every single mural in its wake. All sorts of soldiers jumped out with blood still on their armor. Per their leader’s command, they struggled against the current to make their way towards Fatty.

More and more soldiers came out from the murals, gradually clogging up the passage and making the water rise to the ceilings. In the end, Fatty had no choice but to activate the Watervoid Pearl he got from the Black Dragon King so as to gain a foothold in the water and escape the fate of drowning from his own skill.

At last, the soldiers, either living or dead, blocked the entire passage to the point that the water could no longer penetrate through them. Only an enclosed underwater zone remained around Fatty.

“It finally stopped.” Getting his head above the water with difficulty, Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill inhaled a deep breath, his face vicious.

“Big Bro, our team has less than half left,” one of his subordinates reported with a depressed face after everyone poked out from the water.

“Arghhhh! Money Grubber!” a shrill scream suddenly echoed in the darkness. BloomingRose’s lungs nearly burst with fury. Caught off guard, two-thirds of her team members were either drowned or smashed to death by the water current.

“Advance! We will slaughter him!” Bauhinia King’s expression was one of pure hatred. His group also suffered heavy casualties.

“Light the torches!”

Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill couldn’t care too much now. He ordered his team to light the torches, about to advance forward…

“F*ck! Retreat! Retreat!” When the torches lit up the area, his face abruptly changed and he screamed in a mournful voice.

In front of them, seemingly countless soldiers were approaching with staggering steps. Some even chanted magic spells.

“Huh? Did someone come in here as well? Just how many did I kill to get my name this red?” Using the Violent Ox King’s flames, Fatty saw his name. It wasn’t just red; it was gloriously red.

Shaking his head, Fatty threw this to the back of his mind. The underlings of the Evil God – the mural soldiers – had begun heading towards him, with some already launching long-range attacks.

“Your boss is already dead, why are you all still alive?”

Fatty suddenly came up with an idea. He kept Water Flood on the Gold Mountain running while ordering the Violent Ox King to stand before him and shield him from all of the attacks.

Since the soldiers formed a thick wall to cut off the passage in the middle, it was almost impossible for the water to seep through. This also meant the increasing pressure of the water zone around Fatty as Water Flood on the Gold Mountain kept pouring out water.

About 20 meters away from Fatty, the soldiers couldn’t advance any further. The immense pressure forced them to stop, plus the water had already reached way above their heads and had flooded the entire passage. These soldiers still needed to breathe. A long-term shortage of air had been draining the strength out of them.

Some soldiers slowly floated up the water, finally dying after a long period of suffocation. With each dead soldier, Fatty’s experience increased by a little bit.

How many soldiers were there in this passage? Looking at the murals depicting grand wars and one would know there were no less than tens of thousands. A soldier yielded Fatty several thousand experience points. If he wiped everyone to the last soldier here, he’d gain at least a level or two.

Some long-range soldiers tried to attack Fatty from afar, but the pressure had squeezed the water around him into a solid wall. Magic and arrows could not penetrate it at all.

“Welp, that’s one big favor from the Black Dragon King.” Fatty looked at the faint blue light sphere around him and inwardly marveled at his luck. If it hadn’t been for the Watervoid Pearl, he wouldn’t be able to kill so many monsters today.

More and more soldiers died from suffocation with each passing minute. As a consequence, the human wall gradually thinned out and the area occupied by the water extended.

“Damn it! What are these monsters? Why are there so many of them?!” Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill was growing anxious. Isn’t this just a dungeon? Even if the Evil God’s legacy is in here, why the need for so many powerful soldiers to guard it? How the hell do people get in with this many monsters?

Currently, the soldiers were split into two groups. One was still besieging Faty, and the other had turned to launch a fierce assault on the three guild groups.

The three guild groups had banded up in one spot. The knights put their lives on the line holding up their shields to bear the bombardment while the long-range players behind cast all sorts of attacks with all their might. The light of Priests’ heals flashed here and there, but it was not enough to prevent the players from dying.

“I refuse to accept this! I refuse to be stopped at the doorstep!” Bauhinia King roared in rage.

“This is definitely that Money Grubber! I swear I’ll kill him!” BloomingRose’s face was icy cold. Her fire magic was of little use right now in this place, so she could only fret in vain.

The more soldiers died in the passage, the more jumped out to fill their spots. Eventually, Fatty simply stood there just letting the Elemental Skill Book pour out water.

After this went on for over five hours and Fatty couldn’t suppress a yawn, the passage was completely empty of living creatures except for him.

As for the three other groups, they had already been toppled by the steady stream of troops after over an hour of bitter fighting. Since the stone door behind them was sealed shut and they were locked in combat mode, running was never an option. Helplessly and painfully, they died one by one.

During this period of over five hours, Fatty gained three levels. He was now level 53.

The passage was full of floating corpses, and this was already after many had been reset by the system.

With the light sphere conjured by the Watervoid Pearl around him, Fatty took pains to make his way through the passage, looting many good items.

Violet staves, Violet shields, Violet boots,… There were a total of several dozen Violet items and several hundred Gold ones, as well as countless others. Fatty’s arms grew soft from picking them all up.

“Geeez…” Fatty faced the ceiling and let out a long sigh, wanting to cry but lacking the tears.

The system resets every half hour, ahhhh! Which means it has reset at least ten times, ten times! That’s many good things that were wiped out! Who knows if there was a Celestial or Divine item among them!

Keeping the Violet items and better Gold ones, Fatty tossed the rest to the Elemental Skill Book.


A small snap suddenly echoed from somewhere in the surroundings. Fatty looked in that direction, where he saw cracks emerge in a spiderweb shape on the wall and kept expanding. In a blink, the finger-sized cracks increased manifold. The passage was finally on its last leg from the water pressure and began to crumble.

Originally, water was squeezed nearly solid inside the limited space of the passage. Now that cracks had appeared, the water started to surge towards them and seeped into the passage next door.

The more water gushing into the cracks, the bigger the cracks. The bigger the cracks, the more water gushing through them. As this vicious cycle went on, the wall soon gave way like a dam collapsing.


The entire dungeon quaked. How much water could a high, winding passage of several kilometers long hold? The instant a breach formed, the players in the neighboring passage were literally exposed to a flooding calamity.

“F*ck! What the hell is this?!”

“Watch out! Do your best to hold your position, don’t let the water ruin our formation!”

Hearing chaotic voices from the next passage, Fatty was dumbstruck. He pocketed the Watervoid Pearl and disappeared into Stealth, creeping towards the gap in the wall.

Without the protection of the Watervoid barrier, Fatty instantly felt tremendous pressure on his entire body. His lungs felt stuffy and he was nearly out of breath. Fortunately, the gap was still expanding. As water gushed into the other passage, it became easier for him to breathe.

This neighboring passage was the one from the middle door that the Sun Moon Cult and two other guilds took.

Since Invincible East had a map of this dungeon, he naturally knew some details unknown to others. Leading his team through the middle door, he initially planned to pass through this passage quickly. However, unexpected incidents happened. A powerful war general blocked their path, forcing them to slow their steps, allowing the other two guild groups to catch up. Like the three groups in the left passage, these three also agreed not to fight until after they reached the Evil God’s altar.

“Invincible East, didn’t you say you have a map of this place? Can you explain this flood?” The guild master of the Rakkhasa Troop, Blood Rakkhasa, sheathed her dagger. The sexy curves of her body were exposed under her soaking wet clothes, making all the male players around gulp in unison.

“My map is not the mechanism map, and it’s incomplete.” Invincible East was angry inside. If it weren’t for this difficult monster in front of them, he would already have reached the Evil God’s legacy and not still be standing here waiting for his loot to be split with other people.

“Guild Master, the system notifications!” someone shouted.

Invincible East quickly checked the logs. With just one look, his nose nearly burst in rage.

System Notification: You have been attacked by player Money Grubber, – 254 HP.

Since the water was summoned by Fatty, the damage notification was naturally credited to him when it attacked people. Just now Invincible East was too focused on fighting the monster general and missed the notifications. Now that he saw who it was, his pent-up anger rushed straight to his head.


“Just how did Lord Fatty provoke you guys? I was only fighting monsters. How can you blame me when you rush in to seek death yourselves?” The stealthed Fatty felt really wronged.


Another patch of wall crumbled from the water current. Huge stones fell, burying alive several Sun Moon players.

At this moment, the glorious red of Fatty's name turned purple-black, on its way towards glorious pitch black.

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