Chapter 312 Water Flood on the Gold Mountain

Chapter 312 – Water Flood on the Gold Mountain

Nearby was a series of murals depicting a grand battle. From the looks of it, there were at least 100,000 combatants on both sides.

A part of the mural series was empty, obviously the place where these aggressive heavy cavalrymen used to be.

Dum dum… The uniform sounds of hooves treading echoed in the passageway. The Kirin-riding leader at the very front slowly raised his lance.


A growl from the leader and the Kirin-like mount accelerated, brazenly charging at Fatty, immediately followed by the neat rows of knights that extended into the depths of darkness. It was impossible to see how many of them there were.


Wheat popped out at Fatty’s shout and stomped its front legs on the floor.

Floshhh… Sludge whirled as a mire over four meters wide but with a length long enough to cover across the passage appeared between Fatty and the enemies.

Whoosh! The Kirin-like mount easily leaped past the mire trap, about to land on the other side.

Fatty gave a cold snort. He pointed his finger and the Elemental Skill Book automatically flipped open. Immediately, another mire appeared in front of him.

Flop! The Kirin-like mount landed right into this new trap, its four legs sank deeply from its weight.

The two mire traps together were nearly ten meters in width, making them impossible to be crossed in one leap by the enemy party’s mounts. The front row of knights hurriedly reined in their mounts, but the ones behind who couldn’t see clearly kept rushing forth and rammed into those at the front. For a moment, men horses were thrown off their feet with many knights shoved into the mire.

“Rarghh!” Even when stuck in the mud, the leader didn’t panic. He spurred his Kirin-like mount towards Fatty, while the lance in his hand suddenly shot out like lightning at Fatty’s throat.

Clank clank clank… A series of metallic sounds rang out. In just the blink of an eye, Fatty had brandished his Elemental Sword to exchange over a hundred moves with the knight leader, sending sparks flying in every direction. Fatty’s body tipped left and right, as his blood churned and he felt numb in his right arm, unable to hold his sword firmly. He figured that the enemy was at least at the 7th class enhancement.

Fwish! The instant the lance broke away from the Elemental Sword, it turned and flew straight at Fatty’s face in a black streak.

Puff! The Violent Ox King spat out a timely fireball that deflected the lance. At the same time, it actually charged forth instead of retreating.

“Roaaah…” The Kirin-like mount’s intelligence was quite high. Seeing the Violent Ox King charging over, it lowered its head and bent its legs to concentrate power, baring its antler-like horns to welcome the ox.


The Violent Ox King trembled as it moved back two wide steps, nearly throwing Fatty forward. The Kirin-like mount went soft in the legs and flopped down right inside the mire trap. Small cracks appeared on its horns, nearly broken from the clash.

After all, the Violent Ox King excelled in raw strength and was a high-rank Yao boss to boot. Looking better in appearance and size as it may, the Kirin-like mount was unable to outmatch the Violent Ox King.

The knight leader on the Kirin-like mount bellowed in rage, repeatedly hitting the mount’s back to order it to quickly stand up.

Fatty swept a quick glance around. The path upfront had been blocked by uncountable knights, impossible to pass, while behind were soldiers of various types, among which were some mages chanting earth spells to break the mire traps.

Once again, Fatty had been put in a tight encirclement.

“Big Bro, which one do we take?”

Invincible East had led his remaining 30-something people to the stone doors. Looking at the three identical doors, DoWhateverIWish scratched his head in distress.

“The middle one.” Invincible East’s tone was firm without any hesitation.

Invincible East held an advantage over Fatty, and that was the map of the underground area in his possession. Although incomplete, this map still showed the important parts. Invincible East didn’t hesitate at all to instantly choose the middle door.

Not long after the players of the Sun Moon Cult entered the Evil God Temple, another group of players arrived. Since Invincible East hadn’t bothered to have people guard the entrance after knowing that many people were coming, this group of players got to the three doors quite easily.

After just a glance at the doors, they randomly picked the one on the right, perfectly avoiding Fatty and Invincible East’s team.

Half an hour later, the Fierce Dragon Gang, Fierce Tiger Gang, and the other guilds also rushed to the scene. After some competition, they split up to enter the three doors.

The last to arrive was God Familia. Looking at the three stone doors, HeadofGod sneered. Just when the others thought that he could easily tell the correct one from the three, he took out a dagger.

Whoosh, clang! The dagger was tossed up. After it fell on the ground, its tip pointed at the middle door.

“Middle it is. Let’s go!”

Aside from Fatty, there were three guilds who entered the left door: the Fierce Tiger Gang, the Bauhinia Regime, and the Flame Rose Guild.

Fatty would find these three guilds unfamiliar, but they were all famous in their own cities. The Fierce Tiger was currently the number one guild in White Tiger City; the Bauhinia Regime was ranked 5th in Azure Dragon City, and the Flame Rose Guild was 7th in Vermilion Bird City.

Coincidentally, guilds from all four main cities were gathering here.

The three guilds entered the left door without not much time apart and moreover didn’t dare to advance too fast as the passageway was completely dark. As a result, they collided.

“It’s pointless arguing and fighting here. Leave that until after we find the altar of the Evil God. There are still at least seven guilds in the two other doors, we can’t let them have the advantage.” The guild master of the Fierce Tiger Gang, Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill, was quite an attentive man despite his rough looks.



Two loud responses of assent echoed in the darkness. The three guilds became temporary allies.

“Strange. We’ve walked for this long, why hasn’t there been a single monster?” BloomingRose, the guild master of the Flame Rose Guild, spoke up in suspicion.

“Maybe this place has no monsters?” said Bauhinia King, the guild master of the Bauhinia Regime. However, everyone knew this was impossible.

“Be on guard, everyone. The unknown is always the scariest,” Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill solemnly said.

They kept walking for quite a distance. Putting aside monsters, there wasn’t even an insect buzz here except for the sound of their footsteps.

BloomingRose hesitantly suggested, “Maybe we can light the torches?”

Suddenly, a faint sound of water came from far upfront. Everyone immediately stopped and looked over. While they couldn’t see a thing in this pitch-black place, they could feel a wave of heavy moisture come sweeping at them.


As if trickling water drops suddenly transformed into a raging wave, a deafening sound was felt growing closer. The face of Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill abruptly changed.

“Not good! Defense!” he snapped.

Clank clank! Heavy objects hit the ground. The knights of the Fierce Tiger Gang set their shields and formed a shield wall. The rest of their members all crouched behind.

Splash… Boom! No sooner had the shield wall been set up than the knights holding them felt a strong force crashing into them, forcing them back.

“Stand firm!” Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill commanded sternly.

As the thunderous waves of water surged at them endlessly, the Fierce Tiger group barely steadied their feet after being forced back distance even with the shield wall. Meanwhile, the Bauhinia Regime and the Flame Rose Guild were caught off guard and swept away by the current.

“Ahhh! Damn it! Where is this water from?!”

Bauhinia King and BloomingRose roared in rage as they struggled helplessly in the current.

Bang! Bang! Many players were thrown away by the force of the water and heavily fell on the ground, with more than half of their health shaved off. Right after that, the following waves came crashing at them. They instantly turned into white lights that flew back to the city.

System Notification: You have been attacked by player Money Grubber, – 538 HP.

System Notification: You have been attacked by player Money Grubber, – 477 HP.


As a series of system notification rang by their ears, the three guild masters roared in unison.


“Huh? Is someone cursing me?”

Further up the passage, Fatty blinked his eyes. He was currently sitting on the Violent Ox King who was flying near the ceiling while the Elemental Skill Book hovered in front of him. A cold clear current of water streamed out from the book and poured into the passage like a waterfall surging down the cliff.

Ever since Wu Junxiao devoured the Water God’s Mystery Codex, Fatty could utilize all of the water spells recorded in it… in theory. Limited by the degree of restoration of the Elemental Skill Book itself, Fatty could only use up to Intermediate magic.

Water Flood on the Gold Mountain
Intermediate water magic
Summons a water current to attack the opponent at the cost of 100 mana/sec. If mana is used up, the skill ends.

Fatty’s pitiful mana couldn’t even last two seconds using this skill. However, low mana was a point that applied to every previous Elementalist, which drove them to work around this problem by creating the Elemental Skill Book, which could support the consumption of the skills it recorded.

As long as there was still water energy in the Elemental Skill Book, this skill wouldn’t be interrupted. And as for how much water energy the book still had, one would know if they saw the countless equipment Fatty threw at the book.

The winding passage was at least several kilometers long with endless murals on both sides. The number of soldiers who jumped out was no less than hundreds of thousands. Originally, Fatty planned to escape in a few “walks,” but he got greedy at the thought of Inky’s new skill and changed his mind.

Since there were this many soldiers, even at the probability of one in ten thousand, there should be at least several more books.

Kill them one by one? Of course, that wouldn’t work. After some deliberation, Fatty set his eyes on the Elemental Skill Book. It was still a long way from being completely repaired anyway, so it didn’t matter if he just wasted a little bit of water energy.

Never-ending water gushed out from the Elemental Skill Book and into the passage with each passing second. The numerous soldiers from the murals roared and screamed nonstop, but they were all swept away by the water flow. Only a group of wizards could attack Fatty.

“I’ll drown you, I’ll drown you all to death!”

Fatty gritted his teeth. But he suddenly found that something was off.

“The heck!? Why is Lord Fatty now red named?”

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