Chapter 311 Chaotic Confinement

Chapter 311 – Chaotic Confinement

The underground compound was pitch black without a single speck of light, perfectly complemented by the Crafty Spike Insects. Fatty would have been hard-pressed to take a step had it not been for the Violent Ox King.

Of the three stone doors, he chose the left one. The instant the Violent Ox King charged head-first inside with Fatty on it, the door shut itself in a thunderous fashion. Before Fatty could even react, a shrill whistle sounded from upfront.

Fatty remained sitting firmly, while the Violent Ox King only trembled its two horns slightly, instantly knocking away the incoming object. Falling on the ground with a clank, the object was revealed to be a broken arrow.

This broken arrow was only the upper half of an arrow, seemingly powerless with the tip completely rusty. However, the sparks that ignited the moment it struck the Violent Ox King’s horn told him that if this thing hit him, he’d be heavily injured, if not killed.

“Forward!” Fatty ordered the mount, while he jumped off and followed behind.

Beyond the stone door was another long passage, the two walls of which were also full of various bizarre murals. Different from those outside though, they all depicted battles.

Dun dun dun…


Drumbeats echoed in the passage, followed immediately by a series of miserable screams and an overwhelming aura of battle. The Violent Ox King was forced to retreat a few steps and its flames flickered.

Fatty tried to focus his mind and looked over in the direction of the sounds. The passage before him was still empty, with no signs of any monster. It was as if the drum sounds had come from out of nowhere.


A whistling sound came from the back of Fatty’s head and he suddenly bent his body. A steel blade narrowly missed him and slashed the ground, causing a string of sparks accompanied by a long screech.

“This… was from the murals?” Fatty squinted. Using the light from the Violent Ox King’s flames, he saw the monster who sneak-attacked him just now to be from one of the murals, and that mural was currently missing from its original spot.

Whoosh! A black spear pierced out from the side, shaking widely like a snake as it covered the upper half of Fatty’s body, determined to kill him at first strike.

With a flip of his right hand, the Elemental Sword appeared and parried the spear. This time, Fatty saw it very clearly. A warrior holding a spear stepped out from a battle scene, and the mural he was in vanished from its spot.

“So this is it.” Fatty understood. Apparently, the drawings on the two walls of this passage were a defensive mechanism.

The path in front of him was pitch-black, hiding how long the passage really was, but Fatty estimated it was at least a hundred meters. Along this distance of a hundred meters, there were several hundred thousand warriors on both walls. If they all came out at once, not to mention Fatty, even an entire guild was guaranteed annihilation.

Clank, clank… More warriors walked out from the murals, one after another, armed with either sharp swords or spears, and shields. There was even a calvary in addition to mages, archers. Virtually every class was gathered.

The passageway was only 20 meters high and 30 meters wide. When so many monsters appeared at once, they instantly surrounded Fatty in a tight siege.

“Go!” Fatty flung himself on the Violent Ox King with an order to quickly charge forward. There were too many monsters to handle. If they began a gang beating, even the Violent Ox King would be beaten to death.

The Violent Ox King immediately expanded to several meters tall. Its head lowered with two horns pointing forward and its body like a huge tank, the mount spread all four hooves to charge forth. The monsters in its path, including the cavalry, were sent flying upon collision. Some were unlucky to be pierced by the horns and just hung on there as the ox forcefully opened up a path.

The Violent Ox King sprinted for about twenty meters and was very close to breaking out of the encirclement when suddenly, the drawings on the two walls started squirming. A unit of heavily armored knights wearing horned helmets emerged.

“Rarrghhh!” The group of knights roared in unison. In proper formation, they raced towards the Violent Ox King.


When the two sides collided, the Violent Ox King managed to break their formation and at least half were sent flying or trampled to death under its feet. However, the remaining half tightly blocked their path.

“The dignity of the Evil God forbids blasphemy, the territory of the Evil God forbids encroachment. Evil God, the greatest god of this world, shall lead his people in the pursuit of freedom…”

The chanting of an incantation echoed throughout the passageway. Behind the heavily-armored knights, Fatty saw a group of over twenty figures shrouded in black cloaks hovering in the air. After they finished chanting, these figures waved their magic staves and black light descended upon the knights. In the blink of an eye, their injuries healed and their health bars were fully restored.

“Cheating, this is cheating!” Fatty exclaimed as he looked around. There were already so many monsters, and now they had sacrificers to aid them to gang up on him. Luckily, he had this super mount Violent Ox King.

Per Fatty’s command, the Violent Ox King let out a mad moo, sending flames ablaze on its body. It then raised a hoof and heavily stomped down. Instantly, countless cracks ruptured on the ground and magma erupted, splitting up the heavily-armored knights from each other.

“Kill!” Fatty growled and spurred the Violent Ox King towards the sacrificer group. While they were few in numbers, these sacrificers posed the most threat and must be cut down as soon as possible.

“The Evil God says, chaos is the only eternal existence. Any creature shall be controlled by chaos – Chaotic Confinement.”

The leading sacrificer pointed a finger. In the Violent Ox King’s path, a chaotic zone where all elements such as water, fire, wind, and earth ran amok. The mount charged right into it, and like a slow-motion scene in a movie, every step it took was extremely slow as though restrained by something.

“The Evil God says, everything will eventually return under the reign of chaos. Heretics who refuse to submit shall be destroyed – Chaotic Blades.”

This time, the twenty-odd sacrificers chanted in unison. In the chaotic zone, the elements suddenly grew animated. They formed ten-meter-long blades that were either thick and heavy, crystal clear, fiery, or ghostly, which softly hummed upon their emergence. Then, they shot towards the slow-motion Violent Ox King from all directions.

“Earth, water, fire, wind? Heh!” Fatty was also slowed as he was confined in the chaotic zone, but this didn’t affect his mental skill-casting. A five-color sphere encased him together with the Violent Ox King.

Safety first, so Fatty activated the new skill acquired when he upgraded the Elemental set to Violet, Absolute Guard.

Puff puff puff. The element blades hit the sphere and produced soft plops, unable to pierce through. Instead, they were dissolved into raw elements before being absorbed by the sphere.

Absolute Guard was an epic skill in Fatty’s opinion. While it may not seem different from Elemental Guard in normal situations, when provided with an endless source of elemental energy, its defensive power would keep growing stronger until it could even ultimately stop a Legendary expert’s attacks.

Replenished by the elements of the four attributes, the sphere became more and more dazzling. Nonetheless, the imbalance resulting from the lack of metal and wood elements forced it to stop absorbing the other elements after a certain degree.

Pfff! Blood splattered on the body of the sacrificer leader as a crossbow bolt deeply lodged in its chest. Fatty repeatedly shot out several more bolts from the God Slayer Crossbow. With the aid of the Violent Ox King, the sacrificer was killed in mere seconds.

Thud! With the death of this sacrificer, a black skill book dropped right next to the Violent Ox King’s feet.

“Inky, go!” Having no time to search around himself, Fatty summoned Inky for the job. Inky landed, and the instant it touched the skill book, the sound of system notification rang out by Fatty’s ears.

System Notification: Do you allow your pet Dark Sacrificer to learn the skill ‘Chaotic Confinement’?

“Hmm? It’s actually a pet skill book?” Fatty was surprised. Without any time for second thoughts, he hit ‘accept’.

Pop. The black skill book exploded into a mass of smoke that entered Inky’s body. His pet stiffened a little before it dumbly looked left and right and then slowly floated up.

While attacking the remaining sacrificers, Fatty spared some time to check out the skill Chaotic Confinement.

Chaotic Confinement
Advanced Magic
Creates a chaotic zone of a fixed area. Inside the chaotic zone where nine magic elements run wild, the opponent is slowed and all magic spells are forbidden.

All magic spells are forbidden? Fatty was stunned briefly before he secretly thanked his luck. Absolute Guard didn’t belong in the magic spell category, but was a special additional skill of the eastern Elementalist, or else Fatty would have suffered a big setback.

With the elemental sphere blocking the chaotic elements outside, the Violent Ox King could now release its skills.

After the delay, the cavalry unit had regrouped with the other monsters and began to surround Fatty.

“Let’s go!” Fatty didn’t want to tangle with them. Who knew if this place still had more bizarre tricks up its sleeves. He’d better scout out the entire area first.

The Violent Ox King flew up, nearly ramming Fatty into the rock ceiling. Fatty blurted out a curse, as the Violent Ox King then shrank to the size of a normal ox and flew towards the remaining hovering sacrificers.

Zoom zoom zoom! Behind him, a rain of arrows soared. Fatty pressed himself on the Violent Ox King’s back, relying on the mount’s super high defense and health to take on the arrows. The elemental barrier was only capable of stopping the elements and not physical attacks, which could be considered a big shortcoming.

Bang! Due to the lack of some elements, the elemental sphere collapsed. At that moment, Fatty had also reached the sacrificer team.

Whoosh. The Elemental Sword danced among the sacrificers, whose defense was pitiful. Immediately, two were heavily injured and their health had taken a nosedive.

“Mooo!” The Violent Ox King’s roar shook the entire passageway. With a nudge of its head, one sacrificer was skewered through the stomach, instantly dying.

“Kill!” With the God Slayer Crossbow in his left hand and the Elemental Sword in his right, Fatty rode the Violent Ox King to charge right into the herd of sacrificers in a wild slaughter. Sacrificers in close combat were really as weak as little lambs. Before they could cast any skills, Fatty already had chopped them down under the ox’s feet.

Thump! Thump! The sound of uniform footsteps echoed. Fatty looked over in the direction of the sound to see a team of cavalry in neat rows. Armed with a lance, the cavalryman at the very front rode a black, Kirin-like mount and slowly led the cavalry to approach Fatty.

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