Chapter 310 Everyone is Coming

Chapter 310 – Everyone is Coming

“Demon Forest?”

Outside the Demon Forest stood a team of roughly one hundred players. Among them, the leader seemed pleasantly surprised by something.

“What luck! I thought we wouldn’t be able to find the Evil God Temple when missing so many pieces of the map, but we actually come across it here,” another player behind the leader said in delight.

“Let’s seize this chance, everyone! We must be the first to occupy the Evil God Temple. You guys must know Azure Dragon City’s Golden Scale Guild and its guild master Golden Scale TheMighty. He only inherited the Misfortune God’s legacy and he’s already so arrogant. The Evil God’s legacy is even more formidable. As long as we get it, we can climb into the top 10 guilds in the entire Imperial Dynasty!”

The leader dropped rousing words of morale before he slapped his mount, taking the lead to charge into the Demon Forest.

“Rogues, go ahead of the team and lead the monsters away. Don’t waste time fighting, we can take care of them when we leave,” ordered the leader as he rode forth.

“Demon Forest? Assemble people with mounts and get to the Demon Forest at the quickest speed possible. Inform the vice master to lead a team to support and bring as many people as he can rally.”

In the Imperial Capital, Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill, the guild master of the number one guild in Azure Dragon City, the Fierce Tiger Gang, closed his communicator with a cold smile. Then, he led his subordinates out of the Imperial Capital, quickly rushing towards the Demon Forest.

At the same time, the Fierce Dragon Gang who were farming in the Cloud Ocean, the Wind God Guild in the White Cloud Ridge, the Myriad Swords in the depths of some vast mountain range… all of the top guilds in the four main cities received the news. They instantly teleported to the Imperial Capital and headed towards the Demon Forest.

“Boss, someone’s hired us to go to the Demon Forest outside the Imperial Capital and take care of some people.”

In a barren mountain, over three hundred miles north of Black Tortoise City, HeadofGod was sitting on a fallen tombstone. LeftHandofGod closed the communicator and informed him of a new job.

“Imperial Capital? Their price? The target?” HeadofGod quickly asked with brightened eyes.

“Guild masters Invincible East of the Sun Moon Cult, Blood Rakkhasa of the Rakkhasa Troop, Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill of the Fierce Tiger Gang, and FlyingEagle of the Eagle Fortress. We will be paid 300,000 gold coins for killing any of them. If one of us dies, we’ll be compensated 50,000 gold coins. There’s also a bonus 100,000 gold coins for teleportation fees,” LeftHandofGod quickly replied.

“How generous!” The rest of God Familia gasped.

“1.2 million gold coins for four people, plus teleportation fees and even compensation. They need to have at least 1.5 million gold coins ready to make this request. Who is so cruelly determined? Just how much hatred do they harbor for those guys?” TheFugitive couldn’t help but ask.

1.5 million gold coins in the black market was equivalent to 30 million RMB. 30 million RMB to get your opponents to drop just one level, there was no one willing to do such a thing without a very special reason.

“They didn’t reveal their identity, and we won’t bother ourselves with it. Moreover, they especially adjured that we can only go there to kill and must not interfere in anything else,” LeftHandofGod added.

“Seems they’re vying for something.” HeadofGod sneered.

“So what do we do, boss? Do we take it? How about we also go take a look and see what they’re fighting over for?” The members of God Familia all directed their eyes at HeadofGod.

“Why not? Of course, we’ll take it! We are the number 1 assassin band in the game, there’s no mission that we can’t complete. As for the no interference condition, we’ll abide by it. After all, they said that because they trust us,” HeadofGod stressed.

“Let’s go!”

The twelve tore their Recall Scrolls and returned to Black Tortoise City. Then, they entered the Teleportation Portal to the Imperial Capital.


In the present, from all corners of the Imperial Capital, the guild masters one after another led their troops towards the Demon Forest to join the battle for the Evil God’s legacy.

“So dark.”

Fatty looked around at his pitch-black surroundings in frustration.

Above is pitch black, below is pitch black! What the hell is with this Evil God? Does he have some secret disease that disallows him to touch light or something?

Still scared by his 'intimate' experience with the Crafty Spike Insect, Fatty didn’t dare to act thoughtlessly. He first used the Crystal Maze of Terror to check out the area, but the mirror still showed nothing but pitch-black darkness. Fatty quickly took out a torch, lit and threw it far away, then instantly vanished into Stealth.


A series of buzzing sounds rang out the moment the torch was lit. Countless Crafty Spike Insects whizzed over from all directions and snuffed out the torch fire.

Several Crafty Spike Insects flew past Fatty’s head, nearly discovering him.

“Damn it! This is cheating!” Fatty was exasperated. With these things here, he couldn’t even use fire to check out the surroundings.

“Violent Ox King!” At his wit’s end, Fatty finally summoned the mount.

“Moo!” The Violent Ox King emerged with a violent roar as flames suddenly erupted from its body and brightened the surroundings.

Bzzzz! Like flies smelling rotten meat, the Crafty Spike Insects swarmed to the Violent Ox King. However, the latter was a high-rank Yao and not your average monster. Without needing to attack, the flames enveloping its body alone was enough to burn the insects to ashes.

Ashes fluttered down one mass after another amidst the nonstop sizzle of insects being burned. Fatty felt his scalp tingle. It was lucky that he had the high-rank Yao Violent Ox King. If it had been him being assaulted, his brains would definitely be sucked dry.

After ten minutes, there were no more Crafty Spike Insects. They were all dead, or they had learned to fear the might of the ox and decided to stay far away. Either way, Fatty was now safe. He could finally check the surrounding area without worry.

This space was the same as the one above, with broken pillars, damaged armor and weapons, and decaying bones scattered everywhere. The only difference was that there were more intact pillars here with clear drawings on them.

Using the Violent Ox King as his light bulb, Fatty took a tour around the ten-something pillars still intact. There were no words, but he could still gather an idea of what had happened from the pictures.

According to the drawings, the Evil God was a mighty god who led his grand army north and south, east and west and conquered many powerful opponents, ultimately building a magnificent dynasty. However, one day, this fellow had some loose screws in his head and provoked a much more formidable existence, who slaughtered its way to his doorstep and killed him.

Fatty read in relish. That brat truly lived up to his Evil God reputation. Like a top-quality cult leader, not only did he tempt others into putting their belief in him, he even personally ran out to bestow miracles, subdue monsters and slay demons everywhere to establish his godly prestige. In the end, he was handled by those very monsters and demons.

Looking at the picture of the last monster who attacked the Evil God Temple, it seemed to be over 300 miles long with white clouds drifting about its body. Only a scale-covered claw could be seen clearly as it extended down from the clouds and smashed the Evil God into meat paste. This claw looked similar to the one that manifested when Azure Dragon City Lord Lei Ao cast Azure Dragon Bares Its Claw. However, this one in the picture wasn’t cyan, but yellow in color.

“Can it be… this is the super sacred beast Golden Dragon?” Fatty suddenly had a guess.

If this was really true, not to mention one Evil God, even if all those Evil God, Light God, Water God, and Fire God or whatever else were tied up in a bundle, the Golden Dragon could still smash them into meat paste with one claw all the same.

After the 9th class enhancement, each rank after was like a whole new world of power. The gap between the 9th class enhancement and the God realm was immeasurable, and the gap between the God realm and the Legendary realm was even bigger than that between level 0 and the God realm.

In the past, Wu Junxiao was only half a step into the Legendary realm and already able to stand against a dozen God-tier experts on his own, needless to say about this Golden Dragon who was an authentic Legendary beast.

Shaking his head, Fatty rode the Violent Ox King further to the inner parts. The flame on the mount was a super boost in safety now that he no longer had to worry about his brains being sucked.

Perhaps due to the Divine power of the Evil God fortifying this place, it was very clean despite being empty for thousands of years. Moreover, it was also dry and without the damp, moldy smell of underground dungeons.

Fatty rode the Violent Ox King down a long corridor, the two walls of which depicted the Evil God’s glorious achievements. One time he’d exploded with might and killed a monster that had wreaked havoc on people, another time he’d created some godly miracles to reward his followers.

As Fatty went deeper in another hundred meters, the scenery changed. The corridor had disappeared behind, and in front of him were three stone doors.

“Another maze again?” Fatty groaned. Why does everyone seem to have a fetish for this shit?! Can they just honestly place the treasures right there in the open and put a boss in front of it?

“Left? Middle? Right?” Fatty counted with his fingers, torn about which door to choose. Since this place was restricted by some mysterious force, the X-Ray function of the Crystal Maze of Terror didn’t work here. He could only go by luck.

“Men left and women right 1. Left it is.” Fatty smacked the Violent Ox King. The latter crooked its head and stormed at the left door.

Creak… The instant the ox’s horns almost touched the stone door, it suddenly creaked open. Fatty and his mount were caught off guard and rushed inside from the momentum.


The door had been quiet when it opened, but sealed itself shut with a rumble that shook the area.

“Big Bro, how do we proceed?”

Only several minutes after they entered the Evil God Temple, the Sun Moon Cult had already lost at least twenty players. Tiny in size and lightning fast in flight, the Crafty Spike Insects could hardly be defended against. What’s more, these little fellows pretty much disregarded their lives when they sensed brains. As long as they pounced on a player’s head, they wouldn’t let go unless they died.

The Sun Moon players were ashen pale. Invincible East’s face wasn’t pale, but it was livid. Everyone under his lead here was the cream of the crop in the Sun Moon Cult, each was at the 5th class enhancement. Yet, some little insects easily killed them.

“There’s a passage in the back hall, it’s the only entrance to the underground area. We only have to find it,” Invincible East answered with a frosty face.

“Big Bro, it’s not good!” a shout suddenly rang out from Invincible East’s communicator. “The Fierce Dragon Gang, Fierce Tiger Gang, Wind God’s Guild, and more guilds are all heading to the Demon Forest. You guys have to be careful!”

“F*ck!” Hanging up the communicator, Invincible East’s already livid face was now no different than that of a ghost.

1. A tradition. For instance: Public toilets, the one for men is on the left and the one for women is right. Also the same for wearing wedding rings, and position in official marriage photos, or when a couple participates in some ceremonial events.

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