Chapter 309 Evil God Temple

Chapter 309 – Evil God Temple

The Pentaband Krait King was very cunning. Seeing its venom attacks unable to do anything to Fatty, it started throwing stones and trees at him.

The higher ranked the monster, the more intelligent they were. Speaking from experience, Fatty had only seen high-rank Yao bosses or unique NPC monsters with the intelligence level of humans, and normally a low-rank Yao boss didn’t possess such a high AI like this Pentaband Krait King. This left only one possibility, that this boss had undergone some kind of mutation or evolution that had improved its intelligence.

“Kill Break!”

Fatty shouted, gently waving the Elemental Sword. Ten meters away from him, a sharp sword tip suddenly appeared and stabbed towards the still working eye of the Pentaband Krait King.

Amidst the crisis, the creature turned its head. The sword tip swept slantwise from the corner of the eyes across more than half of the skull, slashing out a long wound.

“Hissss!” The terrified Pentaband Krait King began to think of fleeing. That ghostly sword attack just now had nearly destroyed its remaining eye.

Hooo! The krait king puffed out a cloud of poison gas covering a radius of several dozen meters. Fatty hastily moved back to avoid it.

Since he set out to hunt snake-type monsters, Fatty had brought antidotes with him. However, in the face of a poison that could kill a high-rank Yao, he didn’t think he could survive long enough to even use the antidote. Therefore, he was fast to dodge, giving the Pentaband Krait King a chance to escape.

After the poison cloud dispersed, Fatty was stunned to see that the boss had disappeared.

There was only a track on the ground that led towards a distant bush – the escape route of the Pentaband Krait King.

Pondering only a few seconds, Fatty summoned the Violent Ox King and quickly gave chase. He was determined to acquire the creature’s gallbladder and inner core. Moreover, there must be some intriguing secret behind its high AI.

The Violent Ox King’s speed was super fast as it spread all four hooves and rampaged forth. Some level 40 to 50 monsters who couldn’t escape in time were crushed to death under those hooves. Very soon, Fatty spotted the Pentaband Krait King’s limber figure.

Hsssss… The Pentaband Krait King slithered through bushes as if blessed by the wind. In less than ten minutes, it had already crossed several hills and entered the depths of the Demon Forest.

Dense vines were everywhere, along with trees as tall as a hundred meters and as thick as a circle of several dozen people spreading their arms. The tree leaves blotted out the sky, only allowing specks of light to reach the ground. The atmosphere was quiet and eerie.

Faintly, Fatty could sense the aura of countless powerful monsters. He hurriedly pocketed the Violent Ox King and used Stealth, then continued to follow the trail of the Pentaband Krait King.

Suddenly, Fatty saw a corner of eaves peeking out from the thick leaves. The eaves seemed to be black under all the dense ivy and moss, looking ancient and mottled as though it had weathered a long period of wind and rain.

“What is this?” Fatty suddenly felt uneasy. This eaves corner was over thirty meters off the ground, obviously the structure of a colossal building. Anyone who could construct such a huge building here in the depths of the Demon Forest certainly was no one simple.

“It’s fine, this is definitely an ownerless building. The Imperial Dynasty absolutely won’t allow any character who refuses to comply under their jurisdiction to appear in the Demon Forest,” Fatty consoled himself.

As he crept forward in Stealth, the building hidden deep the trees gradually revealed itself before Fatty.

It was a huge temple, with an appearance similar to any other temple one would see in real life. Spanning over a hundred meters in length, the temple looked dignified and solemn with mottled marks all over the wall, a telling sign of how extraordinary it had been.

“Evil God Temple.”

Above the entrance of the temple hung a plaque with three worn our, almost illegible characters imprinted on it.

“Evil God Temple? Doesn’t sound like anything good.” Fatty immediately made some guesses about the temple.

To appear in the middle of the Demon Forest with a name like this, it obviously had some connections with the Demon Realm. In the worst-case scenario, it lay outside of the Imperial Dynasty’s jurisdiction, which put it in the terrorist category.

The gate of the grand entrance had already collapsed, the square beyond was overgrown with weeds. Empty for unknown years, the weeds had grown and withered, dried up then regrown. It was impossible to see any of the original appearance of the square anymore.

The Pentaband Krait King slithered along the corner of the gate and quickly disappeared into the shadows. Fatty hesitated a little before following it inside.

The inside of the Evil God Temple was pitch black and gloomy as if the sun had abandoned it. There was not a single trace of light to be seen within.

After just several steps, gloom, evil, terror… all sorts of negative feelings surged to Fatty’s mind. For a moment, Fatty just wanted to log out of the game and throw off the helmet right away.

“Holy Light Illumines All.” Fatty quickly used the Holy Horn. A gentle white light descended from above and enveloped him, chasing away all of the negative emotions in his head. At the same time, it allowed Fatty to see a part of the interior.

This seemed to be the front hall of the temple. Many broken pillars were lying around, except for only one which was still perfectly intact. This pillar had some pictures that depicted what seemed to be a record of an unknown deity’s history.

As the light of Holy Light Illumines All dimmed down, the surroundings once again fell into darkness. Fatty didn’t light a torch for fear it would attract monsters somewhere. He carefully made his way forward.

The rustling sound grew distant until it vanished. Obviously, the Pentaband Krait King had gone into some inner quarters. Fatty took out the Crystal Maze of Terror and tried its functions. Spy showed only pitch darkness on the mirror, but X-Ray actually displayed every detail of the area.

In the ten seconds of X-Ray, Fatty saw clearly the situation around him. Aside from the broken pillars in this front hall, there were also piles of dry bones and damaged weapons on their way of corroding into powder. Since there was nothing valuable here, Fatty needed to keep going further in.

Memorizing the route, Fatty continued to feel his way in the dark. After just two steps, a whoosh rang out, accompanied by a breeze blowing past his face. Fatty felt a pricking pain in his head and his health began to drop steadily.

“Inky!” Fatty called out. The Dark Sacrificer, who was hovering above him, instantly cast Mental Breakdown and blasted away the monster on his head.

Flaf flaf… The sound of wings flapping echoed in the darkness. Fatty instantly threw Appraisal in the direction of that sound.

Crafty Spike Insect
Level: 68

Notes: Originally an inner servant of the Evil God Temple. For some reason, it died an unnatural death, after which its seething resentment and hatred took a solid form and turned into the Crafty Spike Insect, a gregarious monster that can operate only in darkness and has a fancy for sucking brains. Small and fast, it’s very difficult to guard against.

“A fancy for sucking brains?” Fatty sucked in a cold breath and instinctively touched his head. There, he felt a puncture like that made by a needle. Apparently, the insect had stuck something into his head to suck out his brains.

“F*ck!” Just imagining how something would poke a straw into his head and drink his brains like drinking water, Fatty’s stomach churned acutely.

“Screech screech!!” A shrill scream rang out from above him. Suddenly, a white light flashed, briefly illuminating a mass of flying black spots. And then, Inky returned to the pet inventory.

Fatty used Stealth once again and didn’t dare to wander wildly. These kinds of insects that hid in the dark were too dangerous. Ignoring the damage, it was already disgusting enough when they stuck to your head.

Just now, Fatty appeared from Stealth because he used the Crystal Maze of Terror, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been attacked.

The Crafty Spike Insects were gregarious, which meant there were a bunch of them lurking around full of thirst right at this very moment. At the thought of this, Fatty felt his scalp tingle.

What a blunder, I was too focused on the ground and overlooked them. But when the Pentaband Krait King went in just now, why didn’t those little things attack it?

Fatty couldn’t figure this out no matter how hard he pondered, so he simply stopped thinking. Then, he decided to just use Earthwalk to explore the area.

The Evil God Temple was quite expansive, composed of the front hall, back hall, and two side halls. Fatty made a round trip and meticulously checked the place but was unable to find anything of value. Either there was nothing left behind in the first place, or someone else had already taken it away if there ever was.

“Such a big shrine yet there’s nothing here?!”

Fatty huffed in anger. He had entered all excited, only to be bitten in vain. This was simply a waste of time and nearly a waste of life.

“Huh, where’s that snake boss by the way?” He suddenly remembered the Pentaband Krait King. He had run through the whole place without seeing any sign of it.

“Could it be…?” A lightbulb went off in his head, and Fatty took out the Crystal Maze of Terror again. After confirming that there weren’t any of those irritating Crafty Spike Insects around, he used the X-Ray function.

X-Ray displayed everything in the one-kilometer radius around him on the mirror. This time, Fatty found something new about the ground under his feet. It should have been all soil, but here under a thick layer of soil, the underground turned completely black and allowed him to see nothing within.

The Crystal Maze of Terror was a merger of the Celestial remnant X-Ray Mirror and the Celestial artifact Crystal Maze. With the power of those two combined, it could see through pretty much anything. Now that the mirror showed nothing but darkness, there must be something strange about that underground area.

“Do I have to drill down again?” Fatty stroked his chin.

Using Earthwalk, Fatty easily teleported into the underground.

Not long after he Earthwalked, a commotion echoed outside.

“It’s here, we’ve finally found it.”

A group of tattered players covered in dust entered the square. From their appearances, they obviously had gone through a long journey with many battles along the way.

“This is the Evil God Temple?” A warrior dismounted and looked up at the nearly unreadable plaque.

This warrior who was standing straight had a sword at his waist and was dressed in a full set of equipment glowing with violet light. From his familiar face, Fatty would have recognized him as the guild master of the Sun Moon Cult, Invincible East.

“The Evil God’s legacy… Humph! Golden Scale TheMighty thinks he’s something just because he inherited the Misfortune God’s legacy. I shall let him know the God of Misfortune is but a small character! Everyone take a short rest and get yourselves ready.” Invincible East swung his arm.

“Big Bro, we can’t rest.” DoWhateverIWish pointed at a line of footsteps on the ground with an extremely ugly face.

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