Chapter 305 Black Tortoise Punch

Chapter 305 – Black Tortoise Punch

This time, Wu Junxiao had dissipated completely, leaving behind no trace at all.

Sadness was visible in the eyes of the Black Dragon King. They had been friends for so many years, after all. Moreover, witnessing the demise of Wu Junxiao, he also felt the sympathy for a like-minded person.

Fatty released Purple Bell’s soul and the girl respawned almost immediately at the forced respawn point of the Natural Barrier. The other players also exited the Elemental Mystery Realm to watch the Black Dragon King deal with Fortune Battle Fence.

The native monsters of the Sea Territory of Evil could not get out of this area unless they reached the Legendary realm, which granted them the power to rival that of the light barrier surrounding it. On the contrary, Fortune Battle Fence could come and go freely as an outsider. However, he didn’t dare to. A strike from the Black Dragon King’s main form could at least render him heavily incapacitated, if not insta-kill him.

After fighting for a while, Fortune Battle Fence grudgingly retreated, obviously angry that he couldn’t get his hands on any of the players’ Divine weapons.

Looking at the empty sky, Fatty fell silent for a while, before he bid goodbye to the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King acknowledged with a nod. He summoned several Yao monsters and had them carry the players to the entrance of the water route leading to the other side.

“Don’t forget our agreement,” said the Black Dragon King to Fatty right before they parted.

Fatty cupped his fists in silent assent.

Exiting the Natural Barrier, the group tore their Recall Scrolls and flew back to Azure Dragon City.

“We lost out big time today,” sighed TheFugitive as the party walked out from the respawn point.

“Lose what? At least we got to set fires to their place.” HeadofGod shook his head.

“Wait, I remember that diagram of yours is still holding one of those fellows captive?” DukeGarrison suddenly asked Fatty.

Fatty smacked his own forehead. Wu Junxiao had imprisoned a God-tier Undying Soul within the Elemental Sword Formation, and the fellow was still trapped inside. “Go, let’s find the Black Tortoise City Lord and get this soul fellow concocted ‘properly.’”

Fatty and his friends didn’t have to strength to handle the Undying Soul yet. They needed someone powerful to bring up the rear.

“What? A God-tier soul?” Lin Xi’s eyes lit up upon the news. He urged Fatty to hurry and let the soul out.

“Wu Junxiao! Think you can oppress me with your meager strength?!”

A roar resounded the instant the soul charged out of the Elemental Formation, a blinding arc of light sweeping out from his hands. This was a very practiced slash attack from the ninja Undying Soul.

“What a petty trick.” Lin Xi casually waved his hand. The light blade soundlessly disintegrated in mid-air, leaving the Undying Soul with a terrified expression.

“Th-this isn’t our shrine.” The soul quickly scanned the surroundings and his face grew even more frightened. “What is this place?”

“Welcome to Xuanhuang Ancient Country. I am City Lord Lin Xi.” Lin Xi leisurely leaned back in his seat and looked at the soul.

“Black Tortoise City Lord of Xuanhuang Ancient Country?” With an off-worldly scream of shock, the God-tier Undying Soul abruptly shot into the air, choosing to escape without hesitation.

“What’s the rush?” Lin Xi extended his hand with his palm spread open and made a pressing-down motion. A dull thud rang out – a mass of yellow fog suddenly flashed in the air and welcomed the Undying Soul with a head-on crash. The poor soul fell back onto the ground, rolling and whining in pain.

“Sacred beast Black Tortoise…” uttered the Undying Soul as the fear in his eyes was clearly visible. He didn’t dare to make a move again.

“Submit, or die!” Lin Xi stood up and swung his arms with wide sleeves. Instantly, the winds blew and the clouds drifted, creating the background for a huge Black Tortoise’s illusion behind Lin Xi.

“I, a grand general of the Sun Dynasty, hold glory above all else. How can I surrender to you despicable people of Xuanhuang?!” the Undying Soul stretched his neck and barked. For the second time, he suddenly flew up and just vanished. In his spot, an intense blade light shot out from thin air

“Snowstorm Universe!”

Snowflakes began to emerge from the sky. Palm-sized, translucent and shining with a blinding white, each snowflake was like a razor-sharp blade with incomparably destructive force as they bombarded in all directions, covering the entire city lord manor and everyone in it.

“Stealing the lost skill of our Xuanhuang Ancient Dynasty, you are a thief with a deathwish.” Lin Xi looked nonchalant even in this situation. He slowly raised his right hand, clenched it into a fist and violently punched out. “Black Tortoise Great Earth Punch!”

Along with Lin Xi’s motion, the Black Tortoise illusion behind him suddenly raised its head and rolled its eyes. Then, it opened its mouth, from which came a heaven-shattering roar.


With this roar that shook heaven and earth, the sky full of snowflakes halted for a split second, before it thoroughly exploded.


A wretched scream resounded. The Undying Soul fell out of the sky with a ferocious expression.

“Hah! Nation of Execution Blades!”

A blinding light burst out from his body and swept in all directions. Without any time to react, Fatty’s group was swept along with it.

The surrounding was completely empty, without mountains and trees, rivers and grass; there wasn’t even a sign of any living creatures. In the vast vicinity, there were only blinding lights from dancing blades that blotted out the sky.

“Black Tortoise City Lord, come out and fight with my Nation of Execution Blades if you’ve got the guts!”

“Nation of Execution Blades? You call this a nation?” Lin Xi snorted. With unhurried steps, he strode into the land of blades and stood in front of Fatty and his friends.

“Flow of Ten Thousand Blades – The Way of Unsheathing!”

The location of the Undying Soul was not to be seen while his voice reverberated through the air. The dancing light blades suddenly shook. In unison, they aimed their tips at Lin Xi and whizzed towards him.

From all directions, mournful screaming light blades came in a tight siege, with a momentum that strived to slice Lin Xi into ten thousand pieces.

“Black Tortoise Shield.” Lin Xi didn’t dare to be careless, after all, it was still a God-tier expert he was facing. With a softly spoken command, a huge shield in the shape of a tortoise shell appeared, which then loomed over Lin Xi as well as Fatty’s group.

Clank clank clank…

Accompanied by repeated sounds of collisions, sparks flew as the blades struck the shield, but were unable to even deal a fraction of damage to the latter.

The Black Tortoise was famous among the four sacred beasts for its defense. Lin Xi’s source of power from the Black Tortoise, in addition to the fact that this shield was a top-class Divine equipment, made it nigh impossible to penetrate.

With the shell blocking the blades, Lin Xi firmly took a step forward, a step that made the entire area tremble. With the power of this step, the Nation of Execution Blades started to show signs of instability.

“Black Tortoise Overlord Punch.”

The yellow illusion of the sacred Black Tortoise emerged once again, this time with its right foot swatting out following Lin Xi’s punching motion. The Nation of Execution Blades trembled nonstop as spatial cracks ruptured and quickly expanded, the area seemingly soon to collapse from this punch.

“Flow of Ten Thousand Blades – The Way of Chopping!”

The Undying Soul shouted from an unknown location. The numerous light blades suddenly vanished. In their place, a colossal sword materialized in the sky and chopped down. Under the huge shadow of this sword, Fatty’s group felt an immense pressure that made them gasp heavily for breath.

“Black Tortoise Sky Breaking Punch.”

Lin Xi took another step forward and punched skyward. Along with this punch, the image of a yellow fist as huge as a mountain punched up at the chopping sword.


The sky wavered and the land quaked violently. Lin Xi’s punch smashed the colossal sword into bits of lights that burst like fireworks. However, the yellow fist also dispersed. Staggering, Lin Xi had to move back one step to weaken the impact.

“Flow of Ten Thousand Blades – The Way of Ascension.”

The Undying Soul pressed on relentlessly, casting a new skill as soon as the previous one crumbled, giving Lin Xi no spare time to call upon the actual sacred beast Black Tortoise.

The Black Tortoise was a high-rank Divine beast, one of the four sacred beasts protecting Xuanhuang Ancient Country, second only to the Super Sacred beast Golden Dragon. This meant it was one tier above Fortune Battle Fence, the strongest expert of the Sun Dynasty. If Lin Xi successfully summoned the Black Tortoise, it would only need to extend a foot to stomp the Undying Soul to death.

“Black Tortoise Ascension Punch.”

Lin Xi was neither hurried nor anxious, as if unaware of the opponent’s calculations. He took another step forth, and a yellow fist struck out, stopping the Undying Soul’s attack with just the perfect amount of force.


“Formidable!” Completely unaffected as they stood under the shell shield protection, Fatty and friends watched the fight with relish and constant tongue-clicking from amazement.

“They are God-tier experts after all. They are way out of our league,” HeadofGod commented emotionally.

“Seems like it’ll take Lord Lin Xi some effort to capture the enemy. Come to think of it, though, he’s much more powerful. He doesn’t even launch his own nation and can still reduce the soul to such a sorry state while inside the soul's nation. If he deploys his nation, the fight would have been over by now.” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s eyes were bright as he stared intently at Lin Xi with worship.

“I actually want to know how strong Wu Junxiao used to be.” TheFugitive squatted on the ground drawing circles. “He only had a bit of Divine power left, but he could oppress the enemy so casually.”

At the mention of Wu Junxiao, everyone lapsed into silence. Back then, Wu Junxiao was only a tiny bit of consciousness with little Divine power left. Yet, surrounded by seven God-tier souls, he was able to imprison one and control the Elemental Sword Formation to lead the players to escape unscathed.

“It’s said that he was already half a step into the Legendary realm when he died.” Fatty sighed. “Legendary, ahh, and we’re only at the 5th class enhancement. When can we ever reach that level?”

Boom! Another thunderous explosion echoed while they were talking. It seemed like the battle was about to reach its conclusion.

The Undying Soul conjured one blade after another, each could hurt the eyes with its extremely bright glint alone. As for Lin Xi, he took a step with each punch, and this was already the 12th punch in a row. It was as if his energy was boundless.

“Flow of Ten Thousand Blades – The Art of Manipulation!”

A hoarse voice was heard from the sky. This time, there was no colossal sword nor weaving light blades. There was only a figure on the horizon, dragging a long tail of glint as it swooped towards Lin Xi.

“Running out of tricks already?” Lin Xi’s lips curved up into a slight smile. He slowly raised his right leg and took his 13th step.

“Black Tortoise – Sea Ruling Punch.”

Gurgle… The sound of water was heard from Lin Xi’s fist, but right after, seemingly endless soil streamed out from thin air and cocooned around the fist.

Lin Xi punched. The soil gradually formed a miniature version – only 10 meters long – of the Black Tortoise. With a roar, the creature shot out towards the incoming figure.

It was the Undying Soul himself. He and the knife in his hand had reached the stage of complete harmony. Together, they formed a glinting streak in the ultimate skill – The Art of Manipulation, and violently collided with the earthen Black Tortoise.


The earth quaked so intensely it seemed to be falling apart. After suffering countless cracks, the Nation of Execution Blades finally crumbled completely. Everyone found themselves back inside the Black Tortoise City Lord Manor.

“Do you submit?” Lin Xi stepped his foot on the Undying Soul’s chest and asked indifferently.

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