Chapter 304 Fortune Battle Fence

Chapter 304 – Fortune Battle Fence

A vast array of five-colored sword lights amassed. Like the great river of Yangtze, they surged down and shrouded the six Undying Souls.


Miserable shrieks rang out as the swords landed. Except for the Undying Soul whose form had been destroyed into black fog, the other five channeled their energy at the same time towards the Plate of Reincarnation, controlling it to shoot out endless black-and-white smoke to resist the five-colored sword lights.

Pfff! There was no thunderous explosion as one would have expected when the sword lights and the smoke met. Like a clay ox entering the sea1, they vanished without a trace.

“This is?” The Undying Souls were at a loss.

Fatty sighed in his heart, knowing Wu Junxiao indeed didn’t have any more energy to sustain the diagram attacks.

“Get out of here!” Wu Junxiao shouted. The Elemental Sword Formation suddenly activated, forcefully removing the five Undying Souls plus the Plate of Reincarnation out of its territory.

“You!” The remaining Undying Soul in his black fog form jumped in fright. With practiced movement, he hastily slashed out a blade light, wanting to break an opening through the sword formation and escape.

“Wanna run?” Wu Junxiao coldly snorted. The Elemental Sword Formation rumbled and started to rotate slowly. A vast area of ocean abruptly appeared out of nowhere, blocking the Undying Soul’s path and forcing him back into the formation.

Cling clang…

A burst of metallic sounds echoed. Per the urging of Wu Junxiao, an infinite stream of water swords flew out from the ocean and firmly pinned down the black fog Undying Soul.

“Go!” Successfully detaining an Undying Soul, Wu Junxiao began to control the Elemental Sword Formation to break out and escape this place.

“Wu Junxiao, since you’ve come, there’s no need to leave in such a hurry.” A strong force suddenly appeared and tightly pressed down upon the sword formation. Under the pressure, the sword formation was unable to rise no matter how hard it tried.

“Fortune Battle Fence.” Wu Junxiao coldly spat and terminated the operation of the formation.

In the middle of the shrine, from the memorial tablet on the highest position of the altar table, a wisp of black smoke slowly rose, gradually gathering into a human figure in the air.

Dressed in the national costume of Sun Dynasty, Fortune Battle Fence sat cross-legged in mid-air. The forehalf of his head was completely bald and the other half dragging a braided pigtail, similar to the queue hairstyle. Both his looks and getup were like that of an old country bumpkin.

“Wu Junxiao, long time no see,” Fortune Battle Fence greeted as he looked at the Elemental Sword Formation

“Heh, after you were lucky to escape from me last time, I thought you would dedicate your heart to training and growing stronger, and wondered if you had made any progress. Can’t believe you’re still in this half-dead state,” Wu Junxiao ridiculed without any courtesy.

“Still better than you who will soon die down to the last bit of your soul.” Fortune Battle Fence slowly stood up. The overwhelming force imposed upon the Elemental Sword Formation intensified, pressuring it to the ground.

“Kill me down to the last bit of my soul? With just you?”Wu Junxiao laughed condescendingly. All of a sudden, white light burst forth from his body, and the sword formation violently rumbled. Surprisingly, it forcefully broke through the pressure from Fortune Battle Fence and fled the Shrine of Peace, flying up into the sky.

“You’re burning your own Divine power.” Fortune Battle Fence was calm as he slowly stepped into the sky, his eyes following the Elemental Sword Formation with murderous hatred, as if penetrating straight through it to see Wu Junxiao. “After you burn up your Divine power, what will be left of you?”

“It’s not something you should worry about. Little Fatty, watch carefully. Elemental Sword Formation, neutralize and reinforce, One Sword Breaks the Firmament!”

Along with the loud roar of Wu Junxiao, the sword formation shook nonstop. The Metal Forest, Wood Forest, Watery Deep, Fire Valley, and Earth Mountain appeared all at once before they exploded in unison into five elements, which finally merged in the air, forming a massive sword roughly 10 kilometers in length.


Wu Junxiao’s right hand chopped down, and a burst of white light poured out from his body and gushed into the sword. With a thunderclap out of nowhere, the sword emitted radiant light, looking like a long white streak across the sky as it slashed down. It seemed like it was really going to cut the sky in half.

“Wu Junxiao, looks like you really don’t have much energy left. I won’t feel proud if I kill the current you.” Fortune Battle Fence’s expression remained unchanged as he looked at the massive white sword. Slowly, he extended a hand.

Boom! In the hand of Fortune Battle Fence, the sword that seemed so aggressive, shattered like glass, turning into countless thin streaks of sword aura that split in all directions.

Having spent most of his remaining Divine power, Wu Junxiao’s face grew ashen pale. Seizing the chance when Fortune Battle Fence parried the remaining streaks of sword aura, he spurred the Elemental Sword Formation to take a leap straight out of Sun Dynasty territory and into the air above the East Ocean.

“Still running?” Fortune Battle Fence’s tone was as indifferent as ever. With five fingers hooked, he flipped his hand. A sky-blotting giant claw suddenly appeared and grabbed toward the Elemental Sword Formation.

Raising his head for a cold glance at the claw, Wu Junxiao’s face seemed even paler. In the end, he was only a last bit of consciousness with nearly exhausted Divine power.

“Even a shrimp dares to make fun of a shark in shallow water, even a dog dares to bully a tiger out of the mountains,” Wu Junxiao sighed. His body suddenly dissolved into a mass of pure Divine power. “The five elements go extinct, the world is thrown into chaos, Great Elemental Extinction Formation, rise!”

Wu Junxiao’s voice echoed in the air, and Elemental Sword Formation quaked violently. Dazzling metal, verdant greens, deep blue water, scorching fire, and thick soil; the manifestation of the five elements appeared respectively in five directions in the sky, and then exploded in unison. Sword lights shot everywhere as the Elemental Sword Formation turned into a messy scene.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Numerous sword lights attacked all together, smashing Fortune Battle Fence’s gigantic claw to bits.

When this gigantic hand formed of Divine energy was defeated by this ultimate formation, Fortune Battle Fence’s figure shuddered and distorted. Surprisingly, his form almost scattered after the impact.

“As expected of an expert who was only one short step away from the Legendary realm. What a pity that you shall finally fall here today.” Fortune Battle Fence set one foot onto the Plate of Reincarnation. In a bizarre manner, his body seemed to melt into it. With a buzz, the plate seemed to disintegrate and directly reappeared over the East Ocean.

“Go!” Wu Junxiao’s weak voice resounded within the Elemental Sword Formation. The formation then zoomed into the water, heading towards the very depths of the East Ocean.

“You can’t escape.” Fortune Battle Fence sat neatly on the Plate of Reincarnation, Divine power rolling all over his body to fuel the plate for this relentless pursuit. Last time when he snuck into Xuanhuang Ancient Country, Wu Junxiao nearly killed him in one stroke. Nursing this grudge until this very day, even the water of all the rivers and seas in this world could not wash away the hatred he harbored towards Wu Junxiao.

The Elemental Sword Formation sped through the seabed of the East Ocean with the Plate of Reincarnation hot on its heels. Hearing the commotion from afar, some powerful Yao monsters frantically fled as fast and as far as possible from their path. This level of battle wasn’t something the monsters here could stick their nose in, as either of the two old men could wipe them out with just a casual wave of a hand.

“So what if you escape into the East Ocean? Wu Junxiao, I shall see where you can run off to,” Fortune Battle Fence mumbled to himself as he closely followed the sword formation.

“Heh, never thought there’s such a day when I, Wu Junxiao, am chased like a dog by a puny ant.” Wu Junxiao had completely integrated into the formation, only his voice drifted about in the air.

“What can we do?” Fatty asked in a whisper.

“You guys don’t need to do anything,” Wu Junxiao said with a cold snort. “While my Divine power is almost spent, I’m not someone anyone can bully. He wants my life, he’ll have to pay a huge price for it.”

The formation and the plate were extremely fast, traveling thousands of miles in the blink of an eye. Roughly half an hour later, they entered a special area.

A continuous light curtain, with thunderbolts that were kilometers long. Indeed, this was the Sea Territory of Evil that Fatty had left not long ago.

“Old Dragon, hurry out and lend a hand!” Wu Junxiao shouted. Instantly, the seawater on the other side of the light barrier surged and parted, revealing the slowly emerging Black Dragon King.

“Wu Junxiao, you’re actually being chased by the likes of this…” Seeing Wu Junxiao in this state, the Black Dragon King was suddenly plagued by a desolate feeling.

“What? You think I need your pity?” Wu Junxiao sounded a bit angry, but his tone quickly grew urgent. “I’m dying soon. If he kills my successor, then you can prepare to find someone else for your plan.”

“We’ve been friends for many years, how can I let you be insulted by such trash?” While the Black Dragon King unhurriedly spoke, his body slowly transformed. Green veins bulged where visible, while the black robe he wore was ripped apart. With a melodious dragon cry, a massive dragon hundreds of miles long appeared in his spot.

This was an oriental dragon – it had no wings but instead a pair of branching horns over ten meters long on his head. The body was covered in black scales as big as tables and glowed with a metallic sheen. The four claws were very thick, looking so powerful that it could rupture an entire mountain.

“Dragon Soars the Four Seas.”

In his original form, the Black Dragon King chanted in an ancient voice. Outside of the light barrier and in front of the Elemental Sword Formation, a dragon made of pure water slowly rose.

“Black Dragon King, you loach who can’t even escape your cage, you dare to stand in my way?” cursed Fortune Battle Fence angrily. He who was racing over on the Plate of Reincarnation had just been stopped by the water dragon in a timely manner.

“Loach?” The Black Dragon King’s eyes were frosty. Without further response, he continued to chant.

“Dragon Fights in the Wild.”

“Dragon King Descends.”


One after another, dragons condensed out of seawater emerged and charged towards Fortune Battle Fence. The Black Dragon King stopped chanting and only looked on coldly as his attacks headed for the opponent.

In terms of strength, Fortune Battle Fence and the Black Dragon King were both God-tier. However, there were highs and lows even within the realm of God, just like there was a seeming 10-level-gap between the 5th and 6th class enhancement. After being heavily injured by Wu Junxiao and a long time of recovery, Fortune Battle Fence was still only a mid-rank God, while the Black Dragon King had stayed at high-rank for a long time. If it weren’t because of the Natural Barrier trapping him, the Black Dragon King would already have killed Fortune Battle Fence with just one slap.

Eight water dragons surrounded the Plate of Reincarnation. Just now Fortune Battle Fence shot his mouth off thinking the Black Dragon King couldn’t do anything to him from inside that barrier. As a consequence, the eight water dragons gave him a good thrashing. The fellow nearly fainted from having no time to breathe.

“You dared come into my Sea Territory of Evil acting all high and mighty with just this level of power?” the Black Dragon King sneered.

While the two were engaged in battle, Wu Junxiao had directed the Elemental Sword Formation along a waterway into the Natural Barrier.

“When there’s a chance, integrate the Elemental Sword Formation into Sky City.” Wu Junxiao hurried left Fatty an instruction before shouting to the Black Dragon King, “Old Dragon, I entrust him to you. Farewell!”

Boom! The Elemental Sword Formation fell, turning back into a diagram that flew back to Fatty.

1. Idiom "A clay ox enters the sea": to disappear with no hope of returning.

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