Chapter 303 Heaven Awing Sword

Chapter 303 – Heaven Awing Sword

The sword formation, the Garrison Stele, and the Sky Ripper Spear attacked the Undying Soul in unison. Even with his Divine power, the soul was caught off guard by their terrifying combined force.


Repeatedly struck, the Undying Soul had holes of lights blown through him, and his body, even in the form of a soul stumbled onto the ground.

The Metal Forest drew scratches on his body, the Judge’s Sanction called forth by the Yin Yang Manual stripped him of a certain stat, while the Garrison Stele and the Sky Ripper Spear left huge wounds.

“You lot dare hurt me?!” The Undying Soul was in complete disbelief upon the sight of injuries on his body.

In the eyes of an expert of the God realm like him, the four in Fatty’s group were like little lambs in front of a tiger, rabbits before a hungry wolf; they simply couldn’t pose a threat. Yet, a moment of carelessness left him knocked over onto the floor with wounds on his body. The injuries weren’t serious, but the face that he lost wasn’t small.

“The gap in power is too big, we have no chance at all,” Fatty quickly came to a conclusion.

They might look strong with formidable weapons, but even if the opponent stood still and let them attack, they still couldn’t do anything much to him.

Boom boom…!

A series of explosive sounds echoed as the other five Undying Souls, who Fatty forcefully moved away with the Elemental Sword Diagram, broke through the restraints and returned with furious faces.

“Just stop playing. Kill them and take the artifacts!” said one of the Undying Souls. Right after that, his body flashed several times and disappeared.





The other four began to chant, and bursts of violent energy fluctuations spread out. This force was vast as it came surging out wave upon wave, each stronger than the last, and rammed into the Metal Forest. All the swords inside vibrated from the impact while several dozen swords in the periphery were smashed to pieces.

Violent gales, huge wood, scorching fire, and continuous rocks, the four attributes abruptly evaded the Elemental Sword Diagram, pushing back the diagram’s own forces while rolling forward.

Kah kah…

Bearing the brunt of this was the Metal Forest. Countless swords issued whimpers and wails. They suddenly erupted with a terrifying sword aura before bursting into small shards one after another.


The hill-sized Garrison Stele was next on the path. The violent gales had it trembling nonstop, instantly followed by the wood, fire, and rocks that nearly drove it to collapse. The stele shrank back into its palm-sized form and landed on DukeGarrison’s hand, while its owner sprayed out mouthfuls of blood and was forced back several dozen steps before flopping down on the floor, nearly killed by the impact reflected back from the stele.


A bright light emerged. Purple Bell let out a scream as her Yin Yang Shield crumbled. A tear ran from her left shoulder and slanted downward, cutting her body in two pieces. A white light rose from where she died, about to soar back to Xuanhuang Ancient Country.


The Plate of Reincarnation above suddenly rotated. From the plate, a black light shot out and headed for the white light.

“Soul Sealing Cross!”

Fatty roared. Instantly, a pitch-black cross carved with countless evil souls on the surface flew out, issuing an umbrella of black light that cut in and enshrouded the white light before the other black light could.

Zoom! After the white light was retrieved, a miniature Purple Bell appeared on the Soul Sealing Cross. Fatty heaved a sigh of relief.

‘’Huh?” The Undying Souls gawked in shock for there was actually another object that had the same function as the Plate of Reincarnation.

“Kill that fatty!”

Another bright light, the same as the one which killed Purple Bell, emerged from thin air and hacked down at Fatty, who was caught off guard after just stowing away the cross. Unable to dodge in time, Fatty was about to be slashed in half…

“Spirit Snake Wags Its Tail!” A white beam shot at the light blade. It was RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear. His keen sense for battle was truly extraordinary as this attack accurately struck the light blade.


The light blade kept chopping down without delay. On the other hand, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear spat out a mouthful of blood, the white horse under him let out a wretched whiny before returning to his mount inventory in a white light.

Mental Breakdown! Amidst the crisis, Dark Sacrificer Inky appeared in the air. Not only did it block the blade light’s path, but it also tossed out a Mental Breakdown at the sneaky Undying Soul.


Like a top-quality knife slicing through tofu, the light easily sliced Inky in two. However, the Undying Souls was knocked four meters away.

“Metal Forest, rise!”

Along with Fatty’s growl, the remaining swords buzzed in vibration. Even the fragments on the floor floated up and joined the army.

Hovering in the air, all swords, whether perfect or broken, suddenly exploded. Sword lights shot into the sky and condensed into a longsword several hundred meters in length.

“Heaven Awing Sword, execute!

As Fatty’s right arm made a chopping motion, the longsword made of sword aura gently tilted in the air. As if suffering from a real attack, the ground ruptured in a series of creaks and a huge crack burst open.

“A puny trick!”

With looks of contempt, the six Undying Souls watched as the huge sword slowly slashed down.


The first to collide with the longsword was the violent gale. The screams and roars shook the sky as the gale whirled like a spiraling dragon, carrying boundless majesty as it slammed at the longsword.

With a small snap, a crack appeared in the longsword, signaling instability. The six Undying Souls curled their lips at the sight, but their smirks hadn’t turned into a wide smile when the longsword steadily slashed down at the whirling gale.


Like calm sunshine after the rain, the storm gale quietened down and completely vanished. The area was clear like there had never been such a storm in the first place, only the longsword was still slowly descending.

The second to meet the Heaven Awing Sword were huge, round wood beams, green from top to toe, made of pure element. Several dozens of meters in length and thick enough for several people’s embrace, the lush beams looked fresh, as if just cut down from the forest.


More and more wood beams clashed with the longsword, producing creaking noise as visible tears began to surface and expand on the sword body until it was covered entirely in cracks and seemed like it would crumble at any moment. However, this longsword made of sword aura persisted while firmly chopping downward, cleaving all of the wood into halves which then dispersed and vanished.

Puff! Fatty spat out a mouthful of blood and repeatedly shuffled back. Even if the longsword took on two waves of attack for him, he still suffered some damage. His blood churned and he could barely stand straight.

Just as Fatty repeatedly retreated, the scorching fire and continuous rocks struck the longsword in unison. The two elements combined and transformed into a volcano, while the sword cleaved down at it with the feel of something ancient, when heaven was separated from earth and the world was created.


The volcano collapsed, perishing altogether under the might of the longsword. However, at the same time, the longsword was unable to sustain any longer and dispersed, also vanishing into the air.

“Very good!” One of the Undying Souls applauded. “As expected of something that was once a Legendary artifact, it actually can block the combined attack of four of us. However, it also strengthens our resolve to keep you lot here.”

Fatty’s face was extremely ugly right now. Heaven Awing Sword was the most powerful offensive skill he could deploy to date, yet it could only stop one round of casual attacks from the enemy. The power of the God realm was indeed not to be looked down upon.

“Want to keep us here? We’ll see if you have this ability!” DukeGarrison wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth and put up a strong front.

The Garrison Stele once again expanded. The word “Garrison” written in graceful and intricate calligraphy suddenly projected out from the stele and into the air. Like a dragon and phoenix dancing, the grand aura emanated from the word was incredible.

“Garrison!” DukeGarrison coldly shouted. The word ‘Garrison’ suddenly turned into a black dragon and a colorful phoenix, shrieking as they charged down.

The Undying Soul who killed Purple Bell furrowed his brows. The dagger in his hand suddenly gleamed past the black dragon’s neck, cutting its head off just like that.

“So it’s all false.” The Undying Soul shook his head. With a few casual chops, he killed the colorful phoenix as well.


The Garrison Stele trembled a little, then quieted down without further movement. Its surface was now pitch-black without a hint of luster.

“Stop dallying! If it were to spread about how six of us wasted this much time on four little guys, we’ll be a joke!” shouted the Undying Soul that had been injured earlier by the four players’ combined attack.

“Alright, let’s get them into the Plate of Reincarnation.” The ninja Undying Soul seemed to disdain sneak attacks now. He strode forward with the dagger in hand that gradually gleamed more and more brightly.

“Well, it seems that I can’t keep it in reserve anymore,” Fatty mumbled.

The Elemental Sword Formation suddenly came to life. A flickering, illusory figure suddenly appeared within.

“Geeze, no rest even in death…” The illusion slowly extended a hand, and in an instant, grabbed the ninja Undying Soul by the neck.

“You are… Wu Junxiao?” All six Undying Souls were visibly terrified. The five behind all retreated a step at once and even the one whose neck was in a grip instinctively tried to move back.

“Ahh, a mere tiny nation actually dares to fight our Xuanhuang Ancient Country.”

The illusory figure was indeed Wu Junxiao. Although he said he would disappear after making three appearances, in the end, he still hid his last sliver of his consciousness in the Elemental Sword Diagram so as to help Fatty out at a critical moment.

“So what if you’re Wu Junxiao? Look at you, dead for several thousand years. A mere soul remnant dares talk big in front of us?!”

The seized ninja Undying Soul suddenly spoke up in an arrogant tone. He swung his hand and a cold metal glint slashed at Wu Junxiao’s arm.

“Humph! Some gaps can never be crossed no matter what you do.” Wu Junxiao’s tightened his fingers. A brief wretched scream came out from the ninja Undying Soul’s mouth as his body suddenly burst into black fog. One claw from Wu Junxiao incredibly destroyed a God-tier soul’s solid form.

“Go to hell!” Wu Junxiao waved both hands. Immediately, the entire Elemental Sword Formation buzzed as if in joy yet as if whining, as countless five-colored sword lights appeared from thin air and streaked towards the Undying Souls.

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