Chapter 302 Elemental Sword Diagram

Chapter 302 – Elemental Sword Diagram




The Yin Yang Magistrate summoned by Purple Bell was smashed and burst into nothingness; DukeGarrison’s stele was knocked flying; worst of all, the damaged Sky Ripper Spear of RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear was flicked out of his hand and lodged into the wall.

As for Fatty, just right after he summoned the Violent Ox King to knock away the ninja Undying Soul, the mount had been ganged up on and insta-killed.

“God-tier power is nothing you lot can imagine.” One of the Undying Souls retracted his fist with disdain.

“Stop talking nonsense. Kill them and take the artifacts.” Another one stared at the Elemental Skill Book hovering before Fatty with craving written all over his face.

“Elemental Skill Book, heheh, it used to be a Legendary artifact, ahh. Even we… all lost to it,” another Undying Soul vaguely said.

“Last time when His Lordship quietly snuck into Xuanhuang, didn’t Elementalist Wu Junxiao strike him with the Elemental Skill Book, which made His Lordship vomit blood and flee back?” An Undying Soul glanced at the Elemental Skill Book with a fearful expression.

“Shhh, don’t mention this. If His Lordship hears, he will kill you,” another hurriedly stopped his friend’s careless words.

“What’s there to be afraid of? His Lordship hasn’t recovered from his injury yet, he can’t hear me. Say, His Lordship is striving to get his revenge, but what do you think he’ll feel when he wakes up and knows that Wu Junxiao is already dead?” An Undying Soul chuckled in amusement.

“What else can he think? While he can’t get his revenge himself, he’ll still feel well comforted.”

“If I may say, that Wu Junxiao was too powerful. If he didn’t die yet, I’m afraid that His Lordship wouldn’t be able to avenge himself anyway.”

“That’s why His Lordship didn’t let us join the grand war between humans and demons last time, it looked like he had some agreement with the other side…”

The Undying Souls all chimed in the discussion about the old tales between the young Wu Junxiao and ‘His Lordship.’

“Alright, let’s talk later. First, finish off these fellows,” urged one of the Undying Souls after a while.

By that time, Purple Bell, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear, and Duke Garrison had stowed their weapons and gathered up with Fatty. The gap between theirs and the God-tier experts was too big. Not to say that the enemy had more people, even one of those Undying Souls alone could easily massacre their group.

From the altar, several hundred Guardians of the Shrine emerged from the tablets and formed a circle around Fatty’s group, silently waiting for the six Undying Souls to decide the players’ fate.

One of the Undying Souls took several steps forth, slowly raising his right palm in which a mass of light flickered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so straightforwardly. I will kill slowly so that you lot can carefully savor the painful taste of death.” With ferocious laughter, the Undying Soul hurled out the flickering light mass.

“Screw it! Elemental Sword Diagram!”

Fatty bellowed and a painting flew out. It suspended above his head and quickly expanded.

Huaaa… The Elemental Sword Diagram shook as it loomed over Fatty’s party while it kept expanding outward. Countless sword beams shot up high, and incredibly knocked the Plate of Reincarnation to tilt it to the side.

Ever since the first time he appeared, Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness had constantly reminded Fatty that he could only show up three times. At the Sea Territory of Evil when they met the Black Dragon King was already the third time. After they exited that place, Wu Junxiao casually informed that he would disappear forever and never appear again, and that was when he passed the Elemental Sword Diagram to Fatty.

Despite being only a diagram, it could coordinate with the Elemental Sword to build a next-level magic formation of great lethality, making it a superb tool for leapfrog challenges.

The instant the Elemental Sword Formation emerged, an endless clanking sound echoed as sword beams shot into the sky. Even the six Undying Souls who had been scornful, involuntarily moved back several steps.

“Elemental Sword Diagram?” The six pairs of eyes shone even more brightly, and drool really started to drip from their mouths.

“Kill that man and take the drops!” The Undying Souls could no longer hold it anymore and attacked in unison.

“Elemental Sword Formation, move!”

Fatty shouted while pointing at a direction. A golden sword shot out from behind and shone a brilliant five-colored light.

Whoosh! Five swords of different elements split up, turning into streaks of light that shot toward spots in five different directions of the formation.

“Metal Forest!”

As his words fell, the entire Elemental Sword Diagram violently shook. Piercing-sharp sword lights shot out amidst metallic vibration. Long swords, either damaged or perfect, began to fill the space.

These swords looked very ancient, engraved with ancient patterns that no one understood. In the sound of sword humming and metallic vibration, the swords jumped up, seemingly wanting to fly off into the sky.

“But it’s just a mere Elemental Sword Diagram. If it had been a God-tier expert hosing it, we naturally wouldn’t dare set even half a step inside; but trash who hasn’t even reached the 6th enhancement? You don’t deserve something as good as this!”

The six Undying Souls brazenly walked towards the diagram formation, also coming with them was that big Plate of Reincarnation.

“Fatty, will it work?” asked DukeGarrison.

“Heh, I don’t know if there are any experience points for killing an NPC, but if there was, one God-tier NPC should be able to get us all to level 60.” Fatty licked his lips as he watched the six Undying Souls approach and instructed, “I’ll control the formation to attack them. You guys can attack at will, just don’t leave the scope of Metal Forest.”

The Elemental Sword Diagram was able to interchange among Metal Forest, Wood Forest, Watery Deep, Fire Valley, and Earth Mountain. However, Fatty could only control this one form at his current strength.

“Break!” after the six Undying Souls reached the edge of the Metal Forest, one of them shouted and punched out his right fist.

Clink clank… Sensing someone attacking, every single sword in the Metal Forest rocked, shooting out sword beams to welcome the opponent’s fist.


When the sword lights and the fist collided, the former exploded and dispersed while the latter kept going at the same momentum, striking at several metal swords. Whines could be heard as these metal swords were smashed to pieces.

“Just so so.” The Undying Soul who made the punch laughed loudly and quickly strode forth, raising another fist.

“We’ll control the Plate of Reincarnation well and strive to get the Elemental Skill Book to drop at first try.” The other five stood still, each shot out a light from their hands that connected to the Plate of Reincarnation. The huge plate slowly rotated, its black and white Yin and Yang shrouded the entire Metal Forest as well as Fatty within.

“Or we can just directly use the power of the Plate to annihilate them,” one of the Undying Souls suggested.

“Too much of a waste. It’s hard for the Plate to accumulate power from many years of killing and storing souls. We should save as much energy as we can.”

Upon seeing the opponent smash several swords to pieces, Fatty was indifferent and only urged the Metal Forest to operate faster. Countless sword lights erupted and whizzed toward this Undying Soul with murderous intent.


DukeGarrison roared the moment the Undying Soul struck out the second punch. DukeGarrison’s entire body seemed to liven up. His right arm whirled with tremendous force and the Garrison Stele that had resized to three meters in height violently hit the floor. Immediately, a faint yellow layer of light emerged in the vicinity, blocking the Undying Soul’s punch that was unable to smash any swords this time.

“Actually, although my Garrison Stele has a high attack, its main ability is still defense,” DukeGarrison explained when he caught Fatty’s puzzled look.

With the addition of the Garrison Stele, the defense of the Metal Forest rose to a new level. The Undying Souls wouldn’t be able to easily break through it even with their God-tier power.

And if the enemy party wanted to use long-range attacks, the attacks would be hindered by layers of sword aura and weakened as much as possible when they finally reached Fatty, who could then easily counter them.

After the stalemate dragged on for about ten minutes, the attacking Undying Soul finally began to grow impatient. For a God-tier expert to be hard-pressed when dealing with some players of the 5th class enhancement, he’d become the butt of many people’s jokes if this news were to spread.

“Hah!” The Undying Soul heavily stomped a foot on the ground. Instantly, his body grew bigger and his muscles bulged. Finally, he turned into a five-meter-tall giant.

“Kill Break Punch!” roared the Undying Soul, whose entire right fist turned golden.

As the Undying Soul punched, the fist, like a huge gold hammer, shrieked toward the Metal Forest.

Clang clang clang… Bringing destruction wherever it passed, the golden fist smashed through shards of broken swords all the way towards Fatty.

Fatty’s expression didn’t change one bit. DukeGarrison flipped his hand, sending the Garrison Stele flying before Fatty and blocking the punch.

“Ugh!” DukeGarrison groaned. A trail of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth while his health bar could be seen plummeting sharply to near rock bottom.

“That’s a God-tier expert for ya,” DukeGarrison praised. If it hadn’t been for so many swords sapping away the golden fist’s power, his Garrison Stele would be okay but DukeGarrison would have been one-shotted.

“Very strong defense!” The opponent’s eyes also lit up in approval. Without any delay, he deployed another punch and at the same time strode into the Metal Forest.

“Metal Forest, run!” Fatty’s voice boomed. While operating the Metal Forest, Fatty waved his arms. The other five Undying Souls and the Plate of Reincarnation suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Only ten seconds,” Fatty rapidly said. The Elemental Skill Book automatically flipped open and cast a frenzy of powerful spells.

“Humph!” The punching Undying Soul ignored the attacks as he forcefully charged through them with his chest puffed out, continuing to make his way toward Fatty.

Kah… A thin layer of ice enveloped the Undying Soul. Apparently, some ice spells were able to freeze him.

“Righteous Blood Cleanses the Silver Spear!”

With a loud cry, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear grasped this rare opportunity to use his most powerful skill.

A boundless sea of blood emerged bearing countless aggrieved souls. The Sky Ripper Spear transformed into a bloody streak of light that pierced through the Undying Soul’s body.

“Judge’s Sanction!”

Purple Bell softly sighed as if lamenting, and a bell chime rang out from the Yin Yan Manual. The Undying Soul shrieked and staggered a little. Unexpectedly, his health dropped by 10%.


DukeGarrison used this skill again. This time, the Garrison Stele expanded to ten meters tall and crashed down on the Undying Soul’s head.

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