Chapter 301 God-tier Undying Souls

Chapter 301 – God-tier Undying Souls

Fatty and the others set fires all over the place, but the damage wasn’t desirable, after all, there were many guardians. However, if pictures of this incident were to be posted online, it would be a big humiliation for Sun Dynasty.

Footsteps were fast approaching the shrine, some proper, some messy. Apparently, they belonged to the NPC guards and the players respectively.

“It’s just impossible to burn it down!” TheFugitive exclaimed.

“With just the few of us, how do we burn it all down?” HeadofGod snorted. “All we need is some pictures.”

As the fires blazed with passion, everybody captured several pictures. Last time they had barged in here without knowing any of the details inside, thus triggering the memorial tablets of the God-tier Undying Souls. As a result, some were insta-killed and the rest ran without being able to burn or take pictures.

“Go, quickly!”

After taking some pictures, Fatty took everyone into the Elemental Mystery Realm, about to leave with Earthwalk.

Bang! Fatty’s head bumped on the ground. To his shock, Earthwalk couldn’t be used.

Turning around, Fatty saw a soul in red robes slowly rise from a tablet.

This soul looked like a real person with detailed facial features and a solid-looking body, unlike the previous ones who were illusory. After coming out of the tablet, the soul walked to Fatty with light steps.

“Elemental Movement Arts? Where did you learn it?” The soul was all high and mighty as he looked down at Fatty.

Fatty suddenly remembered that they had five elements in Sun Dynasty as well, which were taken from Chinese legends.

“What about it? It’s not like I learned it from you,” Fatty sneered.

“Xuanhuang people?” The soul smiled blandly and extended his right hand. “Little brat, your smart mouth will make you suffer.”

A deep dark light shot out from the soul’s right hand and shrouded the entire space. Fatty felt his body abruptly sink from a pressure heavily imposed on it, all his bones crackled as he was pressed into nearly kneeling down.

“Where are the rest? Just come out altogether.” The soul stood with his hands crossed behind his back and an arrogant face, seemingly disdainful to even look at Fatty.

Except for Han Shen who stood guard outside, the rest of the group had been placed inside Fatty’s Elemental Mystery Realm. It was a space exclusive only to the Elementalist, so others could never find or open it.

The pressure grew immense as time ticked. Fatty’s bones were rattling all over and his legs gradually bent, his knees getting closer and closer to the ground.

“I… fudge!” Fatty cursed out of anger and suddenly straightened his body forcefully. A “crack” resounded as his feet dug into the ground.

“And you want to burn our Shrine of Peace with your meager strength?” The soul had an expression of disdain. With but a slight wave of his hand, Fatty was flung and crashed into the wall with a boom.

“Damn it!” Fatty barely got up and viciously glared at the opponent.

“Fatty, let me out. I’ll deal with him,” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s voice suddenly rang out by his ears.

With a thought, Fatty opened the Elemental Mystery Realm and released RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear, Purple Bell, and DukeGarrison all at once.

“It’s you lot again.” Seeing these three, the soul’s face changed a little. Apparently, the last commotion didn’t cause much of a loss, but was quite a face-slapping experience for the souls, as some of them had been able to escape from the hands of God-tier experts.

“Capture them and give them the punishment they deserve. Let them know that our Sun Dynasty is not a place they can come and go as they please!” Another soul leaped out from a tablet. Judging from his domineering aura, he was as powerful as the first one.

“Be careful, they are two of the six Undying Souls that dealt with us. The other four haven’t come out yet, watch out for them,” Purple Bell whispered.

“What’s there to be afraid of? We’ll die back at most.” Han Shen had snuck in without anyone noticing. Outside, the shrine had been sealed off by the army of Sun Dynasty.

“Die back? Last time we let you weasel through a loophole, but don’t even think about it this time,” the second soul coldly sneered. “A large magical formation has been set up here. After you die, you’ll be resurrected on the spot. You’ll only ‘die back’ to your designated respawn point after 50 times. But I wonder how many times you guys can be resurrected?”

50 times?! The group was appalled. At present the highest-level player is only level 50. Does this mean they will kill us to level 0? Moreover, who knows how many things will drop after dying 50 times in a row!

“Then you need to be able to kill us first.” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear had already summoned his white horse. With a loud battle cry, his weapon, the silver spear, sped like lightning toward an opponent’s throat.

“Ignorant fool!” One of the souls waved his hand, wanting to slap the spear away.

“AHH!” A painful scream resounded. The silver spear had suddenly glowed red and pierced through the soul’s hand and then impaled his chest with the momentum.

“Damnable thing! It’s the Sky Ripper Spear!” This soul apparently recognized the spear. He suddenly transformed into black fog, dispersing then reappearing over six meters away from RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear.

“That’s not right. During the last grand war, the Sky Ripper Spear was broken. This is the damaged Sky Ripper Spear!” A smile crept onto the soul’s face when he suddenly recalled something. “Not bad, not bad at all. We just happen to lack materials to craft Divine items, this damaged Sky Ripper Spear is perfect. As for you two, what are you relying on?” He turned to Purple Bell and DukeGarrison.

Without a word, Purple Bell summoned the Yin Yang Manual, which flew out and quickly flipped pages. Finally, a figure wearing a tall crown and a long black robe walked out from the manual.

As for DukeGarrison, he flipped his hand and the stone stele enlarged until it turned into a six-meter tall stele next to him.

“Yin Yang Manual, Garrison Stele? Very good, perfect!” Four more souls floated down from their tablets. They were obviously the other four Undying Souls that Purple Bell and the others had encountered last time.

“With these three objects, we can repair the national treasure. Not only so, but we can also merge our souls into the national treasure and leave this shrine; when the time comes, we can once again lead our army to Xuanhuang Ancient Country and trample them!”

“Leading your army over? With just you?” Fatty snorted disdainfully.

“It seems you don’t have anything good, let’s get you over with.” One soul shot Fatty a glance and pointed his finger. A gray smoke appeared out of nowhere and swept across Fatty.

Whoosh! The Elemental Skill Book abruptly emerged in front of Fatty and sent out a fire dragon that ferociously devoured the gray smoke.

“Elemental Skill Book?” Six pairs of eyes lit up in unison as they stared hungrily at the skill book hovering before Fatty.

“You’re the heir of the Elementalist? Good, very good! With this skill book, not only can we craft another Divine artifact, but we can also create our own mystery realm!”

The six Undying Souls went wild with joy, their eyes glowed green with lust like perverts who hadn’t had a woman for years suddenly seeing a naked beauty right in front of them. They looked like they would have drooled if they had any saliva.

“The Elemental Skill Book is exclusive only to the Elementalist. What makes you think you can take it away?” Fatty smiled coldly.

“Heh, undroppable as it is, there’s an exception to everything, isn’t there?!” an Undying Soul shouted.

“Hahaha, bring out the Plate of Reincarnation.” The hands of another Undying Soul danced about in high spirits. “Use the plate to take their souls, and these things will drop! Hahaha, it’s time our mighty dynasty rises. Long live Sun Dynasty!”

“Long live Sun Dynasty!” the Sun Dynasty troops outside also chorused, painting a stark contrast to Fatty and co. who were looking at each other in terror.

There’s a tool that can make undroppable gears drop? If there’s such a tool, then what can be absolutely undroppable anymore?!

A plate over one meter wide flew out from behind the table. Only black and white in color, an aura of primitive desolation emanated from the plate.

“What a disaster,” Fatty murmured. “We only wanted to delay them a little to reach our goal even if we had to lose a level for it, but it’s serious trouble now. A magic formation that can force players to respawn on the spot and a plate that can rob undroppable gears. We’re losing big time…”

“Hurry, either you lot kill yourselves, or we’ll do it for you,” one of the God-tier souls loudly urged. “If you kill yourselves, we’ll let you die back after taking these things; otherwise, everyone will have to die 50 times.”

“You guys get inside the Elemental Mystery Realm, I’ll think of a solution.” Fatty quickly opened the Elemental Mystery Realm, wanting to collect the other three.

“I won’t leave you here alone,” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear stubbornly stated and gripped his spear.

“I won’t go in either,” Purple Bell and Duke Garrison said in unison.

“You guys, geez!” Fatty knew they’d rather get killed to level 0 and lose their equipment than to retreat from the enemy, so he no longer persuaded. Only his eyes rapidly flickered around as he brainstormed for a way to flee this place.

“You guys don’t want to kill yourselves? Seems like we have to do it ourselves then.” An Undying Soul happily slid over with a dagger in hand.

“Wanna kill us? Then bring it!” DukeGarrison suddenly roared. The huge Garrison Stele next to him floated off the ground with a rumble and shot screaming toward the opponent.

“Heheh,” the dagger-wielding Undying Soul chuckled and suddenly vanished.

“Careful, he might be of the hidden class Ninja,” Purple Bell alerted in a whisper.

Violent Ox King! Fatty instantly summoned the mount. With a bellow, the Violent Ox King sent a ring of fire sweeping out from its body.

Bang! A figure only three meters away from DukeGarrison was knocked away by the fire ring. Retreating several steps before finally steadying himself, the Undying Soul’s face grew a bit angry.

“Heh, God-tier,” Fatty muttered and he flipped the Elemental Skill Book to a certain page.

How strong was a God-tier expert? Just thinking back to how Fatty was bullied by the Violent Ox King and pursued in a deadly chase by the Crimsontail Fire Luan, and how West River Field along with so many of his clan members were driven into a wretched state by a single mid-rank Yao Silvershine Jellyfish, one could guess how high and mighty a God-tier expert, which was on an entirely different level from all of those above, would be. The four of them only had their equipment to rely on, while the enemy party had six authentic God-tier experts.

This was way worse than an uphill battle.

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