Chapter 3 First Time in the Game

Chapter 3 – First Time in the Game

“Ahahaha. Ouch, my feet.”

Fatty ran back home with Qian Xiaoqian in a bedraggled manner. When they got home, the two of them looked at each other and started laughing. Only after a while did Qian Xiaoqian notice that her feet had started to hurt, so she immediately kicked her high heels off to the side and sat on the bed.

“Bro, where did you get so much money from?” Two high-class helmets cost two hundred thousand, so Qian Xiaoqian was completely shocked by how much Fatty had spent, and still could not quite believe what she saw.

“I earned it,” Fatty opened the packaging and took out their helmets. He checked them over repeatedly, then silently said in his heart. If the game isn’t going to earn money, then I’ll f*cking use this helmet as a stool. Just thinking about a stool worth a hundred thousand was exciting and fresh.

“I’m asking you how you earned it,” Qian Xiaoqian walked over behind Fatty, then turned his head over to face her. “Didn’t you say that your monthly salary is less than ten thousand? How could you have so much money?”

“How surprising can it be? It’s just from my salary,” Fatty took off his helmet and moved his little sister’s hand away. “These were the savings that I saved up since I was young. It was supposed to be the money for your dowry, but since we bought the helmets, you’ll have to figure out your own dowry when you get married in the future.”

“Bro,” Qian Xiaoqian leaned her head against Fatty’s warm chest.

“Alright, let’s start playing the game!” Fatty moved Qian Xiaoqian’s head away, then plugged in the helmet and put it on in preparation for battle.

“It’s only starting at eight o’clock this evening,” Qian Xiaoqian looked at Fatty speechlessly. “Bro, I feel like you should check out the game-related info on the ‘net first. That way, you’ll be able to level up quicker.”

“Hmm? You seem quite familiar with this game,” Fatty looked at Qian Xiaoqian in confusion.

“Ah? No, I just heard it from other people,” Qian Xiaoqian quickly held Fatty’s hand and shook his arm.

“Alright, you’re all grown up now, so you don’t need me to manage you. Make your own decisions,” Fatty turned on his computer, then found the game-related info and read for a while. “F*ck, wasn’t this f*cking made for Lord Fatty?”

Qian Xiaoqian could only remain speechless.

The night arrived very quickly, due to it being September. Since the school did not allow students to stay overnight outside the campus, Qian Xiaoqian finished eating her dinner very quickly.

After Fatty sent Xiaoqian back to school, he immediately ran back home to get ready to earn money.


“Wow, Xiaoqian, is your helmet a high-class one? Oh, it really is. I’m so jealous,” the moment Qian Xiaoqian returned to her dormitory, her roommates immediately surrounded her.

“I heard that a high-class one costs a hundred thousand. Xiaoqian, hurry up. Be honest, which handsome man bought it for you?” Liu Hong asked as she tickled Qian Xiaoqian. All of them knew that Qian Xiaoqian’s family was not very wealthy, and that she had lived with her brother. Thus, the fact that Qian Xiaoqian suddenly brought back a helmet costing a hundred thousand completely shocked them.

“You never would have expected it. My older brother bought it for me,” Qian Xiaoqian smiled proudly.

“Your brother is so nice. I wish I had a brother like that,” Liu Hong said enviously.

“Sure, I’ll introduce my older brother to you,” Qian Xiaoqian giggled.

“Heh, you actually don’t feel ashamed of introducing that ugly fatty?” Wu Fang said coldly on the side.

“Just what are you saying about my brother?” Qian Xiaoqian jumped out and pointed at Wu Fang’s nose.

“How am I speaking? You actually aren’t letting other people comment even though he is ugly. God knows how much blood he sold to buy such a helmet.”

“Lil’ Fang.” Seeing the two start to fight, Qian Xiaoqian’s other roommates immediately pulled them apart.

“Heh. Haha,” Qian Xiaoqian suddenly laughed. “Wu Fang, no need to put it in such a terrible way. I know you’re jealous of my brother buying such a nice helmet for me. Go and find such a nice older brother if you can.”

“You!” Wu Fang pointed at Qian Xiaoqian, but was unable to utter everything. Everyone knew that she liked the president of the Arts Club, Qi Qian, but Qi Qian likes Qian Xiaoqian. That was actually the origin of their grudge.

Meanwhile, Fatty already ran back to his room. He took a look at the time. It was seven fifty something, so he immediately got ready to log in.

The company said that it would begin at eight, and it’s actually beginning at eight sharp!? Since Fatty had entered a few minutes earlier, he could only wait dumbly as everything in front of him was completely dark.

Beep. Suddenly, a star had begun to rise in front of his eyes, and then another one, and another. When nine shimmering stars rose up, they suddenly exploded, forming two words in the air – Star Fantasia.

Fatty twitched his mouth. Stars filled the sky like in dreams and fantasies. The nine golden stars were Star Fantasia’s symbol. Even though Fatty didn’t play any games, he was still immensely familiar with the largest gaming company in the world.

“Welcome to the world of Eternal,” when the golden light dispersed, a stark whiteness appeared in front of his eyes. However, it did not cover his vision like the darkness had earlier. Rather, it floated into the air like a cloud, as a female voice sounded out beside Fatty’s ear.

Who was that? What is this place? Fatty was very curious. As expected of their reputation, it seems like it really is something.

“Please select your race,” although the voice sounded nice, it was cold and emotionless, so Fatty was certain that it was not a staff of Star Fantasia.

“Human.” Being a human is still better.

“Please select your class.”

“Rogue.” What’s the class with the wealthiest future? It’s definitely rogue. As for the others… Warrior? Just a dumb meat shield. Mage? What pitiful HP. Archer? They’re too far, so they can’t get any loot. Priest? Tsk, Lord Fatty doesn’t wanna be a baby sitter.

“Please enter your character name.”

“Money Grubber.” That was Fatty’s nickname, and the name he used most outside of his real name.

“Scanning stats. Please wait.”

“Beep. Strength: 10; Dexterity: 10; Intellect: 10; Endurance: 10. Please confirm your class once again. Would you like to make any changes?”

“Hah, full stats. My body’s great, after all, I eat well,” Fatty put on a smug expression.


“You can adjust your appearance by up to 20%. Please adjust as you wish.”

 “20% uglier.” I can’t use my real appearance to do bad things. Actually, the uglier, the better it is, the best is if no one would even notice me when I’m in the middle of a crowd.

“Alteration success. The character has been created. Would you like to immediately enter the game?”

No shit, of course. Fatty chose to enter directly. Then, he appeared in the Beginner’s Village with a flash.

At that moment, he was dressed in a crappy hempen tunic generated by the system. Fatty checked it out. Defense +1. Then he checked out the worn out hempen shoes on his feet, which were essentially just randomly tied to his feet with a few strings. Defense +1.

Fatty opened up his backpack, and saw that there was only a wooden sword with the attack range of 0-1 in it alongside twenty empty slots.

“So stingy,” Fatty pointed his middle finger towards a nearby tall tree.

Then, he opened up his status tab to look at his status page.

Alright, time to kill monsters and level up. Fatty immediately grew anxious when he saw the people around him hurry out of the village. F*ck, those are stealing Lord Fatty’s cash.

There was a hen pecking grubs off the ground at the entrance of the village. Fatty immediately rushed over to slash it.

-10 HP.


Hmm? It dodged?

The attacked hen was furious, and immediately rushed over and pecked towards Fatty.

“Hey, you actually dare to resist me? Be a good girl and let Lord Fatty rape you,” Fatty did not dodge, and merely punched the hen on the head.


Then a slash.


Take my invisible kick and dog-beating staff.

Then hen finally fell onto the ground, then struggled a little before dying, giving Fatty 2 EXP and 2 copper coins.

1 silver coin is 1 RMB, and that is also 100 copper coins. Hah, so this is 2 cents.

“Haha, great successful first battle. I’ve gotten my first kill!” Fatty picked up the two copper coins, then immediately charged into a nearby chicken group and begun his slaughter with his sword in his right hand, and his left hand forming a first.

He always started out with a slash first, and if it didn’t die from that? Another slash coupled with a few kicks. Then, if it still dared to resist? Fatty would immediately exert his violent dominance.

Since each hen only had around 50 HP, they were unable to endure Fatty’s relentless attacks at all. Soon, Fatty slaughtered five or six hens, and due to them giving a pretty decent amount of experience, his EXP bar was already 10% of the way to the next level.

Meanwhile, some of the players at a distance was completely dumbfounded by Fatty’s actions. Just who is this guy? He’s so amazing. Monsters in Eternal are so strong. We actually need two or three people to team up against a level 1 monster like this, and even then, we still have to avoid getting hit. These hens tough, and a single attack would actually take away more than half of our HP.

Outside of casters, no other players would begin with a skill in Eternal, and players would only be able to learn skills once they get their first class enhancement at Level 10. Since they didn’t have any skills, they naturally found it rather hard to kill monsters.

Since the people who entered the game from the get-go were either rich people or professionals who were going to develop more in the game. Thus, when a few people saw the potential that Fatty had, they immediately walked over.

“My friend, let’s form a team?” a tall human warrior walked over. He had noticed the abnormality of Fatty very early. He’s just a rogue, but he actually has an higher attack than me.

“Sorry, I’ve already got partners,” Fatty refused kindly. For Fatty, who had a grand plan of making huge bucks, any teammates were only going to be of a burden to him.

The warrior shook his head, “I’m called East Gate BlowingWind. Let’s add each other as friends?”

“Nice name. I’m Money Grubber. You can find me for anything that earns a lot of money,” Fatty replied as he added East Gate BlowingWind to his friend list.

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