Chapter 299 DukeGarrison

Chapter 299 – DukeGarrison

Since the Silvershine Jellyfish self-destructed, its inner core naturally exploded along with it.

A mid-rank Yao boss’ inner core contained a terrifying amount of energy. When that energy burst out all at once, it created a huge whirlpool two hundred meters wide.

The five ships were sucked towards the whirlpool. The players on board staggered left and right and hastily held onto the rails. In his panic and fright, West River Field repeatedly gave orders to stabilize the ships.

After the impact of the explosion finally passed, the sea surface was a mess. While the five ships and their facilities didn’t suffer much damage, there were still several players from each ship that had been swept into the ocean and perished.

“Frick,” West River Field spat out a word, his face gloomy.

Leading so many people to fight a boss without gaining anything in the end, no wonder West River Field was angry. However, what was more surprising was that the system translator could actually translate that curse word. Fatty found it very professional.

With a dark face, West River Field sent several people down the ocean to pick the loot that the Silvershine Jellyfish dropped – two Violet and five Gold equipment, as well as a bunch of other objects.

However, the most valuable drop of a Yao monster was its inner core. Now that the Silvershine Jellyfish had self-destructed along with its core, this trip could be considered to be made in vain.

“Retreat,” West River Field waved his hand and ordered with an ugly face.

Fatty jumped off the Violent Ox King and happily found a place to sit down on a ship, completely ignoring West River Field’s gloomy mood. The guy didn’t bother with Fatty either, he opened the communicator and said something, when suddenly his voice rose to a new pitch.

“Leave a few people here to return the ships, the rest will recall with me right now!” West River Field’s face flushed red in exhilaration.

“Mister West River Field, what’s happened?” The leader of the group of Yin Yang Masters came over. To pull up the Silvershine Jellyfish earlier, this fellow had consumed most of his energy on shadow manipulation and was still panting even now.

“Those outsiders have revealed their traces. Currently, they are being trapped by Mister WindRoar and his people. We should hurry over. If we can catch one ourselves, it will be our glory!” West River Field said excitedly.

“Oh woah, the outsiders! Let’s hurry and catch them!”

As the news spread, all the players on board grew excited. Everyone hurriedly tore a Recall Scroll and disappeared.

“Looks like Purple Bell and the others have been caught.” Fatty also tore a Recall Scroll without a second thought. He didn’t think too much about it. Since he entered this country, he was prepared to die.

Whoosh! Fatty appeared at the nearest city. This wasn’t a main city, but a base established by some guild.

“Mister Grubber, catch up,” West River Field called out to him from a distance. Fatty squeezed through the crowd to him. There, Fatty saw the players around running towards a Teleportation Portal in a hurry.

“Quick quick!” West River Field grabbed Fatty and dragged him toward the portal as well, saying as they ran, “We need to hurry over. I heard that in addition to the first batch of outsiders, there are also some others who have just come to their aid, some very famous clan in their country. if we can catch just one of them, we’ll be famous all over.”

Others who have come to aid them? A very famous clan? The first Fatty thought of was God Familia. If it was really them who came, there should be a great show to watch.

Going through two more Teleportation Portals, Fatty finally stopped at another base established by a clan. This place was already teeming with Sun Dynasty players. Looking at this dense black mass, Fatty estimated there to be roughly ten thousand people.

“Report, we’ve found their trace!” shouted a player who quickly rode over on a snake-like mount.

“Everyone keep up, go!” Like excited horses released on the racetrack, the mass of players surged towards a direction. Closely following behind West River Field, Fatty was swept along with the crowd.

The destination was a small mountainous terrain. The hills weren’t high, only a dozen meters or so, but the trees were lush and dense, making this a great hiding place.

“They are just over there,” loudly shouted a player who seemed to be a guild master. “Go! Don’t kill them; capture them and take them to the shrine for punishment.”

There were already quite a number of players going into the mountains. West River Field opened the communicator and whispered some questions into it. Then, he took Fatty to another area.

“Father,” West River Field respectfully greeted a middle-aged man.

“You’ve come.” West River Field’s father nodded and then looked at Fatty. “And this is?”

“This gentleman is a good friend I’ve just made today, Mister Grubber. He has a Yao mount, very formidable. Mister Grubber, this is my father, the head of our West River clan, West River SoaringCrane,” West River Field quickly introduced.

“Greetings, West River Clan Head.” Fatty nodded to West River SoaringCrane.

“Nice to meet you. If you join our West River clan, you will surely get benefits.” West River SoaringCrane didn’t pay much attention to Fatty. He only casually gave Fatty some words before starting to arrange his subordinates. “The new batch is very powerful, they were number one in the Guild’s Group category of their country's tournament, so we must cooperate tightly. We absolutely can’t let even one of them escape. This is the area we are responsible for, we mustn't let any escape through here. West River Field, bring a group to defend that area. West River Grand, take some people over there…”

Since West River SoaringCrane had given orders, West River Field didn’t dare to dawdle. He hurriedly led Fatty and several other people to guard at the appointed area.

“Aha! I remember now. That number one rogue guild is called God Familia or something. Heh, if we capture them all, I’ll see if they still have the face to call themselves that again,” West River Field suddenly exclaimed. The others chimed in approvingly.

“If it weren't for the Natural Barrier and the border pass restriction, we would have fought our way over and trampled them!”

“We should farm more border passes. If we send ten to twenty thousand people over there, it should be enough to annihilate them.”

“I’ve heard that aside from the Imperial Capital, they also have four main cities and even Sky City is there. The area is much larger than ours. Only our empire is qualified for land with such rich natural resources.”

“That’s right!…”

As these fellows clamored, Fatty inwardly sneered and didn’t say a word, only looking around everywhere.

“What are you looking at, Mister Grubber?” West River Field asked curiously when he realized that Fatty had been keeping silent.

“It’s a hard task to be stationed at a place. We should carefully analyze the terrain,” Fatty casually came up with an excuse.

“Haha, Brother Grubber, you’re being too serious. We’re only here just in case. At least ten clans have come into the mountains. No matter how formidable the outsiders are, there’s no way they can make it all the way here. The only problem now is whether or not we can capture them alive," said a player.

“Is that so? You guys wait here, I’ll go and check.” Fatty nodded and directly headed up the hills.

Fatty had just joined the West River clan, so there naturally was a clan tag on his body. Due to this, the Sun Dynasty players he passed by didn’t pay much attention to him and simply let him go all the way in.

“Head, you guys are here?” Fatty quietly asked via the communicator as he walked.

“Huh? Fatty, you’re here as well? How didn’t we receive any news?” a doubtful voice rang out from the other side, which then turned into chuckles. “I was a little reckless when I came here and let some fellows find my trace. As you can see, now so many have been attracted, hahaha!”

“Who came?” Fatty swaggered towards the depths, following the coordinates provided by HeadofGod.

“Only the twelve of us God Familia. Oh, and also some friends who came earlier,” said HeadofGod.

The story was that, before the national borders opened, Purple Bell and the others who got their border passes from the tournament agreed in advance to come here together. After causing some vandalism, they were chased and mobbed by the crazy players of the Sun Dynasty. Some died while some escaped and successfully grouped up with God Familia.

“Big Brother Fatty, why didn’t you come together with Big Brother Head?” Purple Bell’s sweet voice sounded.

Fatty laughed heartily. “I came here through illegal means."

After entering the mountain, Fatty used Stealth. Finally, he arrived at a hidden area where he saw his friends.

The twelve of God Familia looked perfect without a scratch. Meanwhile, of the ten people who first came, only Purple Bell, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear, DukeGarrison, and LittleLi’s FlyingDagger were left. Fatty was very familiar with the majority of them except for only DukeGarrison. This was the first time they met.

DukeGarrison was a middle-aged player who had a face like a scholar with white skin and no beard. His hands were holding a stone stele engraved with the word “Garrison.”

“Money Grubber? I’ve heard a lot about you.” DukeGarrison cupped his fists toward Fatty. Instantly, TheFugitive’s voice echoed by Fatty’s ears, telling him the details of DukeGarrison.

DukeGarrison was originally a lifestyle player. One time, he was bullied away from his usual collecting spot and forced to go to a dangerous area to gather herbs. The result was, his luck suddenly exploded – he encountered a chance to get a hidden class and got the stone stele.

For this hidden class, DukeGarrison started all over from ground zero and changed to his current name.

Since DukeGarrison emerged in the top ten of the First Under Heaven Tournament, and moreover, still hadn’t died until this point, it said a lot about his strength.

“What are you guys going to do? Charge out or keep grinding it out with them?” Faty asked.

“We only came here to burn that shrine, we couldn’t care less about other things,” declared HeadofGod. “As long as we can burn it down, it’s worth it even if we all die back to Xuanhuang.”

“But that place is guarded by God-tier undead souls, it’s impossible for the few of us to burn it.” Fatty frowned.

“We need to think of some way about that. If we can lure those souls away, it’ll only take a fire and we’ll be golden,” said TheFugitive.

“There are six Undying Souls in total,” DukeGarrison suddenly spoke. “I can restrain one for a short time; Lil’ brother RighteousBlood can pin down one; Little Bell can delay one. The other three will require you guys.”

“Only three?” Fatty nodded. “Leave them to me.”

“Alright then, time to break through their enclosure.” BigPillarofGod immediately stood up. “Motherf*cker! We’ve been forced to run and hide the moment we got here. If it weren’t for that damn shrine, I would have taught them a big lesson even if I had to risk my life doing it.”

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