Chapter 298 Silvershine Jellyfish

Chapter 298 – Silvershine Jellyfish

For a player like West River Field, 10,000 gold coins was a small sum – as small as a raindrop in a drizzle – so he was very straightforward about spending this money.

Originally, West River Field was also one of those high-leveled players, before he offended some other clans and had been hunted down all the way from the 5th class enhancement. This incident traumatized the guy, so now, when he heard he could choose not to lose a level, he would gladly pay 100,000 gold coins for it, let alone a mere 10,000.

Earning 10,000 gold coins for no reason, the satisfied Fatty urged West River Field to quickly leave. Then, he dove down to the sunken ship and fished up the remaining seven ballistae that were still in perfect condition.

This kind of wooden ballistae wasn’t powerful, with an attack value only one-tenth of the Plenilune Ballista. However, they won in terms of simple manufacture, which allowed them to be popularized in large quantities.

Keeping the seven ballistae into his inventory, Fatty rode the Violent Ox King to the mainland. Very soon, he ran into West River Field who was swimming in circles.

“Why aren’t you going back?” Fatty cheerfully asked.

“Ahem, this friend, the past is in the past. This humble one wants to discuss with you about something,” said West River Field with embarrassment.

In fact, the story was quite simple. West River Field had discovered a mid-rank Yao boss, the Silvershine Jellyfish, in an area far offshore. He was taking his people there to fight it when Fatty came along with destruction. However, despite losing a ship, West River Field set his eyes on Fatty’s strength, especially his mount, the Violent Ox King. Therefore, he tried to think of a way to pull Fatty onto his side.

“Oh, so I’m supposed to be a hired thug.” Fatty nodded.

“No, not a hired thug!” explained West River Field hastily while swimming around. “If you’re willing to join our West River clan, my friend, of course I’ll be more than happy.”

“Joining the West River clan? Not a bad choice.” Fatty seemed to ponder.

“Really?” West River Field was overjoyed. Regardless of the owner’s strength, their clan would have struck it big if they could recruit someone with such a powerful pet. At least, virtually no player could outfight the Violent Ox King one-on-one at the current stage of the game.

Several ships came, all looking exactly the same as the one Fatty’s mount had just destroyed. Each ship carried forty to fifty players. West River Field was pulled onto one of the ships while Fatty still stayed seated on the Violent Ox King hovering in the air.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is our newest member…” West River Field turned around and cast Fatty a glance.

“Money Grubber,” Fatty told him in a whisper that everyone could hear.

“Please welcome Money Grubber!” West River Field applauded. After him, scattered applause sounded from the ships while even more players looked at Fatty with provoking eyes.

Fatty didn’t bother with them. He only urged West River Field, “Hurry and go fight the boss.”

West River Field chuckled awkwardly, then ordered his people to quickly sail towards the boss’ location.

Fatty leisurely sat on the back of the Violent Ox King, whose speed was much faster than the ships below them. He wasn’t worried about being recognized as an outsider either with the system translator, plus the fact that the people of Xuanhuang and Sun Dynasty looked quite similar in appearance. Except that the players of Sun Dynasty are a little shorter, a little inferior in looks, and a little creepier in manner.

On the way, Fatty probed left and right to ask about what happened when Purple Bell and the others came here. As expected, what they had done caused a huge commotion as the two countries were mortal enemies in real life. Originally, the Sun Dynasty also planned early to stir up trouble in Xuanhuang as well, but the players of Xuanhuang already killed their way over and took out half of their participants and didn’t forget to take away their border passes.

Purple Bell and the other ten-something players roamed around Sun Dynasty and killed several players. Right after that, they went straight to the capital of Sun Dynasty and nearly burned down a shrine there.

“Mister Grubber, I was there right when it happened. It was very dangerous. Fortunately, thanks to the blessing of our O’Mighty Deity of Skies and the undying souls of our ancestors, they were stopped outside the Shrine of Peace,” West River Field animatedly moved his limbs as he narrated to Fatty.

Fatty was inwardly startled. Purple Bell and the others fell not only because of inadequate preparation, but also due to the fact that the opponent was too strong. The Shrine of Peace was actually guarded by several God-tier undead souls. It was already lucky that not everyone had died there.

It makes sense. How can a country not have a few Legendary experts to protect it?

When they were about 300 miles away from the mainland, West River Field led the group to anchor at an area.

“It’s right here. In a while, I’ll have to trouble Mister Grubber to display your mighty power,” said West River Field as he looked up at Fatty.

“Okay.” Fatty’s reply was curt. Then, he watched as they made arrangements.

There were a total of five ships which stopped at five different directions. One side of each ship was facing inward with four wooden ballistae ready and loaded.

The twenty ballistae aimed right at the center of this area. With a wave of the hand from West River Field, several players dove down.

Just a while later, the sea began to churn like boiling water. Of the players who dove down, only two emerged on the surface in a frantic manner right before a cotton-soft monster slowly floated up, its mouth still nipping two human legs.

This monster had the shape of an ordinary jellyfish, but it was covered with silver luminous spots, so it was named the Silvershine Jellyfish.

Glug… The Silvershine Jellyfish swallowed the legs and burped in satisfaction. Only then did it look at the players around.

“Attack!” West River Field swung his arm. The twenty ballistae fired at the jellyfish in unison

“Zchh…zziii,” the monster issued a strange screech. Suddenly, a big mass of transparent, slimy liquid shot out from its mouth and stopped the bolts.

“Switch sides!” Per West River Field’s command, the five ships rotated at the same time so that their other side with readied ballistae, now faced the Silvershine Jellyfish. The players adjusted their aim and fired another round of bolts.

“Zchiiii!” The jellyfish shrieked shrilly, intending to flee underwater.

“Mister Grubber, your turn!” roared West River Field. Fatty smacked the Violent Ox King, which immediately bellowed and spat out a fire snake.

Sizzles sounded as the fire snake landed onto the Silvershine Jellyfish. At the same time, the smell of roasted meat drifted out in the air.

Whoosh! The Silvershine Jellyfish brought its now half-empty health bar to sink into the ocean, leaving the players on board staring dumbfoundedly at each other.

“Cough… Mister Grubber’s mount has great attack, the only problem is that it can’t fight underwater.” West River Field broke the long silence with a dry cough.

No shit. The Violent Ox King is a fire monster, how the hell do you expect it to fight underwater? Fatty cursed in his heart but didn’t let it show on his face. Like the rest of the players, he waited for West River Field’s decision.

“Luckily, we have Yin Yang Masters with us.” West River Field clapped his hands, and from the cabin of his ship came out several strange-looking players.

These players’ equipment were similar to the Yin Yang Magic Robe in Fatty’s inventory, all black-and-white. Under their high pointy hats were pale white skin with blood-red eyes and lips. At first glance, they looked like bloody vampires.

Standing at the bow of the ship, the Yin Yang Masters mumbled some kind of incantation. Suddenly, a gust of chilly wind blew by, then, black shadows dashed out of their bodies and jumped into the sea.

Fatty noticed that when these shadows dove down, they didn’t make a sound nor a stir in the water.

Shuaaa! The water suddenly churned as the huge Silvershine Jellyfish could vaguely be seen rolling around. The black shadows had used some unknown method to forcefully pull it to the surface.

“Attack! Attack!” All the players on board grew busy at once.

Without needing anyone to remind him, Fatty ordered the Violent Ox King to attack. The mount’s attack was simple, it stood in the sky and continuously spat out fire. The jellyfish’s entire body tremblingly sizzled, and layer after layer of greasy matter slid off its body into the sea.

Pfff pff… The Silvershine Jellyfish shook violently and suddenly turned rigid, forcefully taking on a round of twenty bolts without countering.

“Careful! It’s summoning mobs!” West River Field warned.

From the creature’s body, a mass of sticky liquid spurted out and quickly transformed into a numerous basin-sized jellyfish. These small fellows flailed their tentacles and nimbly climbed onto the ships, launching an attack at the players.

Except for those who controlled the ballistae, the rest immediately drew their weapons and engaged in combat. The fire mages were the most animated as their attribute was just the opposite of the monsters, each skill could burn a bunch of them at once.

However, the reproductive ability of the Silvershine Jellyfish was obviously outstanding. There was no end to the stream of small jellyfish. They kept climbing on the five ships, forcing the players to repeatedly retreat. Some even started attacking the ballistae.

“Hurry! We can’t hold on for long!” The Yin Yang Masters’ already stark white faces seemed even paler. They looked like ghosts with big beads of sweat rolling down. Apparently, the task of manipulating the black shadows to pull the boss to the surface was taking a toil on them.

“Mister Grubber, what are you waiting for?!” West River Field called out. The Silvershine Jellyfish’s summoning capability was way above his expectations.

“Go, finish it!” Fatty patted the Violent Ox King. With a growl, the mount’s body blazed with fire.

Hoooo! Fiery red clouds suddenly appeared and gathered in the sky, growing thicker and thicker until they became a puffy cluster of clouds.

“Be careful, everyone!” shouted Fatty. Abruptly, a rain of fire began to fall. Unlike any skill of ordinary fire monsters, this AoE rain of fire dealt devastating damage. It soon decimated the endless emergence of small jellyfish.

“Quick quick! Mister Grubber has the mobs under control, hurry and attack!”

West River Field continuously gave out commands to fire the crossbows. Twenty bolts shot out screaming. Despite their damage being inferior to the Plenilune Ballista, their numbers more than made up for it.

Puff, puff,… Round upon round of bolts landed on the Silvershine Jellyfish. Restrained in place by the Yin Yang Masters, the boss was unable to flee underwater and was soon beaten to a sliver of health.

“Schzzzzzz!” A screech rang out. The creature’s body suddenly inflated in a bizarre manner. In a blink, it broke free from the black shadows’ control.

“Watch out! It’s going to self-detonate!”

The instant West River Field finished his words, the Silvershine Jellyfish exploded. Pieces of minced jelly mixed with seawater spattered in all directions.

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