Chapter 297 West River Clan

Chapter 297 – West River Clan

“Don’t doubt their sincerity. They have been trapped here in the Sea Territory of Evil since birth and never stopped thinking of breaking free from this prison. This is a precious opportunity for them, they are even more nervous about it than us.”

That was what Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness told Fatty after they left the Dragon Palace.

In the Sea Territory of Evil, there were a total of seven God-tier experts. The Black Dragon King was only one of them, and his strength was only ranked in the middle.

Hearing this, Fatty’s mouth went wide in shock. He never knew that the Sea Territory of Evil was such a force to be reckoned with.

“No wonder this place was so calm and peaceful during the last war between humans and demons, and no one dared to come here.” Fatty understood.

However, due to some restrictions, such a group of powerful monsters couldn’t leave the Natural Barrier. They had to stay here for the rest of their lives without ever setting foot outside.

This place was good, but anyone would get tired of living in the same place for several thousand years. Thus Wu Junxiao took Fatty to find the Black Dragon King for a deal.

The bag that the Black Dragon King tossed to Fatty was full of various goods, including even combat resources banned by the Imperial Dynasty, and this was only the first batch. In the future, there would be an endless supply of them delivered to Fatty from the Black Dragon King.

With this gift, Fatty now had the confidence to rebuild Sky City and turn it into a fortress not inferior to any of the four main cities.

However, Fatty didn’t plan to return now. Relying on the map of the Natural Barrier that he asked for from the Black Dragon King, he followed a water route to the other side of the barrier.

In fact, the Sea Territory of Evil was completely enclosed by a light barrier at first. However, after too many years had passed and suffering occasional attacks, the light barrier gradually weakened and several small gaps appeared, which then became waterways for the outside creatures to come and go.

“Ah, Sun Dynasty.”

Fatty was currently looking at a boat with the Sun Dynasty flag passing by. On the boat, several short players laughed playfully while casting long-range attacks at some water monsters.

In this nearshore area, the monsters were only level 40 to 50. The players effortlessly killed the monsters, which then dropped a few scattered equipment.

“Sun Dynasty, ah, I heard that this was the first stop of Purple Bell and the others. They almost burned down some kind of building here. I wonder what’s the situation now.”

As Fatty thought to himself, he slowly rose from the water.

“What are you doing here?” Seeing Fatty appear out of nowhere, the players on the boat instantly grew alarmed and pointed their weapons at him.

The system’s translator did truly well. At least, the translation of what the other party had said didn’t sound much different from authentic Chinese. If he didn’t see the speaker with his own eyes and only heard the sound, he would certainly mistake it to be from a Chinese player whose pronunciation of Mandarin was just slightly off.

“To grind, of course! See, I’ve got a great piece of equipment.” Fatty showed the robe he got from Baleen Whale Drakon and instantly saw all the players’ eyes light up.

“It’s the Yin Yang Magic Robe, a Violet item which can be equipped right at level 40!” They licked their lips and sized up Fatty with malicious intent.

“Out of the way, out of the way! You wanna die or something!?” Right at this moment, a big ship rampaged past them, creating churning waves that nearly overturned the boat.

This big ship was over one hundred meters long and twenty meters tall. It even had several small ballistae on both sides. Whoever was capable of owning such a thing had to be of quite a high status.

The short players hurriedly steered the boat away. However, the big ship suddenly turned back.

“Go, quick! It’s the West River clan people!” The players on the boat frantically operated the boat and fled without looking back.

“Trash.” Standing at the bow of the ship, a young player burst out laughing and spat at the fleeing players.

Bang! An arrow suddenly struck Fatty. A normal arrow attack didn’t deal any damage, but it effectively pulled him into a combat state.

“You there, take out that Yin Yang Magic Robe.” After he was done laughing, the man extended his hand toward Fatty, looking down at him in a high and mighty fashion.

“Oh?” Fatty looked at this player with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“West River MaskedHero dropped a Yin Yang Magic Robe when he was killed by monsters on the other side of the Natural Barrier. This comes in just the nick of time.” Fatty heard someone on the boat say so.

“Ten thousand gold coins, hurry and give it.” The man on the bow took out a bag of gold coins.

While Violet equipment was becoming popular recently, one with decent stats could still sell for at least a hundred thousand gold coins, sometimes even a million. Yet, this man wanted to buy a level 40 Violet piece with ten thousand gold coins. It was obviously highway robbery.

“Not selling.” Fatty shook his head and stowed the robe.

“If he refuses, just kill him until it drops,” another player poked his head out and said sinisterly.

“What barbarians.” Fatty shook his head and suddenly leaped onto the ship.

“Haha, he actually dared to jump up here?” There were forty to fifty players on board, all of whom were a bit stunned by Fatty’s action and burst into laughter.

“Is it that funny?” Fatty summoned the Violent Ox King with a face of sarcasm.

“This…” The laughter came to an abrupt stop. The players’ faces glazed over as they stared at the Violent Ox King.

“A mount, it’s just a mount! What’s there to be afraid of?” A mage jumped on the spot and pointed at the Brutal Saddle on the Violent Ox King.

“Oh, this is one fine mount. I want, I want.” The ship was cheery again. The player at the bow heaved a sigh of relief and waved his arm. Instantly, over a dozen players surrounded Fatty.

“I’m a member of the West River clan, West River Field. Friend, ten thousand gold coins isn’t a small sum. Hand over the robe and we’ll let you go, or else you’ll be slain to level 0 and the robe will drop sooner or later,” West River Field parted the crowd and said to Fatty.

“So what? Like hell I’m afraid of your West River clan.” Fatty laughed ferociously and ordered the Violent Ox King to attack.

“Moooo!” With a roar, the mount’s four hooves blazed. Without any skills, it simply flew up and rushed straight over.

Bang boom thud! At least seven players were rammed into the sea, while two had their stomachs impaled by the ox horns and turned into two white lights after little struggle.

“Damn it! Spread out!” This sudden turn of events struck the West River players dumb. They never expected that a mount could attack.

After the crash, the Violent Ox King roared and turned around. Fire burst out from its body and covered the whole ship.

“It’s a high-rank Yao! Handle it quickly!” a player shouted in fright.

“Grow bigger, grow bigger,” Fatty leaped on to the mount’s back and commanded. The Violent Ox King instantly expanded to a hundred meters long, nearly as long as this ship.

Boom! A hoof stomp smashed the bow to pieces. Seawater gurgled in, and the ship instantly tilted, threatening to sink.

“Crossbows, hurry, crossbows!” shrieked a person. Per his reminder, the eight ballistae on both sides of the ship creaked as they turned to aim right at the Violent Ox King.

“Kill them.” Fatty narrowed his eyes with a dangerous aura. At his command, the Violent Ox King opened its mouth and sprayed scorching flame on a ballista, instantly turning the player controlling it to ashes.

“Moo!” The Violent Ox King threw out all sorts of skills under Fatty’s orders. As a fire monster, the ox’s skills also set the ship on fire, turning it into a huge inferno.

“Damn it! Damn it!!” At the bow, West River Field’s face was so dark that it looked like it would rain. He never expected that the opponent’s mount was this powerful, to the point that it alone could suppress over forty people on this ship.

“It’s sinking, the ship is sinking!” shouted a random player. Instantly, a series of creaks resounded and the ship, which had already tilted to a certain angle, crashed down into the sea, along with its passengers.

In just a few minutes, the Violent Ox King had driven a ship and over forty people into the sea, fully demonstrating the strength of a high-rank Yao boss. Had it not been for West, Fatty would have experienced being ravaged by this bull.

“AHHH! DAMN YOU! I WANT TO KILL YOU!” West River Field’s heart was practically bleeding. This ship might not be that valuable, but the things on it, especially the eight ballistae, were extremely rare strategic weapons. If they were destroyed together with the ship, he would definitely be punished even if his father was the head of the clan.

“Don’t bother with him! Hurry and detach the ballistae from the ship!” West River Field wanted to cry. He repeatedly ordered his men to dive under and retrieve the ballistae, which would at least lessen his punishment.

“Still want your ballistae?” Fatty coldly snorted. He smacked the Violent Ox King, and a pillar of fire immediately rose from the water.

Miserable shrieks echoed as all of the players who approached the ship were burned to ashes. The rest quickly swam away and no longer dared to come close.

“Leave your name if you dare! Our West River clan shall not let you off. Just wait for our revenge!” West River Field said between gritted teeth.

In the beginning, they attacked him with a normal arrow so as to prevent him from using the Recall Scroll, but this also gave him the right to fight back and kill, so even now, they still didn’t know his name.

“Oh? You think I’m so stupid to leave my name so that you can chase and kill me?” Fatty sneered. He unhurriedly took out the God Slayer Crossbow, loaded the bolts, and sniped the remaining opponents one by one.

One flower of blood after another bloomed in the water. The damage of this crossbow was truly epic. Before, it could insta-kill a knight; and even now, there were still very few whose equipment were capable of withstanding this crossbow. Moreover, the strength of this group wasn’t high, the highest being only at the 4th class enhancement.

After killing over twenty players in a row, Fatty cheerfully asked West River Field, “Do you want your life? If you do, buy it with money. Ten thousand gold coins a level.”

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