Chapter 296 Black Dragon King

Chapter 296 – Black Dragon King

The Elemental Movement Arts allowed a maximum of two kilometers each “walk.” Fatty used it five times in a row and re-appeared ten kilometers away.

Ten kilometers wasn’t too far a distance, but enough to escape Aliya and Baleen Whale Drakon. The instance he reappeared, Fatty summoned the Violent Ox King and quickly rushed off.

“Hah, the water energy is now abundant,” commented Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness before he flew out from the Elemental Mystery Realm and scanned the surroundings. “Ohh? It’s actually the Sea Territory of Evil. How did you get here?”

“You’ve been here before? Do you know which place has an exit?” Fatty hurriedly asked.

“Exit? Dunno. I just smashed my way in and out.” Wu Junxiao’s mark was straightforward to answer.

“Then, what should I do? West told me to find a way out myself, but I don’t know the way around here.” Fatty was a bit frustrated.

“No big deal. Just take a look around and you’ll find it. This place has a lot of good stuff, and since we’re here, we can’t leave empty-handed.” Wu Junxiao’s eyes gleamed, seemingly having spotted quite some treasures.

Behind him, two white lightning streaks were speedily zooming over. The furious Aliya and Baleen Whale Drakon each deployed their skills and came rushing forth with surging seawater.

“Two puny fellows.” Wu Junxiao cast them a scornful glance, then brought Fatty to charge right into the ocean.

“Where are we going?” Fatty asked.

“To the bottom of this place to find an old friend of mine.”

There were thousands of Yao monsters chasing after West with murderous intent, but there were still countless more lazily swimming around in the ocean. One of them, for instance, was a bizarre marine fish with countless tentacles on its body. While this fish was small in size, they acted in schools of thousands, which could frighten away even high-rank Yao beasts.

“It’s been many years, there are quite a number of new fish here.” Wu Junxiao’s mark issued a faint white light that enveloped the two. The light completely blocked the water outside and let them breathe. Wu Junxiao only took a quick glance before he determined a direction and followed it down at a quick speed.

“What kind of friend do you have in this place?” Fatty asked out of curiosity as he looked left and right.

“A damned dragon. You won’t understand even if I tell you. You’ll know when we get there.” Wu Junxiao took Fatty while traveling at a speed even faster than West when he used Bolide Escape. Very soon, they arrived at the center of the seabed in the Sea Territory of Evil.

It was several tens of kilometers deep in the sea, but the area wasn’t dark at all. A kind of luminous plant spread light in the form of mist and lit up the area. There was an underwater mountain range upfront and occasional volcanoes that bubbled out hot steam.

After crossing several mountain ranges, Fatty spotted a long, magnificent palace situated not far ahead in the depths of the mountains. The entire palace covered an area no less than 1600 acres. A canopy of green light covered the palace and blocked out the seawater. In front of the grandest entrance, two sparkling golden characters gleamed brightly -

Dragon Palace.

“Stop where you are!” Two shrimp-type monsters carrying shells and each holding a long spear barred entrance to Fatty and Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness. One of them said, “The Dragon Palace is a restricted area to all outsiders. Please leave.”

“I’m an old friend and I’ve come to see your Dragon King. Hurry and inform him,” said Wu Junxiao casually.

The two shrimp soldiers exchanged glances. One remained to block the two with its spear, while the other said, “Please wait a moment” and quickly headed into the Dragon Palace.

A little later, a clear loud booming voice resounded from the palace.

“And who might this old friend of mine be?”

“Hahaha, Black Dragon King, recognize me?” Wu Junxiao pushed aside the shrimp soldier blocking him and dragged Fatty along.

“Wu Junxiao, it’s you? Didn’t you die?” A surprised voice rang out as the two grand gates rumbled open. A middle-aged man wearing a crown and yellow robe strode out.

“Great, it seems you still remember who I am!” Wu Junxiao laughed merrily. He also strode forth to give the Black Dragon King a big hug.

“And this is?” After the hug, the Black Dragon King turned to Fatty, scanning him up and down.

“This is my disciple. Come, greet His Majesty the Black Dragon King.” Wu Junxiao motioned with his hand. Fatty stepped over as told.

“Money Grubber greets Your Majesty. Since this is the first time we meet, is there a greeting gift for me, Your Majesty?”

“Cough!” The Dragon King nearly choked on his own breath. Glaring at Wu Junxiao, he took out a blue pearl as big as a bowl. “This is the Watervoid Pearl. It can form a round space ten meters wide that lets you breathe underwater; just perfect for you humans.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty Dragon King.” After receiving the Watervoid Pearl, Fatty stood behind Wu Junxiao like a good boy.

“I even grieved for a moment when I heard you were killed off by some dudes, thinking of how I should avenge you, but it seems like my intel had erred. Indeed, the good have short lives, while a calamity lasts a thousand years1. After several thousand years of absence, you’re actually still alive,” commented the Black Dragon King as he looked at Wu Junxiao.

“Hah! In any case, thanks.” Wu Junxiao laughed and dragged the Dragon King by the hand. “Come, let’s go inside and talk.”

Fatty could clearly see the helplessness on the Dragon King’s face. It wasn’t hard to deduce that Wu Junxiao must have been quite a tricky fellow when he was younger.

Inside the grand hall of the Dragon Palace, after the host and the guests sat down in their supposed seats, the Black Dragon King couldn’t help but ask, “What did you come to my Sea Territory of Evil for? If there’s nothing important, you should leave soonest.”

“Oh wow, we old friends finally got to meet, but instead of treating me to a grand feast, you’re shooing me away? My fragile heart is deeply wounded!” Wu Junxiao yelped.

The Dragon King rolled his eyes. “Others don’t know, but how can I not know what kind of person you, Wu Junxiao, are with our several thousand years of relationship? Say it, what did you come here for. The quicker we finish this the quicker you can leave, don’t linger around and make my eyes itch… Wait!”

The Black Dragon King suddenly sat up straight and stared intently at Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness.

“You’re not Wu Junxiao.”

“Who is if I’m not?” Wu Junxiao shrugged.

“You’re too weak, you can’t be him.” The Black Dragon King’s face darkened. “Very good, you nearly had me fooled. Say it, who are you and what did you come here for?”

Wu Junxiao shrugged his shoulders again and gulped down the wine in his cup. “Black Dragon King, don’t tell me you can’t see it.”

“See what?” The Black Dragon King then carefully inspected Wu Junxiao’s mark of consciousness. It took a long time before his expression finally eased up and he nodded.

“Got it now?” Wu Junxiao said nonchalantly.

“So you really died.” The Black Dragon King’s expression changed into a very awkward one.

“Alright, no more nonsense. I’ve come to seek your support.” Wu Junxiao placed the cup on the table.

“What is it?” The Black Dragon King lightly tapped his finger on the armrest, his squinted eyes glinted with a strange light.

“I want the wealth accumulated in your Dragon Palace through the ages.” Wu Junxiao slightly leaned forward and said in a low voice.

“Humph!” The Black Dragon King suddenly snorted. “Wu Junxiao, you think our relationship has reached the point that you can make such a request?”

Hooo… Currents of wind kicked up from the floor. A strong gale gushed out from the Black Dragon King and swept at Wu Junxiao, whose clothes in turn merely rustled.

“My successor has to run Sky City. You should know it, right? The city which that bastard God of Light ruined. My poor disciple has to start from scratch, he has nothing! It’s so harsh!” Wu Junxiao ignored the Black Dragon King’s fury and leisurely whined.

“The things in this palace are nothing, it’s fine to let you have them. Only… what do you have to offer in exchange?” The Black Dragon King retracted his oppressing aura.

“The Source Origin of Power,” looking into the Black Dragon King’s eyes, Wu Junxiao practically breathed out these words.

“The Source Origin?!” The Black Dragon King was shaken. He closed his eyes in contemplation, before exhaling a breath. “The Source Origin is the beloved treasure of those damn dragons. Even if they can’t use it, they won’t let others use it, either.”

“That’s why I came to you,” Wu Junxiao said outright. “The Source Origin is inside Sky City, which you should know already. As long as you help Money Grubber rebuild Sky City, you will have your share when he breaks the seal of the nine Dragon Gods and gets the Source Origin.”

“You’re so sure he can get the Source Origin?” The Black Dragon King looked at Fatty dubiously.

“I don’t know. With your help, he might still fail; without your help, he will have absolutely no chance at all,” Wu Junxiao pointed out.

“I need a guarantee that he is capable of getting the Source Origin, otherwise this is the end of our discussion,” said the Black Dragon King after much consideration, but obviously, he had started to relent.

“Several thousand years have passed. Another war between the Human and the Demon Realm is coming soon,” Wu Junxiao quickly said as he looked at the Black Dragon King. “In the beginning, the Source Origin was acquired by chance by the super sacred Nine-Headed Dragon, who then transformed into the nine Dragon God guardians. If he’s still alive, no one would dare to scheme against him. However, he has been dead for so many years. Despite the nine skeletons still possessing God-tier power, there will be even stronger experts coming for them. When the humans and demons go to war completely, neither will pass on such a precious thing, the only difference is who will make their moves.”

“The Dragon clan will not permit this.” The Black Dragon King frowned.

“They won’t permit it? So what if they won’t permit it?” Wu Junxiao sneered coldly. “Let’s not mention the entire Human Realm, just our dynasty alone has the super sacred beast, Lord Golden Dragon, in addition to the four sacred beasts and the Ancient War God’s soul. If they team up, can the Dragon clan say half a word of refusal then? Moreover, the Demon Realm covets the Source Origin. Whether the Dragon clan wants it or not, they can’t stop others from taking it away.”

“Well then, we have a deal,” the Black Dragon King immediately decided.

“Great, let’s form an alliance first.” Wu Junxiao raised waved his hand, and a piece of contract paper flew towards the Black Dragon King. “After our alliance is created, you must work at your best effort to help Money Grubber rebuild Sky City, otherwise, you know the consequences if Sky City is taken away.”

The Black Dragon King signed his name on the contract without a word, then tossed a bag to Fatty. “Take this. Come to me for more after you use it up.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Fatty happily received the bag. He didn’t need to look to know there were definitely numerous things inside.

“That day shall come when I finally break free from this prison,” muttered the Black Dragon King as he looked at the light barrier blanketing the Sea Territory of Evil.

1. A Chinese idiom. It means good people often die soon, while the bad ones usually get to live a long life through all the danger they face.

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