Chapter 295 Devouring the Water God’s Mystery Codex

Chapter 295 – Devouring the Water God’s Mystery Codex

In the field, situations often changed quickly and abruptly. It was originally a fight to the death between West and Aliya, with the Water God’s Mystery Codex going to the monsters of the barrier regardless of the outcome. However, when West suddenly triggered the explosion of the ice lotus and stole the codex, he had pushed the wrong buttons of all the Yaos here.

“Raaaarghhhh!” A heaven-shaking scream reverberated from the depths of the ocean. Six cyan lights, like six huge jade pillars, slowly rose from the sea and perfectly blocked West’s escape path.

At the same time, countless monsters released their attacks altogether while simultaneously closing in around West. If his movement was delayed even by just a tiny bit, it would be instant death for him.

“Take this.” West thrust the codex at Fatty. Then, taking a deep breath, he turned into a long-tailed shooting star and made an abrupt turn towards another direction.

Bolide Escape was an Advanced fire movement skill. Utilized in a desperate manner to boot, the skill helped West disappear in the blink of an eye.

“After him!” A thunderous shriek rattled the isles as two massive heads the size of small mountains emerged from the ocean. One was fiery red with nostrils constantly huffing fire, while the other was deep blue with cold air spurting from its mouth. This monster was the Celestial boss, Ice Fire Doublehead Jiao.

Rumble…! The Ice Fire Doublehead Jiao rose into the sky. Over one thousand meters in length with four claws under its abdomen, it started to spin forth and disappeared in the direction West had headed.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh… The countless Yao monsters deployed their abilities and various acceleration skills. One after another, they chased in the direction West had escaped. Only Aliya stood there in a daze, her expression constantly changing.

“Bro, what did you take this thing for?” Fatty looked inside his inventory, where the Water God’s Mystery Codex quietly lay as it effused faint water mist.

“Humph! I thought that after I advanced, in addition to swallowing the Icefire Lotus, I could get my vengeance on that b*tch Aliya. Who could have known that she actually got her hands on the Water God’s Mystery Codex and made me fail when I was so close? However, this trip wasn’t in vain. I can go to the Central Dynasty and exchange the codex for a powerful weapon, and next time I’ll be sure to win.”

After ten seconds of Bolide Escape, West stopped at a tiny isle.

To be more exact, it should be called a reef, as the land above the water was only about ten meters wide.

"You want to exchange it with the Central Dynasty? And here I thought you wanted to give it to me." Fatty was practically drooling as he stared at the codex.

"That's fine too if you can ask the Black Tortoise City Lord to help me improve my strength." West smiled.

"Forget it, let's decide after we get out of here. Those monsters must have gone nuts by now, what do we do?" Fatty still remembered that furious shriek and the image of that Ice Fire Doublehead Jiao rising from the ocean.

Fatt tried a Recall Scroll and was notified that it couldn't be used inside the Natural Barrier.

"You go hide in your Elemental Mystery Realm, I'll lead them away." West swung his arm to stop Fatty from rejecting the option. "Don't act courteous with me and all, I have a way to make sure I can escape. But I can't carry the codex on me, those fellows have a keen nose for the water energy. After I lead them away, you find a way to get out of here and meet me in Sky City."

The Ice Fire Doublehead Jiao was getting closer and closer. They could already see the fire that the red head was huffing out.

"Ugh, if the Elemental Mystery Realm wasn't damaged, I could take you inside too," said Fatty with a twinge of regret.

"That wouldn't work. If they don't see me, they will definitely seal off all routes leading out of the barrier, then we wouldn't be able to escape after we leave the mystery realm. Alright, hurry up and hide, I'll lead them away."

"Okay." Fatty acted straightforwardly as he consumed some energy to open the Elemental Mystery Realm and entered it.

"Heh." After West saw Fatty get inside, he snorted and quickly flew off.

An Ice Fire Doublehead Jiao, a green toad as big as a hill, as well as countless other Yao beasts tailed West into the distance in a fervent fashion.

After about two hours, Fatty got out of the Elemental Mystery Realm. The area was dead quiet without any sign of monsters, only the waters were churning and the tidal waves kept surging.

Let's go! Fatty quickly decided. He summoned the Violent Ox King and headed for the old route.

"Stop!" Fatty shouted to the Violent Ox King after flying for a short distance and stared fixedly at the figure that had suddenly appeared before him. "Aliya," he said.

"Hehe." Aliya turned around to face Fatty. Her ashen face as a result of setting off her water core was graced with a trace of red blush.

"Little brat, yield the Water God's Mystery Codex and I'll spare your life. Otherwise, you'll be tortured to death!" A roar resounded alongside water splashes as the huge head of Baleen Whale Drakon emerged from the sea.

"The codex isn't on me." Fatty shook his head and controlled the Violent Ox King to move back a step.

Aliya slightly shook her head.

"West has always attached great importance to relationships and righteousness. If the codex wasn't on you, he wouldn't have left you to your own devices and led those bastards to run in circles."

"Heh, you seem to know him very well." Fatty raised an eyebrow at Aliya.

"Of course. Despite opposing each other like fire and water as we do now, we used to be friends for some time," Aliya said after some silence.

"Can you tell me the reason behind the grudge between you two?" Fatty asked curiously.

"In the beginning, we…"

"Aliya, stop wasting time on him, or else there's no share of the codex for us when those guys return!" Baleen Whale Drakon urged.

"Heheh." Aliya only shook her head when she got cut off by Baleen Whale Drakon. "Just give us the codex. You're a rogue, it's useless to you."

"Hmmm, I can go to a city lord manor and exchange it for heaps of money." Fatty's eyes swirled craftily.

"Money? Lad, I can give you as much money as you want." Baleen Whale Drakon opened its mouth wide and spat out a bunch of stuff like legendary luminous pearls, as well as various weapons, armor, and other equipment. Tempting and threatening Fatty at the same time, it shouted, "These things are very valuable to you humans too, enough to exchange for the value of the codex. I'm telling you, we two are being nice enough. If it were to be someone else, they'd certainly kill you then search your corpse!"

"Oh? But from what I can see, you two want to kill me as well." Fatty grinned and was noncommittal to Baleen Whale Drakon.

"That's right, we wouldn't have wasted on all this nonsense if we could just kill you without worry," Aliya admitted outright. "Not to mention that the codex might not drop after you die, the respawn point here is guarded by the underlings of the East Ocean Dragon King, so we'll have no more chance with the codex after you respawn. That's why you can state whatever condition you want, and we'll agree as long as it's within our capabilities."

"Respawn point? There's a respawn point here?" Fatty was stunned. He suddenly recalled Iron Chain Town. If the respawn point of this area is also forced, then things are seriously going to be "fun"…

"What do you think?" Aliya was sardonic. "West can scheme all he wants but he must have missed this point, didn’t he? If you refuse to submit the codex, those Yao fellows will slay you to level 0 even if we don't. For a useless book, is it worth it?"

"Who says it's useless?" A voice suddenly echoed in Fatty's head. Surprisingly, Wu Junxiao's mark of consciousness was out again. "Keep stalling them. After I devour this Water God's Mystery Codex, the water portion of the Elemental Skill Book will basically be restored."

"Only one portion?" Fatty asked in his head.

"This codex only contains a breath of the Water God. One portion is already good enough. Moreover, after the codex is merged into the Elemental Skill Book, you can use the spells recorded on it as you please. We've struck it big!"

Finishing his words, Wu Junxiao's mark didn't make any more sound, apparently having gone off to devour the codex.

"How about it? Have you made your decision?" asked Aliya after a while. She had thought that Fatty was considering their proposal when she saw him fall silent.

"What else can you offer me?" Fatty glanced at the pile of luxurious stuff that Baleen Whale Drakon spat out. "Don't try to fool me. Those things can't compare with the Water God's Mystery Codex."

Exchanging glances with Aliya, Baleen Whale Drakon groaned, "Fine. Have a look at this equipment, then."

Its big mouth opened up again and spat out a piece of equipment, a magic robe that resembled a Dao attire. It was embroidered with a black-and-white Yin Yang diagram as well as some symbols that Fatty didn't understand.

"A guy who claimed to be a Yin Yang Master of Sun Dynasty dropped this robe. He snuck in from the other side and was heavily injured by those Yao fellows before barely managing to escape the barrier. So, I dealt the finishing blow. I have a skill that can devour everything from weapons and armor to just pure energy, yet I couldn't devour this robe alone. It's obviously a piece of great equipment. What do you think?"

The magic robe floated towards Fatty, who then caught it.

He didn't check the robe immediately. Instead, his eyes gleamed with some thoughts at something that Baleen Whale Drakon just casually mentioned.

Sun Dynasty! It’s that island country!

If it's possible to smuggle people into the Sun Island through this place, doesn't that mean we don't need to farm border passes anymore? Fatty recalled the three vampires from the EU region. If there's a team of several hundred people to illegally sneak to that Sun Island… Fatty's thoughts had gone through twists and turns while his face betrayed nothing of it.

"What do you think? This magic robe is good, isn't it?" asked Baleen Whale Drakon anxiously upon seeing Fatty so unresponsive. It feared that the other monsters would return soon. Any high-rank Yao among them could easily beat it up.

"Not bad, not bad. However…" Fatty turned the robe left and right, back and forth in his hands, as if dissatisfied with it for some reason.

“Alright.” Wu Junxiao’s joyous voice rang out in Fatty’s head, in delighted contrast to Aliya’s abruptly distorted face.

“Not good! Something’s happened to my codex!”

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