Chapter 294 Water God’s Mystery Codex

Chapter 294 – Water God’s Mystery Codex

The Natural Barrier, also named the Sea Territory of Evil, covered a vast area of several thousand isles, each housing at least one high-rank Yao.

Currently, in addition to over several thousand high-rank Yao, there were countless mid-rank and low-rank Yao present. One moment they were looking at West, the next moment their eyes had already turned to Aliya, seemingly considering which one was easier to handle.

If such a huge number of Yao monsters attacked at once, they could even insta-kill a Celestial boss. However, facing West, who had already burned his flame core, they all hesitated, terrified of being dragged down by a fearless man who was nearing his death. As a consequence, they tacitly set Aliya as their target.

“This is a personal grudge between you two, so we, Sea Territory of Evil, won’t interfere. However, as a punishment for trespassing the barrier without permission, regardless of who lives and who dies in the end, the Water God’s Mystery Codex must be submitted to us.”

An old voice rang out from a sudden whirlpool. Hearing this voice, the several thousand high-rank Yaos were visibly shaken, while those mid-rank and low-rank ones prostrated on the ground as their bodies trembled nonstop.

“Celestial boss, Six-Eyed Cyan-Pupil Toad,” West informed Fatty when he heard the voice. He seemed very knowledgeable about the Natural Barrier.

“My lord, he is fire-attribute, the mortal enemy of us water-attributes. You’re really planning to just stand and watch him bully me?!” Aliya yelled.

“You mean the fire-attribute must be bullied by you water monsters?” Another voice came from undersea. The waters in that area surged a little as an eerie flame suddenly flared on the surface of the sea.

“Celestial boss Ice Fire Doublehead Jiao, evolved from Ice Fire Doublehead Python. It must be the fire head that spoke just now,” West again instantly introduced the voice owner to Fatty.

Two Celestial bosses just casually came out like that, clearly showing how deep the waters ran here within the barrier. And what’s more, it showed how valuable the Water God’s Mystery Codex was to lure out two Celestial bosses.

“Alright, stop wasting time and just fight it out, right here and now. Before we have a result, no one is allowed to leave,” declared the Six-Eyed Cyan-Pupil Toad.

Whoosh! The numerous Yao monsters encircled West and Aliya, leaving open only a field one kilometer in diameter. They obviously wanted the two to settle their life and death here and disallowed any more running.

“Lil’ Bro, take care of yourself.” West set Fatty down and quickly flew toward Aliya. “Aliya, it’s been too many years. Let us finally have a fight to the death today.”

“West, does it really have to be like this, not stopping until we all die?” Aliya coldly said.

“Haha, hahaha!” West suddenly burst into laughter. “When you killed Feiya, I swore to myself that no matter what hardship I had to go through, I would definitely kill you to avenge her. Cut the crap and come, Aliya. Flamebone Prison!” Along with West’s shout, flaming white bones instantly appeared around Aliya and trapped her inside without a gap.

“Oh how I loathe this!” Aliya looked around at the Yao monsters with venomous hatred. Then, her body collapsed in a strange manner like water, and seeped out of the prison into the sea.

Hoooo! A ten-meter-tall water sprite suddenly appeared on that spot. It stretched out its arms, blasting several magic spells at West.

“Stop embarrassing yourself with such meager skills.” West pounced and simply tore the sprite in two, which melted and merged back into a puddle of water at his feet.

“Explode!” West raised his hand, sending a spinning fire lotus at where Aliya had disappeared. As the lotus exploded, scorching air billowed out in all directions, and Aliya’s wretched shriek echoed from under the sea.

“WEEESST!” Aliya emerged from the waters. It was impossible to flee with the area being sealed off by the monsters. She had no choice but to engage in a life-and-death struggle with West.

All of a sudden, pure water mist mixed with a chilling cold breath streamed out from Aliya’s body. Her face began to twist abnormally.

“Ahaha, hahahaha!” West burst into crazed laughter. He didn’t make a move and just kept laughing.

With her back to the wall, Aliya had finally set off her water core. To entities like them who were composed of a pure element, when the core was smashed, the best result was they became heavily injured, and the worst was death. West was delighted to see either.

“West, there you got it.” After triggering her water core, Aliya’s power rapidly inflated to the same extent as West. With neither sorrow nor joy on her face, she looked at West quietly.

“Great! Let’s have our final battle,” finally having laughed enough, West waved his hand and said lightly.

“Okay.” Aliya extended her hand and the Water God’s Mystery Codex flew out. “Let’s finish this quickly.”

The leather cover of the Water God’s Mystery Codex slowly opened. An extremely pure and grand breath emanated.

“This… The breath of Water God?” The Six-Eyed Cyan-Pupil Toad’s old voice echoed.

“That’s right. This codex accompanied Water God Claudia when she became a god, the same as the artifact Water God Palace.” Aliya gazed at the codex, her eyes flashed with a trace of regret before they instantly resumed calmness.

The Water God’s Mystery Codex slowly flipped pages until the last one, where a cyan light poured out.

“Water God’s Skill, Profound Meaning of Water – Return to Flow.” Aliya lightly pointed a finger, and the cyan light instantly enveloped her. The ocean shook as countless waves surged over, and water spirits visible to the naked eyes cheered and danced as they quickly merged into her body.

“Move back! She’s absorbing energy from the sea!” shouted the Six-Eyed Cyan-Pupil Toad. One after another, the surrounding Yao beasts retreated to several kilometers away.

“If I had some more time, I could get stronger with the Water God’s breath to the point that smashing my water core wouldn’t kill me and would only decrease my power. Yet you forced me to set off my core. However, who says this isn’t another chance? As long as I kill you and take away your flame core, I can cultivate both fire and water and easily break through to the Celestial rank.”

Hearing Aliya indifferently say those words, West remained silent with a gloomy face.

“Alright, I’ll give you one last chance before your death. Unleash your most powerful move!” Aliya raised her hands, and a frightening, seemingly infinite water force gushed out. Facing this force, Fatty felt like he was facing the entire ocean and couldn’t stop this sense of powerlessness from taking over him.

“Aliya is indeed Aliya.” After a long silence, West suddenly laughed. His body collapsed on the spot, revealing a sparkling red and white lotus that covered an area of ten acres.

Red was fire and white was ice. As ice and fire rotated, portions of the water force surging toward Aliya made a U-turn towards the lotus.

“Icefire Lotus? No wonder you dared to burn your flame core. But you think you can stop the force of the Water God with that alone? Water God’s Skill, Profound Meaning of Water – Thousand Killings!”

Boom! Aliya’s body erupted with a force that contained boundless water energy. It transformed into a series of transparent water blades that spun towards West.

Back to one’s natural state. When one’s power reached the pinnacle, the simplest attacks were the most effective.

“Icefire Lotus Kill!”

West’s voice softly rang out from the lotus. There was no presence in the lotus at all as it rotated while sucking a large amount of water energy from the sea, and at the same time shot out ice and fire energy into the sky.

The ice and fire energy formed palm-sized twin lotus flowers in the sky, each welcoming a water blade.

Bam! As twin lotuses and water blades collided, the lotuses were shattered and the blades burst in the air. Fire and water danced in the sky, painting a beautiful yet deadly picture.

As endless blades spun out from Aliya’s hand, the entire radius of one kilometer turned into a nation of water blades. However, West wasn’t one bit inferior as one lotus after another emerged and blocked every single blade.

“West, let’s see who will outlast the other.” Aliya wasn’t in a hurry as she patiently maintained Thousand Killings.

West didn’t say anything. He only kept forming twin lotuses to stop her attacks.

Aliya’s power came from the ocean. With the Water God’s Mystery Codex, she could draw as much energy from the sea as she spent, without any worry about getting tired. Meanwhile, West’s power party came from himself. The ice energy could be replenished with water energy, but he had to consume his own fire energy, which gradually decreased his strength. If this went on, West was bound to lose.

After the fight went on for over three hours, West’s Icefire Lotus had shrunk from several acres to a dozen meters.

“West, looks like you won’t get your revenge today.” Aliya coldly sneered and once again cast Profound Meaning of Water – Thousand Killings.

“Who knows?” the silent West suddenly spoke up. In a flashing light, the shrinking Icefire Lotus suddenly turned into two lotuses, one red and one white.

The red one was like a fiery flame, the white was seething cold air. This was indeed the original form of the Icefire Lotus.

Bang! The white one suddenly exploded. In a blink, the cold air froze the surrounding area of several kilometers, even the sea was frozen several dozens of meters deep.

Woooo! The red lotus rotated and broke through space, insta-teleporting to Aliya, where a hand bizarrely reached out from the lotus and snatched the Water God’s Mystery Codex.

“Lil’ Bro, go!” The red lotus – West – held the codex in one hand and grabbed Fatty with the other before it spun off into the distance.

“Aliya, since I can’t kill you today, let’s fight again someday.”

“Where are you running to!!?”

A boom and a shrill scream resounded. The thick ice suddenly thawed and, at the same time, large chunks of ice shot out like meteors at West.

“Stop him!” The other Yaos also reacted. A slew of varied skills flew across the sky. Some smart monsters directly bombarded the entrance of the Natural Barrier.

“Bolide Escape!” With a shout, West suddenly transformed into a meteor that nimbly evaded the attacks, about to jump into the water route leading out of the barrier.

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