Chapter 292 Fire Luan Dance, Ice Dragon Roar

Chapter 292 – Fire Luan Dance, Ice Dragon Roar

A small ship was wandering on the boundless East Ocean.

The ship was over ten meters long and about three meters wide, so it wasn’t very roomy. The outer surface was carved with several types of runes like Acceleration, Solidity, Water Resistance, etc. At the bow was a drawing of a half-meter-diameter sun, red as if painted by blood.

This ship didn’t belong to the Central Dynasty of Xuanhuang Ancient Country. To be precise, it was a subordinate ship of the Sun Dynasty.

The Sun Dynasty, northeast of the Xuanhuang Ancient Country, only had a small island less than 1% the size of Xuanhuang as its entire territory. They also only had one main city, which was the same size as one of the four main cities. In short, the Sun Dynasty could not compare to the Central Dynasty at all.

As a matter of fact, when Star Fantasia designed the game, their higher-ups suggested merging Sun Dynasty into Xuanhuang because it was too small. However, this proposal encountered strong opposition from the real country it was modeled after. Their people there even protested to Star Fantasia via their government. In the end, the company created a Sun Island on the other side of the East Ocean and thousands of miles away from Xuanhuang to be their homeland.

“Work harder, everyone! We must live to see the homeland of that team of people. As long as we find the route, we will be the heroes of our Sun Dynasty.”

On the ship was a dozen or so players. The very round top of their heads was bald and surrounded by locks of braided hair. Indeed, they were people of the Sun Dynasty.

At this moment, the supposed leader who was sitting at the very front laughed out loud, seeming very proud. “Heh, out of the twenty ships setting out this time, only our West River clan succeeded in breaking through that natural barrier. It’s all thanks to the blessings of O’Mighty Deity of Skies.”

“O’Mighty Deity of Skies bless us!” The rest chorused with fervent eyes and their hands put together before their chests.

The joy in their faces hadn’t faded when suddenly, a red light emerged from thin air and shot straight at the ship.

Boom! The vicinity over a hundred miles shook violently. Waves surged to the sky and smashed the small ship to pieces.


Amidst several wretched screams, over ten of the players on board were insta-killed without any time to react.

Whoosh. A black and white light sphere enveloped the supposed leader. It lasted for two seconds before another wave smashed it. The player opened his mouth, but the swear word couldn’t leave his throat when he was already killed by more waves.

“Is this all you got, West? Don’t you want your revenge? Come!” Aliya mocked while brandishing her staff.

The Ice Dragon inner core on her staff was truly too powerful and contained ice magic to boot. This enabled Aliya to stand firm in the face of West’s attacks until now.

“You b*tch! I refuse to believe that I can’t kill you today!” West snorted and clenched his teeth. His hand never stopped moving as they released one skill after another.

“Burn the Rivers, Boil the Seas!”

“Fire Dragon Sears The Sky!”

“Meteor Fire Rain!”

“Fire Blast!”

West’s whole body was ablaze. Even on the sea, a territory that completely suppressed his attribute, he could still set off a sky of fire. If someone looked from a very far distance, they would see a layer of flames over ten meters tall floating low above the ocean. Even from hundreds of meters away, Fatty still felt a burning heat sweeping through him, it was almost suffocating.

“Freezing Ice Dance.” Aliya pointed her staff forward, and the ice inner core in the dragon’s mouth shone brilliantly, sending snowflakes floating down from the sky, blanketing a vast region. Then, the snowflakes swirled around Aliya, forcefully blocking all of West’s skills

“West, is this all you got? Looks like you won’t get your revenge today.” Aliya’s eyes sparkled as she kept smiling coldly.

“Aliya, you think a damaged Ice Dragon inner core can save you? I shall kill you today. Fire Luan Dance!” West suddenly stopped attacking and retreated a few steps.

The fire armor on West suddenly melted into liquid and fused into his body. Seemingly infinite flames gushed out from his seven orifices until he turned into a huge flame.

Quite a bizarre scene it made. Above the endless sea, layer upon layer of fire burned passionately, and above them all was a mass of flaming humanoid, from whom flames kept gushing out and gradually formed a strange-looking monster.


As a long, ear-piercing scream echoed, West vanished, and in his place was a huge firebird.

The firebird was twenty meters in height and its wingspan was nearly thirty meters long. A five-colored crown sat atop its head while a five-colored tail trailed behind. All the feathers on its body were blazing flames.

Upon seeing this bird, Aliya’s face changed, but almost instantly switched to a cold sneer. “If you could transform into a real Fire Luan and borrow just one-thousandth of Lord Fire Phoenix’s power, I would turn around and run as far as I can. Too bad, your strength is not enough. You can’t even transform into a proper Fire Luan, let alone borrow the Lord’s power. Today, I shall destroy you completely and spare myself from any more trouble in the future.”

Bam! The Ice Dragon inner core suddenly cracked. A gust of extremely cold air streamed out and merged into Aliya’s body.


Aliya screamed painfully. Her arms, face, and all the places where she had exposed skin suddenly sprouted a layer of scales.

“Ice Dragon Transformation!” shrieked Aliya. Her whole body burst and blood sprayed out. The blood spun with the cold air from earlier, forming a cold mass that covered the area of several hundred meters.

Fire Luan West quietly hovered in the air without any activity, obviously waiting for Aliya’s magic to complete.

“What the heck! How can you still follow moral principles when facing an enemy you loathe so much?! Just take this chance to pounce and it would have been over in seconds,” commented Fatty.

A hum suddenly sounded. In an instant, the sea churned and waves broke out. The cold mass quickly shrank into a white Ice Dragon a hundred meters long. Due to the cold air this creature constantly emitted, a layer of ice crystallized on the surface of the sea below it.

“West, face your death!” the Ice Dragon roared and raised its right claw, instantaneously casting a few low-rank ice spells.

Without a word, West fluttered his wings, sending out billows of flames – also insta-casting low-rank fire magic spells to welcome the ice attacks.

Boom! Boom! The sight was spectacular as the two now engaged in a pure magic duel. Flames flew and ice shards exploded in all directions, the scene was even more beautiful than the most gorgeous fireworks.

“Replica, replica!” Fatty didn’t stand idly by. He summoned the Elemental Skill Book and stared at the two NPC beasts, his right hand casting Replica nonstop.

System Notification: Unfortunately, replication of Novice fire spell Fireball String has failed.

System Notification: Unfortunately, replication of Novice ice spell Ice Break has failed.

System Notification: Unfortunately, replication of…


System Notification: Congratulations. replication Intermediate fire spell Fire Blast has succeeded.

Fatty gasped for breath. Over a hundred times of Replica and finally one succeeded. This clearly demonstrated the skill’s pitiful success rate.

Fatty quickly checked the new Fire Blast spell. It was a single target offensive skill with quick cast speed, long range, and moreover high damage, making it a good PK skill.

With this skill as the start, Fatty braced himself and continued to cast Replica.

At that moment, the fight between West and Aliya had turned into a head-to-head struggle. A red luan and a blue dragon were tangling. The Fire Luan’s claws viciously grabbed the Ice Dragon’s body, tearing off one chunk of ice after another. Its sharp beak pecked at the dragon’s eyes while its mouth spat flames that burned to the point that the opponent's scales were flaking off.

The Ice Dragon didn’t fall short either. Its long body tightly coiled several circles around the Fire Luan. At the same time, its four claws also tore at the other’s body and its mouth constantly blew out a freezing breath. The flames on the luan’s body would dim whenever the breath hit.

“Die die die!” West shouted as fire energy kept pouring out from him and into the Ice Dragon’s body. It made people wonder what kind of deep hatred he had with Aliya that drove him to use this mutually destructive method.

“West, even if you die one hundred times over, I’ll still be alive and kicking!” Finally, Aliya also let herself go. As she spat out breath after breath of ice, a thick ice layer crystallized and covered the Fire Luan whose flames were already flickering.

“Aliya, my hatred won’t be eased until I kill you. Even if I’m dead, I’ll have you buried with me!” West ignored the damage he was suffering and didn’t stop pouring all of the fire energy into Aliya’s body.

Like West, Aliya was made of a pure element, a water spirit without flesh and blood. Although she used the Ice Dragon inner core to transform into an Ice Dragon, her water nature remained unchanged. Now that fire element was infused into her, the absolute incompatibility of water and fire ran amok in her body.

“West, you really want to die?” Aliya began to panic. She never expected that West wanted to drag her to mutual doom for his revenge.

“What’s so scary about death? I have wanted to die a long time now!” West’s voice was filled with terrifying hatred. “When Lord Vermilion Bird sealed me back then, I vowed to myself that as long as I have the chance, I would kill you even if I die doing it.”

The fire element had started to damage Aliya’s body. But at the same time, the Fire Luan began to shrink as the energy in West’s body wasn’t enough to support his transformation.

“If so, then everyone can die together. Ice Dragon Roar!” Aliya finally made a cruel resolve. The Ice Dragon loosened its wrap around the Fire Luan. It rose its head to the sky and a piercing, mourning roar came out from its mouth.

“ROAAAHH!” Sounds of thunder somewhere reverberated throughout, as countless massive icicles shot down from the sky and covered a wide area, attacking friends and foes alike.

“F*ck!” Fatty instantly Waterwalked several hundred meters away.

“Fire Luan Dance!” West also unleashed his ultimate skill. The battered and exhausted Fire Luan suddenly let out a shrill shriek and burning flames rose from its body. In a matter of seconds, a Fire Luan over one hundred meters long appeared in the air. With its wings spread wide and its five-colored crown shining beautifully, the luan began to dance.

BANG! When the Ice Dragon and Fire Luan collided, thunderous rumbles shook the space.

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