Chapter 291 Aliya

Chapter 291 – Aliya

The Source Origin, having ‘Source’ in its name, naturally was one of the very top-tier objects. It was virtually impossible to find anything that could top it.

“Okay, let’s not think about it anymore. The Source Origin of Power isn’t something we can dream of. Lil’ Bro, come with me on a trip. Last time, that b*tch Aliya chased us two like stray dogs. Now that I’ve ranked up, I must settle this debt,” said West coldly.

The East Ocean was so vast that it seemed endless, much bigger than the territory that the Central Dynasty ruled over. There were many monsters near the coast and countless in the sea. In addition to various sea monsters, there were also sea birds that fed on sea monsters.

West brought Fatty with him and flew two days straight before they stopped at an area to rest.

During these two days, aside from logging off to take care of his physiological needs, Fatty had spent the rest of the time being carried on the flight.

“Bro, is this the place?” asked Fatty as he looked at a mass of seaweed.

“Yeah, it’s around here.” West’s face showed deep resentment. I ran into her right here last time, so her lair must be somewhere in the vicinity.”

This area was over ten thousand miles from shore and infested with numerous monsters. It was normal for a water-attribute NPC like Aliya to choose as her living place.

“Then, let’s split up and search?” Fatty suggested.

“No need.” West flicked a finger, and a fire thread beamed down into the sea. Instantly where it touched the water, a raging fire blazed and spread around the surface.

“Check out my newly learned skill, Burn the Rivers, Boil the Seas.”

Fire normally burned out once meeting water, but this skill of West’s grew stronger and stronger the more it spread. The ocean surface began to bubble as various creatures started to float up looking boiled red. The tendency of this fire gave the impression that it would not stop until the entire ocean was boiled.

“Insolent! Who is making a fuss in my territory?!” A shout accompanied by the splashing of water resounded as a faint blue figure flew out from the sea. Her eyes swept around, and upon seeing West, Aliya was stunned. “West? It’s you?”

“Heh, I bet you didn’t expect this,” sneered West.

“Expect what? That you would have the guts to come here and seek your own death?” Aliya’s expression was full of disdain.

This was the first time Fatty got to see Aliya’s face clearly. Last time when she pursued them, West only cared about dragging Fatty to flee, so he didn’t know what she looked like. Now that he finally saw her, however, Fatty was completely disappointed.

Aliya was standing on water waves. She wore a long light-blue gown embroidered with wave patterns, her blue hair was tied up behind her back. Her figure was elegant and supple, very appealing, that is if one didn’t look at her face. She had a face so nauseating anyone who looked at it would wish they could vomit everything they ate in real life.

What kind of face was it? It was full pockmarks, bumps, and holes that occasionally oozed pus. Fatty believed that if such a face assaulted him in the middle of the night, he would faint from the fright.

“Thousand Miles of Rivers, destroy!” Aliya pointed a finger. Abruptly, a series of blue waves surged up and slammed toward the burning fire on the ocean surface.

As a specialized skill, West’s Burn the Rivers, Boil the Seas could not be extinguished by normal water. Only a water skill of the same rank as the one Aliya was using could snuff it out.

One after another, huge waves came crashing down, thousands in numbers until they finally snuffed out West’s fire. West revealed a mocking smile and said cooly, “Aliya, it seems you haven’t made any progress since last time.”

Aliya’s expression was extremely ugly. From the exchange just now, she understood that not only had West’s power been fully restored, but he also even advanced. At least, he wasn’t any weaker than her.

“Humph! Don’t think you’re all that just because you made some progress. Just like last time, I can chase you back to the mainland like a sorry dog all the same!”

“Then, let’s see who is the sorry dog,” said West. The words from Aliya had added new grudges to the hatred welling up in his heart. He reached out and threw Fatty several hundred meters away. “Lil’ Bro, just watch how I’ll handle this b*tch! Fire Dragon Sears the Sky!”

Instantly, a familiar fire dragon wiggled as it emerged from the flames behind West. With a piercing roar that shook the space and made the water churn into waves, the dragon charged at Aliya with wide-open jaws.

“Humph! I see your head has gone silly somehow, West. On the ground, I might be startled just a little, but here in water territory? It’s either your confidence has over-inflated, or your brains have been burned out from cultivation.” Aliya dropped mocking words while her hands didn’t lag one bit. From the bracelet on her left wrist, a blue halo emanated, transforming into a two-meter-wide sphere that tightly encased her.

After that, Aliya mumbled an incantation and pointed at West. “World Destroyer Water Dragon!”


The sea shook and there was no end to the water that surged up to the sky and transformed into a massive water pillar. Atop the pillar was a huge lifelike dragon head that gradually took shape.

As the water pillar got thicker and thicker, the dragon head on it also formed completely, and moreover, its body started to be shaped from the neck down. In the end, only the dragon tail was still connected to the sea, absorbing the water energy from it.

“West, fighting me here is equal to fighting this entire ocean. You’re still a long way off.”

Hoo… Baring its claws and fangs, the water dragon leaped at the fire dragon. The two dragons instantly entangled and fought with murderous intent. Flames billowed and water mist filled the air as the occasional sound of dragon roaring could be heard.

It wasn’t long into the battle to see both dragons shrink very slowly, but the water dragon would instantly replenish itself with the sea and returned to its original size.

“West, feel free to bring out whatever skill you have left.” Upon seeing her water dragon was completely suppressing the fire dragon, Aliya secretly relaxed. She had to admit, West’s sudden rise in rank had put her under great pressure.

“Meteor Fire Shoot!” West couldn’t care less about the fire dragon being at a disadvantage as it was within his expectations. West growled and a fire bow appeared in his hands. He took one step back, bent his legs, and with a slight force, he slowly pulled the string.

Kah kah… As the bowstring was pulled, a long arrow made purely of fire energy materialized on the bow, its tip pointing at the distant Aliya.

“Meteor Fire Shoot?!” Aliya’s face abruptly changed. She quickly moved her hands and drew several magic patterns. “Mirror Flower, Water Moon.”

Whoosh! Wave after wave of water elements gushed out from Aliya and merged into the magic patterns. Instantly, a transparent water mirror half a meter wide appeared in front of her.

The hexagonal water mirror was crystal clear, like the finest glass in this world. Aliya controlled it with both hands and let it hover close before her.

“You’re looking to die!” roared West. The fire burning on his body sharply rose to the sky. Reaching its highest point, the fire suddenly collapsed and merged into the long flame arrow.

Zoom! As half of West’s fire energy condensed within, the flame arrow was nearly crystalized. Its tip flashing with fire sparks, the arrow ripped the air as it hurtled toward Aliya.

“Mirror Flower, Water Moon, seal!” Aliya shrieked. As if she was using all of her strength, her bumpy face grew ashen pale when she raised the mirror to welcome the arrow.

Ding! The long arrow struck the mirror, and then there was only silence. The water mirror remained motionless, while bit by bit, the fire arrow drilled into the mirror’s surface.

“This isn’t your own skill?” West’s face changed.

“Indeed not. I chanced upon it from a skill book.” Aliya was having a hard time keeping up, but her relaxed face showed nothing of it.

BZZZ! The fire arrow finally pierced into the water mirror and seemed to keep drilling further in to hit the target. However, no matter how hard the arrow pushed, it couldn’t escape the scope of the mirror.

“Good job. Looks like you did make some progress during the many years we didn’t see each other. My trip here to settle our debts is worth it.” West swung his arm. Instantly, the fire armor appeared on his body and a strange weapon materialized in his hand.

This weapon looked like a flying dagger and a sword at the same time but it was neither, with a slightly curvy shape. Through the flames drifting around the weapon, layers of magical runes could be seen piling on its surface.

“Divinity Weapon of Fire!” Aliya blurted in shock and frantically retreated with horror on her face. In her panic, she lost control of the water mirror, which in turn quickly exploded with a bang. Losing its restraint, the flame arrow zoomed off and disappeared into the vast sea.

“It’s not the true Divinity Weapon of Fire.” West caressed the weapon with a reverent face. “I had the luck to see the weapon of Lord God of Fire, so I crafted one for myself using its model. You can call it ‘Blaze.’”

“So it’s not the real thing.” Aliya’s face eased up a little. She gave a cold snort and also took out her own weapon.

Her weapon was a magic staff. From the looks of it, she employed the most traditional fighting method of a mage. The staff was roughly a meter long, sculpted from blue crystal with a water dragon coiling along the cane. The dragon head rested at the very top, its mouth held a finger-sized bead.

“I carved this staff from the thousand-year ice condensed at the bottom of the East Ocean. The pearl inside the dragon’s mouth is the inner core of an authentic Celestial Ice Dragon boss. While it was struck dead by the thunder tribulation during the trial to become a god and lost the majority of its energy, what remained was still enormous. Since you have the guts to come here, West, might as well let this be your burial site.”

Hearing Aliya introduce her staff in detail, Fatty grew excited. A Celestial-tier Ice Dragon boss, ahhh, that’s the purest of water element essence! Even though it’s only a small portion of the original amount, it will still do wonders in upgrading equipment or repairing the Elemental Skill Book!

“Bro, I want that Ice Dragon inner core!” Fatty called out to West from several hundred meters away.

“Hahaha, you got it.” West laughed merrily. “Aliya, you heard that? My lil’ bro fancies that Ice Dragon inner core. Hurry and bring it over.”

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