Chapter 29 Phantom Messenger

Chapter 29 – Phantom Messenger

The two groups of people ran into each other without any prior signal.

The Fierce Dragon Gang players were stunned, while Fatty and TheFugitive immediately activated Stealth.

“Mages, fire at will!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent shouted, then let out a string of fireballs that bombarded the entire area.

Hearing that, all the Fierce Dragon Gang mages spread out and started launching spells in a different direction each. Their swift response made it so that the players watching them couldn’t help but praise them for it.

However, the bombardment of spells did not reveal any trace of their two targets at all.

“Advance to the fifth floor,” Cloud Dragon Sailing couldn’t wait to see Fatty get killed, so he immediately wanted to lead his subordinates forward.

“No, I have a feeling that they’re still here,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent stopped Cloud Dragon Sailing and closed his eyes to sense carefully.


Fierce Dragon TheTalent opened his eyes and launched a fireball, but nobody was revealed.

He changed directions and launched another, but there was still nobody there.

A look of disdain surfaced on Cloud Dragon Sailing’s face. Just as he was about to speak, Fierce Dragon TheTalent fired a spell at Cloud Dragon Sailing.


A fireball shot out and exploded, causing Cloud Dragon Sailing’s health to drop. The latter frowned and wanted to curse, but he noticed someone come out from behind him,

“Wow, as expected of the guild master of the Fierce Dragon Gang,” Fatty praised. Then he pushed off against the ground and leaped into the air like a flying swallow. For some reason, his obese figure seemed to give other people the feeling of lightness. With a few jumps, he leaped over several Fierce Drago Gang members, and disappeared into the entrance to the fifth floor.

“He went down the fifth floor. Everyone, follow me and get him!” Cloud Dragon Sailing was overjoyed. Now that he was able to track Fatty, he knew that he and his subordinates could definitely kill Fatty.

“So ignorant,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent cursed softly. Those two rogues came out in such a flustered manner, so there’s no way the fifth floor is a piece of cake. However, he ignored Cloud Dragon Sailing’s actions. His target was TheFugitive.

“Mages, seal off the entrance to the fourth floor. Everyone else, attack at will,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent ordered.

When Fatty entered the fifth floor once more, he heard the sinister laugh by his ear, which sent a chill down his spine. An advanced boss like that one was not one which he could face right now.

“Money Grubber, let’s see where you can run now,” Cloud Dragon Sailing lead his subordinates into the fifth floor proudly.

“When did I run? I seem to recall you being the first to run,” Fatty took a few steps back, while staying on guard for any possible appearances of Skeletal Assassins.

“Damn fatty, stop trying to act tough. I’m going to make it so that you can’t even cry!” Now that Cloud Dragon Sailing felt that he was in control, he was no longer so hasty.

However, Fatty merely snorted in response.

The Cloud Dragon Gang slowly pressed towards Fatty with the knights and warriors in front and the mages and archers behind them. Cloud Dragon Sailing guarded the way back to the fourth floor in person and smiled as he watched Fatty retreat.

Yet, all of a sudden, Fatty disappeared.


A few fireballs flew over where Fatty was, but there was no reaction.

“Don’t panic. Change directions and keep attacking,” Cloud Dragon Sailing was treating the whole situation like a cat playing with a rat.

As the Cloud Dragon Gang players continued their attack, their spells did land on something. However, it was four short figures with sharp blades in their hands. Those figures immediately stealthed once more and disappeared.

“What was that!?” Cloud Dragon Sailing was shocked. Could someone else be here? No, rogues with only their first class enhancement can’t stealth in combat.


Several terrible screams echoed in the cavern. Two mages suddenly had their throats slit open and were insta-killed. Two other mages were wounded in the shoulders, causing them to panic when they saw their health bar reach rock bottom.

“It’s Skeletal Assassins! They can stealth and attack! Be careful!” One of the damaged players chugged down a red potion and called out at the same time.


On the other side, Fatty was also knocked out of stealth by a Skeletal Assassin. He quickly rolled over, then kept his back to the wall and ventured forth.

“Mages, archers, attack Money grubber. Knights and Warriors, spread out to protect them,” Cloud Dragon Sailing immediately changed his tactics.

“Jajaja, hahaha. So many humans. I haven’t tasted such fresh human flesh for a long time. I can finally have my fill today,” a sinister crackle sounded out.

The Cloud Dragon Gang players all felt a chill down their spines.

”It’s a boss, it’s definitely a boss monster! It’s definitely an advanced boss!” Cloud Dragon Sailing was overjoyed. A high-leveled boss like this one was not easy to find. He never expected to encounter one on the fifth floor of the Mass Graves.

These advanced bosses had the same base stats as other same bosses of their level, but they had really high intelligence was that comparable to players. This made these bosses much harder to kill compared to normal ones. At the same time, they also had really good drops, putting the truth in the saying of risk and reward come hand in hand.

“Everyone, focus on getting rid of Money Grubber first, then prepare to kill the boss,” At that moment, Cloud Dragon already forgot about his hatred of Fatty. He just wanted to kill Fatty quickly, then get onto the boss fight.


With a flash of white light, a crimson shadow appeared momentarily in front of a knight, then disappeared. The knight opened his mouth, but could not make any sound as his body split into two halves.

“Be careful. The boss has a really high attack and can enter stealth. Get closer together. Knights and warriors make a round ring of defense. Mages and archers stay inside the circle and attack at will. Focus on unstealthing the boss first.”

Cloud Dragon Sailing was still the leader of a guild and not a mere dandy. Even in face of danger, he did not lose his calm. He was shocked, but didn’t panic, and he did remember the basics of combat.

“Jajaja, what sweet blood. I haven’t tasted it for so long!” the voice rang out from the darkness once more. It was sinister and horrifying.

As Fatty stuck close to the wall, he felt a foreboding feeling, then immediately leapt down to the right without any hesitation.


A flash of white light swept across where Fatty stood, leaving an inch-deep mark into the hard wall.

Fatty used Appraisal in the area where the light came from, but as he expected, there wasn’t anything there.

More footsteps rang out as the other gangs advanced into the fifth floor as well. Fierce Dragon TheTalent had a stern look on his face, as if he couldn’t find where TheFugitive went.

“First come, first serve. The Cloud Dragon Gang found the boss monster first. Let’s not get on bad terms with each other,” Cloud Dragon immediately called out when he saw the other people arrive.

“Brother Cloud Dragon, I’ll come and help you,” Wind God’s World immediately replied. No matter what, he had to get a share of the boss.

Yet, Fierce Dragon TheTalent remained silent, while his subordinates stood there without moving. And since the Fierce Dragon Gang made no moves, the other guilds did not do anything either and merely watched on.

“Tsk, you think you can kill such an advanced boss monster like that?” Fatty snickered.

“Advanced boss?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent suddenly looked up as a light flashed across his eyes.

“Hehe, advanced boss. That’s something that’ll only come down to luck. Cloud Dragon Sailing, don’t think about taking this by yourself,” Xu Quan stood forth.

Since someone else took the lead, East Gate BlowingWind and Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord naturally followed suit. All of a sudden, the scene of four guilds fighting over a boss on the third floor happened again.

Cloud Dragon Sailing’s expression was sudden. He swept his gaze over the masters of the other guilds, then landed onto Fierce Dragon TheTalent, “Master Fierce Dragon, what do you say?”

In terms of numbers, the Fierce Dragon Gang had a hundred people there, which was comparable to the sum of all the other players. His decision was enough to decide on who the boss monster belonged to.

“You guys can keep fighting. When you guys are done and the boss doesn’t belong to anyone, we’ll kill it,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent remained very calm and ordered his subordinates to take a step back, signaling that he wasn’t going to do anything before the other four guilds get completely wiped out.

“Heh, wishful thinking. But I fear the boss will be gone before we’re all dead,” Xu Quan laughed coldly.

“If that’s the case, then I can only say that the Fierce Dragon Gang and this boss monster was not meant to be. I can’t blame anyone for that,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent replied emotionlessly.

“Alright, since Master Fierce Dragon said so, then we won’t act courteously. Everyone, let’s move together. The drops goes to whoever picks them up,” the four guild masters arranged for their subordinates to fight. Each guild was given a territory, where they will clean away the small monsters first.

“Guys, I’m just going to remind you that TheFugitive is definitely on in this cavern of the fifth floor. Don’t let someone else take advance of you guys,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent looked towards Fatty.

“Don’t worry, if he dares to come, then I’ll definitely kill him first,” Cloud Dragon Sailing glanced over at Fatty and laughed coldly.

“The small monsters here are called Skeletal Assassins. They are equivalent to at least a rogue with their second class enhancement. The boss is called Phantom Messenger, and can one-shot a full-health knight. Be careful,” Cloud Dragon Sailing called out loudly.

The guild masters looked at each other, then understood the situation. Cloud Dragon Sailing didn’t have faith that he could kill the boss just with his people. That’s why he told them all the information.

Fatty watched the situation unfold indifferently. Aside from Phantom Messenger’s attack, he was also attacked two more times by Skeletal Assassins, but because he was nimble, he managed to evade both of them.

The monsters on the fifth level were too high leveled and were capable of breaking a rogue’s stealth, making it very troublesome for him.

“Brother Grubber, top right corner of the minimap. It’s the same here.”

Fatty suddenly received a message. It was from TheFugitive. Fatty smiled, then waited until the battle timer ended before going into stealth, then inched alongside the wall towards the top right hand corner of the cavern.

The main cavern of the fifth floor was not a regular polygon, but it was still rectangular. The only difference were some bumps here and there. The entrance of the fifth floor laid in one corner of the rectangular cavern, while the top right hand corner was where the Phantom Messenger was originally. It was diagonally opposite the entrance.

When Fatty stealthed over, although neither of the rogues could see each other, they were able to sense each others’ presence.

“How did you get in here?” Fatty asked.

“I was luckier than you. You were hiding behind Cloud Dragon Sailing, while I hid behind one of the Cloud Dragon Gang’s knights. I came in with them. Brother Grubber, you got any thoughts about this?” TheFugitive asked.

“Of course, and you’re the same,” Fatty replied.

“Haha,” TheFugitive seemed very happy. “You interested in competing?”


“Who gets the final benefit.”

“What are the stakes?”

“Loser has to be a lackey for the winner for a month. Doing everything, including taking the blame for everything.”

“Sure, since you sincerely asking to be my lackey, I’ll accept.”

“Tsk, damn fatty, don’t get so full of yourself just yet.”

“Lord Fatty never gets full of himself. Lord Fatty only speaks the truth.”

While the pair of rogues argued in the corner, the four gangs began the sweeping of the monsters.

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