Chapter 287 Firesource Fruit

Chapter 287 – Firesource Fruit

Casually finishing off the Fire Foxes, Fatty continued to ride the Violent Ox King into the inner areas.

Fatty went on until he was over three hundred miles into the Mountain of Flames. If it wasn’t for this powerful Violent Ox King as his mount, he wouldn’t have been able to reach this point by himself.

On the way, Fatty came across an endless emergence of fire lions, fire eagles, fire finches, even Fire Spirit Beasts and fire hummingbirds, each had the standard power of a normal high-rank Yao boss of the 7th class enhancement and above.

Fatty’s eyes shone a little brighter with each monster he saw, filled with an intense urge to control the Violent Ox King to kill them all and rob them clean of their treasures.

After following West to sweep the Violent Ox King’s lair last time and gaining over three thousand Fire Crystal Stones, Fatty had become addicted.

“Huh? What is this?”

From a ways away, on a bare hill, Fatty saw a tree roughly eight feet tall, full of red fruits growing from it. Around the tree trunk, there was a coiling fire python over two meters long and as thick as an arm.

On and above the bare hill around the tree was a crowd of monsters: flying in the sky, running on the ground, tunneling underground. There were around a dozen kinds of monsters that were tightly filling up the space, staring intently at the fire python like they were eyeing a prey.

Ssss… The fire python hissed and flicked its tongue. Facing so many monsters, it still seemed unbothered and only looked leisurely at the red fruits, as if waiting for them to mature.

Zoom! A fire finch was the first to attack as it launched itself at the fire python. With it as a forerunner, the other monsters also raced toward the fire python.


A cloud of fire exploded. With the fire python as the epicenter, the entire hill turned into a raging inferno. Flames billowed into the sky and engulfed all of the monsters that were gunning for the fire python.

Hooo… Ten-something minutes later, the flames slowly dissipated, leaving a few fire sparks still dancing around. What also disappeared were the charging monsters. Only that tree and the fire python coiling around it lazily still stood there.

“Is this some kind of treasure birthed by the heavens and earth?” Fatty instantly spurred the Violent Ox King onward.

Hiss… The fire python flickered is tongue as it watched the huge Violent Ox King, actually revealing a look of contempt towards a beast whose tail alone was bigger than its entire body.

The Violent Ox King who was speedily ascending the hill suddenly trembled very slightly. Fatty was inwardly shocked by this. He instantly ordered the mount to fly up.

Whoosh! A fine fire thread shot out from the fire python’s mouth and flashed briefly in the air before disappearing right away. The Violent Ox King was able to dodge in time and avoid being hit in the vitals, but the fire thread struck its left hind leg.

Hoo… Despite the fact that the Violent Ox King was also a powerful high-rank Yao, a purple flame flared on the leg where it was shot and burnt off the entire leg minutes later. The leg had gone, but the purple flame had the tendency to spread.

“What kind of monster is this?” Fatty’s face turned ashen in fright. He instantly deployed the Zephyr Wings to float down from the Violent Ox King. Then, he took out the Elemental Skill Book and smacked the purple flame with it.

Bam! The purple flame was snuffed into fire sparks. In its agony, the Violent Ox King’s health stopped dropping after losing a third.

Fatty was shocked by the fact that a simple skill was nearly able to kill the Violent Ox King, a high-rank Yao boss. He hovered in the air and carefully sized up the fire python.

The mockery in the fire python’s eyes grew even thicker as it popped its head out from the treetop to face Fatty.

“Motherf*cker, you’re laughing at Lord Fatty? You really think I can’t do anything to you?” Fatty smiled sinisterly. Looking left and right, he suddenly landed on an area and dug up a bunch of big stones, stuffing them into his inventory.

Then, he once again climbed up the hill. Ordering the Violent Ox King to distract the fire python, he started to wildly throw stones at the tree.

Hiss… Anger flashed across the fire python’s eyes. It spat out flames and shattered the stones. Stone shards flew in all directions, some fell into a river nearby and some rolled down, but none could reach the tree as the fire python would blast them into powder first.

“Heh, again!” Fatty continued throwing one big stone after another. In addition, numerous fire monsters had begun flocking over again. The fire python finally started to reveal anxiety.

While the fire python could ignore the attacks of the monsters around, Fatty was different, as he obviously wanted to destroy the tree. This left the fire python no choice but to focus the majority of its attention on him. Every time Fatty used up the stones in his package, he would go dig up some more, return, and continue throwing. As this process repeated, the power of the fire spewed out by the fire python gradually decreased. At first, only one flame was enough to blast a stone to pieces, but the number then increased to two flames to be up to the task.

Boom! The space suddenly shook as a large fire cloud appeared in the sky. Half of the fire python’s body was reaching out from the treetop, its mouth mumbling something. Apparently, the monster was casting a mighty ultimate skill to get rid of Fatty once and for all.

“Ohh? What will it be? Meteor Shower? Fire Ocean? Meteor Apocalypse?” Fatty nonchalantly commented as he looked at the patch of red above.

The fire python eyes revealed a color that betrayed its malaise. The fire cloud constantly transformed in the sky until it suddenly turned into thousands of beads the size of an egg that shot down at Fatty.

Looking at the rain of beads, Fatty slightly smiled and flipped his hand. The Elemental Skill Book appeared above his head.

Pop pop pop… The beads hit the Elemental Skill Book in succession, and without exception, all were absorbed. The skill book even burped out the impurities afterward.

With the Elemental Skill Book here, the majority of elemental attacks had no effect on Fatty. Besides, he also had the skill Elemental Guard that could offset 80% of all elemental damage.

A trace of fear flashed through fire python’s eyes to see that one of its big moves had been broken so easily.

Whoosh! Fatty suddenly folded the Zephyr Wings and let himself drop onto the tree.

Hsss… The fire python flew into a rage. It spat out flame after flame. At the same time, the air in the vicinity began to churn with heat due to some unknown skill. The ground cracked and lava spurted out from underground. In a blink of an eye, the hill once again turned into a raging inferno.

“Hahahaha!” Fatty burst out into crazed laughter as a five-colored sphere encased him. Having activated Elemental Guard, he jumped into the lava and tossed Harvest at the tree.

Whoosh. A fiery red fruit acquired.

System Notification: You have acquired a Firesource Fruit.

Firesource Fruit? Fatty spared some time in his flurry to check the attributes.

Firesource Fruit
Top-grade fire-attribute material
Contains high-intensity fire energy equivalent to a high-rank fire Yao’s inner core. Can be used in alchemy.

Contains high-intensity fire energy equivalent to a high-rank fire Yao’s inner core? Fatty was stunned, then he went wild with joy. This was exactly one of the kinds of materials needed to continue upgrading his Elemental gears and Elemental Sword.

While the tree was said to be indeed overgrown with this red fruits, it was only eight feet tall after all, and there were only over a dozen of the fruits. After Fatty plucked one, the fire python instantly let out a painful hiss. It ignored the monsters blocking it and leaped toward Fatty.

Boom. A fire cloud appeared under the fire python while in the air. Surprisingly, this python could summon a fire cloud to fly. Caught off guard, Fatty was bitten on his left leg.

“Hsss…” Fatty gasped and curled his body as a sharp pain seemed to pierce his heart. From the wound, a hot air flow started to circulate all over his body.

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