Chapter 286 Class Enhancement

Chapter 286 – Class Enhancement

Creak… The door opened, and two players entered.

The skeletal monster that Fatty had transformed into was too big, there was really no place to hide. He simply lay there and pretended to be a real skeleton.

“What’s this?” A player kicked Fatty. Fatty had fled too quickly just now, so they didn’t get to see his form clearly.

Thinking a bit, Fatty quietly summoned Wheat. The rodent squeaked at the two players and scurried out of the room.

“Ahh, a monster. Pounce!” The two disregarded Fatty and chased after Wheat.

“You go too.” Fatty summoned the Violent Ox King. The beast let out a moo that nearly collapsed the room before flying out in a burning flame.

“Boss, it’s definitely a boss!” The players outside boiled over. They immediately arranged into a messy offensive formation as they disregarded Wheat to attack the Violent Ox King.

How could ten-something players take down a monster of the Violent Ox King’s caliber, though? Fatty didn’t have the mount fight back and only controlled it to keep flying up until it stopped outside their attack range and leisurely looked at them.

“Damn it! Provocation, this is plain provocation! Mages and archers, blast it down for me!” roared a player who seemed to be the leader as he ordered his team members to use long-range attacks.

However, their number was too few while the Violent Ox King was too high-level. Their eyes had turned red from urgency, but it was simply impossible to kill the ox.

“Call for people, call for more people here.” The leader angrily stomped his feet. He opened the communicator and contacted a bunch of people one after another.

Time ticked away. When their team had fully gathered, Fatty’s transformation state had also come to its end.

Whoosh. Fatty returned to his usual form. Swallowing a red pill to restore his health, he pocketed the Violent Ox King.

“It’s gone! What on earth is with this boss?”

“Damn it! Everyone search again.”

Watching with a smile as these people spread out to search for the “boss,” Fatty quietly left the area in Stealth.

In no hurry to turn in his quest, Fatty explored the Demonsun Ancient Castle grounds. Following the defense topographic map, he arrived at the place where the Magic Crystal Cannon was indicated to be at.

This was a spot on the wall which had already collapsed a long time ago and the Magic Crystal Cannon obviously was no longer there.

It made sense. Magic Crystal Cannons were a rare strategic weapon in the Central Dynasty. The Demonsun Castle must have been swept clean soon after it was abandoned.

Fatty randomly chose several places on the map and made a trip. As he expected, the items in those places had also disappeared. Only then did he give up and return to the Imperial Capital with a Recall Scroll.

Of the three vampires, two died, while one was still alive. But since she had returned to the EU region, Fatty’s mission could be considered complete.

“Not bad, very good.” Upon seeing him return, General Mighty swung his arm, and the sound of a system notification promptly rang out by Fatty’s ears.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed the mission “Demonsun Ancient Castle.” +5,000,000 exp, +350 Reputation. Gain 1 “Certificate of Class Enhancement.”

“Certificate of Class Enhancement?” Fatty doubtfully checked his inventory. Inside was a sheet of paper about 4-inch wide and 8-inch long with the four big letters ‘Certificate of Class Enhancement’ written on it. This should be the proof that Fatty had completed his mission and could now advance.

After handing out the rewards, there was no more action from General Mighty. Fatty cupped his hands and took his leave. He then went to the Class Enhancement Hall for Sallip.

“Ahh, you brat still have the guts to come back here?” From a distance, Fatty saw Sallip staring at him with bloodshot eyes. Next to him were Reck, Salka, and the other NPCs.

“Honorable Instructor, what’s the matter?” Fatty pretended he didn’t understand.

“What’s the matter you ask? Damn it! You tricked me into thinking that the Water God Palace was still there. I invited so many friends to search for it and found nothing, NOTHING! Not even that Terrible Wang Zhang you spoke of.” Sallip grabbed Fatty by the collar and sprayed saliva all over his face.

“This… hahaha. That’s because you left too fast, so I couldn’t tell you the rest.” Fatty smacked off Sallip’s hands and fixed his clothes. “Terrible Wang Zhang and the Water God clone were going so intensely at each other, you know, but Azure Dragon City Lord Lei Ao suddenly came! He killed the Water God clone, captured Terrible Wang Zhang, and took the Water God Palace as well. Even this Celestial item Crystal Maze of Terror was given to me by him.”

“You, you, you said Terrible Wang Zhang and the God of Water struggled to a mutual doom…” Sallip was so angry he nearly fainted. After hearing the story from Fatty, he eagerly looked for some close friends to find the Divine artifact, and yet when they arrived at the destination, there wasn’t even a single hair there! There was no trace of the huge fellow Terrible Wang Zhang either, and that was when he realized that Fatty had duped him.

“Heh, I knew it. If there’s really a Divine artifact, how can this brat tell you instead of going for it himself?” Reck laughed loudly and patted Fatty’s shoulder. “Alright, I’m leaving. I still have some house moving to do.”

The other NPCs also left, leaving only Sallip there, glaring at Fatty in a rage.

“Here, let me get my class enhancement.” Fatty handed the Certificate of Class Enhancement over.

“You tricked me, and yet you want me to process your class enhancement?” Sallip didn’t receive the paper and kept staring at Fatty with practically flaring eyes. If it wasn’t for the fact that PK wasn’t allowed inside the city, he would have already skinned Fatty alive.

“What’s there to be so angry about? I didn’t even make a fuss about the many traps you set up in Crystal Maze. A vain trip is but a small payback,” said Fatty nonchalantly.

“You… you…” Sallip pointed at Fatty with a trembling finger and couldn’t even say straight in fury. A vain trip was not a big deal, but the real problem was that he invited so many people, only to realize in the end that he had been made a fool of. Where could he put his face now?

“Okay, okay, the Divine artifact was retrieved by the Azure Dragon city lord, it’s useless to be angry. Hurry up and let me rank up, I’m in a rush.” Fatty stuffed the certificate into Sallip’s hands.

Taking a deep breath, Sallip pointed his finger, and a white light landed upon Fatty’s head, followed by the sound of a system notification.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have successfully advanced.

“Finally. Let me what skills are there.”

Sallip angrily displayed the skill bar and let Fatty see it.

Mechanism: Novice. Upgraded version of Trap with better concealment and damage.

Triohand: Novice. Upgraded version of Steal. Success rate: 0.1% – 1.5%. If it fails, the caster will be paralyzed for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Kill Break: Novice. Can use a weapon at hand to attack the opponent from a distance at 1.2 times the player’s attack. Attack range: 10 meters. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

“Only three?” Fatty frowned. The 5th class enhancement only offered three new skills, and two of them were the upgraded version of existing skills.

“Three isn’t enough for you? How many more do you want?” Sallip barked with an ugly face. He loathed that he couldn’t just throw Fatty out right now.

“Mentor, I want to get my class enhancement.” A player suddenly pushed Fatty aside and said in a loud voice.

“This place only processes the 6th advancement and above. From the 5th enhancement and below, please go to your main city,” announced Sallip coldly without an expression.

“Ah? Then how did he rank up?” The player pointed at Fatty.

“Which eye of yours saw him rank up?” Sallip asked in a dark tone.

“Err…” Only now did this player realize that something was very wrong with the atmosphere. Looking at Sallip whose cheeks were twitching constantly and Fatty who had nothing but schadenfreude on his face, the player concluded it was best that he fled this place.

“Ahaha, three it is then, saves me lots of money.” Each skill cost 2000 gold coins. Fatty handed 6000 to Sallip. “Keep the change.”


Sallip punched the wall. The entire hall trembled. Everyone else looked over.

“What are you looking at?! Never seen a handsome guy before?” shouted Sallip with a poker face.

“Pfff!” Not only the players, but even some pretty female NPC mentors also burst into laughter.

“Alright, alright, don’t lose your temper, instructor. When I have news on other Divine artifacts, I’ll let you know,” Fatty comforted Sallip.

“Humph!” Sallip only snorted coldly. If there was a next time, it wouldn’t be so certain if he would believe Fatty again.

After learning the new skills and consoling Sallip, Fatty left the Class Enhancement Hall. He still had to make another trip to the Mountain of Flames for the Fire Paulownia Wood. Now that Karl was about to move to Sky City as well, his God Destroyer Crossbow would be something even more valuable than the Magic Crystal Cannons, given that he could really fix this crossbow ballista and build several more of them.

This trip back had delayed him for several days already. Previously, HeadofGod planned to hold a gathering at Fatty’s place for celebration, but he unexpectedly farmed a border pass, which instantly aroused excitement in the rest. They decided that the celebration would be indefinitely delayed until everyone got themselves a border pass.

Just like last time, Fatty saw a bunch of pretty Fire Foxes roaming around the instant he arrived at the Mountain of Flames.

“Heh,” Fatty chuckled and drew the Elemental Sword. With a slight slash, a Fire Fox ten meters away groaned as a fist-sized bloody hole suddenly appeared on its body.

Fatty was delighted. Kill Break was more than just a long-range attack. An even more important feature was that the one being attacked could not locate the attacker’s exact location.

Seeing the injured Fire Fox huff angrily as it looked left and right but unable to find him, Fatty laughed and revealed himself.

Zoom! The fox’s eyes instantly shone upon spotting Fatty and it spat out a fireball.

“Don’t be mad, little fellow.” Fatty dodged without effort. At the same time, he summoned the Violent Ox King and got on it.

Boom! The ox stomped a leg. The Fire Fox let out a cry and was trampled to meat paste.

“Geez, what a waste.” From the Violent Ox King’s back, Fatty tossed Harvest.

Whoosh, a tattered fox fur. While the Fire Fox was beautiful, a fur damaged to this degree certainly wouldn't be worth much.

Another Harvest, and a round pet egg appeared in Fatty’s palm with a whoosh.

Looking at the pet egg with flashing magical patterns on the surface, Fatty smiled so wide his eyes turned to two slits.

This is a sign of good fortune. It seems that this time, I can bring the Fire Paulownia Wood home for sure.

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