Chapter 285 Demonsun Ancient Castle’s Defense Topographic Map

Chapter 285 – Demonsun Ancient Castle’s Defense Topographic Map

Of the three vampires, Fatty had killed two and was currently pinning the last one on the ground with his white skeletal claw.

“How did you guys enter Xuanhuang Country?” asked Fatty.

“We came across a national border map by chance. It has a secret route leading to this place. Because your people came to our place, made a fuss and disturbed our prince, His Royal Highness, we decided on our own initiative to come to your country as retaliation,” answered the vampire after some hesitation, her voice filled with remorse.

“What?!” Fatty was appalled. He thought these three crossed the borders with border passes, but they actually illegally smuggled themselves here. Fatty asked immediately, “Where’s the map?”

“We didn’t bring it with us.” The vampire shook her head.

“Humph! You suck at lying, you know?” Fatty coldly sneered. He refused to believe they were able to find the secret route without the map and by relying solely on memory.

Fatty exerted some force on his claw. The vampire instantly let out a wretched scream.

“You said you’d let me go. Your Xuanhuang Ancient Dynasty is a civilized grand country, you can’t go back on your words!” the vampire frantically shouted.

“Mhm, that’s right, I did promise to let you go.” Fatty suddenly sneered. “But if I shout ‘there’s a vampire from Europe over here,’ what do you think will happen?”

“You!” Even though the other party was still in her bat form, Fatty swore he could see her abrupt change of expression.

“At that time, don’t blame me if you die, because I really did let you go, alright?” Fatty smiled cutely.

“Fine! Here’s your damn map, just let me go!” The vampire helplessly took out a map and threw it to Fatty.

Fatty caught the map and scanned it. There were all kinds of terrain drawn on it as well as dense labeling. Indeed, it was a border map. Unfortunately, the map was badly tattered and only a part of it could still be seen clearly.

“Go, leave this place immediately, or else I won’t let you off again.” Fatty lifted his skeletal claw.

The vampire gave him a deep look before she flapped her wings and flew away.

Going out for a mission and unexpectedly harvesting two items, Fatty cheered in his heart.

The first item was naturally the Soul Sealing Cross. Fatty took it out and carefully checked the properties.

Soul Sealing Cross
Special tool
Function: Issues a black light that imprisons the soul of any creature within it for three hours. Cooldown: 24 hours.

There was only one function, but Fatty was overjoyed. If he had a conflict with someone in the future, he only needed to use this black cross on them, and the opponent would absolutely cry until they ran out of tears.

The second item was the map, which showed many secret and concealed terrain. It only dawned on Fatty when he looked at this map that the game was very similar to reality, one could go abroad via normal means like getting a visa (border pass), or through illegal smuggling.

Stowing away the two items, Fatty looked at the nearby Blood-thirsty Wicked Fog left behind by Kelly and couldn’t help but marvel at how it still hadn’t dispersed. What kind of skill is this? The caster is already dead, yet this spell still going strong with such terrifying power!

“Look! There’s a monster over there!”

“Boss, it’s a boss! Be careful guys!”

“Aahhh? Why is my health decreasing? Aahhh!”

“What’s just happened? How did RichandHandsome die? AHHHH!”

A chaotic commotion of shocked voices broke out as a group of over a dozen people found their way over. They intended to surround and take care of “boss Fatty,” but were killed by Kelly’s Blood-thirsty Wicked Fog before they could reach him.

“Impressive, incredible!” Fatty repeatedly praised. If he had this kind of skill, he could release just a few patches of this fog around the city walls and it would do wonders, more than any other kind of defensive measure.

“Time to go.” Fatty got down on all fours and crawled away. It wasn’t suitable to meet other people while still in the state of Transformation.

“Go around, go around! This blood mist isn’t normal. Hurry, the boss is fleeing! After it, everyone!”

After four people died, the team of players finally reacted. They hastily skirted the Blood-thirsty Wicked Fog and chased after Fatty.

“Ignorant fools!” Fatty gave a cold snort and quickly hid into a random room.

“It’s not there anymore, the boss disappeared!”

“Search! That kind of boss will definitely drop good equipment and maybe even a border pass. Us brothers will have the opportunity to win honor for our country!”

Ignoring the happenings outside, Fatty carefully observed the room. It seemed to be a conference hall three times the size of an ordinary room, devoid of decorations except for a circle of something that looked like garbage.

“Hmm?” Fatty took two steps and felt something was off. He looked again. There seemed to be something in the middle of the circle of tattered things.

Rustle… Clouds of dust were sent floating into the air. After thousands of years of decay, all these things had already turned to dust and crumbled at the slightest touch.

Sweeping away all of the debris, Fatty saw a moldy object lying underneath.

This object seemed to be a painting. He unfurled it to reveal a three-meters by five-meter long parchment. The content was obscured under all that mold.

“Foo, foo!” Fatty blew off the dust and cleaned off a little of the mold. A corner was exposed with some drawings on it. “Could this be some kind of map?”

Curious, Fatty cleaned up a larger area. Drawn on it were a lot of twists and turns with not only trees and roads, but also pictures of various props and humans.

“The Defense Topographic Map of Demonsun Castle,” Fatty read aloud the line that appeared after he completely cleaned the surface. He stroked his chin with his bony claw while deep in thought. The grating ‘kah kah’ sound of bone friction resounded. “A defense topographic map?”

This map was made from some kind of metal, that was why it hadn’t rotted away after several thousand years. Judging from all the mold growing on it, however, it wasn’t far from being completely scrapped.

“Magic Crystal Cannon?” A drawing caught his eye as he randomly scanned through the map. On a patch of wall drawing, an object in the shape of a big cannon was embedded with the mouth pointing outwards.

The appearance was exactly the same as the Magic Crystal Cannon he saw in Iron Chain Town. Apparently, they were the same thing.

“This place used to have a Magic Crystal Cannon?” Fatty was only surprised for a moment before taking this fact for granted. The Demonsun Castle was a flying fortress modeled after Sky City, so it wasn’t unexpected that it had a defensive weapon.

“If the Magic Crystal Cannon is still here…” Fatty had an idea.

“You go over here, you check over there. Quickly search, find out where that boss has run off to. What a weirdo, this is the first time I’ve seen a monster running away from players.”

Voices echoed from outside. Fatty’s eyes swirled as he pocketed the map. He surmised that since there was something like this here, Sky City must have one as well. After he got his class enhancement, it would be time to search around his own city.

Such a big city was impossible to be developed with the effort of one lone man. Fatty had already made plans for land rental, but they should only come into effect after he finished arranging the defense, otherwise, his city might just be invaded one day without his knowledge.

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