Chapter 284 Soul Sealing Cross

Chapter 284 – Soul Sealing Cross

How powerful was the Violent Ox King? It was a high-rank Yao boss with the strength equivalent to a person of the 8th class enhancement. The current players were only at the 5th enhancement at most, none could be a match for the Violent Ox King.

However, the three vampires couldn’t see the details of the mount and thought it to be the manifestation of a skill. Kelly laughed charmingly as a pair of blood-red wings unfolded behind her. With a whoosh, she vanished with unparalleled speed.

“The novels all say that vampires are very fast, it seems to be the case indeed.” Fatty narrowed his eyes. Without a second thought, the Elemental Sword appeared in his hand and he viciously stabbed it backward.

Clank. Kelly emerged behind Fatty, parrying the Elemental Sword with a blood-red dagger and hurriedly retreated.

Whoosh, whoosh! The other two also spread their wings and vanished from sight.

Like three whirlwinds, the vampires spun around Fatty in circles. Fatty remained steadily on the Violent Ox King as he randomly slashed his sword, each strike surely forcing back a vampire.

“What accurate judgment, what a keen sense of battle!” The three vampires grew more and more shocked as they fought. Every single attack from them was blocked by Fatty.

Bang! A small sound resounded as a cloud of smoke exploded from the body of the quiet vampire girl, which then spread in all directions and covered the small venue.

Accidentally inhaling a mouthful of smoke, Fatty was assailed by dizziness. He immediately understood that this smoke was toxic.

Fatty quickly stuffed a Toxic Cleansing Pill into his mouth and jumped off from the Violent Ox King. The opponents’ speed was too quick, so continuing to defend wasn’t a wise choice.

“Go.” Fatty slapped the Violent Ox King. The latter abruptly flew up and spat out a huge flame. The crimson flames spread in the air and covered the entire area, forcing the vampires to move away and as a consequence, effectively expanded the battlefield.

Whoosh. Fatty disappeared in Stealth and crept towards the male vampire.

While Fatty could easily kill these three vampires with the Violent Ox King, he still wanted to witness for himself some of the western skills and see if they were any different from the ones here.

The Vampire could be considered a hidden class. However, these three were NPCs, so their power was a little more competitive than players of the same level.

With a ‘ding,’ the male vampire deflected the Elemental Sword. At the same time, a casual blood-red light shot towards Fatty’s throat.

Fatty quickly moved his legs to dodge the attack, then used Stealth again.

“Heh, ignorant human, don’t you know that our Blood clan can see all invisible creatures?” The male vampire had mockery written all over his face. His body faded into a faint illusion and speedily rotated around Fatty.

The vampires simply didn’t need any other skills as they could defeat the majority of opponents by relying on speed alone. This was also the source of their confidence.

However, this is a game. Fatty smiled calmly. The Elemental Skill Book flew out and its entrance was accompanied with AoE magic.


A succession of lightning bolts struck the male vampire out of the blue, instantly paralyzing him. The vampire was frozen there, dumbfounded, while still in his earlier running posture in the air.

“Carrey!” The two other vampires were frightened. They immediately flocked over to aid him.

Boom! Wheat suddenly leaped out from underground. The rodent expanded to the size of a bull and blocked one vampire. Meanwhile, Inky’s Mental Breakdown blasted away the other vampire, Kelly.

An advantage of players over NPCs was that they could raise pets. With his three pets, Fatty currently held the advantage of four versus three.


The gap in levels wasn’t too high, so Coil’s effect successfully proc’d as expected. Bound by the silver python, the male vampire Carrey could only gawk as Fatty stabbed his sword.

Pff! A slit on the throat reduced Carrey’s health by a fifth.

The attack also freed Carrey from the bound state. The vampire immediately pulled back, wanting to get rid of Fatty with his speed.

Flop… Carrey’s body suddenly tilted sharply and his speed plummeted. Only now did he realize that the ground behind him had turned into a mire.

“Damn it!” Carrey shrieked from the bottom of his belly. The ever proud and arrogant him could never imagine that a moment of carelessness would drive him to such a state, the state of being constantly restrained.

Whoosh! Carrey flapped his wings, trying to fly up. Unfortunately, there was a pet even more powerful than the previous two. The instant he popped up a little, he was stomped down by the Violent Ox King’s hooves.

Splash. Carrey fell head-first into the marsh, splashing up a myriad of mud.

Seeing an opportunity, Wheat abandoned the quiet female vampire and pounced over in a few jumps, leaping up high, then let itself fall onto Carrey.

POOF! Carrey was deeply planted into the mud, only two legs sticking out flailing about in a flurry. Wheat continued to bounce up and down in high spirits, each bounce accurately striking the spot between Carrey’s legs.

“Squeak squeak!” All of a sudden, Kelly screeched shrilly as her eyes glowed with a red light, and a mass of smoke gushed out from her body. Thinking that this was another toxic fog, Fatty hastily stuffed a Toxic Cleansing Pill in his mouth. To his surprise, however, the smoke quickly dispersed to reveal a huge black bat the size of three basins combined.

Zoom! Post-transformation Kelly virtually exceeded the speed of sound as she whooshed to Fatty’s face.

Seeing Kelly transform, the other vampire also followed suit and transformed without a word. The two bats attacked Fatty from his left and right.

Fatty didn’t evade. He took out the Holy Horn and activated Holy Light Illumines All.

"Screeeeeech!" A shrill, wretched scream resounded. The Kelly bat instantly sizzled, black smoke billowing from its body as the holy light shone upon it. Finally unable to hold up, the bat fell to the ground and turned back into human form.

“Holy magic?! You’re a rogue! How can you use a Holy Mage’s skill?” Kelly frantically moved back with a ghastly pale face.

It really works? Fatty’s eyes lit up. Too bad that Holy Light Illumines All was still on a 10-second cooldown, otherwise Carrey would be the next one getting wrecked.

The other bat didn’t dare to get close. It spat out a magic skill at Fatty from a distance.

A black magic bullet hit Fatty and immediately a series of sizzling sounds were heard. The Elemental Breastplate emitted white smoke, and Fatty’s health also steadily declined, obviously from the skill’s corrosion effect. This vampire seemed to be a mage-type.

“Hahaha, I'll stop playing with you guys now.” Fatty swallowed a red pill and waved his hand. The Violent Ox King violently crashed down, a hoof landed exactly between Carrey’s legs.

“ARGHHH!” A long, miserable scream echoed. Even Fatty couldn’t help but tremble and subconsciously tightly clipped his legs together.

This hoof stomp from the Violent Ox King wiped out half of Carrey’s health. He didn’t have time to regain his wits from the agony when the ground cracked and steaming lava spurted out.

“AHHH!” Another miserable scream as Carrey turned into ashes.

System Notification: Congratulations! You have slain a foreign creature - a vampire viscount. +300 National Merit points.

“Oh? National Merit? What’s this?" Fatty opened his character interface and saw a new value, National Merit, with a number 300 after it, but there was no explanation.

“Ahh, Carrey?! You killed Carrey?! I want you DEAD!” There was no longer any trace of the earlier charming air about Kelly. Her disheveled hair and deathly white face, in addition to the blood trickling along her fangs, made her look like a scary female ghost.

Along with Kelly’s desperate scream, a huge cloud of blood mist emerged from her body and enveloped the area in minutes.

“Blood-thirsty Wicked Fog? You’re crazy! Stop, Kelly, stop right now!”

Upon seeing the situation, the other vampire instantly changed back to her human form. Her face was even paler than Kelly as she shouted for her to stop the skill.

“Don’t bother, Summers. He killed Carrey, I want him dead. In a while, use the Soul Sealing Cross to take his soul back with you. I want him to forever be unable to return,” Kelly’s mournful voice sounded from the blood mist like the cries of ghosts.

“Hiss…” Fatty gasped as he looked at the Soul Sealing Cross. He finally understood why the opponents were so fearless. The cross was capable of imprisoning a dead person’s soul. If the opponent really killed him, brought his soul back to the EU region and found a forcible respawn point, then the only fate awaiting him would be endlessly being slain until he had to delete his character.

“Perverse, ahh, how can they make such a perverse item…” Despite saying so, Fatty still gazed intently at the cross as he wondered if the thing was a drop.

Boom! Kelly’s blood mist permeated the entire space. Fatty felt faint in the head and his body paralyzed. His health also plummeted at a terrifying rate.

Blood-thirsty Wicked Fog, is it? Seems to be a wide-ranged AoE magic. However, that Kelly chick shouldn’t fare so well casting this skill either. Fatty thought to himself as he barely managed to issue an attack order to his three pets before falling to the ground.

Hoo! The Violent Ox King exhaled and suddenly disappeared. However, the flame it breathed out filled the air and burned Kelly to ashes before she could even utter a sound. The other vampire let out a horrid scream. She transformed into a bat, trying to flee.

“Where ya running?” a roar came from upfront as a bony white claw blocked the bat.

“Ahh! What kind of monster…” The vampire was frightened to see a skeletal monster crawl out from the Blood-thirsty Wicked Fog and press her down with one claw. She begged loudly, “Ahh, don’t kill me.”

“Your grandma! The caster is dead and this thing still isn’t gone!” Fatty glanced at the blood mist. This thing used less than three seconds to kill him. If it hadn’t been for Death Transformation, his soul would be on the way to the EU region right now.

Luckily, however, he transformed into a monster with super bulky health. Who could have known that the red mist still remained even after Kelly died? Fatty was close to dying again even after he transformed.

“I can choose not to kill you. That is, if you give me the Soul Sealing Cross,” spoke Fatty in a hoarse voice.

“This…” The female vampire hesitated.

“Give it to me, and you can go back alive. If you don’t, you’ll die and the cross would be useless then,” Fatty threatened as he tightly pressed the bat on the ground. If it wasn’t for fear that this perverse tool might not drop, Fatty wouldn’t be wasting time saying all of this nonsense.

“Fine.” The vampire nodded after a bit later and handed the Soul Sealing Cross to Fatty. Then, looking at the bony claw holding her, the vampire asked, “Can I go now?”

“Of course. But before you do, I still have something to ask.”

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