Chapter 283 Vampire

Chapter 283 – Vampire

This viny monster was called the Territory Basket, a level 65 monster with over ten vines that grew sharp and deadly poisonous spikes capable of fatally poisoning other monsters and players. In general, when targeted by a dozen of these vines at once, one or two players would have no choice but to run.

However, its opponent this time was Fatty, who could cut off its roots even if he didn’t have the Violent Ox King. Not to mention that with this terrifying mount, Fatty didn’t have to put much effort dealing with this monster.

Hoo! A mass of flame belched from the Violent Ox King’s mouth and landed on the Territory Basket’s root system, instantly setting it on fire. The monster screeched madly and all of its vines violently lashed towards the ox.

Pop pop pop… The vines struck the Violent Ox King. The mount ignored them and kept spewing fire.

As the scorching fire burned, the Territory Basket’s screeching gradually weakened. Finally, the monster exploded with a snap, leaving a pile of items.

Fatty retrieved the items with a wave of his hand, then tossed Harvest on the corpse remnants, gaining only a vial of poison.

After training with a lot of high-level monsters, Fatty had no interest in this kind of low-ranked monster. He ordered the Violent Ox King to continue forward.

This ancient castle was like a town. The very center was the controlling area over the entire fortress, the next layer was where the owner of the castle, as well as the officers and soldiers, resided, and after that was the storage that housed all sorts of equipment. In addition to those, there were also training grounds, stables, etc, laid out in a very complex manner.

Fatty frowned. This kind of structure required him to search room by room, and that would be a lot of trouble.

Fatty recalled one of his last pets, the Crystal Yao Scorpion. Originally, he planned to level it, because the packs on its back contained many small scorpions that it could control. But later, he had to revert it to a pet egg because of the situation. If he had the Crystal Yao Scorpion now, the search would become much easier.

“Forget it, I’ll just go one by one.” Fatty sighed. Luckily the mission gave him three days, otherwise, he wouldn’t have enough time.

Fatty randomly chose a room and entered. This place was probably a storage room for bows and arrows as the floor was filled with cracked and corroded bows. Fatty picked up one and slightly pulled the string, which immediately snapped. Aside from bows, there were bundles of arrows, also either warped or rusty.

Fatty scanned the room. It was too empty to hide any monsters here. Fatty exited the room and accessed another one.

This one seemed to be a resting room, there were only several tables and chairs that had rotten into wood chips, also barren of monsters.

The third room, the fourth… Fatty checked one by one, easily killing the few monsters he occasionally came across. After spending the entire day, he finally found some traces in an area.

“Hello there,” a girl with blond hair and blue eyes greeted Fatty in stiff Chinese.

“He..llo.” Fatty looked hesitantly at the girl. She had blond hair that hung down to her waist, smooth skin that was inordinately white, and light-blue eyes that constantly blinked with a kind of exotic charm. Her figure was finely curved with proportional concaves and convexes. Her upper body wore a leather top that covered only the chest, which made those big and full melons look like they were going to bust out of her small leather top at any moment. On her lower body, she wore a short skirt that barely managed to cover her buttocks and a pair of knee pads, revealing a large area of white between that dazzled people’s eyes.

“Keke,” the girl suddenly giggled. She lightly spun around on the spot, her golden hair fluttering mesmerizingly.

“Am I pretty?”

“Yes.” Fatty nodded.

“Then, do you want to see a little more?” She chuckled.

“Of course.” Fatty nodded again.

“Then, come.” The girl crooked her finger at Fatty and slowly moved backward, merging into a dark room. The door gently closed.

“Hehehe, here I come!” shouted Fatty.

“He’s in.” In the room, the eyes of one male and two females glowed red, two long canines grew out from the corners of their mouths as the trio stared fixedly at the opening door.

Whoosh! The instant Fatty entered, the guy’s right arm flashed and a blood-red light shot straight to Fatty’s chest.

Poof! The light sliced right through as Fatty was instantly torn to shreds and vanished without leaving a body.

“Damn it! That was an illusion!” The guy nearly coughed up blood from anger.

Clap, clap. Fatty applauded as he entered with a mocking expression.

“You're one crafty human.” The guy licked his lips.

“It seems you are the things I want to find.” Seeing the three people with red glowing eyes and canines, Fatty instantly understood what the mission meant by ‘foreign creatures.’

“Oh, my friend from Xuanhuang Ancient Dynasty, you’ve come to especially look for us?” The beautiful girl now smiled seductively.

“That’s right.” Fatty nodded.

“Keke, looks like we are bound by destiny. Why don’t we have a heart to heart talk?” She chuckled and took one step forward.

Whoosh. Fatty instantly retreated out of the room and flung himself back on the Violent Ox King.

“If you have something to say, say it out here. It’s too dark in there.”

From the trio’s appearances, Fatty easily figured their race to be Vampires, a legendary race in the West that possessed some similarities to the Zombie in the East.

“Tch, since you know of our existence, there’s no need for you to return.” The three vampires jumped out and surrounded Fatty in a triangle.

“Heh, don’t you know that I can respawn?” Fatty was fearless as he rode the Violent Ox King.

“Respawn?” The other female vampire who had been silent up until now suddenly threw a dark cross into the air. The cross scattered a black light that enveloped the four altogether.

“After you die, your soul will be nailed to this dark cross. Say, do you think you can still respawn now?” taunted the first female vampire.

Seeing the dark cross, Fatty was inwardly stunned for a second. He then patted the Violent Ox King beneath and calmed himself down. Welp, I don’t believe that you three illegally smuggled vampires can be a match for a beast of the 8th class enhancement.

“May I know your name yet, lady?” Fatty looked down at the first female vampire.

“Heehee, my name is Kelly. Remember it well.” Kelly’s chest practically fibrillated as she let out a charming laugh. She looked truly amorous.

“Beautiful name.” Fatty nodded, then asked, “What have you traveled such a long way to our Xuanhuang Ancient Dynasty for?”

“What? You only allow your people to go to our place, but forbid us to come to yours?” the male vampire icily criticized.

“Huh?” Fatty was startled. Apparently, everyone else hadn’t been idle while he was busy with his stuff. Some people must have farmed border passes and went to the EU region for a walk.

“You foreign sinners dared disturb our great ancestors’ eternal rest. On behalf of the God of Darkness, I shall punish you!” Without further quibble, the male vampire drew a long slender western sword.

“You think you can run wild in my Central Dynasty?” Fatty snorted coldly and smacked the Violent Ox King. With a thunderous roar, a fire ring swept out and knocked the three vampires flying over ten meters.

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