Chapter 282 Demonsun Ancient Castle

Chapter 282 – Demonsun Ancient Castle

West’s casually spilled secret frightened Fatty. Just who on earth designed the game’s plot to be so complicated? One scheme after another, even the NPCs schemed among themselves.

According to Wu Junxiao, the Golden Dragon was the guardian of the Central Dynasty and the only sacred beast there. It must have some sort of plan itself to prevent the other four sacred beasts from taking away the Source Origin.

However, all of that had nothing to do with Fatty. He was only a player. As long as he could earn money, nothing else mattered.

“Hurry and bring me to Sky City. I must see the Source Origin right away!” West couldn’t bear to wait any longer as he urged Fatty to take him to Sky City.

Fatty smiled wryly. This simple fellow actually thought the Source Origin was so easy to get. Last time, Fatty only touched it very slightly, and already triggered a Dragon skeleton. If he really planned to get his hands on the Source Origin, it wouldn’t be strange if the nine Dragon Gods’ skeletons resurrected.

However, this also had nothing to do with Fatty. If West wanted to try his luck, might as well let him. Moreover, West could be considered a strong expert. He would be useful in case something happened to Sky City.

“This is Sky City?” At his first look at Sky City, West was disappointed. The Sky City that was even more famous than the other four major cities was now a barren stretch, its condition looked even worse than some places in the Gobi desert.

“That’s right. Before I became the city lord, this place was even worse than the Gobi desert.” Fatty patted West’s shoulder.

“The Source Origin and the nine Dragon Gods’ skeletons are all five kilometers deep underground.” Fatty pointed at the Holy Spirit Island. “But I have to remind you, the skeletons seem to be guarding the Source Origin. If you really set your eyes on it, you best be prepared for any possible situation.”

“I know.” West nodded. “If the Dragon Gods really died so simply, the Dragon clan would have already moved the Source Origin away, or the God of Light would have taken it. It still being here means that the Dragon Gods haven’t truly died.”

Fatty felt reassured that West was well aware of it. He only advised a few words before teleporting to the Imperial Capital.

When Sky City accepted Fatty as its lord, he gained three levels from the rewards all the way to level 50. Because it had been too easy, he actually forgot about the class enhancement and only remembered after he arrived at the Mountain of Flames.

“Humph!” Seeing Fatty approach, Sallip turned his face away with a snort and ignored him.

“Instructor, you are really deceitful,” Fatty leaned close and said.

“Hmm? When have I been deceitful?” asked Sallip whose eyes swirled around upon hearing Fatty’s words.

“I mean the map you gave me, the one that led to the Celestial item. It’s nowhere near a Celestial item, it’s a Divine artifact!” Fatty practically shouted. All of the NPCs in the hall turned to look at him.

“Shhhh!” Sallip’s face abruptly changed. He hastily pulled Fatty to hide in a corner. “What did you say? Divine artifact? That’s impossible, it was obviously the breath of a Celestial item, I will never be wrong about this,” declared Sallip in a quiet but firm tone.

“It’s definitely a Divine artifact, the Water God Palace. I saw it with my very own eyes,” Fatty retorted in an even more certain tone.

“Not true not true, it’s definitely not a Divine artifact.” Sallip repeatedly shook his head in refusal to believe.

“Take a look at this.” Fatty took out the Crystal Maze of Terror.

“Ahh?! The Crystal Maze? How did it turn to this? It’s exactly the Crystal Maze, how did you get it? Impossible, the monster down there is really formidable, even I and my senior brother aren’t a match for it.” Sallip cried out in shock.

“Can you believe it? I actually just had to pick it up.” Fatty smiled mysteriously.

“Pick it up?” Sallip’s eyes widened.

“In fact, that monster was called Terrible Wang Zhang, originally a God-tier expert of the Demon Realm, then it came to the Human Realm blah blah blah… And then, Terrible Wang Zhang and the God of Water struggled to a mutual doom and died a miserable death, so I simply took the maze with me.”

Fatty altered the story and narrated it to Sallip. Upon finishing, Sallip beat his chest and stamped his feet in agony.

“Celestial item, my Celestial item!” Sallip’s eyes were glued to the Crystal Maze of Terror as if plotting how to rob it.

“And then, I thought to retrieve the Water God Palace as well, but it’s a Divine item! My ability isn’t enough to let me take it, so it’s still there,” Fatty leisurely concluded.

“What? The Water God Palace is still there?” Sallip bolted straight up and started to stride out.

“Instructor.” Fatty grabbed him. “I’ve come here to get my class enhancement.”

Without turning around, Sallip tossed him a letter. “Take this letter to the General Mighty’s estate. He’ll assign you a mission. You’ll get your enhancement after you complete the mission.”

His words hadn’t dropped when Sallip was already out of sight.
“Heheh.” Fatty picked up the letter and chuckled. Since you set up so many traps at that place, it shouldn’t be too much if Lord Fatty gets back at you by tricking you into a vain trip, right?

Fatty turned left and right with the letter in his hand until he arrived at a big mansion.

The mansion took up a huge area. The gate alone was ten meters wide and engraved with dragon and phoenix patterns along with dense magical runes.

“Stop! Who goes there?” Outside the entrance, two soldiers in thick armor and armed with swords and guns stood straight, their presence not any inferior to a player of the 5th class enhancement.

“I’ve come to deliver a message.” Fatty handed the letter to a soldier.

“You can pass.” After a quick scan at the letter, the soldier waved his hand and the doors creaked open. Fatty went in.

“Sallip sent you?” Fatty entered the main hall to see an NPC in his forties standing there with his hands crossed at his back. After hearing Fatty’s story, the NPC quickly scanned the letter before tossing it aside.

“Since you’re recommended by Sallip, I have just a task here. Go carry it out.” As the words fell, Fatty didn’t even have time to respond when the sound of system notification rang out by his ears.

System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Demonsun Ancient Castle.”
Mission Requirement: Go to Demonsun Ancient Castle and eliminate the foreign creatures in it.
Time limit: 3 days
Reward: Unknown
Mission Details: The mainland is once again plunged into chaos after thousands of years in peace. Some foreign creatures have entered the Central Dynasty through some means and are now hiding in Demonsun Ancient Castle, plotting the subversion of Xuanhuang Ancient Dynasty.

“Demonsun Ancient Castle?’ Fatty opened the virtual forum and searched. Instantly, he acquired the information on the Demonsun Ancient Castle.

Thousands of miles to the north of the Imperial Capital, there was an old castle called Demonsun. During the grand war between demons and humans several thousand years ago, this castle had quite a status as a Demon General’s fortress. This Demon General referred to the legendary Sky City as he poured great effort into building this fortress. Not only did it have excellent defensive and offensive abilities, but it could also fly. When the Demon Army invaded the Human Realm, this Demon General brought the castle with him and relied on it to kill many outstanding human generals. Later, this Demon General was killed by the humans, due to which his castle also fell to the ground and became the trophy of the Human Realm. It had been standing there ever since, towering as a manifestation of the grand deed achieved by the humans.

“The fortress of a Demon General? Moreover built referencing Sky City?” Fatty stroked his chin. Saying goodbye to General Mighty, he rode the Violent Ox King towards the coordinates of the Demonsun Ancient Castle.

Bulky, exotic-looking, and even flying to boot, the Violent Ox King whizzed through the air amidst a bunch of players shouting “advanced boss!”

Traveling over three thousand miles in only one hour, Fatty saw a towering black fortress and knew that he had reached his destination.

The Demonsun Ancient Castle wasn’t too big, only one-thousandth the size of Sky City, but this was equivalent to a small town. Since it was once a fortress, the castle was naturally equipped with all kinds of combat equipment, only that they could no longer be used due to long-time decomposition.

Foreign creatures, those two words kept echoing in Fatty’s head. ‘Foreign’ was clear: coming from another nation, but the only thing he could think of from ‘creatures’ were monsters. Maybe the combined phrase means monsters from other countries?

However, despite the national borders being opened, it was still difficult for players to go abroad, let alone monsters who were limited from leaving a certain area. Fatty was a little confused.

The Violent Ox King shared one same ability as Wheat: its size was changeable. The max limit was roughly thirty meters tall and forty meters long like a small mountain, while the smallest was the size of an adult dog.

Ordering the mount to shrink a little, Fatty rode it and swaggered into the castle.

The interior of Demonsun Ancient Castle was damaged all over. Weapon and magic bombardment marks could be seen everywhere on the walls without fading away even after thousands of years, thus showing how intense the grand war had been.

The place was infested by monsters between level 60 and 80 in a disarray of attributes and types, there were even some demonic creatures here and there.

Because the players had been gradually moving towards the Imperial Capital, players had appeared in this place as well. Seeing the Violent Ox King under Fatty, everyone revealed a look of surprise.

Whoosh! Out of nowhere, a thick vine suddenly whipped towards Fatty as he was riding.

Whew. Without Fatty having to move, the Violent Ox King huffed out two scorching flames from its nostrils and smacked the vine away. With this mount of the 8th class enhancement as his escort, Fatty couldn’t be any safer.

Whoosh whoosh! Several tendrils of ivy emerged at the same time. Some lashed from the side, some fell from above, some even slithered on the ground like snakes and coiled around the Violent Ox King’s four hooves.

Clank! The Elemental Sword was drawn from its sheath and cut off two vines in one swing. As for the Violent Ox King, it only slightly snorted and two firesnakes flew out, spiraling around its body and setting all of the vines on fire.

The vines sizzled with a shrill noise and painfully squirmed on the floor. Fatty eyes followed along the tendrils to see a patch of waist-high weeds with a dozen vines sticking out of it.

“Go, let’s take care of it for good,” Fatty commanded the Violent Ox King and headed for the ivy’s root system.

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