Chapter 281 The Source Origin of Power

Chapter 281 – The Source Origin of Power

“That can’t do.” West shook his head. “Inferno Crystals are something yearned for desperately by all fire monsters. The energy within is frighteningly immense, and I can’t absorb all of them in a short time. Once someone knows, they’ll definitely come to rob it and cause trouble. I have to find an absolutely secure place to absorb the Inferno Crystal without worry.”

“If so, you can come to my city,” Fatty instantly invited him.

“Your city?” West cast him a surprised glance. “Formidable, aren’t you? We only part ways for some days and you have already built a city and become a city lord.”

“Heheh, I didn’t build it myself.” Fatty chuckled.

“You didn’t build it yourself? Someone gave it to you? Don’t tell me the Black Tortoise city lord gave you a small city because you have a close relationship with him.” West tilted his head to look at Fatty.

“Tch, what small city? Your bro’s city is a big one.”

“A big city? How big? Is it as big as this valley?” West gesticulated and laughed in amusement.

“Sky City.” Fatty stressed each word as he looked straight at West.

“Sky City? Hahaha, Sky… Sky City?!” West’s voice suddenly rose an octave as he grabbed Fatty by the collar. “You said Sky City? I didn’t hear it wrong, did I? You say that again, it’s Sky City?”

“That’s right, you didn’t hear it wrong. Your bro is currently the lord of Sky City.” Fatty lightly smacked West’s hand away and said with a face as tranquil as a lake.

“Haha, hahaha… Don’t joke with me. What is Sky City? It’s the head of the seven main cities, the previous home of the holy Mega Dragons. After the Mega Dragon clan moved away, it was claimed by the Holy Unicorns. Those were a bunch of perverse fellows, especially that old guy Amedick. He should have advanced to the realm of God already. I would have believed you even if you said you’d taken over Black Tortoise City. But Sky City? Ahaha, hahahaha…” West held his tummy and laughed like crazy. From the looks of it, if he had tears, they would have already been rolling from laughing too hard.

“Bro, when did Lord Vermilion Bird seal you in the Fire Valley?” Fatty softly asked as he watched West laughing wildly.

“Some hundreds of years ago,” replied West unsurely as he barely managed to stop laughing.

“What had you been doing before you were sealed?” Fatty continued.

“Before I was sealed? Cultivate, fight and steal stuff, getting chased after, then went to Vermilion Palace to steal stuff and got sealed by Lord Vermilion Bird in Fire Valley. What? Is there something wrong?” West tried hard to recall and asked.

“Aiii, illiterate are pitiful.” Fatty shook his head with a sigh.

“What the heck?! Illiterate? You go and ask around, who in the Fire Valley doesn’t know your bro is the most cultured!” Hearing Fatty say so, West flew into a rage. “I warn you, don’t think that you can slander me as you please because we’re close. Your bro’s knowledge is the peak of the peak.”

“You’re cultured? Then, do you know what had happened in Sky City?” Fatty ignored West’s fury and cast him a side glance.

“What had happened in Sky City? How would I know? I’ve never been there before,” West said rightfully.

“Then, do you know the grand war between demons and humans several thousand years ago? Even the Legendary experts were dispatched in the end.”

“Of course. That war was the most intense and devastating war in the history of the mainland.” West nodded.

“Then, do you know that the God of Light was wounded by the God of Darkness?” Fatty led him, step by step.

“I do. In fact, it wasn’t that the God of Light was weaker than the God of Darkness, but because he offended Elementalist Wu Junxiao and was beaten up by him. Too much of a rush to fight while in a weakened condition, he was injured by the God of Darkness.” West nodded again.

“Then, do you know that in order to heal his injury, the God of Light massacred Sky City and even imprisoned the Holy Unicorns as his watchdogs?”

“Of cour… what?!” The God of Light massacred Sky City?!” West’s eyes bulged in shock. This news was like a thunderbolt to his soul, he couldn’t even hear what Fatty said after that.

“Bro? Bro?” Only after rambling for a while did Fatty discover something was wrong with West. He waved his hand before the latter’s eyes until West regained his wits.

“Lil’ Bro, that’s to say, you’ve really become the lord of Sky City? Sky City is yours? For real?” West stared intently at Fatty and repeatedly gulped.

“That’s right. But why are you gulping when you look at me?” Fatty felt all his hair stand on end.

“Heh, hehe.” West couldn’t suppress his evil laughter. He seemed even more happy than when defeating the Violent Ox King and getting the Inferno Crystal.

“Lil’ Bro, do you know what’s under Sky City?” West was serious as he asked.

“Under Sky City?” Fatty suddenly remembered the nine dragon skeletons and that huge orb.

“That’s right, that’s exactly it. I can’t believe you’ve seen it.” West smacked his thigh. “Do you know what those dragon skeletons and that ball are?” Not waiting for Fatty’s reply, West continued, “The original ruler of Sky City isn’t the Mega Dragons, but the Dragon clan. Those nine skeletons are the first generations of the nine Dragon Gods. Respectively, they represent earth, water, fire, wind, light, dark, space, undead, and life - the nine elements that comprise the origin of magic.”

“Rumor has it that, after the first generation’s nine great Dragon Gods died, civil strife broke out in the Dragon clan, and the nine branches fought with each other. After suffering heavy losses, eight branches moved to other places, leaving only the Light Dragon branch, namely the holy Mega Dragons, to inhabit Sky City. For some reason, the Mega Dragons also moved away later. In the end, there are only that orb, the source origin, in addition to the nine Dragon Gods’ skeletons that remain.”

“I’m not very greedy. As long as you let me absorb a little bit of fire magic origin, I’m eighty percent sure to advance to the realm of God and become the new God of Fire,” West declared passionately.

“If those are so important, why didn’t the nine branches bring them away when they left?” Fatty asked.

“They actually wanted to, but they didn’t have th
at ability.” West pouted. “The nine Dragon Gods were true experts of the God realm. No one would dare to move their bones. Who knows if the Dragon clan has been able to birth a new Dragon God to bring away the source origin.”

“You didn’t even know what happened to Sky City, how do you know all this?” Fatty was dubious.

“Heh, I overheard it when I snuck into the Vermilion Palace. I heard that the four sacred beast lords had long wanted to take away the source origin, but Lord Golden Dragon stopped them,” West mindlessly spilled the beans.

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