Chapter 28 Crossbow

Chapter 28 – Crossbow

“Let’s rest a bit after killing this one. My vigor’s too low,” TheFugitive suddenly spoke up after half an hour of monster slaying. His vigor was near rock bottom after teleporting from Azure Dragon City to Black Tortoise City, then running over to Mass Graves.

Fatty nodded and sped up his attacks, quickly turning the Skeletal Assassin in front of him into dust.

The moment it died, it dropped yet another red potion.

The pair retreated to the fifth floor’s entrance, then sat down to rest. TheFugitive took out a piece of dried trail ration.

Dried trail rations were purchasable from normal grocery stores. They were rather cheap, but didn’t taste good. A lot of players relied on them to replenish their vigor. However, Fatty had never bought stuff like that before. He had Cooking.

Fatty looked at TheFugitive pitifully, then took out a rabbit leg. He cast Cooking, causing a small bonfire to appear. Very quickly, the rabbit leg was roasted to the point of being crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

“Your secondary profession is a chef?” TheFugitive looked at Fatty in surprise. For an ambitious rogue, a pointless skill such as Cooking was truly a waste of a secondary profession.

“No, I just learned Cooking,” Fatty handed the roasted rabbit leg over to TheFugitive. “10 silver coins per leg. Remember to pay me.”

TheFugitive looked at the rabbit leg, then looked at the trail rations in his hand, before deciding to silently accept it.

“How is it?” Fatty took out another rabbit leg and asked as he roasted it.

“Delicious,” TheFugitive answered honestly.

“I was asking how are the monsters here,” Fatty’s hand trembled and nearly dropped the rabbit leg.

TheFugitive turned silent for a while after hearing that. Then, he suddenly munched off the remaining meat on the rabbit leg, then threw the bone far away.

“F*cking hell, they’re a bunch of cheapskates! Why the heck are assassins carrying red pots around? Do they want to drink a red pot and fight head on after failing their assassination!?” TheFugitive cursed loudly.

His cursing was no surprise. The monsters were rather high level. However, eight out of ten of them had dropped red potions, while the other two didn’t drop anything. Anybody would have gotten mad.


TheFugitive coincidentally hit a Skeletal Assassin with the rabbit bone. The monster immediately stealthed over and tried to assault TheFugitive.

“Hah, take this!” TheFugitive was a real expert. He accurately determined when the assassin was going to attack. After he dodged it, he broke through the monster’s defense. Assassins who weren’t invisible were only half as threatening, so TheFugitive himself was enough to kill the Skeletal Assassin after a few minutes of combat.


Another red potion dropped.

TheFugitive couldn’t be bothered with looking at the drops anymore.

When Fatty finished his rabbit leg, he stood back up.

“I’ve finished resting. You stay here, I’ll lure the monsters over. I nearly forgot that I got the Throw skill.”

The Fierce Dragon Gang was one of the top guilds in Azure Dragon City. They currently had over a thousand members, and just needed to officially establish their guild to truly root themselves as the number one guild in Azure Dragon City.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent was the leader of the guild and the number one on the leaderboards. When looking at the name, one might think of a muscular and tough hulk, but the truth was the exact opposite. He was a civilized and slightly thin mage.

It was very hard for players who have seen Fierce Dragon TheTalent's actual appearance to imagine him taking on that name. However, they understood not to underestimate him because of his stature. Ignoring the fact that he had the powerful Fierce Dragon Gang behind him, just the fact that he was able to be listed on the leaderboard as with only the small fireball skill was enough to display his magnificence.

The grudge between the Fierce Dragon Gang and TheFugitive wasn’t originally a big deal. TheFugitive discovered a boss monster at the same time as one of Fierce Dragon Gang’s members. Yet, that player was sent back to down before he could do anything. The Fierce Dragon Gang were naturally not going to take the offense laying down, especially when there was a boss monster involved. Thus, they sent twenty-something people to take revenge, only to for them to be defeated by TheFugitive, who killed his way back to town.

This completely enraged the Fierce Dragon gang. Several hundred people chased after TheFugitive under their guild master’s lead, and nearly killed TheFugitive alongside the critically wounded boss. TheFugitive was fortunate enough to escape, but that started off the hunt between him and the Fierce Dragon Gang.

TheFugitive was sly and crafty just like an expert rogue should be. He killed countless Fierce Dragon Gang members, but was still pushed into a corner by Fierce Dragon TheTalent. If he hadn’t made up his mind to use an invaluable scroll, he definitely would have fallen out of the leaderboard rankings.

When TheFugitive escaped to Black Tortoise City, although the Fierce Dragon Gang was still mad, they gave up on the chase. After all, there weren’t many players who can afford the 10 gold coins of teleportation fee. However, they didn’t mind going over to Black Tortoise City if someone else was willing to pay.

A hundred members of the Fierce Dragon Gang teleported over, which meant that Cloud Dragon Sailing must pay them 2000 gold coins for their teleportation fee.

“I don’t care what you do to TheFugitive, but I have one condition. Kill the fatass with him,” Cloud Dragon Sailing said to Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“Let me make it clear, we only came to kill TheFugitive because we have a grudge against him. We aren’t people you hired to kill others,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent spoke slowly.

Cloud Dragon Sailing’s expression stiffened at that.

“But, we don’t mind helping you kill that Money Grubber if it’s possible,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent nodded, then waved his hand and ordered his organized players to advance.

It was impossible for a team of over a hundred players to avoid the attention of the monsters by being careful. The only way they would be able to enter the fifth floor safely was to kill their way in.

Compared to the Fierce Dragon Gang, the Cloud Dragon Gang was merely a second-rated guild. The Fierce Dragon Gang’s dozen rogues or so activated stealth and snuck into the swarm of monsters. Five fully equipped knights stood in a line with their spears in hand and activated Guard, causing a layer of golden light to swirl on top of their armor. The five of them stepped forward and blocked off the monsters in front of them. Meanwhile, the warriors, archers and mages all began their attacks. The priests continuously healed up their damaged companions, allowing them to firmly fight against the monsters around ten levels higher than them on the fourth floor.

So strong!

The various local guild leaders stood behind them and looked at each other. They all saw the wariness on the others’ eyes. All of them wanted their guilds to become famous and renowned, but the Fierce Dragon Gang had already developed so much in a few days after the launch of the server, causing them to feel extremely threatened.

“Xu Quan, I will put aside some funds specifically for gaming. Make use of them,” Liu Lan sent a private message to Xu Quan.

“Lil’ Sis Lan, don’t worry. Our Misty Waterfall will definitely surpass the Fierce Dragon Gang and become the number one Chinese guild!” Xu Quan said firmly.

“Good,” Liu Lan nodded. I wonder if that damn Fatty Qian has entered the game. I’ll go and find him tomorrow.

“Achooo!” Fatty sneezed and rubbed his nose. Which bastard’s cursing me now!?

When Fatty had recalled that he had the Throw skill, the situation improved greatly. Bones were everywhere on the ground, so whenever he picked one up and randomly threw it out, he would always knock an unfortunate Skeletal Assassin out of stealth, attracting its attention, and making it rush towards the entrance to try and kill Fatty.

Invisibility was the strengthened version of Stealth. It allowed the user to go into stealth mid-fight. However, it did have a hefty cooldown. That meant that Fatty and TheFugitive causing the Skeletal Assassins to waste their Invisibility lowered their threat substantially, which also allowed their farming efficiency to improve greatly.

“Oh yeah, how did you escape the Fierce Dragon Gang’s encirclement?” Fatty asked. TheFugitive said that he was surrounded by more than a hundred Fierce Dragon Gang members, so the fact that he escaped at all was truly a miracle.

“I was really lucky. I managed to snag a scroll dropped by the boss. It let me use woodwalking to escape, but the scroll was a one time use item. What a shame, I had to use it in the heat of the moment, if I had kept it, the scroll would have definitely been a great help in killing a boss monster,” TheFugitive said in pity.

“Woodwalking?” When he heard that, he was reminded of the Basic Elemental Walk – Earthwalk skill book in his bank. But he needed to gather all five Basic Elemental Walk skill books in order to become an Elementalist and learn the Five Elemental Escape Arts.”

“Where did you find the boss?” Fatty asked in a false casual manner.

“Greenery Mountains in the East of Dragonden. I heard that there’s an advanced boss in the mountains that’s Level 50 or 60. But all of the monsters there are wood type monsters, so they’re hard to kill,” TheFugitive shook his head. “If I didn’t find that boss monster, I would have gone elsewhere to farm. Wood type monsters had low attacks and were slow, but they’re just like the earth type monsters in that they had high defense and high health. Some of them can even heal themselves, so it takes forever to kill them. But then again, it is very suitable for players who were scared of dying, but that meant that it isn’t suitable to farm for players like us who want to level up quickly.”

Fatty nodded and noted down the location. The fact that Woodwalk scrolls dropped and the existence of an advance boss clearly meant that the Woodwalk skill book he wanted was there.


As they chatted more and more, a different sound rang out. The two of them immediately took notice of it and saw a cross bow shimmering with black light lying silently on the ground.

“Haha, finally a crossbow!” Fatty bent down to pick it up. It was a bit heavy, and also seemed to be made of something with decent quality.

Azure Feather Crossbow




Fatty used Appraisal on it without any hesitation. The statistics of the crossbow immediately surfaced in front of his eyes with a flash.

Azure Feather Crossbow



Level Requirement: 25

Attack: 22 – 35

DEX: +1

Although it was a good item, the level requirement was too high for them.

“Scissors paper rock, winner takes this one. Then we farm till another drops for the other,” TheFugitive licked his lips, while his eyes lit up.

“Alright. Best of one.”

Fatty chose rock, while TheFugitive chose scissors. It was clear that the latter lost.

Fatty put the crossbow into his inventory with a smile, “Let’s farm for another crossbow then get out of here. These damn monsters are too high leveled, it’s just not worth it.”

“Now, watch me lure a monster over,” Fatty’s mood improved greatly with the crossbow, so he felt a lot more energetic. He used Throw to chuck another bone into the darkness, which collided with something unknown.

“Haha,” a sinister laugh rang out. “Ignorant humans, you actually dared to disturb the deceased’s slumber. I will make you stay here forever.”

“An advanced boss!” Fatty and TheFugitive looked at each other, then made up their minds. 


As the two ran back through fifth floor’s entrance and up to the fourth floor, the Fierce Dragon Gang’s players also arrived.

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